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  1. I'm gonna get this figure because I go cuckoo for Iron Man puffs, and also to replace the Proto-Classic Iron Man from the Iron Monger Wave, but to sum up my thoughts on the figure:

    1) Kudos for the new torso, but it's not different enough. As others have mentioned, the diodes are misplaced, he's missing the antenna, and he's also missing the segmenting lines in the upper torso.

    2) The headsculpt corresponds to 70s Tony Stark. It's very Tuska/Layton. I think it's funny that this armor is 60s with a 70s headsculpt, whereas the 80 Years release was a 70s armor with a 60s headsculpt.

    3) The backdrop reinterprets the ToyBiz diorama as a sign. It's not. The ToyBiz diorama was one half of a satellite. The "neon sign" is a solar array. I think it's funny that not even the official manufacturer of Marvel Legends could figure out what that base was.

    4) The smoke effect accessories are really unnecessary. When has Iron Man produced smoke like that? That plastic should've gone into a different headsculpt, either a classic head to give collectors a chance for a more classic-looking Iron Man, the riveted faceplate that also corresponds to the Proto-Classic Armor, or the Nose Armor for a good laugh. Another small accessory that would really have elevated this release could've been a pair of roller skates to plug into the feet pegholes.

  2. This announcement has me feeling a weird mix of being surprised and unsurprised because this is just up to par with the rest of the run being a self-indulgent self-insert fantasy.

    Cantwell loves Hellcat.

    So what does he do? He shoves her into his Iron Man assignment, unorganically pretending she has any reason for being an Iron Man supporting character despite barely sharing any panel space together before. Then he has Tony and Patsy bone. And now he has Tony propose to Patsy. It wouldn't surprise me if during the pitch he had to catch himself from speaking in first person whenever he was talking about what Tony would do with Patsy.

  3. This figure's build is so much better than the retro figure. He's leaner and more proportionate. No neck balljoint means no weird neck gaps. The waist swivel means the figure doesn't need to rely on a diaphragm swivel to turn the torso side to side, which is something that completely breaks the flow of the torso deco in the retro figures. All of that plus pinless joints.

    Really hoping Hasbro uses this figure's build as the base for all Spider-Man releases going forward.

  4. On 1/6/2022 at 1:18 PM, McHogan said:

    See? This is why you don’t be so quick to kill off you characters. Then you’ve got to figure out how to bring them back or tell a story that’s in the past. Bah.

    These "movie tie-in" one-shots written by Macchio are almost always continuity inserts. Sometimes they don't even take place in continuity at all. Nightmare is also currently dead, so even if Strange wasn't, it would still have to be out of current continuity.

  5. On 1/5/2022 at 5:17 PM, Mandomuggle said:

    Is that a Sentinel Iron Man "Tin Man" armor cleverly placed in the back to look 6"?

    If not, I need to know which figure that is!

    That's the one. I'm not sure if it needs to be strategically placed, it fits pretty well in Marvel Legends scale, especially if you consider that the Tin Man armor is meant to be pretty hefty. The figure is barely a hair taller than Hasbro's MK 7.

  6. I was pleasantly surprised by Timeless. I thought it was going to be one of the usual string of short stories to hook new readers to upcoming books, but it was an almost entirely self-contained Kang story and a deep-dive into his psyche with only a single splash page amounting to teasers. The story was a treat (no surprise coming from Jed MacKay) and it was particularly helpful since I'm not all that familiar with Kang.

    Can't say I'm not too attached to Miracleman, but good to see something being done with the character.

  7. On 12/28/2021 at 3:16 PM, Psychosomatic said:

    Boring if not well motivated - I totally agree. If there is a solid motivation for the conflict, then I would be all in, but sadly I feel a lot of comics are rushed, so they don't spend the time working that stuff out... and they recycle a lot, without doing enough to make it fresh and new.

    This thing is coming in 2022 and the root of the conflict (or at least one of the roots) has been established already. Ajak is very much unhappy with the Avengers using the corpse of a Celestial as their current base of operations.

  8. On 12/26/2021 at 7:36 PM, Falls22 said:

    This figure is pretty nice looking. The gold really sticks out. But I was hoping they would have given him a magical gauntlet, but I guess that was too spoilery?

    Some of the earliest promotional art for the movie featured the bracelet, and the reveal of this suit's Hot Toys figure did too. It wasn't too spoilery because although people noticed the bracelet, its functionality was only revealed in the movie, so all people knew was that the bracelet was something.

  9. On 12/24/2021 at 3:19 AM, Lord_Scareglow said:

    Isn't Iron Man already by default "Tech On" , anyways liking these figures this one is nice, but kinda overkill, tech on tech on. I like the concept of them doing other characters who don't have "tech on" makes sense as a idea, but Iron Man... yeah we know why they did it, but they didn't have to, they just basically made Gundam Evanglion Iron Man

    He is Iron-er Man

  10. Not that I would have expected Diamond to do much more than just repaint their Far From Home release, but even by that standard this is pretty lazy. The figure lacks any of the exposed circuitry texture that makes it stand out and its forearms should have a gold embroiderly-like pattern instead of being solid black.

    And it seems like Diamond had more time than Hasbro to design this figure on account that, at the very least, it doesn't have the red in the forearms from the earlier design. It would have been neat if they had designed a magical bracelet accessory, that would really have made the figure stand out.

  11. On 12/6/2021 at 7:17 PM, glhshelby said:

    Generally speaking, game models can't just be translated over into CAD files. They're designed very differently. While it's possible, the amount of work that it would take for Hasbro to translate a game model to tool a physical figure would be more time consuming than simply creating a new model from scratch. 

    That's interesting insight, thanks. Though I gotta ask, is it a certainity that making a new model from scratch would be easier?

  12. In response to a point brought up in the video: The reason Hasbro used the game's version of the Spider-Armor is because that way Insomniac saved them the trouble of sculpting. If they had made this figure using the fully comic accurate design, Hasbro would have had to design it from almost scratch. But by using a model provided by Insomniac, they only needed to give it points of articulation. Kinda funny that this figure is a Gamerverse release disguised as a retro one.

  13. On 12/2/2021 at 11:51 PM, McHogan said:

    1000% agree. There are enough variations in costuming for the main characters and still a ton of others that haven’t gotten Legends yet. I’ve said before that the Infinity Saga sub lines, and the First 10 Years line before, can absolutely sustain year after year and has become Marvel’s version of the Star Wars line that has been getting every character with a single frame of screen time into plastic form. Obviously Marvel/ Disney don’t need to go to that extreme but it has been wonderful getting Legends of supporting cast members like Luis, Stane, etc..

    I’ve come to love the vast roster of MCU/D+ figures we’ve gotten and can’t wait to see who we get next and from which movie!

    Exactly! We've reached a point when Hasbro is confident making figures for characters like Luis, Happy Hogan and Katy. The general public eats up MCU merchandise and asks for seconds. I could understand Hasbro not investing in a line like this a few years ago, but I think there's no excuse now.

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