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  1. Mmmhhh... I can use it to make a custom of Baron Zemo... I really want the Arnim Zola BAF... but I'll repaint it to look like the modern version of the character.
  2. Thanks, I'll need someone else to watch my action figures battling in my diorama, not only the Sabretooth's police officers... OMG! U$S 2,69 at Amazon!!!
  3. Nice comic! Only for curiosity... where are those SWATs from?
  4. Amazing... but no! I'd prefer Bucky as Winter Soldier, his actual identity...
  5. Spider-Man is the one without BAF piece? Great! Also, I think the idea of the "two figures variant" is great... Hope to see Wrecker and Bulldozer in Wave 4 to complete the team I think I could do the same head swap, anyways, I want the Ultimate Nick Fury from the 2-pack to my Ultimate Collection and the Steve Rogers variant for the photon shield... Unlucky for you that now the Secret Avengers are changing roster... I'm ready to make my Venom with a Face Off Red Skull (anyways... poor Johann, he's dead)
  6. I won't buy Steve Rogers, his face sculpt is IMO horrible, at least I'll buy the variant and use the photon shield with Moon Knight. I won't buy Bucky Cap because I only buy contemporary version of a character (and he's back as Winter Soldier). I may buy U.S.Agent, because there's a new guy with that costume that appeared in the first Point One of Secret Avengers.
  7. Amazing pic! It also helps to see and compare the sizes of the figures, Steve looks a bit bigger, but I like to think it's cause the SS serum, and Iron Man looks small, but I like to think that the Extremis armor is supposed to be veeery thin.
  8. Sir, you just earned bonus points in ADour's list of favorite people... I won't be satisfied until I see every one of the 54 armors Iron Man has...
  9. Maybe they could resolve the scale issues with a Bleeding Edge Iron Man, although that armor is supposed to be fine...
  10. I don't say a Classics to compete with Marvel Legends, like to be a complement... Even like Toy Biz did, Classic more collector and kids focused with the action features, and Legends collector focused.
  11. We don't need new figures that were alredy re-done like Doom, and better. Ronan BAF Doom is the best Doom, big, one type of green, cool and with removable mask showing a really scarred face. If you want a FF Doom, customize it. The only repeated figures we need are the ones that need to be better, like Emma Frost (the one shown at SDCC 2011 is perfect), Mr. Fantastic (with a better head), Black Cat, Scarlet Witch. For other repeated character, they would be with modern look, Cage, Hawkeye, Venom, etc.
  12. I'll buy variant Steve Rogers intead of the regular version, why? 1) Steve doesn't use that costume anymore 2) I can use the figure with the Face-Off Captain America's 3) The energy shield looks perfect for my Moon Knight (who in the comics has his own energy shield) I won't buy the Extremis variant, why? 1) It's not an comic armor, just a concept 2) They could have done a better variant, like unmasked or somethin, damn Hasbro! I won't buy Ghost Rider variant, why? 1) Although the orange flame, that isn't Blaze's costume, and Blaze is GR anymore
  13. I don't hope so, the new Marvel Legends are new sculpts, they used a new sculpt for Stealth Spider-Man when there are thousands from Black Suit, they used a new for Daken, where Hasbro has Brown Wolverine mold, hopefully the FF are gonig to be new sculpts, I really want a new Mr. Fantastic head, the only good one is from the stretched Mr. F.
  14. Well, knowing Hasbro, some time will take to see it... They were about to launch a repaint with Spider-Man Classics but just appeared in the box part of "Collect them all!"
  15. Mhe... I wanted something better for a Wave 3, Bleeding Edge Iron Man and Modern Cage, come to meeee!!!
  16. When was the Spider-Armor made? I'm not familiar with a Legends style figure displaying this costume. Additionally, I really would like to see all the Future Foundation figures and battle-damaged would be awesome. Spider-Man Classics Series 14: Web Trap Spider-Man Link to database: http://marvelousnews.com/database/index.php?itemid=527 Luckly we'll have a FF Spider-Man as variant of ML Series 2 Stealth Spider-Man
  17. An Spider-Armor was alredy made... But really want: Moon Knight in current costume (with interchangeable hands with Wolverine's claws and "thwip" pose, with energy shield) Spider-Armor Mark II Bleeding Edge Iron Man (with Tony Stark interchangeable head) Cage with Thunderbolt uniform Kaine as Scarlet Spider Venom Unleashed (from Venom #9) Future Foundation Mr. Fantastic Future Foundation Human Torch Future Foundation Invisible Woman Future Foundation Thing Some battle damaged characters
  18. Yes, I alredy know about Hasbro's Spider-Man Classics, I have McFarlane Spider-Man... But it looks like it's done alredy, plus, the last lines were just repaints of Classic Costume and Black Costume with armors and those things... I'm talking about do new figures (obviously without BAF) like new costumes, new villains, new sculpts or re-used parts, no re-paint after re-paint after re-paint. And Marvel Legends special waves (F4 and Hulk) where just special series, I'll put an example with comics, Classics line were like ongoing series, but this BAF series were mini-series. Get it?
  19. As many of you could know, some years ago, Toy Biz produced lines of action figures focused on different character/s of the Marvel Universe, the most known name used referring to them was: Spider-Man Classics, Hulk Classics, Fantastic Four Classics and X-Men Classics. They introduced some new action figures of some characters never seen before, most part of Spider-Man's rogues gallery, some spider-suits, Smart Hulk, Bruce Banner, Mr. Fix-It, Absorbing Man, single action figures of Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible Woman and Thing in Ultimate version, Kang, Dragon Man, Super-Skrull, New X-Men Wolverine, Archangel, Avalanche, Ultimate versions of many mutants, Jim Lee's Cyclops, etc... With the return of Marvel Legends... should Hasbro launch new "Classics" series to see sooner some characters that would not be important enough to be in Legends and get more new/modern/never-done characters in less time?
  20. Hi, everybody! I just wanted to say something to the administrators of the Figure Database... I found it has some lacks of one Spider-Man series which it's name is given incorrectly to another line: Spider-Man (aka Spider-Man Trilogy, Hasbro, 2008): * Spider-Man (Gargoyle base!) * Spider-Man (With wrestling gear!) * Spider-Man (Spinning kick attack!) * Spider-Man (Glow in the dark web!) * Black-Suited Spider-Man (Super posable!) (Symbiote take-over variant) * Black-Suited Spider-Man (Battling Sandman action!) * Black-Suited Spider-Man (Catapult attack action!) * Green Goblin (Removable mask!) * Doc Ock (With signpost weapon!) * New Goblin (Figure "roads" sky stick!) * Sandman (5 attack hands!) * Venom (Super posable figure!) * Shocker (Shockwave vibration!) * Rhino (Smash attack!) Every image below is in order with it name in the list PS: Also to mention, "Iron Man Legends" correct name is "Iron Man: The Armored Avenger"
  21. Single figures: * Bleeding Edge Iron Man (with interchangeable Tony Stark head) * Venom (with 3 interchangeable heads, normal/Flash Thompson/possessed) * Ultimate Spider-Man (with interchangeable Miles Morales head) * Mr. Fear * Peter Parker * Tony Stark * Matt Murdock * Norman Osborn * Ultimate Captain America (a remake) * Ultimate Wolvie jr. * Ultimate Hawkeye * Whirlwind * Mandarin * Ezekiel Stane * Blizzard * Zzzax * Modern Luke Cage * Defenders Doctor Strange * X-Force Wolverine * Future Foundation Mr. Fantastic * Future Foundation Human Torch * Future Foundation Invisible Woman * Future Foundation Thing * Wizard * Modern Storm * Modern Hawkeye * Ultron * New Hobgoblin * Modern Carnage * Modern Iron Fist * Modern Rogue * Jubilee * Modern Black Cat * Grey Gargoyle * Wrecker * Bulldozer * Modern Electro BAFs: * Venom possessed * Bi-Beast * Modern Giant Man * Ultimate Scott Lang * Hulkbuster Mark II * Odin
  22. Thanks! But which design you think is better?
  23. As many of you may know (cuz I've benn asking and asking for a while for tips, etc) I'm planning a 1/12 scale diorama, I made 2 different designs, one is more realistic looking while the other has a more comic style, the first design will be based in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows and the second one in Utlimate Spider-Man. Note: "Real diorama" image is just a prototype made with Spider-Man 2 for a time when I planned the diorama bigger so is a bit disproportionate, but "Comical diorama" is final version. So what you think is the better design?
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