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  1. My Jubilee's leg fell off today... spent 5 minutes fighting it back on. The knees bend inward... Love the character, hate the figure :(


    Meijer has MU figures for $7 each this week, didn't see anything I wanted in stock.


    My Chogokin Aegis (About 5" tall?) arrived this week, love it. Found the Portal Turret blind boxes at my local comic store, love those too. Wave 6 MLP blind bags were at Walmart and Toys R Us too.


    Best haul? NECA GORDON FREEMAN! Oh yes, it is good.


    Now I'm just seeing if anyone wants to buy a set of SDCC Zarana before I cave and open them finally. I need cash to commission an expensive piece for an outfit for Steampunk Symposium... but eh. At this rate I might just open them.


    Oh, and I have found a TON of Star Wars figures at various Toys R Us stores, got my vintage Aayla Secura finally. I might be done with buying 4" figures now and just start getting higher-end statues. My latest was the DC Direct New 52 Harley Quinn.

  2. Picked up Jubilee for $14 at my comic store. Fine with paying the markup since I get a nice discount on comics off the cover price each week and the guy who runs the shop is awesome. Also picked up a bunch of My Little Pony comics, Adventure Time 10, and Doctor Who 1.


    You shouldn't tell people you read my little pony my, friend.


    One should not criticize another member.

  3. I ACTUALLY FOUND A FIGURE TODAY! TARGET HAD SCARLET WITCH! Also, Target now carries Doctor Who on DVD and blu-ray! Double-score!


    How is Target's pricing for Doctor Who? I usually go with Amazon because Best Buy's pricing is ridiculously bad for BBC sets. Did they have Torchwood?


    They only had Series 7 Part 1 so far, 20 DVD 25 blu. The employees said they expect to get more Doctor Who stuff soon. $5 more than Amazon... but eh. I got it instantly, immediate gratification ftw. I was going to wait on the whole Series 7 set, but yeah...

  4. Saw the new comic packs at my local comic shop (Not the good one, but the bad one). Not a fan of either since it's all re-releases. Really not a fan of that stores prices either.. I think 30 each (ouch!)


    FYI, if anyone is in/around Toledo, OH, Seann's Anime and Comics. I give the store 2 thumbs up and the staff another two thumbs up. Fairly competitive prices for a small comic store, wonderful staff and service, and awesome stock, PLUS they will custom order stuff for you and they don't act like you're making their work harder to do so.

  5. Tomorrow is another comic shop day... other than that...


    Sky... land... ers...


    I've yet to find any of the stone variants :(


    I love Skylanders! or I should say that I THINK I love them...


    I haven't actually played the game except for the demo in the stores. But I love the concept and the characters are pretty cool. I really wanted to get the game and a bunch of figures.. but I soon realized that it would be too expensive for me to get into right now


    But I had no idea that they made rare variants and chases


    Yep. Aside from the urge to collect everything, you also get the urge to hunt down variants ._.


    Comic store had older figures, did grab a Kotobukiya Poison Ivy statue though to go with Harley Quinn when she comes out.

  6. Checking my comic store tomorrow to see if they have anything I really need in figures. They're only a buck or two above retail, so I may cave and get one there, plus I like keeping him in business, good shop, lots of events and sales, plus he cuts me a deal on things I order. :D Gotta keep him around!


    Oh, if anyone collects the movie monster figures, the Phantom of the Opera has 2 versions, Toys R Us has one with the mask/hat/music stand, comic shops get one with the organ and unmasked.

  7. I'll be honest, it took at least half a season for me to warm up to Matt Smith's Doctor Who. However, once I did, he was pretty awesome. "A Good Man Goes To War" was fantastic, and even the recent "City of Angels" showed that he does quirky well. In contrast to Eccleston, who was manic yet laidback, and Tennant, who really got bipolar by the end of his run and almost insane with power, Smith really seems to play up the wonder and awe of traveling through time. Even mundane activities like reading and eating are pure entertainment because of how he plays them up, and his childlike qualities are more like fun little quirks rather than irksome ticks. He isn't my favorite of the recent Doctor Who's, but he's certainly grown into the role over the past few seasons and has done an admirable job considering how big the shoes were that he had to fill.


    The first Dr Who show I watched was the one Matt took over, and I thought it was interesting but I made the decision to start watching the shows prior and Tennant just became the face of the doctor to me. I think I'll warm up to him too, i just haven't given him the chance. It's a weird thing to transition to a new actor when you're so used to another one.


    But that's part of the joy of the Doctor, the changing of actors keeps it fresh! :P Having new actors and writers does the series wonders. It doesn't end when someone gets too old or finds a new role, the episodes are almost always interesting and different, and you get to see how each person is going to make the Doctor their own. I just grabbed a few of the old serials (60s-80s old) to get a feel for the Doctors of the past.


    Still nothing in this part of the world on figures though, but the good news is my new Doctor Who addiction gives me something to do during the dryspell.

  8. Walmart has nothing, Target has nothing. Ollies has a TON of the ashihiko cycles and HISS scouts still. TJ Maxx has nothing.


    Also, if anyone is a Doctor Who fan (Or feels like sparing 2 seconds) please toss me a vote in the free comic book day halloween costume contest. No registering/connecting to facebook/anything, just click vote and yes. http://www.wizehive.com/voting/view/diamon...2012/0/823017/0


    I haven't given Matt Smith a fair shake but I was sad to see David Tennant go.


    Maybe so, but Matt Smith is awesome. I'm worried his run is going to end soon though!

  9. Walmart has nothing, Target has nothing. Ollies has a TON of the ashihiko cycles and HISS scouts still. TJ Maxx has nothing.


    Also, if anyone is a Doctor Who fan (Or feels like sparing 2 seconds) please toss me a vote in the free comic book day halloween costume contest. No registering/connecting to facebook/anything, just click vote and yes. http://www.wizehive.com/voting/view/diamon...2012/0/823017/0

  10. Doing better. Health is staying stable, things are starting to calm down some around here. Still clearing out the last bit of excess figures, but once that's done I'm setting up a new table to actually display my stuff again. No real luck on finding new things, but I have more than enough stuff right now... and since I've started to get Kotobukiya statues... my 4" figure cravings have been a bit lessened. That or the fact that $60 a pop hurts a lot more than $10 a pop.

  11. Saw the Hobbit figures, entire set, not a huge fan but might grab some during sales. Haven't seen new Star Wars/Marvel figures in forever. I DID get something though... comic shop had an Angel Bob (Doctor Who) figure left, and my desk needed to be a bit more terrifying since it's October... I keep it facing a mirror to be safe -.- *won't blink*


    Anyways, might start gathering Doctor Who figures while I can't find anything else. I want an army of Weeping Angels now.

  12. Are those 4" scale Hobbit figures? Crap, I need those. -.-


    Anyways SORRY for the long silence from me. Hasn't been my best year. Nearly died in Jan, relationship went horribly wrong after that, money, employment, school, etc. hasn't been the best, but things appear to be looking up. I've traded off almost all of my extra figures to people finally too. Need to slim down a few more, but not much left.


    Anyways, NOTHING here in Marvel in MONTHS! I was still sick with the black death (Not so true, but close enough) last time I found one.


    I have obtained 4 HISS Scouts at Ollies to outfit my Cobra army with so all 4 of my HISS Tanks have scouts under them now :) Obtained Malgus/Starkiller/Vizla in trades, added a few more statues to my collections, and got the Toys R Us version of the Phantom of the Opera movie monsters figure.


    Anyways, health update for the few people who have followed me this year - I have a staph infection in my lungs. Having Cystic Fibrosis, it apparently can't be treated, just managed with antibiotics until I cease to be. Good news it can be managed, bad news is that it still flares up a good bit. I can at least function now.


    I have started to work on my music, posted a 30 second clip to my Tumblr that will be an introduction for a monthly podcast (May record more often depending on popularity) that the first episode should be recorded tomorrow/uploaded somewhere by Friday, about various subjects of nerddom. Tomorrows episode if going to be mostly about Pokemon Black and White 2 since they come out tomorrow, but other subjects may be brought up. It's going to be me and at least one friend recording each episode, so it should be interesting. In the future we'll be talking about games, TV shows, comics, toys, and more! Keep posted. :)


    Anyways, anything cool show up recently? I haven't seen a Scarlet Witch yet in the wild. :( I saw some at Comikaze Expo at booths but I refuse to pay scalper prices.

  13. TJ Maxx here didn't restock.

    Hit stores south of me, nothing in Toys R Us or Target for Marvel, new Star Wars stuff was at Toys R Us but it was already picked through.


    Bit off-topic, but if anyone is interested in modern GI Joe stuff (25th through POC or so) I'm going to be getting pictures of all of my extra/unneeded loose figures up soon to trade. Health is finally doing well enough to get back into full swing (I'm on antibiotics for life now though...) so trading is making a comeback. I'm going to have a good amount of stuff to clear out, so if you're interested in things send me a PM. My main concerns are newer Marvel U, Star Wars Sith/Bounty Hunter characters (Not Vader/Maul types or 500 Boba Fett/IG-88/etc. obviously). Possibly other stuff too though, so yell at me if you are after stuff. Done with using hisstank, their rules/members finally hit the last straw with me on stupid things I'm willing to put up with.


    Oh, If anyone is in Toledo, OH, Seann's Anime and Comics is carrying Marvel Universe now for around $13.99 a figure, has the new stuff and it looks like some variants?

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