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  1. Especially since he toooOOooOOootally reads comics so he actually knows 100% what he's talking about and isn't talking out of his butt. Nuh-huh. Watch out, it's an Expert's word. With capital E.
  2. I feel like Hasbro is due: Updated Extremis Iron Man Modern Ultron (Pymtron, but classic Ultron wouldn't be bad either) Modern Loki (Agent of Asgard) Updated modern Captain Marvel (Kris Anka retouch of the Jamie McKelvie design) Updated modern Hawkeye (David Aja's take on the Marvel NOW! costume) Modern Wolverine (Dawn of X) Modern Cyclops (Dawn of X) Modern Professor X (Dawn of X) Modern Magneto (Dawn of X) I really not an X-Men guy, but I feel like a Dawn of X wave is such low-hanging fruit it's actually touching the ground, especially since not much new tooling is required) Updated classic Doctor Strange Updated classic War Machine Modern Thor (upcoming new look) Updated classic Moon Knight
  3. I feel the most thankful for the revamped Iron Man MK L from the 2-pack, with the cherry red and nano-weapons... But on the other hand I think it's more of a "Jesus, finally you got it right after three tries"-kind of thankful.
  4. You are going on a bit of a tangential rant and blaming TV for things. If you want a honest opinion, you are sounding old and bitter. Marvel went through a few bumpy years after Secret Wars, but things have really taken off ever since C.B. Cebulski took over from Alex Alonso. This Dawn of X revamp, for instance, has been one of the most revitalising things to happen to the X-Men since New X-Men. And there have been other great books that came because of this change in the line of command. Al Ewing's Immortal Hulk, Nick Spencer's Amazing Spider-Man, and Donny Cates' Venom, to name a few. The most average of books nowadays are still fun reads too. Even the last few bumpy years that I mentioned had some fantastic series. I also have to hit a hard disagree on the "90% garbage" thing.
  5. Yes you're reading too much into this. Too bad you can't say you read too much comics as well.
  6. Wave 1: Extremis Iron Man: A redo of the Terrax Wave figure, with a better bulk, scale and articulation, and an Adi Granov Tony Stark head. Modern Mandarin: Upgraded male suited body to reduce tooling costs, and pour that into alternate hands and ring effects. Modern Blizzard: A retool of the Hulkbuster Wave Blizzard with ice accessories. Classic War Machine: With unibeam in the upper torso for the Rhodes version. Plenty of firepower accessories. Classic Madame Masque: A redo of Epic Heroes Wave figure. Ghost: Re-release of the SDCC Thunderbolts pack. BAF - Modern Classic Titanium Man: A redo of the Iron Man: Armored Avenger figure from 2011. Wave 2: Silver Centurion Iron Man: Using the 80 Years buck as base. Workshop Tony Stark: with interchangeable feet and hands, kinda like the Figuarts Iron Man 3 Tony Stark. Ironheart MK III: With an unmasked Riri Williams head. Firebrand: Gary Gilbert, with fire effects. Zeke Stane Jocasta BAF - The Controller Wave 3: Pentagon Iron Man: So it can be later retooled into both Osborn Iron Patriot and Rhodey Iron Patriot. Rescue MK I: Retool/Re-release of the Marvel Unlimited figure, with Pepper Potts head Modern Ultron: Pymtron, with two alternate heads. One full-Ultron, and the other half-half. Modular Iron Man: Redo of the ToyBiz figure, with modular accessories. Dreadnaught: Some army-building fun. Modern Whiplash: The second Anton Vanko, with either posable whips or retool of the Omega Red tentacles. BAF - Hulkbuster Add-On Wave 4: Marvel NOW! Iron Man: Redo of the Hulkbuster Wave figure with modular accessories Initiative War Machine: Redo of the Iron Man: Armored Avenger 2011 figure. Neo-Classic Iron Man: Redo of the Epic Heroes / Retro Wave figures, using the 80 Years buck as base. Classic Mandarin: A redo of the ToyBiz figure. Guardsman Classic Modern Black Widow: A redo of the Retro Wave figure. BAF - Crimson Dynamo: Dimitri Bukharin. Tried to distribute figures evenly, without putting all my top figures in Wave 1, balance tooling costs, and balance modern/classic versions. Some honorable mentions include: Iron Man 2020, Iron Man MK I, Heroes Return Iron Man, Stealth Iron Man, Classic Ghost, Ultimo (BAF), Modern Stealth Iron Man, Heavy Duty Iron Man (BAF), Modern War Machine, Ironheart MK II, Detroit Steel (BAF), Arsenal (BAF), Ultimate Iron Man.
  7. On close inspection, yeah they all three are. Kinda weird since the sets also include Black Panther and Hawkeye, and the side illustrations use the promo art renders for the "generic" Avengers comic-inspired brand.
  8. I always liked that LEGO makes use of the "generic" Avengers comic-inspired brand. I wish Hasbro did more stuff based on it, like those basic figures from a while back they only released six of.
  9. Gotta give Figuarts some points for improving the colors of the MK 85 and adding the weathering effect. That way it doesn't feel like only the accessories are worth the extra-purchase like with the MK 50 re-releases.
  10. And if you actually followed comics nowadays you could even know whether or not that assessment actually stands.
  11. They have already been doing for well over a year since Cebulski took over.
  12. I pray MAFEX tackles more figures from both the MCU and comics. They seem to have Figuarts-level quality, but are closer in scale to Marvel Legends. And I'd pay a good buck for that combo. Plus, they did make two Iron Man years ago when they were still hit-or-miss in terms of QC.
  13. I'm glad ZD Toys is starting to gain recognition because some of their best output rivals Hasbro, or in this case blows it out of the water, in terms of sculpt and paintjob. If only it were in Marvel Legends scale... The lightning refocuser is a great accessory and I hope to use it on the Marvel Legends with some sticky tack. A listing of this figure going around on eBay also includes two nano-blasters that I also hope to use with either the MK 50 or MK 85 figures from Legends.
  14. I like Campbell's illustrations, but I wouldn't say drawing diverse faces is his forte.
  15. ... ... ... ... When Tony was drunk at a podium, it was during the events of Avengers Disassembled that I touched on in my previous comment in which I listed every single instance of Tony falling off the wagon, complete with the issues of reference and context, because I am knowledgable on the character and have read his comics. It happened in Avengers #500 (2004). Tony had the floor at a United Nations assembly and he suddenly became drunk and threatened the Latverian ambassador, which cost him his job as Secretary of Defense. The reason he suddenly got drunk despite not having had a drink was because Scarlet Witch made him magically drunk as part of her nervous breakdown when she caused the Avengers' disbandment. For reference, Norman Osborn became America's "top cop" in 2008. You're mixing up two different stories four years apart, despite the fact that in a previous comment I had already laid out how did Osborn get to Tony's position and clarified it had nothing to do with Tony's sobriety, or lack thereof.
  16. I'm just countering misinformation. That it involves my favorite character being mischaracterized does provide some motivation, yes. And also that you did berate another user with "Have you ever read a comic with him?" when, to be honest and without ill-intent, I'm kinda asking myself this. As for Dark Reign, it had nothing to do with Tony's alcoholism. The Skrulls infiltrated the Earth without anybody knowing, and Tony took the fall because he was basically in charge of the superhuman community during this time so technically is was his job to see this coming (again, despite the fact nobody did). The only reason Norman Osborn took his place is because he was in the right place at the right moment, and was the one who dealt the final blow to the Skrull queen on live TV. I do agree that Tony was not comedic until he entered the MCU, and it's a pity. At least his characterization survived until 2015. It was with Brian Michael Bendis' run that Tony effectively became an imitation of RDJ's portrayal of the character. Previous writers had managed to keep him more or less in line with his pre-MCU characterization.
  17. 1) Iron Man #167 (1983) 2) Iron Man #308 (1994) 3) Fear Itself #4 (2011) 4) AXIS #5 (2014) 5) Tony Stark: Iron Man #9 (2019) Those are all the times Tony has fallen off the wagon. I'm not sure whether or not to count Avengers Disassembled, when the Scarlet Witch made Tony magically drunk for a few moments, but he didn't actually ingest anything and there didn't seem to be any repercussions. Number 2 occurred as a result of Tony being possessed by VOR/TEX, and Number 5 occurred due to Tony being brainwashed. This leaves us with only three slips-up in which the decision to drink was actually in Tony's hands. And one of them is Number 4, which occurred because Tony's moral compass had been magically inverted, so he wasn't in the right mind when he made the choice. And Number 3 wasn't much because Tony was tempted, but rather because he offered his sobierty as a "tribute" to Odin. To sum up, Tony has genuinely slipped up only two times in the 40 years the character has been battling alcoholism. And only one of them came from an actual place of temptation and inability to refrain himself. Is that really enough times to call him a "drunk dick"? Is that really?
  18. Tony Stark was not a drunk dick. His substance abuse has always been contained to the specific storylines in which he suffers a relapse (which are only a handful), he is not in a constant state of either intoxication or withdrawal, neither he's constantly bouncing back and forth between soberty and inebriation. Two of the images you posted come from the same issue, Iron Man #128, when he first confronts his alcoholism (which is also the first issue when it's established, 16 years after his creation, so it wasn't always a part of the character), and the other one (the "if I wasn't so wasted") comes from What If? #33, not to mention the image is taken out of context. He's saying he's wasted because Doctor Doom had just absorbed almost of all the power from his armor, not because he was drunk. And what's funny is that at a point later in this issue he's actually shown refusing to drink despite his predicament (his predicament being that he has been left stranded in old-timey Camelot). He wasn't a dick either. Before Brian Michael Bendis turned him into a flanderized version of his MCU counterpart in 2015, Tony was always portrayed as a thoughtful, stern-but-not-cold, and level-headed person, very capable of inspiring leadership. Even at the low points of his characterization, like Civil War, Tony was shown with good intentions at heart, and constantly torn by having to make hard choices.
  19. I'd love to see a version with unibeam (Rhodey) and without (Tony). I'd give the Rhodey version priority, of course.
  20. The communication with ants has always existed in the comics, and both Ant-Men make use of it.
  21. You want me to mark it after your attitude? Gotcha. It was a suggestion so that you avoid talking out of your butt about things you don't actually know. If you enjoy to do that, go ahead. I don't mind stepping in.
  22. At least this figure (and most MU+ exclusives, really) is pretty passable. I'm still pretty disheartened about Rescue being an exclusive. That is the only figure I'd say doesn't feel like a cheap afterthought, with the Tony Stark coming second, since at the time it was the only Marvel Legends Tony Stark, plus the suit's color palette was distinctly Tony Stark-y (and based in a specific outfit Tony wore in the comics)... I also might or might not have bought the Tony Stark on eBay just because of that last thing I mentioned.
  23. Immortal Hulk, X-Men, Venom, Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Marauders, Runaways, and Guardians of the Galaxy. There you have your quota of great books. Wait, those aren't just two or three. I mentioned nine. Not to mention Immortal Hulk is leagues above in quality that the second best book. And I might have missed a few. Not to mention there are other books like Fantastic Four or Tony Stark: Iron Man which aren't great but are still good, or some recent mini-series like Avengers: No Road Home that were fantastic. If you stopped reading Marvel years ago, then maybe you're not the best person to comment on their current output. I don't mean this spitefully. Really, if you want to comment on Marvel's current output, be sure to actually know at least about it. I haven't read DC in ages, so I don't go around talking about how many good books they have or don't have. Because I know I don't actually have the authority to tell.
  24. K. Don't forget to get a kissy where it hurts, booboo.
  25. Coming from the guy that constantly hijacks posts to make off-topic political ramblings and has such a gratuitous hate-boner for Brie Larson and Captain Marvel he has to have an unflattering image of her as his profile picture, like he needs to remind everybody with his sheer pressence of what an eeeeeeeeeeeeeevil person Brie Larson is. Yeaahhh... I'm hard-pressing X to doubt on that one, chief.
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