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  1. I really wish Hasbro had prioritized that version since it's even more topical and would require a brand new mold. It's not that they shouldn't have made both, but the classic version is a slight retool of the 80 Years Iron Man, so I figure it could have been made as an afterthought.
  2. This figure looks great, and I'm really excited for the new thruster effects. I've wanted something like that for Marvel Legends ever since the Iron Man 2 3.75" line. I'd love to see the 80 Years Iron Man re-released with this color scheme. Always liked the contrast of bright yellow with darker red for Iron Man figures.
  3. Yes, Mysterio is more often than not portrayed with green gloves and boots, but the yellow is a valid look regardless. Like @SpiderS said, in my mind, Mysterio also wears them yellow, since it provides a better contrast. It's probably due to the 90s cartoon.
  4. Marvel has already made the announcement official (x). 15-20% of May and June's solicited titles will be put on hold. They're still outlining what to do with the books they'll still be working on.
  5. These "purchases" won't get whisked away. The deadline is just for getting them without paying. It's something like Marvel's bi-weekly rotation of free comics. You get to keep them even after they go back to costing money.
  6. This is a nice move on Marvel's part. I've also shared this news with my not-that-much-into-comic friends.
  7. Marvel and DC offer their digital releases through comiXology, an Amazon subsidiary that still needs to be mantained like any other website. The site still offers countless of collected editions and back issues, and people can still access to them unlike physical comic shops. The livelihood of an employee doesn't rest on them having to guesstimate an amount of comics to order, then hope they can make a profit while mantaining their locale. They are part of a bigger corporation, and are not of running an entire small business on their own. So they are definitely not in the same dire straits as comic shop owners. Shop owners are a thousand times more exposed to the consequences of the industry halting.
  8. I read digital, but I can understand the reasoning behind delaying digital releases to stay behind for the physical editions. Well, if this pause lasts longer than this week I personally don't have a problem since I still got a tall to-read pile in my backlog.
  9. While I agree that the armor they went with is one of the least recognizable looks for the mantle, I honestly think that it's the most visually appealing. I've never been a fan of the older Crimson Dynamo designs, with the Star Wars-esque helmet and no color variation. I think it's a testament to the quality of the design used by the BAF that it was the basis for the look of Crimson Dynamo in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2, and to some extent the Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 video games and Marvel's Avengers Assemble. And in none of these media Crimson Dynamo is Gennady Gavrilov (the one that uses this design in the comics). Plus, the design Hasbro went with is probably the most apt for a BAF-sized figure. Classic Crimson Dynamo could work as a single-carded release, since he'd be roughly the bulk of a Colossus figure.
  10. That's one solid custom. Not my favorite Crimson Dynamo design, but it's an impressive figure. Same. While it's his modern armor, it's classic-looking enough to appeal to collectors of classic figures.
  11. Yeah, he really isn't very popular, unfortunately. It doesn't help that, like way too many Iron Man villains, Spymaster ticks both the checkbox of being (a) more than one single individual and the checkbox of (b) not being used frequently.
  12. As an Iron Man collector, this figure was the second most anticipated of the wave after Crimson Dynamo. Still kinda wish they'd gone with one of the character's more subtle modern designs.
  13. You don't need to think about it, we know what they're going to do to her... ... Give her a costume revamp. It's literally there in the announcement video. I feel like this is too much of a low-hanging fruit to comment further.
  14. This book stars the original team. It's about them becoming mentors to these new heroes. These new characters are just the supporting cast.
  15. I also miss Joe Quesada. He wouldn't allow this. He would instead allow a story in which Peter Parker learns Gwen Stacy cheated on him with Norman Osborn and had twins, or a mini-series that implies Peter Parker is his uncle Ben's actual son since his mother cheated on his father with him, or a story full of gore and shock-value to wipe clean the Ultimate Universe which included having the Blob cannibalize the Wasp and say she tastes like chicken, or a story in which Iron Man builds a gulag for superheroes. Good ol' Joe Q would also allow and write a story in which Spider-Man sells his marriage to a devil. Where did he go? Everything was daisies and roses with him. Woe is us.
  16. I'd suggest you to worry about your "talking out of my butt only to be most of the time swiftly shown up" habit. That one seems like in need of an intervention.
  17. I said I wanted to. Not that I expected to. Good luck next try, of which I do expect will be more. 😘
  18. I wanted the Infinity Stones to be phased out at the end of Infinity Wars, but at least the take of each stone seeking out a host and bonding with them is pretty interesting, so it's good to see they're continuing with it after last year's Infinity Watch.
  19. I feel mixed feelings about this book. Reappropriating derogatory terms is a bold move, but there's always the chance outsiders see it as doubling down on using them with their previous connotation. The designs feel like they jumped from a Batman Beyond episode, so they don't really feel natural. B-Negative is a pretty great pun for a character name, gotta give them that. I loved Kibblesmith's Loki and I heard good things about his Black Panther vs. Deadpool so I'm cautiously optimistic. I just hope he handles well all the implications that these new characters are carrying. When trying to reflect modern culture, there is a very fine line between coming across as too detached from it and being a try-hard. I won't even be taking this book that seriously, though. "Internet gas" is a pretty clear telltale that you're not supposed to.
  20. If only you actually read comics to sustain arguments like that. But alas.
  21. The additional fee would have to be astronomical to even be at knee level of the box office revenue they'll eventually get when they release the movie in cinemas. Only five countries currently have Disney+ (US, Canada, Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand), and it's only reaching Wester Europe this March. Asia won't get it until late 2020 and Latin America the next year. Casual movie-goers would just pass up on the movie if they have to get D+ to watch it. So the movie would only reach people from US, Canada, Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand who already have D+ or who feel this movie is incentive enough to get it. Additionally, any given account can be used in four screens at the same time at any given time. And on top of that, screen-sharing programs and real-life watching parties would enable people to squeeze an account even more. It's also worth taking into consideration that before a movie hits home release, the only way to pirate it is videotaping a screening. Releasing it on HD digital right away would help piracy of a film, giving people less of a reason to pay for it.
  22. I'm really excited for this event, even more now that this trailer establishes that Al Ewing is the mastermind while Dan Slott is more or less just tagging along for the ride. Slott is a good writer on his own right, but he hasn't really been captivating me the last couple of years. Ewing, on the other hand, just keeps getting better and better.
  23. For regular figures, I'd love to get either of Iron Man's modular suits (the '90s one or the Marvel NOW! one) with snap-on weapons or interchangeable limbs. It would also be lovely to get a redo of the Iron Man MK L from the MCU with an actual wide arrange of nano-weapons. The same could go for either the Bleeding Edge or Model-Prime suits from the comics
  24. Hasbro's output for Endgame was kinda abysmal, with the first and second waves including only two actual figures from the movie, the third wave four (kinda three in my opinion, with Valkyrie being more of a Ragnarok figure if we didn't count her packaging sporting the Endgame logo), Captain America being an exclusive, the Smart Hulk being very clearly a Ragnarok Hulk with last-minute new heads, the inaccurate team suits (though this one isn't on Hasbro), and so many key characters missing figures. And all of this considering the size of its cast and scope of the movie. Jumpsuit Hulk, Warrior Thor, Black Widow, War Machine MK 6, Nebula, Rocket Raccoon, and Captain Marvel are really conspicuous by their absence. I would also throw in there a battle damaged Iron Man MK 85 with gauntlet and unmasked head, and screen-accurate team suits. I feel like the screen-accurate team suits are the most unlikely of all of these to get, but at the same time I don't think it would require too much tooling. Tony Stark, Ant-Man, Captain America and Hawkeye would all share the same body, and Nebula and Black Widow do the same. Team Suit Hulk would be based on the framework of Jumpsuit Hulk, Team Suit War Machine would be a MK 6 repaint, and Rocket would be a small-sized figure. All of this being said, there is also the fact that Endgame is old news now. I won't be holding my breath for any of these figures to get made until some kind of special line. I just wish Hasbro just had an overarching MCU line that didn't depend on movie releases or anniversaries.
  25. I really appreciate Hasbro's recent constant output of new accessories to keep things fresh, even for characters that don't interest me, like Cyclops getting the eye-beam effects. Personally, I would like to see long-range blast effects for Iron Man, as well as an unibeam piece. Maybe missiles too. I would also like to see more web effects for Spider-Man. The webbed-up effects that Hasbro recently released are nice, but I think it would be better to get web effects to use on Spider-Man rather than on his enemies.
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