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  1. So glad they didn't waste a Hasbro stream on these on account that we have known of them for almost a year.
  2. I really wish they'd do the third "No" book to bridge the end of Aaron's run with whatever comes next, the same way they did the first one to bridge what came before Aaron with the beginning of Aaron's run. While I know No Surrender and No Road Home purposefully avoided using Iron Man, Cap and Thor to give the spotlight to smaller characters, I would like to see them tackle the Big Three. Mark Waid is currently at DC, but I don't think he's exclusive, so I think it's doable. And if they couldn't get him I wouldn't be too upset since Al Ewing and Jim Zub are my favorite writers of the trio.
  3. I feel like the Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Incredible Hulk covers are the better ones. The Captain America one feels too barren and the Thor one could have used more passes at improving its composition.
  4. They do. Stories like Ultron Forever, Avengers No Surrender and Avengers No Road Home are very good and earnest examples of the celebration of the Avengers' history and mythos. The problem the Avengers face today is one specific writer whose name is Jason Aaron.
  5. When you put it like that-- you are most certainly wrong. Because Matt doesn't feel unworthy of being Daredevil. He's still very much Daredevil and is even serving his sentence as Daredevil because of superhero law shenanigans. Matt was also willing to become a fugitive since he felt being Daredevil and being there to protect Hell's Kitchen was more important than serving his sentence even if he was guilty. Whereas Jane took the Thor mantle because "there must always be a Thor," Elektra is doing it as a gesture of good faith to show Matt that she is more than an assassin, so she can then get Matt's help later on. So Matt only turned himself in because Elektra would take his place. Matt also approves of Elektra keeping Hell's Kitchen safe. If I'm not mistaken, for most of Jane's tenure as Thor, Odinson was against her running around using his name and hammer. Also, unlike Aaron's run, Matt is very much still the protagonist of his book since his story in jail is still followed. Whereas if I'm not mistaken, Thor went missing for a long portion of Jane's tenure, and he was pretty much phased out of the book. On the other hand, this book focuses on Matt as much as it focues on Elektra. So yeah, your bad. I mean, unless you want to give it another shot at twisting the synopsis of a story tht you most definitely haven't read.
  6. "... but there are threads feeding into the next year's worth of stories." So that means there's at least one more year of this? The only thing that will make me feel happy is if I think of it as the final stretch. Please be the final stretch.
  7. Of course. How could I forget that in Aaron's run, Thor turned himself in after commiting manslaughter and when Jane Foster sought his help to thraw The Hand, Thor told her off, so she decided to become the new Thor to get his his good graces by keeping Hell's Kitchen safe in his absence? I can't believe this Daredevil run is completely and absolutely ripping it off to a T. It's an exact copy and the one similarity isn't just superficial.
  8. The figure only comes with one set of hands, so the only way she could hang on the Hydra Stomper is to have the shield in the wrong arm. That being said... that could also indicate that the figure should have come with an extra set of hands.
  9. Excited for the Spider-Man and Venom one due to the runs they're promoting. I have very high hopes for Al Ewing and Ram V's Venom run, and I'm hopeful for the new Spider-Man status quo. On the other hand, the only thing that will get my attention from the Avengers and Hulk issue is if there's any indicative that Aaron is wrapping up his Avengers run.
  10. I initially didn't want to chime in, but I'm genuinely both amused and confused here. Is your argument that the movie wasn't well-received or that it wasn't popular? Because you start claiming that the movie wasn't as popular but then you "disprove" that box office earnings don't mean a movie is good, despite the fact that whether the movie is good or not doesn't really factor in disputing its popularity. A movie can still be popular even if it was bad, as you reflected with your examples. A film's box office earnings very much reflect their popularity. If a movie is popular, it gets watched. And Far From Home was the first Spider-Man movie to pass the 1 billion mark at the box office (x), and it was Sony's highest-grossing movie ever (x). And moving into the film's critical and audience reception, Far From Home holds in Rotten Tomatoes 90% critic score and 95% audience score (x). In Metacritic it holds 69% critic score and 7.5/10 user score (x). In IMDb it holds 7.5/10. In CinemaScore, it has an A grade. In addition to that, it won or was nominated to several choice awards. And somehow... thinking this movie did well is in the minority?
  11. I'm always happy for more Iron Man comics (as long as they're not written by Cantwell) and I've heard good stuff about Landy's previous Marvel work so I'm hopeful. I also like it when Marvel remembers that the whole point of the Iron Man / Captain America rivalry is that they're supposed to be really close friends first and foremost so you know it's serious when they butt heads, so I'm hoping this book portrays their friendship properly.
  12. The Fantastic Four look pretty good for the most part, but I'm not a fan of Sue's face. I feel like it's unfortunate Reed is coming with the salad fingers again instead of the bendable arms. That labcoat looks like it would be a good fit for an Ant-Man figure. I wonder how difficult would it be to retrofit them into one. I'm impressed that Psycho-Man got that much new tooling. As for High Evolutionary, I can already picture a Chemistro being made with those arms and legs. This kind of care for this wave makes me hopeful for the eventual Iron Man retro wave.
  13. I'm guessing they went with his almost-black blue because Spider-Man 2099's suit was originally technically black but it seemed blue because of the highlights used for it. So Hasbro can take into account such technicalities. Now I can bring this up the next time I complain about the Stealth Iron Man's color scheme.
  14. Well, if the villains of the mini are Dark Souls bosses, that explains why Doctor Strange died right away. I like the design of the meatball with the Greek mask, it's a nice contrast.
  15. The size of the heads is a bummer, but luckly is not a deal breaker. What it is, however, is a deal maker because it's enticing me even more to get the MAFEX version of this armor that has a more proportionate head (not to mention import-level sculpt and paint). I can only hope MAFEX delivers on the likeness.
  16. The nanotech armors were more form fitting, but it was still an armor, so Tony's head still looked relatively small when unhelmeted. You can also see that MAFEX kept the proportions from the movie in their own version of the MK 85:
  17. While it's not my Infinity Saga top priority, I can't wait to get this 2-pack. I'm debating whether to put Happy in the Iron Man 2 section of my shelf carring the briefcase MK V or to print a security badge and put him in the Iron Man 3 section pointing at it.
  18. Don't forget the classic Iron Man too: I love that you can see the eyes inside the faceplate. That's one detail I sorely missed from Hasbro's version of this armor. The MK 85 Iron Man looks incredible. I hope the likeness is exactly like that in the final product.
  19. I wonder if this is the new standard pinless female body that they teased a while ago during one of the YouTube interviews. Now we just need to see what's the standard pinless male body.
  20. This has the potential to be "so bad it's good." Can't wait to watch it.
  21. This reminds me I still need to scour eBay to find that Iron Man loose for my Iron Man basic figure collection. Yeah... I collect a few basic figures. They have a certain charm to them. Their simplicity takes me back to my childhood.
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