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  1. The one thing I hate about these new Infinity Saga offerings is that I'm left wanting more. This looks beyond fantastic.
  2. Evil H.E.R.B.I.E. on steroids is not my favorite Titanium Man look, but this is a lovely figure. I can't wait to add it to my Iron Man villains shelf.
  3. It looks fantastic, but I really wish it used a darker red. Hasbro should have kept the colors from their 2008 version of this figure. I also can't help but compare this to the ZD Toys figure. Seems like that one will keep reigning supreme. That being said, please get on with the MKs 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6, Hasbro. This is a set for which I can't stand a slow-burn roll-out. Also, "Would you rather be a gaping hole or do you prefer that it's sculpted in there and painted white?" What about both? Other companies do it.
  4. I'm afraid that you got me wrong. I'm not taking offense on anybody's opinion here, I'm just saying how things are. Most people here complaining about modern Marvel are talking out of their ass. Simple as that. I have no problem with people giving modern Marvel flak, and I have no problem giving modern Marvel flak myself. I could gladly complain about the things I don't like about modern Marvel: certain writers like Jason Aaron or Christopher Cantwell, event burnt-out, lack of editorial oversight, the stimulation of the speculative market with variant covers flooding the shelves, the trigger-happiness of cancelling series before they can find their footing, the excessive wanking of the X-Men right now, etc. Hell, right now I'm completely disillusioned with Marvel's current handling of Iron Man by the aforementioned Cantwell. But I don't normally do that because that's not my thing. So going back to what I said, I have no problem with people giving modern Marvel flak... if it's warranted. And in this forum you don't really see that kind of thing. What you find is people that don't read comics since before I was born pretending to be experts based on hearsay or assumptions. I'm just pointing that out. Setting the record straight is objective. And applying that to this upcoming Black Cat story arc: Maybe it will be some senseless wanking of Black Cat with her single-handedly defeating 6 people in control of primordial powers (which I doubt since Jed MacKay is a good writer). But the first part of this story won't even be out for four more weeks and the story won't be over for five, maybe six months.
  5. I was going to joke that you're from the future and have read the story and that's clearly why you're giving your opinion with such authority... but then I realized that's too far-fetched of a scenario. Not because of the time-travel part, but the part about you talking about something you know about.
  6. And where are you getting that she will accomplish the mission? Oh wait, the last question had the same answer.
  7. And where are you getting that she will even take them out? Oh yeah, out of your butt. Like all your modern comic-based opinions.
  8. I bet the Legends team was disheartened to realize they wouldn't be able to skimp on paint and had to color the weblines in the black and gold suit.
  9. I find it odd that Hasbro went ahead and made something so strongly tied to one of Warren Ellis' works considering everything that's going on with him.
  10. They didn't announce such thing. The story is that she has been hired to steal the Infinity Stones, with both the wrinkle that the stones are currently bonded to people and the fact that Felicia is 100% in over her head trying to do that. That's what they've announced.
  11. Wells wrote a few issues during the BND era, but the think tank was Dan Slott, Mark Waid and Marc Guggenheim.
  12. Giving me Brand New Day flashbacks with the three-writer think tank and thrice-a-month schedule. That being said, most vitrol for BND came from what One More Day undid rather than BND on its own. Plus, even with Peter in the hospital, this status quo is bound to be better than the BND status-quo, especially since MJ is still by his side. Excited for this story, Ben deserves a second shot at being Spider-Man, and this isn't too big of a change to turn me off like Superior Spider-Man was.
  13. Surprised they went for a show-accurate design considering so far all retro Spider-Man Marvel Legends only used the packaging of the show's toys and not the design from the shows themselves and even made characters not in it (like Sandman). Don't get me wrong, this figure looks amazing with that shading but now it would be neat if Hasbro did at least a Spider-Man figure with the show's aesthetic, otherwise this Venom will be a bit of an odd one out.
  14. There never was an Inhuman angle. The retcon is that she was genetically enhanced by the High Evolutionary, just that. Also, with the X-Men having invented a failsafe to cheat death that they use only on mutants, there's no way the series won't have a moment of "it turns out Wanda was a mutant all along, so we can bring her back."
  15. I'm really betting on the series having a "wait, turns out Wanda is a mutant and Magneto's daughter after all, so we can revive her" moment.
  16. Very recent example, but I think the Modular Iron Man figure would have been perfect if it came with a set of two snap-on accessories (I'm using the "a set counts as an accessory" card). I'll always value that Hasbro included a nanotech cannon for the Model-Prime Iron Man figure to reflect its nanoweapon shtick. It was a "going the extra mile" kind of thing. So I really wish they had done something like that for the Modular Iron Man. Here's hoping those accessories come in the inevitable retro re-release.
  17. Man, I really wish that figure didn't look like Miley Cyrus cosplaying Gwenpool. If only Hasbro had tried to capture even a sliver of Gurihiru's style.
  18. The Stealth Iron Man is another victim of the "blue is the new black" phenomenon. For cases like this or the Fantastic Four uniforms, I understand if the general mental image of the suits is that they're blue, but going for a very deep almost-black hue seems like should be the standard instead of using a straight-up blue like it happened with the Stealth Armor Marvel Legends.
  19. Really excited for this series. Tom Taylor is a fantastic writer and Iban Coello is one of my favorite writers. This is also bound to be an interesting dystopian setting.
  20. This is no different than Hasbro making a figure for an upcoming movie's supporting character (not to mention Sylvie is almost a deuteragonist at this point). The only difference is that with the D+ releases being episodic, it allows merchandise to roll out progressively and not all at once. Personally, I'm glad that we've reached a point in which Hasbro is making figures for secondary characters when they're topical and that we're even getting figures for characters like Mobius. If the Black Widow movie had come out seven years ago, we only would have gotten figures for Black Widow and Taskmaster. So while this approach means now we're getting a figure for Sylvie while I've been waiting for a figure of Whiplash for 10 years, at least that means that not omitting Sylvie now means that there won't be a hole waiting years if not a decade to be filled.
  21. My consensus is that, I assume contrary to Aaron's intent, the filler bridge issues are more interesting than his main story arcs. Aaron should have made the main focus of his run the geo-political intrigue he keeps in the background. That is the strongest concept in his entire run and it's a pity that until now, the Winter Guard and the Squadron Supreme mostly only appear in the in-between arcs issues to remind us that they exist. This next arc sounds dumb but at least it's putting the Winter Guard plot in the foreground... 40+ issues into his run. Geez.
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