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  1. I was a little disappointed too, not because he was shorter than the MS Thanos (I knew that would happen), and I get that he's 6' 7" but I've seen him drawn as tall as the Hulk on several occasions and he just seemed kind of small next to the AoU Hulk. Either way it just means I'll be okay waiting for him until the price drops since I don't really want the movie figures anyways.


    Yeah. Artistic license gets a lot in the way some characters are drawn. For example, Thor is supposed to have the same height as Iron Man, but he's always drawn pretty taller.


    The MCU Hulk is 8'5". You can't blame Hasbro for doing a good job.

  2. Surprisingly enough, Thanos is not that tall.


    According to the Marvel Handbooks, he's just 6'7". That's merely one inch taller than Thor and Iron Man and two taller than Captain America. He might appear small only becuse he was compared to the Marvel Select Thanos. And that Thanos is for a 7" scale.


    Here's an image of Thanos holding Black Bolt on the air, as you can see, the Mad Titan is not much bigger than him:



    Also, this figure is modern Thanos:



    It's been a while since he last had the Infinity Gauntlet. What you're doing is more or less as if Hasbro released an action figure of Unworthy Thor and you were upset he didn't come with Mjolnir.


    While the figure could've used a litle bit more elaborated paint apps (specially the gold sections), I think it looks good enough.


    War Machine - Found a spot for him, okay... Is this really movie, or is it a modern comic version?


    I'm glad that these are being offered, but Hawkeye doesn't look updated. Isn't the new movie featuring some kind of long tunic costume? This looks like a straight repaint without the SHIELD logos and without the glasses of the first Movie Hawkeye. I welcome Bruce Banner's figure, and realize this was the only way we'd get this figure.


    It's a movie version. It's basically the Iron Patriot armor from the movie before they rebranded it. This War Machine Armor appeared in the Iron Man 3: Prelude tie-in comic, Iron Man: Coming of the Melter and is set to appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron (as evidenced by toys, and the extended trailer, because it can be seen the armor gauntlet Rhodey uses to pull up Mjolnir is black, like War Machine and not Iron Patriot). However, you can also use it as a comic War Machine, because that's how it currently looks like in the comics. Because its comic version is used by an army of War Machine Drones controlled remotelly by Rhodey, you can even build an army of them.


    In Age of Ultron, Hawkeye will have two costumes. At the beginning of the movie, one which is his S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform without the logo (you can see it in the trailers and set photos), and then the tunic uniform.

  4. The Marvel NOW! Iron Man action figure provides an example of Hasbro's A++ effort:


    Apparently, they didn't even bother to sculpt the light nodes in his arms and chest. And the ones in his shoulder pads are too small, and feel odd, because that's not the form the shoulder pads should have.


    I could've forgive them if the only inaccurate part of the armor was the helmet (because 80% of the pencilers that have drawn this armor used a movie helmet-like design instead of the original design, that doesn't have mouth line and has yellow chin). This is a joke.


    I would still buy it. But I've seen customs made with more effort than just repainting the MK IV from Iron Man 2's 6 inch wave. This figure looks like just a good-repainted custom, not the real deal.

  5. You need a comic Iron Man to complete Marvel's Big Three (Iron Man, Cap, and Thor).


    A good and recent figure is the Heroic Age Iron Man from the Iron Monger Wave. However, if the rumors of a Marvel NOW! Iron Man coming are true, you might want to wait for that one (because it's of an even more recent armor). But, if you prefer red & gold over black & gold, go ahead with the Heroic Age Iron Man. If you're okay with the movie Iron Man MK 43 from Wave 2, and don't want a comic Iron Man, then you don't need it.




    You also need a Spider-Man.


    There's a new Spider-Man Marvel Legends wave coming this year. It will feature a pretty good looking comic SpiderMan:



  6. New characters:

    * Whiplash (Anton Vanko)

    * Any of the armors from Iron Man 3, seriously. (mini rant follows) Hasbro missed such a big opportunity. Specially considering some armors are repainted versions of others (Silver Centurion / Blue Steel, Striker/Gamma, Shades/Shotgun, Midas/Python, Tank/Heartbreaker) or with some differences (Red Snapper / Southpaw / Peacemaker), which means is not as if they would need to create a new sculpt for every figure. They could make a simple 6-figure wave with Igor BAF with a lot of variants and cover a lot of the Iron Legion armors). Like: Shotgun (Shades variant), Silver Centurion (Blue Steel variant), Heartbreaker (Tank variant), Red Snapper (Southpaw and Peacemkaer variants), Striker (Gamma variant), and Gemini. Each one with an Igor BAF part.

    * Chitauri soldier


    * Iron Man (Superior version) (with interchangeable heads: masked, unmasked, and with tiara)

    * Iron Man (Marvel NOW! version) (with Stealth Armor variant)

    * Thor (female version)

    * Captain America (Falcon version)

    * Loki (Agent of Asgard version)

    * Deadpool (Marvel NOW! version)

    * Doctor Strange (modern version)

    * Vision (Avengers NOW! version)

    * Magneto (All-New Marvel NOW! version, i.e. black modern version)

    * Mister Fantastic (Back in Blue version)

    * Invisible Woman (Back in Blue version)

    * Human Torch (Back in Blue version)

    * The Thing (Back in Blue version)

  7. "We already have so many War Machines from Marvel Legends."


    For Marvel Legends, there has been only two War Machines. Original War Machine that uses the awkward Toy Biz Iron Man mold and a variant for the Modular Armor Iron Man (which is technically no War Machine from the comics). Then there has been the Iron Man 2 War Machine, and then the Initiative War Machine from Iron Man: Armored Avenger. That's only four War Machines (counting the Modular War Machine which technically shouldn't), that's not "so many."


    If they release a Marvel NOW! Iron Man, I really really hope they base it off its original design by Carlo Pagulayan and not Greg Land's attempts at drawing it:



    And Hasbro is more than welcome to make a Stealth Armor variant:



    Considering Hasbro is so lazy they used the same mold for Bleeding Edge Armor and the Space Armor, they can use a similar mold for two armors which are way more similar than those other two.


    If they made a War Machine, I'd expect them to release the War Machine Armor MK II.

  8. Considering War Machine will appear in Age of Ultron, and the 2.5" toy revealed will be sporting the War Machine MK II armor, I think it's safe to assume his 6" version will be released for the movie.


    I wish it would've been released as the variant for Iron Patriot during Iron Man 3, because if it's released for the movie wave of Age of Ultron, that means one less new figure.

  9. Greenlucario "Hope Hasbro does a Spider-Man themed wave every year now. "


    I am so totally with that idea. I believe most people feel that Spider Man is Marvel's flag ship character. With the wants for Spiderman being anything from Gwen to Mary Jane, Aunt May, Dr. Octopus, Kraven, Hydroman, Lizard, Shocker, Jack O Lantern, Sandman, Vulture and just that huge list of Spiderman rogues...including the various alternative spiderman costumes etc.. it could really fair well for Spidey fans.


    I hope that instead they do more Iron Man. Hasbro has been barely average with Iron Man's treatment.


    We got no action figures for the main villains of the two last movies (Whiplash and Aldrich Killian). Not even figures for their respective armies (Hammeroids and Extremis soldiers). They had the opportunity to make action figures for 35 new suits (the Iron Legion), and we didn't even get action figures for the main suits (Silver Centurion, Heartbreaker, Gemini, Shotgun, etc). They could easily have made a Igo BAF with 6 suits, and some of them could've had running changes and variants to make more armors (Silver Centurion and Blue Steel only differ color, Southpaw is like Red Snapper with one less special arm, etc).


    Additionally, the Mandarin (Trevor Slattery), War Machine MK II and Rescue action figures disappeared into the blue. The Blizzard action figures from Marvel Legends suffered the same fate.


    It took them 2 years to make the Bleeding Edge Iron Man action figure, and they released it once it was no longer Iron Man's main suit.I really want to see the Black & Gold armor from Marvel NOW! (they even have a sculpt, as seen in the 3.75" figures for Avengers Assemble). And finally, In Iron Man's last wave there were two villains which are more of Avengers villains than Iron Man villains (specially Ultron) instead of a modern Mandarin or Whiplash.




    Oops, I went a little bit off topic here.


    To keep it on topic: I'm excited for the Classic Spider-Man figure. Looks great, specially the accesories. Wish it came with a Peter Parker head, considering we've only gotten one Peter Parker head for ML (Toy Biz's Peter Parker Spider-Man which came with a Shocker trapped to a web in a wall)


    Is the sword that comes with Marvel Now Thor for the Thor figure or for one of the BAFs?


    It's for Thor, the early Marvel NOW promos had him with two swords and if memory serves no hammer. But the sword(s) never showed up in Thor: God of Thunder, so not sure why it's included.



    Those images were from Young Thor, from before he got Mjolnir.


    In Thor: God of Thunder, there was a sword which regular Thor wielded. It was All-Black the Necrosword. However, it looks nothing like the one from this action figure.

  11. Here are some other textures:




    As you could probably have seen, most of these textures were taken from the Ultimate Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Web of Shadows games.


    You can use some free-roam games to take some inspiration for your diorama, like the way some buildings are, or something like "destroyed" textures (textures for destroyed buildings or objects).

  12. Finally (probably not finally). Most of these ideas I'm giving you I took them from x66. Who was an user here, and has posted some cool images of his diorama in this forum (but hasn't been active since 2012):


    You can check his Photobucket album here. You'll see that in his Marvel city diorama, he uses a lot of the stuff I mentioned above. That's because x66 himself gave me some tips (like the hot dog stand being from WWE props, etc) when I had my mind set into making a diorama (never happened, I grew out of it). You'll see he uses Buffy action figures for citizens, as an example. His diorama is something to envy.

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