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  1. There is a Costco at Richmond and Weslayan in town And now that i think of it there is also one on I-10 at Bunker Hill - also in town huh...i feel like i've never seen it all the times i've been the i10 bunker hill area... then again i dont have a costco card soooo.... sooo did you find anything good mrparsons...? how many sentinels did you find?
  2. Awesome that you're be receiving new toys at your WM, unfortunately the wrong ones.... Hate hearing that it's 3 Avengers cases and 1 MU case, should be the other way around... 1 MU case is better than none. This WM hasn't gotten a case of MU in months. It's a step in the right direction. And all but two WM's in my area completely dropped the line. I just hope the Avengers cases are wave 4, not 3. And it be Wave 19 instead of an old rev. case. May the MU gods be on your side. haha
  3. Awesome that you're be receiving new toys at your WM, unfortunately the wrong ones.... Hate hearing that it's 3 Avengers cases and 1 MU case, should be the other way around... 1 MU case is better than none.
  4. But hte million dollar question is which version of the beast (upright or upside down for the MOCers) and which spiderman it is (red/blue or black/red) anyone want to TOFTT?
  5. they finally restocked at the disney store, finally. great find of the sentinel. i think i made my quota.
  6. Welcome, themisterparsons. Your son is a lucky kid to get one of those awesome sentinel. I also snagged one of those too, yesterday. Woohoo!
  7. Prem1x - you looking for the TRU 2 pack with She Hulk and Wolvie?
  8. Well there you go. It should make the transition to there much easier.
  9. Today yielded good results. Drove down westheimer: TRU - picked up GI Joe Renegades; 2x zombies and 1x lifeline. Had to get Lifeline...seeing him as part of dios makes sense to me. LCS - Toybiz 90s figures to fill in the collection. Would have picked up more, but the former owner stapled back their packages together after opening them and repackaging them up. All the walmarts i went to between me and my bro today only had remnants, lucky remnants. Walmart 1 - bro earlier found W19 - Punisher, She Hulk and Spiderman Future Foundation. Walmart 2 - Found Kang Scarlet Witch and another She Hulk. Walmart 3 - Punisher Found Wave 18 at a target last thursday. Didn't even see remnants of this today while making rounds at the other two Targets. Wave 1 Daredevil came from Catalyst - thanks bro.
  10. Walmart is the bottom of the barrel. Target is the place to be. I wish i lived near a college town. UHouston is across teh city and in the ghettos. I'm not sure if there is a walmart around that area thinking about it now...i wish they did i would have went there alot during my college days. lol true.. walmart chicks are never cute... with the exception of this one girl I saw earlier this year. I went into my walmart in the afternoon one day and immediately saw one of the hottest girls I have ever seen in my entire life working at the cash register. Not just the hottest girl to ever work at a walmart, but one of the hottest girls I have ever seen, literally, no exaggeration. I grabbed a few things and went into her line. I couldn't figure out why this girl was working there. .... UNTIL I got up to the register. She could barely speak English. She must have just got off the boat from Russia. but, she that was the only time I have seen her. She musta been gone after a week or so. Some rich guy probably went in and swept her away lol There are a few hotties in the ones I hunt at. I'll try and get pics next time I'm in there. If you want to see hotties on a more consistant level, hit stores near college campuses. They're are almost always some working those stores. And they like them some Rhinoman, too... college girls work at Targets here.. not Walmart. cuz Walmart is gross! If i had to choose a place to work, i'd go Target all day long unless i was desperate. Yes Pictures pls.
  11. Is she hot? I dunno. and i'm pretty sure she's not what my bro is looking for. HA. In fact, I dont think i've ever seen a hot chick i've needed to do a double take on at WM, well at least at my WMs.
  12. He's like EA but for HW. Don't tell EA about your brother. He hates HW collectors. : )
  13. Targets are getting W18. Only seen in at one Target so far. Walmarts are getting W19. My bro just found remnants of 19: Punisher, FF SP, SheHulk. Nuts. But, He's been making friends with the toy manager while he goes on Hot Wheel hunts (he's one of them). the toy manager said she'd order a case of 19 for him. Scoooore. She said to check by the end of the week. Sweeeet. Now i really need to hunt more now. And it was at one where they were clearancing MUs and ROMLs, which was even more surprising.
  14. Does anyone have any of those jazwares street fighter 4" figures taht came out last year/early this year that they want to get rid of? Let me know and hope we can work a deal out.
  15. I got ya bro. Well only one picture. I took it when i was there last. I was so amazed about the surplus IM2 and Thor (and everyhting else Marvel sans MU) that i had to take a picture. This picture above was at the front main display when you walk into the TRU. Far left of the entire display you'll see IM2 figures. See the shelves in the middle there are Thor/IM 2 figures left, right and below of them. These are the ones i can vouch for. i also remember and i should have taken more pictures just b/c. In front of the display they had one of those half shelves with more IM2/Thors on the pegs (like your first picture). I eventually made it to the MU aisle and they also had an endcap + a 3 peg tall by 8 peg wide (maybe) display in the actual MU aisle. i was saddened at the sight. Ever since i think they've had like two sales (1) buy one get another Thor/IM figure 40% off and (2) buy an Avengers figure get an Thor/IM figure free. I sware they only sold like 2 of them. ha. This is a game no one will win. Well actually you might have since it was a TRU you rarely visit. I'm going to take pictures again next time i'm at that one. Pics or GTFO. But seriously, I'd love to see an actual pic of said store. The photos I took all came from the same Fayetteville TRU, and I didn't even take photos of the ones hanging in the regular action figure aisle or on the backside of that Thor section. There were also a few more Thor and IM2 figures on that Avengers display in the background. Hell, I'm certain if I looked around some more there would have been another endcap or feature lurking about. I've just never seen so much of the same stuff just sitting in the front of a store with no hope of ever being sold.
  16. So in the promo shot - she has removable hair? That's interesting. dang, I missed getting to post on page 500! Hey, Wolvie, is that an official variant or did someone make a custom and make it look packaged for you? I don't know if I like her with the short hair but I'd take some for that head. It's real. somewhere on the internet there is a pic from a panel at one of the cons from before Black Widow was released and it showed her with 2 alternate heads- this one with short red hair and the infamous Blond Yelena edit: found the pic. It was actually the hair's that were removable. This "proto" is sitting a little high or back like some of the big foreheaded X-23's did
  17. This is awesome. I get back form Cali and i get to read pages of great hauls and more!! Congrats on the new waves. As for me, i'll just be hunting them down at retail. While there i got these, from hate to say it, but from Frank and Sons. This place was huuuuge-a true scalper's paradise. Had to haggle down the prices, but i'm happy for what i paid for them which was still cheaper than ebay, especially for the early wave figures. Not really into Heroclix, but for the scale changers they are perfect for MU. catching up on this thread - does anyone have a miles morales SP up for trades or for sale still? Read there were some, but dont know i'm just late to jump on them.
  18. Welcome Deadpool55! I used to be a lurker also and i should have joined alot sooner and contribute to this great MU community. THanks for the head's up. Good information knowing that those are out. Only a matter of time when the rest of Avengers W4 come out. I can't wait for those.
  19. THis image might help. I happened to have them when i compared my multiples at one point. LMK if you have either of these plz Electro 025 - have 91391. looking for 01891 or one that begins with 0 phasing vision (glossy)- 5 digit stamp should be something like 92330 Had no idea there were different phasing visions, I do have one moc...I'll pull it out and check the stamp and message you if it matches
  20. Appreciation. Got'em with the help of boardmember: pskrab0415. Thanks! from ebay and a trade.
  21. Never hit houston. I'm still hopeful that they will show up.
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