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  1. Another ZD Toys reveal, another ounce to the pain I feel because they're not in Marvel Legends scale. Well, I might not be able to put them in my Marvel Legends shelves, but at least I have planned to build them their own display... when I have more space.
  2. She reminds me of Riri's childhood friend Natalie. If they go the route of the comics, I could see Ross playing both Natalie and N.A.T.A.L.I.E.
  3. The visible eyes look great on the modern Doom headsculpt though. The process doesn't require to paint through the eye slits. Rather, the headsculpt has a framework where the eyes are sculpted and painted, and then the external layer of the face is added on top, with no need to make the faceplate removable. Hasbro also applied the same principle in a slightly different way on the Rage figure.
  4. Oh, god. That Iron Man is just beautiful. This is exactly what I've been waiting for from a Marvel Legends scale MK 50. The price point hurts to be honest, but I think it's a good investment. Especially with all of those accessories.
  5. Normally when an armor doesn't have a unique name I stick to the "Model XX" nomenclature, but I would say "Back to Basics" is a decent moniker.
  6. The figure's decent, but I think the biggest misfires are the eyes and the color. The suit is supposed to be dark chrome, so it should've used a dark red and a paler gold. And if they wanted to go the extra mile, Hasbro could've applied that carbonized technique they have for Star Wars figures. I mean, Alex Ross' design notes on this figure literally say a key distinction is a reflective mirror finish. The eye slits should be thinner. And another extra-mile effort would've been to include the eyes under the mask, another distinct feature of this armor. Hasbro did it for Iron Man 2020 and they do it for Doctor Doom figures, so it would've been doable. I'm still happy that this figure got made. It's rare for Hasbro to make modern figures for a new look while the character is still sporting it. Alongside this wave's Thor and the House of X stuff, Hasbro seems to really be picking up the pace when it comes to making topical figures, and I'm happy for it. I just wish this is how the armor looked like:
  7. I'm happy with these reveals. Only two figures interest me, but they interest me a lot. The Model 70 Iron Man was a great choice, and I'm glad that Hasbro made it fairly quick. Normally, they take their sweet time to make a figure out of any character's new costume that by the time that figure comes out, the character has already moved on. And even though I'm not interested in Thor, the same for him. With these two figures and the House of X wave, I'm happy to see Hasbro make topical figures faster. However, I'm a bit disappointed in the colors of the suit. It would have been neat if the red was darker and the gold less saturated so it matched the coloring of the armor in Iron Man's book. I also think this was a big missed opportunity not to do the faceplate like a Doctor Doom figure. One of the defining traits of this armor is that Tony's eyes can be visible behind the slits, so it would have been neat if that was the case. The other figure I'm interested in is the Controller. I've been waiting for this one ever since Hasbro made that classic Thanos. Kind of a bummer Iron Man is the BAF-less figure of this wave, since that means I'll have to track down all of the pieces loose.
  8. I think the two more likely candidates are a cell-shaded black suit from the 90s cartoon, as a companion piece to Venom, or Spider-Man 3's black suit since Hasbro is already making a Tobey Maguire figure. Aside from a new paintjob, all it needs is a new upper torso and back to accomodate for the different spider symbol.
  9. This brief era has been really fun. It was a breath of fresh air after Spencer's run got stale towards its end. If that Timeless one-shot is anything to go by, Ben is going to become the Spider-Man of Los Angeles. That could be fun.
  10. She started wearing the coat alongside the rest of Nextwave, so there's a parody element in that. But then it just stuck. As for this costume, I think it would look better without the vest, but I have to admit I find this detail cute since it looks very similar to Blue Marvel's own vest, and he's Monica's boyfriend. So at least it serves a narrative purpose.
  11. And one with plug-in rollerskates I hope. I just hope they eventually make this mold pinless. Deluxe War Machine already had pinless arms, so they just need to use them on the Iron Men, and include pinless legs. Being pinless would actually have been a great selling point for this figure, IMO.
  12. I'm warming up to this figure, but god. Why make a new torso if you're not going to make it accurate? Either way, I'm gonna get it. I'd rather have this one in my collection than keep the 2013 Iron Monger wave version.
  13. It's just a standard old-school Marvel marketing blurb, like addressing the reader as "True Believer." There's not much to think about it.
  14. For a few years? "All-New, All-Different X" dates back to the Giant-Size X-Men team:
  15. Gillen is a very solid writer and I've heard good things about his Eternals, so I'm optimistic. I'm also pumped to see Valerio Schiti doing a story like this again, mostly so I can see him draw Tony Stark again. And speaking of favorited artists, I hope Dustin Weaver does the covers for this event and not just this one promotional image.
  16. The figure looks better in these pictures than it did during the original reveal, but I still prefer the 80 Years version.
  17. I'm gonna get this figure because I go cuckoo for Iron Man puffs, and also to replace the Proto-Classic Iron Man from the Iron Monger Wave, but to sum up my thoughts on the figure: 1) Kudos for the new torso, but it's not different enough. As others have mentioned, the diodes are misplaced, he's missing the antenna, and he's also missing the segmenting lines in the upper torso. 2) The headsculpt corresponds to 70s Tony Stark. It's very Tuska/Layton. I think it's funny that this armor is 60s with a 70s headsculpt, whereas the 80 Years release was a 70s armor with a 60s headsculpt. 3) The backdrop reinterprets the ToyBiz diorama as a sign. It's not. The ToyBiz diorama was one half of a satellite. The "neon sign" is a solar array. I think it's funny that not even the official manufacturer of Marvel Legends could figure out what that base was. 4) The smoke effect accessories are really unnecessary. When has Iron Man produced smoke like that? That plastic should've gone into a different headsculpt, either a classic head to give collectors a chance for a more classic-looking Iron Man, the riveted faceplate that also corresponds to the Proto-Classic Armor, or the Nose Armor for a good laugh. Another small accessory that would really have elevated this release could've been a pair of roller skates to plug into the feet pegholes.
  18. This announcement has me feeling a weird mix of being surprised and unsurprised because this is just up to par with the rest of the run being a self-indulgent self-insert fantasy. Cantwell loves Hellcat. So what does he do? He shoves her into his Iron Man assignment, unorganically pretending she has any reason for being an Iron Man supporting character despite barely sharing any panel space together before. Then he has Tony and Patsy bone. And now he has Tony propose to Patsy. It wouldn't surprise me if during the pitch he had to catch himself from speaking in first person whenever he was talking about what Tony would do with Patsy.
  19. They were concurrent. Matt was simply in jail but he was still Daredevil getting into Daredevil hijinks.
  20. So, Jubilee's powers manifest as sparkles, and they gave her the swirl effects? Pretty sure these would've been a better choice:
  21. The level of paint detail in the heads really brings out the "AliExpress knock-off" feel to it.
  22. This figure's build is so much better than the retro figure. He's leaner and more proportionate. No neck balljoint means no weird neck gaps. The waist swivel means the figure doesn't need to rely on a diaphragm swivel to turn the torso side to side, which is something that completely breaks the flow of the torso deco in the retro figures. All of that plus pinless joints. Really hoping Hasbro uses this figure's build as the base for all Spider-Man releases going forward.
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