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  1. Nah lol, and there's been no recent word on whether the Masterworks Foom is still coming or not. And he's suppose to be orange w/purple shorts! I know orange is the color Foom was in his first appearance but he looks so much better green imo lol, although if/when Hasbro releases the Masterworks Foom I'm all over that one too :)
  2. I managed to get him closer to $140 because it had to be done! I looked into piecing him together and found out that the End Hulk by himself goes for the same I paid for the whole Foom, and the without the End Hulk you'll have a Foom missing an arm and wing uggh! Yeah Foom rocks!! And is just about perfect for MU scale!!
  3. Well js11js11, I only got Wave 18 because I ordered if off BBTS. If it weren't for that I wouldn't have them because I never saw it hit retail. However, Wave 19 has been at several places retail?!
  4. I managed to get him closer to $140 because it had to be done! I looked into piecing him together and found out that the End Hulk by himself goes for the same I paid for the whole Foom, and the without the End Hulk you'll have a Foom missing an arm and wing uggh!
  5. I'm still waiting on Wave 19 to ship from BBTS and then I'll be all caught up! But looks like more people are starting to find Waves 18, 19 and 20 (jason1551, you got your FF Spidey before I did so now I need a replacement figure to send you for the Sentinel help last month). Well while I'm waiting I went ahead a picked up a figure I've been wanting to display with my MU since I started getting MUs. I purchased him for a very reasonable price off eBay, he arrived yesterday, and he frickin rocks!!! FIN FANG FOOM!!! Sorry the pic is so tiny, when I tried to resized it, it lost resolution. Damn iPhone 4 lol. Foom is holding Beta Ray and their doing an articulated jaw stare down to see who's jaw is the 1st to get loose over time ;)
  6. Dude you rock!! Someday, I'll plop down the bills for the World Devourer SDCC version!
  7. Evil, I don't collect Clone Wars figures, I love the show and can't wait for Season 5, but those are some sick figures!!
  8. So unlike last year, when finding MU was tasking to say the least, this year has been pretty decent! Found all the new comic packs, picked up FF Spidey & Doom, Wolvie & She-Hulk, Hulk & Wolverine (because I need to own as many Wolverines as Hasbro puts out lol), Iron Man and Mandarin, Cap & Magneto, and Juggs & Colossus. Found both classic colored Sentinel and silver colored Sentinel at Marshalls. Ordered Wave 18 off BBTS came shipped with upside-down Beast and Miles Morales. Snagged a Peter Parker Wave 18 Spidey for cost plus shipping off scalpBay along with clear Invisible Woman and finally got a classic version Havok. Got Wave 19 pre-ordered on BBTS, but in addition to found Wave 19 at Wally-World picked up an extra Scarlet Witch, Matte faced Kang and once my Wave 19 arrives from BBTS jason1551 has a FF Spidey coming his way for getting me the heads up on the Sentinels mentioned above. And unrelated to MU I got all four new TMNT :) Now I just want to find an upright Beast and an extra Beta Ray in the wild along with finding Paper Bag Spidey and I'm done for awhile!! Although I do gripe about some of Hasbro's antics from time to time, I can't complain and I hope everybody on the boards starts finding all the figures they're looking for. Oh and if BBTS previews for Hasbro's revision cases are accurate, then none of the figures should end up being to hard to find. Guess it just all depends on each individuals level of patience.
  9. In case anybody wants to know... MOE set is up on BBTS http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product...amp;mode=retail So is the SDCC Shield Helicarrier http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product...amp;mode=retail
  10. Gotta send a Fafnir sized shout out to jason1551 for sending me great pics of the Sentinel price & UPC in hopes that it would have allowed me to try and price match @ TRU! There are some real awesome MUCs on here! As fate would have it, I eneded up randomly dropping by a Marshalls and I found a Sentinel!! So now I'm going to take the Sentinel to TRU and see if they will price match from the actual toy itself ;)
  11. Great idea that might actually work! So anybody up for PM me a pic with price on it?! I'll figure out how to throw in a figure to that MUC (Marvel Universe Collector lol) for their time and effort :) I can take some when I get back to my apartment tomorrow evening. Thanks jason1551 (sorry it said Clam I was using me phone to reply), the stores near me don't have wave 18 yet but I'd like to get you a new figure if this ends up working :)
  12. Lol great will power the force is strong in you ;) I fell to the Darkside and plopped down over a hundred dollars all at once for all the two packs and the x factor box set! I couldn't help it, it's been so long since anything new that I needed the loot bad lol Funny thing is I got all those figures for close to the same price people have paid for Prof X on eBay eh!
  13. Great idea that might actually work! So anybody up for PM me a pic with price on it?! I'll figure out how to throw in a figure to that MUC (Marvel Universe Collector lol) for their time and effort :)
  14. Actually, it looks like TRU is price matching now: TRU Price Match That being said, as you mentioned, they won't do it without an ad. And speaking of Sentinels, I picked up a "classic" colored one tonight at a local Marshall's. The Marshall's by me have nada :( Sucks since the Sentinels aren't toys that Marshal'sl would put in an ad anyway and are basically just overstock on their shelves (everywhere but where I am in the Midwest!)
  15. no, TRU doesn't price match. Walmart and Target are the only ones that do. But even they wouldn't price match this item because it has to be advertised, and it isn't. Thanks Clam :) looks like I'm gonna be traveling to some way out Marshalls & TJ Maxxs lol
  16. So some of you guys are finding Sentinels at Marshalls & TJ Maxx correct?! Well does anybody know if TRU price matches because I found two Sentinels at a random, very out of the way, TRU and I'm thinking on picking them up but I don't want to pay full price if I don't have to eh.
  17. for now. when the other cases ship Miles will be impossible to find. Same way with ML, FF Spidey and Unmasked Daken variants shipped first, now only BT Spidey and Masked Dakens are on the pegs I think you might be right, the same thing happened with Cable. Cable w/Hope was out first and the Hopeless Cable was hard to find then the new cases shipped and you never saw Cable w/Hope again! As well I think that happened with the Doc Strange wave :( I was in the middle of moving and when the first cases of Strange came out I missed it and once the cases with regular Strange started shipping and I was able to hunt again, I couldn't find clear Strange to save my life.
  18. Is it bad I bought the Hulk/Wolvie two pack because Hulk has eyebrows in this version. Nope it's not :) I did the same thing because I like the color of that Hulk better from the 2-pack and Hulk no like having no eyebrows ;P
  19. I'm from the Dayton-area & found some here Monday morning... Oh that's awesome! I guess I better start hunting then, I'm over in Cincinnati. Where did you find them and was there peter parker ultimate spideys? :) They were actually in the Huber Heights store so I'd cross that one off your list. All that was left there last I checked was a Hulk and what looked like a regular Spidey, standing upright. Not sure which is which though. Hope that helps... Thanks for the info! I went over to Meijer next to me and managed to find a normal Ultimate Spidey hidden behind some Falcons. What luck! Maybe it's to early, but is the consenses that Ultimate Spidey/Peter Parker is the turning out to be harder to find?
  20. I have the Avengers 4 pack Hulk & the single card Hulk is on the way via BBTS and both of those are the same color scheme. However, I picked up the 2 pack Hulk and he's definitely going to be my display Hulk! His color is the green I prefer and he has eyebrows lol
  21. Oh and BBTS has shipped the wave 18 I ordered so I'm stoked about that! Fingers crossed all the paint apps are decent ;)
  22. That light up base Cap is a good one I like the colors of his costume and the larger gloves from the Taskmaster mold don't bother me. That's the new classic TMNT they're like 6" figures I believe and I can't wait to pick them up! They're gonna stay MOC like my original turtles :) I was the only kid on my block to keep my turtle collection MOC lol I guess I was weird for a kid?! But I did open my He-Man toys lol
  23. Thanks Yodaminch & CommanderRogers, I hope BBTS treats me as good as you guys! The Miles Morales version huh, well I wonder which will end up being the harder find? I actually want the Peter Parker version the most because the scale is better for 616 Spidey more so than previous releases of 616 Spidey.
  24. So I went ahead and bit the bullet and ordered Wave 18 from BBTS! It ended up being around the same as the figures plus gas to find them, but I've never ordered from them so I hope it goes well. Ordering from a toy shop takes the fun out of the hunt, but my biggest piece of anxiety comes from not being able to check paint apps and things like that. I guess if these don't look up to par I'll keep em MOC and if/when I see them in the wild I'll buy a double to open! Also, does anybody know which Ultimate Spidey ships from BBTS?! Is it Miles Morales variant or former Ultimate Spidey Peter Parker?
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