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  1. Giving me Brand New Day flashbacks with the three-writer think tank and thrice-a-month schedule. That being said, most vitrol for BND came from what One More Day undid rather than BND on its own. Plus, even with Peter in the hospital, this status quo is bound to be better than the BND status-quo, especially since MJ is still by his side. Excited for this story, Ben deserves a second shot at being Spider-Man, and this isn't too big of a change to turn me off like Superior Spider-Man was.
  2. Surprised they went for a show-accurate design considering so far all retro Spider-Man Marvel Legends only used the packaging of the show's toys and not the design from the shows themselves and even made characters not in it (like Sandman). Don't get me wrong, this figure looks amazing with that shading but now it would be neat if Hasbro did at least a Spider-Man figure with the show's aesthetic, otherwise this Venom will be a bit of an odd one out.
  3. There never was an Inhuman angle. The retcon is that she was genetically enhanced by the High Evolutionary, just that. Also, with the X-Men having invented a failsafe to cheat death that they use only on mutants, there's no way the series won't have a moment of "it turns out Wanda was a mutant all along, so we can bring her back."
  4. I'm really betting on the series having a "wait, turns out Wanda is a mutant and Magneto's daughter after all, so we can revive her" moment.
  5. Very recent example, but I think the Modular Iron Man figure would have been perfect if it came with a set of two snap-on accessories (I'm using the "a set counts as an accessory" card). I'll always value that Hasbro included a nanotech cannon for the Model-Prime Iron Man figure to reflect its nanoweapon shtick. It was a "going the extra mile" kind of thing. So I really wish they had done something like that for the Modular Iron Man. Here's hoping those accessories come in the inevitable retro re-release.
  6. Man, I really wish that figure didn't look like Miley Cyrus cosplaying Gwenpool. If only Hasbro had tried to capture even a sliver of Gurihiru's style.
  7. The Stealth Iron Man is another victim of the "blue is the new black" phenomenon. For cases like this or the Fantastic Four uniforms, I understand if the general mental image of the suits is that they're blue, but going for a very deep almost-black hue seems like should be the standard instead of using a straight-up blue like it happened with the Stealth Armor Marvel Legends.
  8. Really excited for this series. Tom Taylor is a fantastic writer and Iban Coello is one of my favorite writers. This is also bound to be an interesting dystopian setting.
  9. This is no different than Hasbro making a figure for an upcoming movie's supporting character (not to mention Sylvie is almost a deuteragonist at this point). The only difference is that with the D+ releases being episodic, it allows merchandise to roll out progressively and not all at once. Personally, I'm glad that we've reached a point in which Hasbro is making figures for secondary characters when they're topical and that we're even getting figures for characters like Mobius. If the Black Widow movie had come out seven years ago, we only would have gotten figures for Black Widow and Taskmaster. So while this approach means now we're getting a figure for Sylvie while I've been waiting for a figure of Whiplash for 10 years, at least that means that not omitting Sylvie now means that there won't be a hole waiting years if not a decade to be filled.
  10. My consensus is that, I assume contrary to Aaron's intent, the filler bridge issues are more interesting than his main story arcs. Aaron should have made the main focus of his run the geo-political intrigue he keeps in the background. That is the strongest concept in his entire run and it's a pity that until now, the Winter Guard and the Squadron Supreme mostly only appear in the in-between arcs issues to remind us that they exist. This next arc sounds dumb but at least it's putting the Winter Guard plot in the foreground... 40+ issues into his run. Geez.
  11. I will surely get this figure... loose on eBay... for no higher than $13. Then I will keep it in a drawer until I make a Tony Stark lab diorama since the only place where I'd use it is in something like that.
  12. That's a wrinkle. I thought the formula was going to be "something happens to Peter -> Ben becomes Spider-Man" but now it's going to be "Ben becomes Spider-Man -> something happens to Peter?" I also think it's interesting they're not relaunching the title. Makes me feel like this change won't be quite a status quo but just for a storyline. Still, fun to see Ben being used again after being stranded in comic book limbo to the point Cantwell used him for his wacky ragtag team of heroes in Iron Man.
  13. I think I've shared it here before, but my dream Avengers creative line-up would be the No Surrender / No Road Home team working as a think tank with each of Ewing, Zub and Waid (although since Waid isn't doing Marvel at the moment I would replace him with MacKay) writing their own title with the a level of interconectivity like you see in the Dawn of X titles. This would allow for occasional or stealth crossovers (like Bendis used to do with New and Mighty Avengers, where you could see the New Avengers reacting to the Ultron attack in Mighty or becoming infected with symbiotes as collateral damage to the Venom Bomb arc), and would also allow for characters to guest-star in other titles or even just appear as background characters. To this end, the book's main setting would be a massive Avengers headquarters which would act as an "overworld" similar to Krakoa for the mutants. In terms of scope, the series could harken back to the way Hickman properly conveyed the Avengers like a worldwide defense system with a big presence. There would be a massive branching line-up similar to Hickman, but with three main "stems" for each Avengers team. The main team would be your standard powerhouse apocalypse-averting team. another team could do more domestic heroing like Ewing's Mighty Avengers, and the final team would be a Secret Avengers team. Maybe to reinforce this sense of legacy, each of the Big Three could be the leader of each team, with Thor for the powerhouse main team, Captain America for the domestic team and Iron Man for the Secret Avengers team (I just love me some Stealth Armor, and it would be interesting to see Tony in a more scheming position to steer away from the MCU's influence turning him into a shock-and-awe fighter).
  14. lmao Aaron is not a good case in point. Even internally other Marvel writers take jabs at his work.
  15. I would say I second this but @nWoWolfpackbeat me to the punch so I third this. I love how all three of us are in the same wavelength regarding this.
  16. The 2020s are the new 90s. That being said, I have hopes for this rehash. Maybe Ben Reilly Spider-Man can work fine without all the baggage of the Clone Saga and the whole "he was the real Peter Parker all along!" that rubbed fans the wrong way back then. Maybe this will also allow Peter Parker to settle down with a family like many fans have been waiting for years. It could be an interesting status quo shake-up without reaching the divisory nature of Slott's Superior Spider-Man or Parker Industries era. Then things will go back to the same in a few years to keep the illusion of change. That Ben Reilly redesign looks pretty sweet too.
  17. You're right, but I think by that time a sliver of the inversion had worn off. In the immediate post-AXIS Uncanny Avengers relaunch, Creed was constantly restraining himself.
  18. Pretty much everybody here has said everything I would have said, but yeah. This figure looks good on its own, but not as an accurate interpretation of the Stealth Armor. Since the sculpt isn't salvageable I will try to at least make it color-accurate by using one of those tutorials in YouTube on how to dye action figures black. Then I will paint the faceplate sockets vibrant red and hopefully it turns out good. As for the digital mock-up that monron mentioned, @EvilHayatohere it is, for reference:
  19. Not to mention that the Avengers still very much didn't trust Creed even though he was genuinely remorseful, so they had Doctor Voodoo keep him on a magical leash just in case (though I'm not sure if I'd call him chaotic good since he was very tame if I remember correctly).
  20. Speaking of Blizzard, I ended up buying a Tamashii Nations ice effect piece for him and he looks pretty neat standing with one feet on the ice. If Hasbro ever redoes Blizzard, I really hope they include some ice effects. And considering Donnie Gill is currently wearing Shapanka's outfit, I wouldn't mind getting a figure of that costume that could double for either of the two Blizzards.
  21. Since there's no way to fix the figure's sculpt, at the very least I will try to make it color-accurate by learning how to dye figures and dyeing it all-black. Then I'll just use a red marker on the faceplate slits. I've also contemplated the possibility of giving this figure the shoulderpads from the Walgreens Nova, but I'm not that into the idea of buying an entire figure just for that.
  22. Yeah, I hear you. I made this edit the day the figure was announced:
  23. At least the packpack is there. What I would call sheer incompetence is the way they handled the Stealth Armor.
  24. It looks amazing and I can't wait until it's on my Marvel Select shelves. I will also be greedy and hope that Diamond eventually makes a more evergreen Iron Man in this level. A Classic Armor done in this style would look fantastic and I can only begin to think of the kind of accessories that they could add to that figure.
  25. For something in the vein of the Wolverine vs. Sentinel pack, I'd rather have a 16" Ultimo with Heroes Return Iron Man or the cancelled Marvel Universe Fin Fang Foom released in green with the Neo-Classic Iron Man.
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