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  1. So... what you're giving as an example of Hasbro being "far behind" are body molds that are more than 15 years old... molds that have also been discontinued for almost 10 years, meaning they moved forward to better molds. Not to mention the Legends team have already teased at the successor of the Bucky Cap mold, which won't just be the standard body mold but also completely pinless? You're also using the Hyperion body mold as an example, a body mold that has already been superseded by the Omega Red mold.
  2. I really like the persistence of the Marvel NOW! armor's color scheme. Hopefully its prevalence in the collective conscious helps Hasbro redo it sooner than later.
  3. I've been holding off on buying any of these MKs 1-7 (and 42) from ZD Toys until they are all re-released with LED features, since so far only the MK 3 has gotten that treatment, but I will definitely be getting this one as soon as possible for my Marvel Legends display. These might be 1/10, but I'd rather have an oversized MK 1 in my shelves than the embarassment that was Hasbro's MK 1 for The First Ten Years line.
  4. I'm glad to have read this run as it was coming along. It's truly something special and while I don't really want it to end, I respect that Ewing is ending at his own pace. This book was an instant modern classic.
  5. The line of movies post-Endgame will probably get their own saga naming in due time, but I wouldn't worry considering Hasbro has been pretty generous with the new releases compared to the dark days that they're making up for with the Infinity Saga line. If Hasbro wanted to do anything for Far From Home, I think they could just do it kind of in the way they released that Spider-Man / MJ 2-pack for Homecoming in 2019 and didn't sweat about it.
  6. Just as I feared, the Tony Stark head seems to be a tad bit too big compared to the helmet, but it doesn't seem too bad when the figure is posed. Plus, the RDJ likeness is probably Hasbro's best. I honestly can't wait for this 2-pack and I'm so glad I pre-ordered two instead to avoid struggling to get a second copy later on. This entire line looks fantastic and I can't wait to see what Hasbro does next with the Infinity Saga brand.
  7. Yeah, I know. I like said, I'm beating a dead horse. Hasbro is gonna Hasbro, but I have to admit that after their Silver Centurion featured an impressive amount of retooling, I hyped myself up with the possibility they were going to do the Stealth Armor justice. I will admit that the figure looks nice, though. Maybe since the Stealth Armor has also come to be drawn like a repainted Classic Armor in a few comics I might eventually cut this figure some slack.
  8. I've already beaten this horse to death so... Blah blah inaccurate sculpt blah blah inaccurate colors blah blah I will see of dying this figure black so at least its colors are comic-accurate.
  9. Kevin Feige already confirmed earlier this year that Reynolds is working in the script for Deadpool 3 and that it will be integrated into the MCU, but that Ryan was busy at the time, which is true since he's starred in two movies this year, so you're just reading too much between the lines.
  10. How so? You can see the MK 3 and the Iron Monger side-by-side(ish), and the height difference is very close to the one of the figures: (Note that Iron Monger is standing in a platform higher than the MK 3's)
  11. I'm thinking of the OG, you can even tie it into the craze for 90s cartoon merchandise.
  12. I guess the figure looks good on its own with the brighter red, but the maroon should be there, especially if you were to compare it to the MK 4 like in this picture. At this point I'm just hoping Hasbro finally gets around doing the "MCU Iron Man armor + Hall of Armor dock" wave and take that opportunity to re-release this figure with the darker red.
  13. Unfortunately I heard it will be stuck in production limbo since the Legends team won't budge against the Children Safety Consultant's suggestion to remove the feature that makes the hands say "I'm the Juggernaut, b!tch" when pressed together.
  14. Man, I really wish this figure used the same dark red as the original version from 2008. Honestly, Hasbro's overall track record of the shade of Iron Man's armors is a lot of misses and few hits. I've actually been wondering if it's cheaper to make brighter reds so that's why they never land in the proper tone.
  15. Really not feeling the Iron Man one. If I didn't see it next to the other covers I wouldn't be able to tell it was meant to be an Captain Americanized Iron Man. Definitely the weakest Iron Man / Captain America mash-up, with Iron Patriot and Civil Warrior also being a thing.
  16. The Legends team has gone out of their way to explain that kind of thing happens because the marketing team wants to have the first wave of figures out for before the movie's release, and that window of time forces them to work with concept art and preliminary designs. I see no reason why they would do this on purpose, especially since this kind of thing goes all the way back to the dawn of the MCU. The initial figures for Iron Monger and the MK II had inaccuracies that, in the case of Iron Monger, got fixed with a later release. So, yeah, it's a bummer that collectors have to buy 2.0 versions of figures (Endgame Iron Patriot, Warrior Thanos, Red Guardian, etc.) but there's really nothing the Legends team can do about it. The fundamental issues that cause this kind of thing are external factors.
  17. The one thing I hate about these new Infinity Saga offerings is that I'm left wanting more. This looks beyond fantastic.
  18. Evil H.E.R.B.I.E. on steroids is not my favorite Titanium Man look, but this is a lovely figure. I can't wait to add it to my Iron Man villains shelf.
  19. It looks fantastic, but I really wish it used a darker red. Hasbro should have kept the colors from their 2008 version of this figure. I also can't help but compare this to the ZD Toys figure. Seems like that one will keep reigning supreme. That being said, please get on with the MKs 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6, Hasbro. This is a set for which I can't stand a slow-burn roll-out. Also, "Would you rather be a gaping hole or do you prefer that it's sculpted in there and painted white?" What about both? Other companies do it.
  20. I'm afraid that you got me wrong. I'm not taking offense on anybody's opinion here, I'm just saying how things are. Most people here complaining about modern Marvel are talking out of their ass. Simple as that. I have no problem with people giving modern Marvel flak, and I have no problem giving modern Marvel flak myself. I could gladly complain about the things I don't like about modern Marvel: certain writers like Jason Aaron or Christopher Cantwell, event burnt-out, lack of editorial oversight, the stimulation of the speculative market with variant covers flooding the shelves, the trigger-happiness of cancelling series before they can find their footing, the excessive wanking of the X-Men right now, etc. Hell, right now I'm completely disillusioned with Marvel's current handling of Iron Man by the aforementioned Cantwell. But I don't normally do that because that's not my thing. So going back to what I said, I have no problem with people giving modern Marvel flak... if it's warranted. And in this forum you don't really see that kind of thing. What you find is people that don't read comics since before I was born pretending to be experts based on hearsay or assumptions. I'm just pointing that out. Setting the record straight is objective. And applying that to this upcoming Black Cat story arc: Maybe it will be some senseless wanking of Black Cat with her single-handedly defeating 6 people in control of primordial powers (which I doubt since Jed MacKay is a good writer). But the first part of this story won't even be out for four more weeks and the story won't be over for five, maybe six months.
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