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  1. I can't wait to get my hands on this figure even if it's not her current armor. I would like to see somebody try to put this head on the Homecoming MJ figure. The skin tones won't match but it would still be interesting to see.
  2. Spencer's run was a breath of fresh air and I really enjoyed his use of different villains and supporting characters from Spider-Man's mythos. I hope that the next writer at least keeps some of that foundation.
  3. And look at me going about reading comprehension. My bad. However, I think it's worth pointing out that nowadays the common practise is to make "stealth minis." A lot of those series that seem ongoings cancelled soon were never ongoings to begin with. It seems like the norm is to not include the "(out of X)" next to the issue number in minis nowadays even if the press release says they are.
  4. I have good news for you and that's the press release above says "#1 (OF 5)"
  5. It's very visible that they're two different molds. I don't mean just a quick kitbash.
  6. I wonder if the arms of the BAF could be used with this figure. The shoulders and biceps would be noticeably larger, but it could be passed off as part of the effect of the arms becoming bigger and sandier. Or maybe with some extra work, the arms could be swapped at the bicep and not the shoulder.
  7. I have no interest in this figure but I can't deny it looks really neat. I really wish Hasbro did at least a wave dedicated to the Gamerverse Spider-Man's characters. I feel like fans of the game deserve something more than just a few figures scattered throughout.
  8. I like the crapshoot vibe of the team, with Blade being the only one somewhat tangentially in his element. Iron Man vs. magic is always a fun combo.
  9. Based on what the press release says, I don't see any reason to worry. The premise puts her in the place of the big hero of the story.
  10. It's just a hologram that happens to use an MCU Iron Man buck. They even comissioned an illustration to have the figure drawn comic book-style for the back and side images, so I guess Hasbro wants to pass it off as a comic figure. However, since nothing like this has existed in the comics and it uses an MCU buck, I would consider it an MCU figure.
  11. It was so funny that I got the chance to experience people getting baited by that live. I was simulwatching the episode with some friends and the instant the stained glass appeared they were like "Mephisto!!!" and I said "Guys... guys, pay attention to the horns, not the devil in its entirety. Who else has horns?" and then, surprise surprise, the villain is revealed to be a Loki.
  12. I really enjoyed this episode, but my finicky side wishes the lore they provided for the TVA and the Time-Keepers computed with the established lore from the comics. I normally have no problems when adaptations deviate from the source material, but with the MCU dipping its toes in the Multiverse, it's kind of a completely different ballpark and, in theory, it should play along with the established rules of the Marvel Multiverse from the comics. Oh, and I loved the design direction for the TVA. I don't know why, but while mid-century modern and populuxe aren't my preferred aesthetics on their own, I really enjoy them when they're applied with specific purposes like this one.
  13. I agree with JayC, this kind of release is the perfect one to be an exclusive. It's an interesting novelty that won't leave a gaping hole in your collection if you don't get it. It would have been neat if they changed the hair piece with one split down the middle with the left half corresponding to the haircut of Banner's Hulk, but that would just have been an extra-mile detail. But on a side note, when's the Immortal Hulk figure coming, Hasbro?
  14. You... you do realize push for legacy characters has been rolled back for years, right? Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor, Bruce Banner and Logan are all the main Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Wolverine, respectively. And Immortal Hulk starring Bruce Banner has been one of the most critically acclaimed books in recent history, where he does smash people.
  15. I don't see how what you're saying necessarily contrasts or even relates to the point Fraction is making in his quote, and I think you're also misconstruing what he means when he calls death meaningless. He doesn't meant a death can't be well-crafted, emotional or impactful. He means that it's inherently meaningless because of the nature of stories. From a meta level. What he says is a slippery slope, since you can take that to the logical extreme that nothing in the stories matter, or that nothing at all matters, but let's not go there since it's not where he is headed either. His quote also refers to the specific death of bigger characters, not your D-Men or Rages who do get the treatment of "oh man, we forgot we killed them off." And in the quote he answers your question of what's the point of reading comics if "characters always come back," which is exactly what you say. The point of reading comics if characters always come back is if their resurrection is meangingful, which should encapsulate the kind of thing you're thinking about when you say it's fine if it can make people think, put forth a new concept, etc. He calls for meaningul resurrections not resurrections period, and doesn't that kind resonate with what you're saying? Aren't you also calling for meaningfulness? And I think there is a high chance this Death of Doctor Strange is going to be an example of that. The book will most definitely not just be about Doctor Strange dying (I mean, the press release outright says he dies right in the beginning), and the meat of the book will not be just that he's dead. I'd rather analyze the book after it comes out, but I trust in Jed MacKay in writing and Lee Garbett in penciling the journey of Strange as he comes back to life, which I trust will make people think, put fortha new concept, etc.
  16. I have to admit that now I'm really impressed with the assortment of accessories in this figure. The two alternate heads and the hands with the Infinity Stones really make a difference. However, I have to admit I'm a bit torn whether I wish or not they had made a separate "I am Iron Man" version like Figuarts did, since the recreation of the scene would be more faithful with some battle damage. The price is a steep, but I can't say I'm not tempted. However, for $140 I could buy two of the Iron Man / Thanos 2-packs, keep one of the Iron Man figures mint, repaint the other with metallic paint, and even buy the second Thanos to cushion the expenses. Still, I can't deny that this figure looks like it's going to be the best Iron Man MK 85 in its scale. However, for that same reason I might still pass on it. If Mafex's MK 85 looks this good, I can't imagine what would a MK 50 by them look like. And a Mafex MK 50 is one I would definitely not pass off in favor of its Hasbro counterpart.
  17. "When he unexpectedly dies"? So the story opens with his death. That could check out with my theory that this story might be more about him returning from the dead than him dying. It's funny to see some of you guys react the way you're reacting. As if Marvel themselves doesn't know death in comics doesn't stick, or that it wouldn't make sense to replace Strange now. They're probably going to use this series to highlight his importance in the Marvel Universe, and he'll be back after some adventures in the afterlife. This book starts in September. Five issues means it ends in January. Doctor Strange #1 will come out in February to coincide with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness coming out in March. Collected edition will probably also come out around that time to further cash in on the hype. As easy to predict as 2+2.
  18. Not gonna lie, whenever they announce a new "Death of..." I always recall Matt Fraction's two cents on the matter: "[Death in comics is] not real. No one is ever really dead in comics. In comics death is about the resurrection. Characters always come back. That's the story. The story doesn't make the death meaningless. All death in comics is meaningless. It's fiction. It's going to outlive all of us. It's legend and myth. It's the stories that we're going to tell ourselves for years and years. Hercules will forever have his Twelve Labors whether it's my grandfather reading them to me or me reading them to my son. It's that kind of stuff. (...) It's not about a meaningful death. What matters is a meaningful resurrection." Though honestly I'm hoping maybe he dies and returns in the same story. It's Doctor Strange. he's a character where you can make his own death and escape from it a narrative device for his own story.
  19. I think there's a high chance it'll happen next year. I can totally see a window between this release and its retro counterpart similar to the Doctor Doom figure. Plus, Hasbro originally intended for this wave to be a retro wave, so I'd like to imagine they'd like to scratch that itch sooner than later.
  20. I would love it if Hasbro made a Tony Stark figure using the Nick Fury mold with different alternate heads adapting the looks from different artists and eras (kinda like that one Alfred figure). They could also take the briefcase accessory and put flattened Iron Man armor parts inside.
  21. Well, it's like I said: "I'm hoping for the retro re-release to come with some snap-on weapons. And if not that, it would be neat for a MvC War Machine recolor in the deluxe line with both snap-on weapons and the proton cannon." A bright-colored version of this figure is a given. During one of the Hasbro livestreams, or interviews, one of the guys from the Hasbro team outright stated they'll be doing it.
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