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  1. From a realist standpoint, I don't see this happening in any conceivable way. BAFs are a good incentive to get people to buy more an entire wave (which also allows Hasbro to make figures for more obscure characters), and reissues give Hasbro an extra buck. Additionally, a handful of BAFs use characters that aren't popular enough to be released on their own. However, I'm personally tired of the concept of BAFs. As years go by, it feels less like getting an extra "free" figure and more about making concessions. Nowadays, waves are either about getting big BAFs with plain single-carded figures (like the Gamerverse Abomination or Sugar Man waves) or getting a regular-to-medium-sized BAFs with decently-tooled single-carded figures (like the Super Skrull or Demogoblin waves). It's too evident how the budget is divided. While I feel that regular-to-medium sized BAFs defeat the purpose of the entire concept of BAFs, I loathe when the value of wave is defined by the BAF. Getting a figure that is bare-bones and thinking "well, at least this figure comes with an arm double its height" is not a mindset I agree with. I think single carded figures should be worth the purchase on their own. This being said, I hope Hasbro tries their hand at doing BAF-less waves intermittently, maybe with less figures than usual, pouring their budget on accessories or maybe even bases. Their latest survey indicated they have contemplating dioramas. I recently bought the ToyBiz Series 8 Modern Iron Man loose, and I kinda feel like I didn't "treat it right" by not buying it in-package because it blew me away. A good base really elevates a figure from a piece of plastic to a display piece.
  2. This is quite the necrothread, but is it possible that these figures are actually 5.75 inch? In an interview with Toy Ark (here), the Hasbro team mentions there being a 6-inch kid-targeted line of which the Hulk and Abomination 2-pack is part of. And a showroom coverage from Toy Fair (here) shows these figures standing next to the Hulk and Abomination at their scale.
  3. I think I've mentioned this a few times, but I think it's worth reiterating. Reusing the head, scarf and arms should have been enough for Hasbro. They overlooked so many details that could have made this figure not only accurate but also interesting, like the embroidery patterns on the sides of her skirt, the extra seams, and the bagginess of her pants. It's funny that Ms. Marvel's basic figure will be roughly the same size as this one, but it'll look much better and accurate.
  4. I wouldn't mind. However, I wouldn't want to see simple repaints or retools of existing figures. If Hasbro were to make toys based on the series, they'd have to use new sculpts that properly translate the look of the show. That being said, while I said I wouldn't mind to see figures based on this show... I'd rather see Hasbro pour their resources on comic and MCU figures.
  5. A slightly different classic Iron Man is just how classic Iron Man 2020 is supposed to look like, and the eyes showing behind the eyeslits too. There really would have been no point for Hasbro to make a new mold or add any new parts that aren't what they did add.
  6. I hadn't noticed that the feet repulsor effects can be removed from the the take-off effects (in retrospect I feel like I should have). That's really nifty on Hasbro's part. The figure itself looks pretty good. A good first reuse of the 80 Years Iron Man mold, and I'm digging the color palette. Makes me want to see a straight-up reissue of the 80 Years Iron Man with the only change being those colors.
  7. I always felt they could have made her the key behind powering up the time machine. That way, she could have been involved in the time heist without actually taking part on it. As a plus, powering the time machine could prove straining to her, putting the heroes on a time clock to finish their respective missions before Carol would be forced to pull out. This could also have left Carol weakened for the final battle, and she could either have fought at half her power or could have been benched until she recovered, I feel like doing something like this could have made Carol have an actual relevant presence in the movie, be a key factor in undoing The Snap, and have her interact with the Avengers more instead of the Russos just deciding to write her out as being conveniently busy off-screen.
  8. Reusing the head, scarf and arms should have been enough for Hasbro. The skirt should have all kinds of tapestry textures on the sides, and a lot more seams. They could at least have been pained on. The pants should have been more cargo-like, with pockets on the sides. This figure really showed a lazy effort on Hasbro's part. I get that a lot of the budget went to the BAF, but I personally don't see the point of getting a giant-sized BAF if that means sacrifcing the quality of each individual figure.
  9. I've taken a look at some of these carbonized figures and I'd love Iron Man to get this treatment. At the very least as a one-off for a special edition or something. At the very least.
  10. Extremis Iron Man is my most wanted comic Iron Man figure. With MCU Iron Man dead I can only hope Hasbro opens the floodgates on the comic Iron Man figures, since movie figures constituted like 90% of Hasbro's Iron Man fodder any given year.
  11. This armor's design has grown on me. It's generic-looking but there's some weird appeal in its bland evergreenness.
  12. In the movie, Iron Man generates three different shields. The 2-pack Iron Man comes with the first shield Tony makes. This is the third one.
  13. That's right, but I just don't see as many indicatives that it might come this year as there are for the opposite. I think it's better to stay defeatist like this. It'll be a welcome and sweet surprise if Hasbro proves me wrong, ngl.
  14. I hope it's not true, but I believe that if Hasbro wanted to release another Iron Man 2020 for 2020, it would be like this version, and they wouldn't release it too late into the year. You could argue that two versions of the same character would be spaced out, but there's just something about releasing an Iron Man 2020 figure when there's only three or two months left in the year. Plus, there's just something about having two different versions of Iron Man 2020 in the same year I just can't see happening. There's also Hasbro's track record for comic figures which is that they just don't make figures for characters when they're topical.
  15. I think that if Hasbro had an intention to make the figure, they would have announced it already. However, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that since he will still have been an important part of the Iron Man mythos even when this event is over, we might still get a 616 Arno figure... even if getting Iron Man 2020 in 2021 or 2022 doesn't sound as appealling as getting it in 2020.
  16. I really wish Hasbro had prioritized that version since it's even more topical and would require a brand new mold. It's not that they shouldn't have made both, but the classic version is a slight retool of the 80 Years Iron Man, so I figure it could have been made as an afterthought.
  17. This figure looks great, and I'm really excited for the new thruster effects. I've wanted something like that for Marvel Legends ever since the Iron Man 2 3.75" line. I'd love to see the 80 Years Iron Man re-released with this color scheme. Always liked the contrast of bright yellow with darker red for Iron Man figures.
  18. Yes, Mysterio is more often than not portrayed with green gloves and boots, but the yellow is a valid look regardless. Like @SpiderS said, in my mind, Mysterio also wears them yellow, since it provides a better contrast. It's probably due to the 90s cartoon.
  19. Marvel has already made the announcement official (x). 15-20% of May and June's solicited titles will be put on hold. They're still outlining what to do with the books they'll still be working on.
  20. These "purchases" won't get whisked away. The deadline is just for getting them without paying. It's something like Marvel's bi-weekly rotation of free comics. You get to keep them even after they go back to costing money.
  21. This is a nice move on Marvel's part. I've also shared this news with my not-that-much-into-comic friends.
  22. Marvel and DC offer their digital releases through comiXology, an Amazon subsidiary that still needs to be mantained like any other website. The site still offers countless of collected editions and back issues, and people can still access to them unlike physical comic shops. The livelihood of an employee doesn't rest on them having to guesstimate an amount of comics to order, then hope they can make a profit while mantaining their locale. They are part of a bigger corporation, and are not of running an entire small business on their own. So they are definitely not in the same dire straits as comic shop owners. Shop owners are a thousand times more exposed to the consequences of the industry halting.
  23. I read digital, but I can understand the reasoning behind delaying digital releases to stay behind for the physical editions. Well, if this pause lasts longer than this week I personally don't have a problem since I still got a tall to-read pile in my backlog.
  24. While I agree that the armor they went with is one of the least recognizable looks for the mantle, I honestly think that it's the most visually appealing. I've never been a fan of the older Crimson Dynamo designs, with the Star Wars-esque helmet and no color variation. I think it's a testament to the quality of the design used by the BAF that it was the basis for the look of Crimson Dynamo in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2, and to some extent the Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 video games and Marvel's Avengers Assemble. And in none of these media Crimson Dynamo is Gennady Gavrilov (the one that uses this design in the comics). Plus, the design Hasbro went with is probably the most apt for a BAF-sized figure. Classic Crimson Dynamo could work as a single-carded release, since he'd be roughly the bulk of a Colossus figure.
  25. That's one solid custom. Not my favorite Crimson Dynamo design, but it's an impressive figure. Same. While it's his modern armor, it's classic-looking enough to appeal to collectors of classic figures.
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