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  1. Toxin's non-Hulked out form always struck me as Spider-Man-inspired, which would add to it being red and blue. And as for how he actually looks, well, I already posted actual artwork of the character being evidently dark blue. In this cover you can even see him contrasted to a character who is wearing black.
  2. All of these are form his mini-series, be it interior art or covers (with the exception of the image in the bottom right). His lower half and lower arms very much look like they're dark blue. And it doesn't look like it's a case of blue being used for reflective lighing in a black surface, since it's too much of his surface that is colored blue for it to just be ambient light. The image in the bottom right comes from his appearance in the game Spider-Man Unlimited. It's also worth mentioning that the color of his speech bubbles used to be blue, which would make sense if he's half blue.
  3. I wouldn't say you were completely off the mark. It looks like a weird combo between the two. Because this figure has the bulk of Brock Toxin, and the headsculpt as well, but Mulligan Toxin is the one that was red and blue, while Brock was red and dark red. "Okay, so. Mr. Hasbro, which of the two versions of Toxin do we use for this figure?" "Both."
  4. That Iron Man looks fantastic. It's tempting, but at the same time I try to look the other way when it comes to Figuarts due to their "only slightly smaller than ML" scale. Maybe I can hope Hasbro eventually does something similar to it.
  5. Yup, and Ultimate Spider-Man had a Halloween special featuring characters from some other Disney Channel show. But that's the extent of Disney making Marvel cross over with other properties. I always found it funny how people back in 2010 were so worried Disney was going to have Mickey and Donald run around with the Avengers, when it is Warner who has had the Looney Tunes cross-over with DC characters.
  6. Disney has never had Marvel crossover with any other I.P. under their umbrella in any major way. I don't see why would that change with Alien and Predator, especially in terms of crossing over with the MCU, which is a lot more airtight than the comics when it comes to doing its own thing and only that.
  7. Nobody is talking about a crossover movie between Marvel and Alien and/or Predator. I wasn't. And the announcement certainly doesn't either. The announcement isn't even about movies. Read the text. It's about Marvel making Alien and Predator comics. The wording makes it seem like the comics will be set in the I.P.'s own universe, but Finch's comment seems to indicate there could be a crossover.
  8. Disney has contributed to plenty of R-rated movies through their subsidiaries. Last year they released an R-rated movie (Stuber) through 20th Century Fox. Bob Iger has even come forward to say that people could expect Deadpool to remain R-rated. So I don't see where does this assumption come from.
  9. I'm not saying that he should be scrawny, just not overly-muscular. People can still have musculature and be lean, which is what I'd expect of Spider-Man, since he's a character known for speed and acrobacies. If you take John Romita's artwork as an example, which is this figure's main reference, he didn't draw Peter with either big or toned muscles. And the figure also doesn't really work for a modern Spider-Man since modern Spider-Man isn't looking like a body-builder either. I think a good example of a mid-20s Peter is the design for PS4 Spidey, especially since he even has a skin in which he's only wearing underwear. He has toned muscles, but he's still lean. On the other hand, the contour of this figure's legs and hips is like a mountainside.
  10. The running gag of the Superior Foes was that they were the Sinister Six despite being five people, so maybe this is Hasbro's own take on it. "They're the Sinister Six, but they are only five characters... aaand there are only four figures."
  11. Thank you, I was worried I had written an unbearable wall of text. Fair enough. I don't expect Hasbro to treat figures for new costumes or characters the way they do MCU proprietes (i.e. well in advance), but I think at the very least when it comes to popular characters (Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Thor, etc.), they should be able to close the gap between a costume debuting and the figure getting made. I might be talking out of my butt here since I don't actually keep up with DC collectibles, but I always had the impression Mattel managed to pump up new looks and characters faster than Hasbro did for Marvel. I remember there being figures for the Rebirth versions of characters only a few months after they'd debuted in the comics, and the same happened with The New 52. Other topical costumes like Jim Gordon Batman, Zero Year Batman, Death of the Family Joker or Burnside Batgirl got figures roughly two years after their debut, which is still faster than Hasbro's average. But, hey. Now that Hasbro's reached a consistently good production quality average and they're doing definitive versions of classic and retro looks, it's only a matter of time before they reach the bottom of the barrel and will have to turn to topical and modern looks no matter what 😛
  12. I mean, Peter's strength comes from his super-powers, not his muscle workout. And even if he has tonned muscles, he is not supposed to have hams for legs.
  13. I think that Hasbro's preference for the old-school is much more palpable, especially nowadays. Take for example all the themed X-Men rosters that Hasbro has been building over the years. None of them is more modern than the 90s, with Giant-Size X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force, the Arcade game line-up and Age of Apocalypse. Hasbro has been building all of these old-school X-Men rosters at the same time while completely neglectic the current X-Men status quo, Dawn of X, which happens to be the biggest shake-up since Grant Morrison that has catapulted the X-Men back to prominence. I hope the upcoming Powers of X-inspired Nimrod is indicative of something. The Fantastic Four wave got the modern costumes because they had just tackled the classic costumes in the Walgreens set, and the Grey She-Hulk figure is an example of Hasbro being slow with newer looks that I'll elaborate later on. Red Hulk is not a new characters since he's been around since 2008. I'd consider him more of a modern classic. Cosmic Ghost Rider is one of the few examples of Hasbro giving new characters the spotlight in due time. In the case of the Demogoblin wave, the Gamerverse costumes are a bit of an exception, since they're closer to MCU figures when it comes to topicality. And the wave still featured classic/old-school versions of the Vulture, Shang-Chi, and the BAF itself. As I mentioned, my main issue with Hasbro's treatment of newer character or looks, which you mentioned in your comment, is that many times they sit on making them for too long. So by the time they make a figure of it, the character or look is no longer topical. The Grey She-Hulk is a perfect example of this; aready outdated by the time she was announced. Shiklah was a relevant character in Deadpool's word... about four years ago. Superior Octopus had already gone through two identity changes (Superior Spider-Man and then classic Doc Ock) by the time his figure was out (plus Hasbro had already made classic Doc Ock). The Modern Hercules figure was hitting the shelves by the time a new book in which he changed his look was hitting the stands. The All-New Wolverine figure came out three years after Laura had become Wolverine, and a few months after she had already returned to being X-23. The Jane Foster Thor figure came out in 2017, three years after she'd first appeared, and a few months before she'd stop being Thor. I find this "latency effect" easy to notice by looking at Iron Man figures. The Extremis Armor debuted in 2004, Tony dropped it in 2009, it got a figure in 2012. The Bleeding Edge Armor debuted in 2010, Tony dropped it in 2012, it got a figure in 2013. The Marvel NOW! Armor debuted in 2012, Tony dropped it in 2014, it got a figure in 2015. The Model-Prime Armor debuted in 2015, it got a figure in 2017, Tony dropped it in 2018. I feel that if Hasbro really prioritized modern characters and looks, we'd already have gotten figures for Ironheart, Robbie Reyes, Nadia Van Dyne, Brawn, Viv Vision, in addition for figures of established modern looks for characters like Loki, Ultron, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Star-Lord and the Wasp, to give a few examples off the top of my head.
  14. I agree with Falcon (be it classic or modern) and classic Doctor Strange being two of the biggest omissions. I'm also surprised we haven't gotten more of the classic Inhumans, like Karnak, Crystal or Gorgon, considering the Inhumans have a considerable following among die-hard fans, and they had a mandatory push from an executive level a few years ago. Another big omission in Hasbro's part is many of the newer characters, like Ironheart, Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes), Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne), Hulk/Brawn (Amadeus Cho, not a new character per se, but still fits the bill) or Viv Vision. However, Hasbro is normally slow on the uptake when it comes to new characters and new versions of characters, so it's not shocking.
  15. After looking at this figure for a bit longer... am I the only one that feels his upper legs are a bit too beefy? (I mean, this would be an issue of the Sunfire mold itself, and not this figure in specific, but I just noticed it now) Especially when it's side-to-side with the Peter Parker figure. Compared to this new Spidey, the Peter figure looks better suited to complement the lankier pizza Spidey.
  16. Feels like it's complementary to the Hall of Armor set from Endgame. Great, now I'm tempted to get two LEGO sets.
  17. I always found the basic figures endearing, so I'll guess I'll be having a Taskmaster lying around since I want both Iron Men. As a side note, I found a listing for these figures in some website and I find it hilarious that the product details say "Each figure features nine points of articulation (including knee articulation!)" Seems like they learned that knee articulation is important.
  18. Aw, man. I love modern Loki, but I don't care about Funko.
  19. From ShartimusPrime's review of the figure, he also compares it to the Marvel Legends Thanos:
  20. I have the feeling Disney somehow wants the Gamerverse Avengers to take the place in the general public's conscious of the MCU Avengers, now that they've put them to rest for the time being. I mean, this game is getting the middle-grade basic figure treatment for some reason.
  21. With this figure, Hasbro is simply riding on the Avengers game hype wave. Though it's not like there seems to be that much hype for this game to begin with. Now that they've nailed the Classic Armor mold, it's sure Hasbro is going to be regularly pumping out Iron Man's retro suits. The 80 Years Iron Man barely came out last year, and this year we're already getting two reuses of this mold. Iron Man 2020 and War Machine. It wouldn't surprise me if the next mass figure announcement they make includes another one. Either of Silver Centurion, Proto-Classic, Neo-Classic or Stealth Armor are right around the corner. I'm more annoyed for Hasbro's near-complete lack of consideration for modern Iron Man suits. I'm crossing my fingers we get a figure for this new Alex Ross-designed armor before Tony stops wearing it. It's almost as if Hasbro purposefully waits for a new armor to stop being topical to make a figure for it, as it's been the case for the three more prominent modern Iron Man suits.
  22. I smell a wedding. Hoping Billy is the other groom.
  23. That Starboost Armor on the right originated in the MCU and it appeared briefly in Iron Man 3 as part of the Iron Legion, but, in essence, yes. This figure is this game's take on the Starboost Armor from the MCU.
  24. I'm noticing that the shape of this armor's bulk (especially the torso, the backpack, the calves) is in broad strokes kinda similar to the MCU War Machine MK IV... I wonder if it could be customized into it.
  25. Okay, so I found the source of the MK III news (adam_toyz on Instagram), and discovered some more good news. The MK III will be released in July, with pre-orders on Tmall (a Chinese e-commerce platform) going live tomorrow. The figure should eventually make its way to AliExpress and (I assume) eBay, since ZD Toys' figures can also be found there. Not only that, but they're also going to start selling Hall of Armor docks at the same time (separately for the time being). If you preorder seven ports at once, you will get the Hall of Armor centerpiece with light-up feature. No idea if that's going to apply once the product is released and/or in other selling platforms. The price for each Hall of Armor port will be ¥138 (roughly US$19). Not sure what's going to be its price whenever it comes to AliExpress or eBay, but AliExpress always keeps a low price. Honestly, I'm pumped. I've been waiting 10 years for an accessible way to make a Hall of Armor display. And in the end, it wasn't even Hasbro who delivered. And 20 dollars for each dock is a steal compared to Figuarts, who sold each of their docks for over 90 dollars.
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