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  1. I'll up the ante and suggest that Hasbro not only needs to upscale the mold but make a completely new sculpt. I ranted extensively about it in another thread, but the TL;DR is that the MCU MK 4 mold they used is inaccurate and the paintjob is the only thing that makes it resemble the Marvel NOW! armor. Hasbro does have a comic-accurate 3D model of the armor lying around, which they have used for 3.75" basic figures as well as some 12" Titan Heroes and a 6" vinyl figure with 4 PoA. They just need to give it Marvel Legends-level of articulation and it'd be done.
  2. Some instances of synergy have worked fine, especially if done in clever ways that feel natural (like Darren Cross becoming Yellowjacket), but I agree that synergy in general is not a good thing.
  3. I think an argument could be made that he wouldn't support synergy, since synergy means adapting things unique to the MCU, and the less things the MCU has unique to it, the less unique the MCU is.
  4. Exactly. I'll doubt he'll focus much on the comics division since he has his plate full with the movie side, which is his baby, and now the TV side that can be directly influenced by the MCU. However, he'll still have the power to do things.
  5. What really caught my attention is the fact that Marvel President Dan Buckley will now report to Feige when it comes to publishing, creative and editorial decisions, and for duties involving sales, creative services, games, licensing and events he will report to Ike Perlmutter. I'm not sure how is this going to impact the comics divison. Feige will still have Joe Quesada and Buckley on the steps below him, but he should still have a hand in the comics division, if I'm not mistaken. The comics division has really taken off under Cebulski's leadership, so I guess it can only go higher from here on considering that Feige seems to know how to keep his ducks in a row.
  6. I hope they make a proper game-only wave for this and a satisfying amount of figures, unlike what happened with PS4 Spider-Man, not to mention the poor guy couldn't even get a proper unique mold (though the fact that the Velocity Suit is getting its own mold gives me some hope they could reivist the Advanced Suit figure to rectify that).
  7. I remember the existence of these being discovered around July. ToyShiz reported on them. I stumbled into this guy's account early this week. Since they're reasonably priced, I've been tempted to get the Spider-Man and the Iron Man. The first one because I like his colors better than the Retro line Pizza Spidey, and the second one... for the sake of it, really, since I already have the original release.
  8. I'd love to see an Iron Man figure getting this treatment. If Hasbro can spare metallic finish for cannon fodder figures, I don't think there's any reason they couldn't implement it on an actual character.
  9. The 3-piece suit from the Waid and Samnee run was purposefully silly, since it helped show how Matt was not handling well his attempt to consolidate his two lives. I mean, the splash page that revealed that look was accompanied by a little blurb of Matt's then-girlfriend face-palming. As for Chip Zdarsky's current run, it's fantastic.
  10. I personally like it. Strong supporting cast (Machine Man is part of it since almost the beginning) and good use of rogues gallery. Plot elements are a bit wacky, like robot ethicism or a virtual reality inside where everything is pretty much magic, but it's the Marvel Universe, so it's not the weirdest thing ever. Tony's personality is also a bit cartoony, but ever since Bendis wrote him I just gave in to the fact that'd be Tony's default personality going forward. Main artist is Valerio Schiti so it's a treat for the eyes, too.
  11. What about "Fresh Start"? That's the revamp that Marvel had going when the series debuted.
  12. Modern character looks getting love? I'm all for that. Hope it extends to other corners of the Marvel Universe.
  13. Ever since the Model-Prime Iron Man Armor Marvel Legends came out, I toyed with the idea of getting a spare one to paint it black, so I was thrilled when this figure was announced. To answer your question in the video, yes, this figure is comic-accurate. The Model-Prime Iron Man Armor is shapeshifting and color-changing, and he used it with this color scheme in Invincible Iron Man (2015) #3 and #4 (when he fought a group of ninja that used these energy swords) and Civil War II #2.
  14. The War Machine MK II mold would have been more accurate for the figure (especially since they were basing it on that specific cover), but if I'm not mistaken, the MK III mold has better articulation. Additionally, in-story the armor was drawn very inconsistently so it doesn't bother me much that they used it instead.
  15. This look was drawn so inconsistently that I don't mind they used the War Machine MK III as the base, but I think the MK II would've been a better choice since that was one of the looks this armor took (not only in-story but in covers, like the one JayC posted above). But like I said, it was so inconsistent I don't mind the use of the MK III since it's a better figure than the MK II. Additionally, Future Fight adapted this armor using War Machine's MK III skin as the base, so maybe they're trying to recreate that look. However, the skull decal is different than in Future Fight, plus the game's logo isn't anywhere in the package (unlike the Punisher War Machine helmet). All in all, it's a neat repaint. It only irks me slightly that this figure is going to be much easier and cheaper to find than the original MK III release.
  16. I think you are overestimating how often characters change outfit. The cases of Captain America and Thor are particular since they've had a past couple of hectic years with several temporary changes which I would consider an exception and not the norm. In the case of Spider-Man, he has only had one major change in the past five years; of using the Spider-Armor between 2015 and 2017. It's also worth pointing out that this was Spider-Man's only main costume change in the modern era. Also, the Spider-Armor got a figure in 2017, in the MJ Watson 2-pack. Even then, Hasbro has delivered modern versions of characters. But my issue is how slow they are at doing so. I think Hasbro should be able to keep up if they became as involved with the comic division as they are with the movie side. Using modern outfit changes as an example, Spider-Man used the Spider-Armor between 2015 and 2017, and it only got a figure in 2017. Iron Man's Bleeding Edge Armor was 2010-2012, w/figure in 2013. His Marvel NOW! Armor was 2012-2015, w/figure in 2015. His Model-Prime Armor was 2015-2016, w/figure in 2018. Captain America's Marvel NOW! uniform lasted from 2012 to 2014, w/figure in 2014. Thor's Marvel NOW! suit was 2012-2014, w/figure in 2015. His first Unworthy outfit was 2014-2017, w/figure in 2017. Something similar has happened with other topical characters, like Jane Fosthor who lasted 2014-2018, w/figure in 2017. FalCap was 2014-2017, w/figure in 2016. Ms. Marvel debuted in 2014 and got a figure in 2016. Miles Morales in 2011 and we only got a proper figure in 2016 (not counting the bad 2012 attempt). All of the modern outfits I mentioned had a pretty long life span of a couple of years, but Hasbro only made a figure for them when they were about to be ditched or were already ditched. In contrast, Hasbro works very tightly with Marvel Studios, allowing them to plan figures well in advance and release them either shortly before or shortly after a movie comes out. Even a delayed figure like the Iron Man MK 85 is coming out on the same year it debuted. For movie figures, 7 months is an eternity, but I'd be beyond shocked if Hasbro managed to pull that off for a comic look. I need to go on a tangent and speak a little bit about the Iron Man Marvel NOW! armor and how odd I find it because the armor debuted in 2012, and Hasbro already had a comic-accurate 3D model of it as eary as 2013 which they used for the Avengers Assemble 3.75" line. However, it only got a Marvel Legends in 2015, which lazily used a repainted MCU MK IV mold (which was inaccurate for the armor it was meant to portray). I think this could be an indicative that Hasbro can have the resources to release topical figures much earlier than they do.
  17. I don't understand the fatigue for figures of the MCU's MVPs, since it makes more than sense to release figures for each of their appearances, or at least each of their new looks. They're the big time protagonists of their movies, after all, and each figure is relevant. Additionally, their figures sell well since they can catch the attention of the more casual movie goers. It's not even like all of these figures come all at once (like Captain Marvel), and the reissues are usually skippable and don't take up place in a wave. I can kinda understand fatigue for Captain America since he has used the same base costume since 2015 with a few alterations (save for Infinity War). At least (generally) each Iron Man armor is different enough from another and there's even the plus that it makes sense for a display to have many Iron Men. The same applies to Spider-Man (save for the part of having many Spider-Men together... well, unless it's part of a Spider-Verse display). On my part, I'm a bit fatigued of Wolverine, Deadpool, and to some extent Spider-Man (comic). I feel like with the recent Madripoor Wolverine, Hasbro has touched on the character enough, unless they make a figure for his current modernized brown costume. Hasbro seems to have totally hit the end of the barrel with Deadpool, with boxers Deadpool and X-Man Deadpool, and the upcoming suited Deadpool. I'm only surprised they didn't make a Weapon X Deadpool (especially since it got a 12" figure). The alternate versions of Spider-Man don't bother me, except when we get things like House of M Spider-Man which is not that big of a deviation from the classic costume or the Six-Armed Spider-Man, which was not executed well. If we weren't talking exclusively about characters, I'd say I'm fatigued of X-Men and Spider-Man waves. I wish other corners of the Marvel Universe got more love. It's not that I have anything against the X-Men and Spider-Man waves themselves, but I feel Hasbro could wedge in specialized waves for other popular characters like Iron Man, Hulk or comic Avengers
  18. Iron Patriot is looking like a beast, and Iron Man is great. Though I still don't understand why is his arc reactor shaped like that. Feels like they just screwed up the mold but green-lit it for some reason.
  19. I like this concept of low-cost reissues. I hope it's not UK exclusive.
  20. Extremis Iron Man: The figure was already underscaled even before Marvel Legends in general got bigger, and it's scrawny in addition to small. Its hip articulation is very limiting since it can barely move its legs up, and its ankle pivot non-existent. Marvel NOW! Iron Man: The figure reused the Iron Man MK IV mold, making it underscaled with outdated articulation. In addition to that, the mold made the figure inaccurate. Hasbro should remake it using the 3D render they already have of an accurate Marvel NOW! Armor.
  21. Spider-Man is a popular character, and his lowest-grossing movies still make tons of money, so Hasbro and Disney not jumping on the merchandise train is their loss. Plus, this is not a case like the X-Men movies, in which Fox obtained merchandise profits. Sony will get nothing out of it.
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