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  1. Two appearances in What If? so far. One dead and the other undead. Always the short end of the stick for poor ol' Clint Barton.
  2. To #NotAllMen what I said and clear things up: I was alluding to the kind of "old timer" that I described, the ones that seclude themselves in the comics of their youth and have a knack for talking about newer material from a place of ignorance, often negatively. If you feel like you shouldn't be alluded to because you're not that kind of person, then don't worry because my post wasn't alluding to you.
  3. Oh, man. This must be the dementia kicking in. I've already mentioned that I don't mind critical thinking... as long as the "thinking" part isn't excluded, like it happens in this forum. I can mention and I have mentioned the things I don't like about current Marvel. I can complain about Jason Aaron's Avengers, I can complain about Christopher Cantwell's Iron Man (imagine how I must feel that my all-time favorite character is in the hands of such inept writer), I can complain about Donny Cates' Venom and how much I dread his upcoming Hulk after Al Ewing's beautifully-crafted instant classic run. Heck, I could even nitpick about books I enjoy moderately like Nick Spencer's Amazing Spider-Man, Kelly Thompson's Captain Marvel or Dan Slott's Fantastic Four. In other online communities I even actively diss some of these books. But you know what's the difference between me and you? That I just named all of those writers and series. You can't. Because you have no idea of what you're talking about. All you do is yap based on hearsay, speculation and breadcrumbs of information. I would like to bring up something you said. You called all of these announcements crap. Personally, I can tell you why I think She-Hulk will be fantastic. Because she's back to her regular self after Jason Aaron bastardized her by making her closer to Bruce Banner in both temper and physique, and because the book is being written by Rainbow Rowell. A writer who just finished a fantastic 38-issue run on Runaways, where she showed a deep care for both characters and continuity. She also did a one-page feature starring She-Hulk in Marvel Comics #1000 that was wonderful. Now... what can you say to back up calling it crap? What has actually formed your opinion? Nothing. That's what I'm getting to any time I poke fun of you old timers. Not that you're criticizing Marvel, but that you're doing so ignorantly. To better illustrate my point. I will go a different route and explain why I think Avengers Forever will be crap. Because it's written by Jason Aaron, a creator so infamous that other writers poke fun at him in their own books. He's a guy so obsessed with leaving a mark that his books are characterized by drastic and nonsensical retcons or status quo changes. His books are full of purple prose they become a drag to read. He writes the Avengers like caricatures of themselves, and one of the worst offenders is his Tony Stark. This Avengers Forever book will star (an alternate version of) Tony Stark, so I don't trust he will do the character justice. That's why I can tell you this book will be crap. But what can you say to back up calling it crap?
  4. That's... quite the takeaway considering all that's been announced so far about She-Hulk is that Jennifer will be back to being a lawyer and about Moon Girl that it's going to star Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. The first one is the character's normal setting and the second one is literally just the protagonists. That's all the blurbs accompanying the announcements said. I feel like if you were to tell me an Iron Man run sounds an awful lot like a previous run because it stars Tony Stark being an inventor.
  5. Funnily enough I think it's the "domestic Avengers" part that caught my attention the most. I'm just not a tactical game guy.
  6. I had been wondering how the co-writing duties were going to play out after noticing that the solicit for issue #3 only had Ram V listed on writing duties. I think this is an interesting approach. Ewing does the cosmic stuff since space is his place, and Ram V does the gritty stuff. The band and album analogy is really hyping me up too.
  7. And just like Jameson, you also glossed over them without even a single thought (and I can keep making comparisons including a shared penchant for rambles). Classic Jameson. Classic Gigantor.
  8. I'm excited for Timeless because of MacKay, plus the art team is solid. I'll check out She-Hulk because of Rainbow Rowell, I have no attachment to She-Hulk but I loved Rowell's Runaways so I'm glad that wasn't her only Marvel gig. It's also neat to see Slott getting to do the Reckoning War after teasing it so long ago, plus it will give him something to focus on instead of unnecessary family drama. I'm cautiously optimistic for Avengers Forever because I like Exiles-type stories, plus it's spearheaded by an alternate Tony Stark. However, I don't trust Aaron with writing Tony. I guess it's a double edged sword. At least Aaron Kuder will make it look pretty. I've heard great things about Zdarsky's Daredevil, but I feel like it's a bit too late to jump in so I'll be skipping Devil's Reign. I'm not into the X-Men, so there goes Wolverine. And I'm also not interested for Moon Girl, though I guess it's neat that she's got a new book considering I've heard her previous ongoing did really well with middle-grade readers.
  9. I'm not joking he wouldn't come with pants, but with interchangeable sculpted parts to make him either pantful or pantless. Alternatively, I'm not a fan of soft goods, but imagine if he came with fabric pants that could be stretched a bit so he could hold them like this: After all, the Legends team does love Nextwave 😛
  10. The only place for LEDs I can think of would be some kind of giant flame effect, but that'd still be superfluous IMO. Since we're on the topic of Foom, I think it would be hilarious if one of the features was an interchangeable crotch and upper legs for both the pants and pantless looks.
  11. Fin Fang Foom would be a perfect character for HasLab. On the other hand, I wouldn't want him to be on HasLab. Not unless they avoided adding any superfluous electronics that really only help jack up the price tag.
  12. I couldn't help but picture putting that Doom head on one's hand like a finger puppet.
  13. Aren't you the one ranting though? Also, what facts did you even bring up? I just see you talking about things that "will" happen. Did you see the future? Are you a wizard? I mean, do you have the crazy talk down to a T.
  14. I can't believe the people saying that Marvel was trying to bury and ignore Mar-Vell and trying to establish Carol as the one and only Captain Marvel were right. Look at them, featuring him prominently in a variant cover, making his legacy the center of Carol's new story, teasing his potential return-- Wait a second.
  15. I'm a bit disappointed the Silver Surfer isn't using that new pinless standard male body that Hasbro teased a while back. It would have been fun for them to premiere the two standard pinless molds at the same time with these two figures from the same set. The Spider-Man wave looks pretty solid, but I find it annoying that Hasbro packed only one extra set of hands with those movie Spideys. Their boxes look so barred compared to the Gamerverse Miles. However, since I'm an Iron Man collector, the only figure I will be getting will be Jameson for a business casual Tony Stark. I'm happy he comes with two sets of hands, but I wish it included neutral hands. Maybe with some heat I can make those hands a bit less splayed. As for the Walmart exclusive, I feel like Hasbro could have done better. It's literally almost just original figure from the Hydro-Man wave, but with the Infinity War 2-pack Peter Parker head and the webline they've reused time and time again. I said "almost" because I noticed it seems to have a new lower torso and crotch, and slightly different paint apps to account for the tweaks they did to the costume for the new movie. So Hasbro gets some points there. However, since modern Hasbro face sculpts make the hair a separate piece, I think they could at least have given him a better hairstyle than the Infinity War Prince Charming. I also would have liked to see painted or blackwashed weblines. At least I hope they use a matte plastic instead of the shiny plastic from the original release.
  16. Yes. He debuted the bearded looking during Time Runs Out where he also lost an eye, but kept it for a few years even after regaining his full sight.
  17. I don't know what to think about this game until they show the gameplay next week, but I do feel like it's a bold choice to base an entire game on one corner of the Marvel Universe. At least it's not the upteenth Marvel game that revolves around colliding alternate realities.
  18. That this is a forum with a stressed focus on action figure collecting and almost every single time news comes out, the conversation is always shifted to action figures and people's wishlists?
  19. I saw the article in here, but not an accompanying thread for it. So I figured to bring up the new images for MAFEX's classic Iron Man here. The price point is pretty steep, but I have to admit this figure does everything I wish Hasbro had done. The visible eyes under the faceplate, the more Bronze Age-looking Tony headsculpt, the roller skates. On top of that, it comes with a Proton Cannon. Considering this weapon doesn't fit with classic Iron Man, it feels almot like it was done purposefully for Hasbro's modular Iron Man. My only complaint about this figure is the alternate faceplate. Just to play along with the ridiculousness of the roller skates, I wish it they had given him a proper nose instead of the Alex Ross-style nose indentations. Even though by no means Hasbro did a bad job with their classic Iron Man figures, I can't help but feel like this one is the definitive classic Iron Man. The price point does hurt, and on top of this MAFEX has other Iron Man-related figures in the pipeline, but I feel like I can't just not have it. At least the June 2022 release date means I can make a "MAFEX Iron Man fund" so it doesn't hurt as much when I pull the trigger.
  20. While shoving old figures in new packages is something Hasbro does, the Titan Hero figures didn't exist back in 2007. There is no old 12" 5-POA figure of Raimi Spider-Man for them to re-release now. And if they were making figures for characters not in the movie, I think it would make more sense for them to re-release the Titan Hero figures of previous MCU Spider-Man movies, the same way they're re-releasing Mysterio, Vulture, Iron Man and Spider-Man's previous suits in the basic figure line. I think it's a stretch to think they would be making a figure of Raimi Spider-Man if he's not in the movie. Not that I'm not taking this leak with a grain of salt, but I think there are better reasons to doubt its legitimacy.
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