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  1. The biggest take-away for me was definetely the Model-Prime Armor finally getting a figure, with a pretty nice set of accessories (including a Tony Stark head, no less) I hope the shapeshifted arm cannon is a snap-on or something like that (also, taking into account the many forms the armor can take, that cannon looks a bit lazy, specially considering the blade the 3.75 version got... maybe it looks better from a different angle).


    I know a lot of people are going to be like "another Iron Man, really?" but there are chances this is going to be the first modern Iron Man action figure that comes out while Tony is still wearing said suit in the comics (if he does go back to it when he returns for Marvel Legacy, of course). Additionally, the last two Iron Man figures were underwhelming repaints, specially the Marvel NOW! armor.


    On a side note, I'm pretty happy to see Hasbro will keep pushing these low-cost kid-oriented 6 inch figures with the Black Panther ones. They're much more, um, I guess "sophisticated" is the word I'm looking for, than past kid-oriented figures, and can double as a good introduction to 6 inch figures in general. I only wish they went an extra mile and added knee joints. If you're willing to give them elbow joints, you should also give them knee joints.

  2. I'm sorry, but almost all the movie villains are just soooo boring and uninspired. Destroyer was so generic looking, Killian was just a guy with glowing arms, Mandarin (Trevor) was a tool and a travesty and an insult to the character, Maleketh looked like any number of random background cast from the Lord of the Rings movies, Ronan was an awesome character in the movie but there was nothing outstanding about his look, and Red Skull looked close enough to the original that there was really no point in wasting the effort or cost for an official MCU. To be honest, I thought the trenchcoat Red Skull was the MCU version. The only two remotely interesting villains were Yellowjacket and possibly The Cursed. There are "Bad Guys" in the movies because there has to be but it seems like character design for them is just an afterthought compared to the heroes. We do have a shortage of MCU villain figures but I'm not that disappointed based on their movie appearances.


    The design of the villains is not a reason for not doing figures. (I wanted to avoid this type of comaprison but, here it goes:) After all, you can get your own Jesse Eisenberg action figures (yes, plural, with long hair or OITNB version), Harley Quinn with a dress!, and army dude.


    The problem relies on Hasbro, as they also have ignored making figures of important supporting characters and even protagonists!:


    * Black Widow got her own action figure 4 years (and three movies) after first appearing in the MCU. And you won't find anything if you want a figure of how she looked in CA:CW.

    * Iron Man's main armor from The Avengers still hasn't gotten a figure.

    * Neither did any of the Iron Legion armor. And they were the most marketable aspect of IM3. Numerous of those armor were in the background, but the main ones like Heartbreaker, Shotgun or Silver Centurion deserved to have figures.

    * There were no T:TDK figures. At all.

    * Falcon got his own figure four movies after having first appeared. He was an important part of CA:TWS but a repaint of WWII Captain America was a better choice for the wave. And it wasn't even slightly retooled to look like it did in the movie.

    * Vision, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver didn't get anything with the release of A:AoU. There's also no figure of Iron Man's armor from the end of the movie.

    * Similarly to Falcon, you won't find an action figure of Scarlet Witch if you wanted her look before she officially became an Avenger.


    And there's also the fact a lot of these relegated characters have gotten figures in other lines from other companies or even Hasbro themselves (Malekith and Dark Elf #532 did get 3.75" figures). So if I can't get a Crossbones as a 1:12 scale monocle-wearing collector, but I can if I wanted a plushie of him, the problem certainly lies on the company with the licensing to make the toys and not Ryan Meindering, Phil Saunders or whoever at the Marvel Studios character design department decided to make Crossbones look like a COD character.

  3. Iron Monger got two action figures back in 2008's 6'' Iron Man movie series (but they were shorter than they should've been)


    Loki (as mentioned above) was part of 2012's Wal-Mart exclusive line.


    The Mandarin was gonna get a figure for a second Iron Man 3 wave but it was scrapped.


    Winter Soldier (though not entirely a villain) got a figure in 2014.


    Ultron got a BAF in 2015.


    And... that's it. While Hasbro has always sorely lacked MCU figures, it's much more noticeable when you take a look at villain figures. I can kinda understand if they don't make figures for civilian-looking villains like Aldrich Killian, Alexander Pierce and Helmut Zemo, but no Whiplash, Red Skull, Malekith, Ronan or Yellowjacket? That's ridiculous.

  4. I'm fond of two-packs. Back in the old days when I was a whee lil' kid, it was a delight to get two complementary action figures in the same package, considering quality action figures were kinda expensive per se, villain action figures were pretty rare, and it was usual to me for single carded figures from a certain collection to remain single (i.e. without any complementary figure) in my action figure toy collection (I'm talking about when I was a kid, so they were still toys at this point).


    From a more mature perspective, 2-packs can always be a good starting point for any collection. It was a two-pack what propelled me to collect Spider-Man figures, that one Spider-Man: Origins two-pack that featured the movie versions of Spider-Man and Dock Ock. If only I hadn't still been a kid, they would be in a much better condition. Even if the figures in a 2-pack are repacks, they can help a rookie collector, or one who can't get their hands on every single figure they wish they could (that's me in the second case).


    Unless Hasbro did something like their 2010 Marvel Legends two-packs, I highly doubt we would get any 2-packs that would be 100% worth it. Like you mentioned, a repack (or repaint) would most likely always be present. Taking into account Hasbro's budget cuts, I'm not sure we would even get as many accessories as those 2010 Marvel Legends did. However, deeming repacks a bad thing ignores those collectors whose first version of that figure is the repack and not the original, as I mentioned above. So yeah, repacks/repaints aren't a bad thing, unless they're a poor quality repack/repaint. Like Hasbro pretending a repained movie Iron Patriot is acceptable as a MK XXVII Iron Man when the only aspect they share is a helmet. They don't even have the same unibeam shape! Why do you even add the shoulder gun? Disco doesn't have one! You could even have saved plastic by caring a little bit more! /endrant


    Deluxe figures are my jam. Getting action figures with extra accesories is an awesome concept to me. When I was younger I always played with the idea of Hasbro making some kind of deluxe version of Spider-Man which came with a lot of webbing accesories, or a Hulk figure with rubble and other property damage accesories. The extra accessories aren't as much for displaying the figure with all of them, but that they provide a lot of ways to display the action figure they came with. Take a look at Figma's Iron Man MK VII or Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man figures. You won't display them with all of the accessories, but you can swap and change and find new ways to display the figure. There's a difference between the only option for displaying a figure being only the pose, and the options being the pose, alternate hands (open, closed, clutching), unmasked head, effects, misc accesories, battle damaged parts, etc. It would be really hard to get bored with a figure that allows for so many display options.


    While both ideas are good. I think in the end deluxe figures win.


    It can be argued that two-packs could open the way for the release of figures that wouldn't be released unless they came together with a more well-known character, but taking into account the type of characters that have already been released over the years with a BAF piece being enough incentive to get people to buy them, it doesn't seem like a relevant or decisive factor. Deluxe figures simply don't have a place in regular waves, whereas the two halves of a two pack most certainly do.


    I just ponder on the possibility of a deluxe Model-Prime Armor Iron Man with interchangeable parts in a similar manner to (or even greater than) this variant cover and I start feeling my mouth drool.

  5. There are three Rescue suits, the one you missed is between "MK I" and "MK II" and it's the figure Hasbro based their Rescue action figure on:




    It could also be said that Hasbro made the Dark Reign War Machine. Emphasis on "could," because more than an actual figure of Dark Reign War Machine it just happens to look similar enough (it's this one from 2008):




    (Also, as a minor nitpick, the armor you labelled as "Marvel NOW!" came between the "Dark Reign" and "Iron Man 2.0," and it was the one used in the Iron Man 2.0 comic. The one labelled "Iron Man 2.0" could be named "Long Way Down Iron Man" as Long Way Down was the name of the story it debuted in).


    Also, another one we need is the War Machine Armor from All-New, All-Different Marvel:



  6. Dude I love what you have written but I have to say that Figure don't have to be perfect. they at least have to look close enough to the concept they are getting across, like the Classic and Horned head. The armor are close enough to be head swaps. I agree with you on the Marvel Now version but that all due to artist interpretation.


    like I said it all down to artist interpretation, and that includes toy sculptors.


    Yeah, I understand that, that's why I'm okay with the Ditko Armor we currently have, that's why I think a remake would be interesting, not imperative. And while the horrible MCU helmet rip-off is technically artistic interpretation (Greg Land's no less), he didn't draw the armor entirely like the MK IV. It was more like the actual design with the MCU Iron Man helmet (though he was very inconsistent to the point of drawing the armor with two gold stripes in the hips in one panel and then three stripes in the next panel and stuff like that). However, Hasbro using the same exact mold as the MK IV is taking that a step further. It still surprises me that they do have pretty accurate Marvel NOW! molds in a small and a big scale.

  7. I think that a remake of Steve Ditko's (not Don Heck, btw) horned helmet could be interesting. I didn't really like that the horned helmet was a swap-head to the re-release of the Classic Armor because the horned helmet's armor and the Classic Armor have some differences (click here and here to compare). If they remake Ditko's horned armor, they could give it its own alternate head, which could be the riveted helmet (the Proto-Classic Armor, here), which was in the comics actually nothing more than an alternate head to the Ditko Armor. Meanwhile, if they re-release the Classic Armor they could instead give it the nose helmet alternate head (here). It could be played for laughs, the same way Hasbro's recent Classic Captain America had the Cap Wolf alternate head from that storyline nobody takes seriously.


    If they release a Stealth Armor MK I, I wish it would be painted black, or at least blue with a lot of black shading. All of the Stealh Armor MK I they have released have been repaints of the Classic Armor, I think it would be interesting if they added some stuff to the sculpt, like the shoulderpads it has different than the Classic Armor, and the "backpack."


    Hasbro could also make a Classic War Machine Armor, and make a variant of it. The first War Machine Armor worn by Stark didn't have an unibeam (here), whereas Rhodes' version included one (here). Or maybe they can make the first War Machine Armor and some years later release the Rhodes version with the slight mold change. For some reason I think present day's Hasbro is more likely to do the second option instead of the first one.


    Onto the Modular Armor: A remake would be much welcome. Toy Biz's version is good, but it didn't age well. Hasbro could even make a Modular Armor with accessories to turn it into the Hulkbuster Armor. That'd be awesome and be true to the spirit of the armor. Heck, make another miniature BAF if that means we could get a Modular Armor with a lot of accessories to play with the idea of modularity.


    The armor you have labeled as Tin Man is actually an adaptation of this suit instead of that one. As far as adaptations go, it's pretty cool. The problem is that the armor it's an adaptation of is in turn an artistic interpretation of the Modern Armor (this one here, aka DoD Armor, aka Pre-Extremis Armor). And that artistic interpretation appeared only in covers as far as I know. So, it kinda sucks that the version the only action figure of the Modern Armor decided to go with technically didn't even appear inside a comic. I would love to see a remake of the Modern Armor (specially considering Hasbro has not one, but two molds based on this armor, albeit in 3.75" scale here and here, the first one more in line with Adi Granov's interpretation, and the second one more in line with Jorge Lucas' interpretation). Basically, they just need to take Armorize's Re:Edit Iron Man and make it 6". That'd be the perfect Modern Armor.


    To my eyes, the Marvel NOW! Armor screams for a remake. While the figure was just released, the problem is that the mold they used is completely wrong (and you can find me complaining about that in this forum any chance I have, like right now). This is what the Marvel NOW! Armor should look like, not a repainted MCU MK IV. And the worst part of it is that it was that hack of Greg Land who first interpreted the Marvel NOW! Armor as a MK IV rip-off, mainly because he needed something easy to trace (and I'm not lying), so of course he couldn't have drawn an armor with an original design. And Hasbro could easily make an accurate Marvel NOW! Armor. They have the mold, both in small and big scales (they would just need to tweak the head sculpt, or not even do that and I'd still be okay with it).


    Well, I was wrong. The Disco figure isn't a lazy repaint of an Iron Man figure. It's a lazy repaint of a War Machine figure!


    Considering they even used the mold of the WM MK II, wouldn't releasing a Hot Rod figure make more sense, which uses the exact same mold of the MK II?


    The only accurate thing of this figure is the head. And nothing else more.


    There goes my dream of Hasbro making 6" versions of the Iron Legion, or at least good ones.


    I don't know dude. except for the chest piece it is pretty close.


    Only because it's painted like the armor.


    The thing is that for an action figure of an armor to be accurate, it's not only the paintjob that needs to match the original model. The plating, sectioning, and overall texture also need to be accurate.


    In essence, for an Iron Man action figure to be accurate, you should be able to take a picture of the original model and the action figure based on it, add a greyscale filter and be able to tell they're the same.


    Here's a side-by-side comparison of the Hot Rod Armor (which uses the exact same mold as the War Machine MK II) and Disco, in grayscale:



    The differences in design between the two armor are now much more noticeable.

  9. Well, I was wrong. The Disco figure isn't a lazy repaint of an Iron Man figure. It's a lazy repaint of a War Machine figure!


    Considering they even used the mold of the WM MK II, wouldn't releasing a Hot Rod figure make more sense, which uses the exact same mold of the MK II?


    The only accurate thing of this figure is the head. And nothing else more.



    There goes my dream of Hasbro making 6" versions of the Iron Legion, or at least good ones.

  10. I also have to mention, the panel report mentioned "Target 2-pack War Machine and Iron Man Mark 27 Disco Armor."

    It's 6", right? I hope this means Hasbro will finally begin making figures for the Iron Man 3 suits (Iron Legion army/diorama would be badass). Though I have to say I'm disappointed they go with Disco instead of a better known suit like Shotgun, Heartbreaker, Nightclub, Silver Centurion or Starboost. Additionally, Disco is probably one of my least favorite Iron Legion armor (together with Tiger). I really hope they use an accurate sculpt instead of just making a blue and orange repaint of a generic Iron Man armor and call it a day. I'd be even more disappointed.

    I still can't believe it's 2016 and the only 6" Iron Legion action figures you can get are Comicave's die-cast figures that cost an eye. And they've only made three (Shotgun, Igor and Shade, the latter which is a repaint of Shotgun) out of 30+ so far. Well, considering Hasbro still hasn't made figures for major players of the MCU (Whiplash, Red Skull) and it took them pretty long to make figures of others (Black Widow, Falcon, Scarlet Witch), it's not a surprise.

  11. Hello good knowledgable toy folk-

    Forgive me if this has been answedred elsewhere but is there an anticipated release date for that fantastic Miles Morales 6" ML figure? Can't wait, been dyin' for this one for a while now. (2nd question, this is indeed Miles' first foray into the 6" line, correct? If not, was the previous figure any good & can you link to some pix?)

    Thanks & double thanks!


    This was Miles' first 6" action figure:



    It was a Walmart exclusive released in 2012, as part of the The Amazing Spider-Man movie toy 6" toy line, which featured nothing more than just only other two figures apart from this one (a movie Spider-Man and movie Lizard). You can read more about it here.




    There's one figure missing, tho, the Spider-Man Unlimited action figure. While it originated from that one cartoon, it was used by MU Spider-Man in Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man #13-#14.


    very true but that was also considered an alternate timeline so I'll leave that in that section as well. thanks



    You mean the story was an alternate timeline? Or are you saying that the Negative Zone is an alternate universe (sometimes it's considered an alternate universe, sometimes simply a dimension, it's kinda weird)? If it's the latter, the suit was still used by 616 Peter, though.

  13. I am a sucker for topical action figures, and I firmly believe Hasbro should take this type of approach when making most figures (instead of making X version of Y character when it has been outdated for years), because of that, I would like to see the most recent version of these characters:


    * Iron Man: All-New, All-Different Armor (with interchangeable head and some accesories, it's a shape-shifting armor, after all, they should take cues from Marvel's own variant covers, and if they ever happen to return to variants, it'd be cool to see a stealth mode variant). Alternatively, an accurate version of the Marvel NOW! armor, not Hasbro's excuse of a figure based on excuse of an artist Greg Land's excuse of an armor.


    * Captain America: Sam Wilson version (with Redwing)


    * Thor: Jane Foster version


    * Spider-Man: All-New, All-Different version


    * Hulk: Totally Awesome version, or just some classic Hulk.


    * Wolverine: X-23 version or All-New Marvel NOW! version

  14. it comes with a bunch of stuff and unlimited amount of online comics for a year. how much more do you want just for a single figure? an extra head? really? all the moaning for a extra head? you not getting the subscription for the figure, you are getting it for the comics. If you are getting the subscription just for the figure you are missing the entire point of it.


    I'm pretty sure for most people is more that it could've come with the head rather than that it didn't come with the head.

  15. Weren't there going to be no X-Men figures at all because of Marvel/Disney's totally true "full anti-mutant agenda"? Nice to see they also managed to give us an Onslaught head.


    My hope is for Hasbro to try to catch up with the comics and release figures based on the current appearances of characters. The new Thor, Sam Wilson as Captain America, Marquez' Iron Man, Bachalo's Doctor Strange, Garney's Daredevil. That type of stuff. More synergy.


    I hate when they release figures based on now-outdated looks, like releasing the Extremis Iron Man four years after Tony stopped using said armor, releasing Iron Patriot when Dark Reign had ended three years earlier, that type of stuff.

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