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  1. I told myself that I was going to pass on the Hulk/Wolvie pack but Hasbro has me hooked dangit, so I grabbed it along with the IronMan/Mandarin pack and the Juggs pack. There's been a drought in the Heartland (pun intended) but now the deluge has begun! I'm actually glad I got the Hulk/Wolvie pack because the Hulk is more classic color Hulk so he gets displayed over the Hulk from the Avenger 4 pack and I'm hoping if the single card Hulk is the same shade of green then I'll leave him MOC. The IM2 version of IM is better but I needed that Mandarin and I really like the darker color scheme of Juggs but that Colossus is going in a box somewhere to never come out lol I paid the $18 at Target but that saves me driving around to Walmarts looking for the packs later so you got an extra $8 out of me Hasbro, enjoy it lol
  2. I agree with on that Hulk/Wolvie pack, I picked up the new Hulk with the Avengers 4 pack, so that 2 pack is a pass. If I didn't need a Mandarin I'd pass on that 2 pack too! Sorry your TRU is pegwarming old stuff, I cleaned house at the local TRU for a second I thought I was going to be having my own personal xmas!! I picked up the X-Factor box set, the Wolvie/She-Hulk 2 pack, the FF Spidey/FF Doom 2 pack, and the Cap and Magneto 2 pack!! I saw the Spidey/Rhino 2 pack and it's a serious pass :( The X-Factor box set is pretty cool, Angel rocks, the paint scheme of Apocalypse is good, I switched out the single card head with the box set head since the paint matches better imo. She-Hulk is really cool except because the way her hair is molded on her head it limits her head articulation :( like the Doom and Spidey and Magneto doesn't look that bad sporting Adam Warlock's head and that played out AIM body lol. Oh and Hasbro finally released a MU Cap with the star on his chest and his back, which is what I wish they would had done with the Light up base Cap.
  3. Even though he's ending up costing more than the 3 pack, I broke down and bought Rulk because I really don't want a blue Thor and yet another IronMan lol
  4. Dumb question probably but for the Rulk what do I type for a search on eBay?! edit: never mind found it!
  5. Well Comacaz, looks like I should head down your way lol!! I'm in Rancho Cucamonga area, but funny enough, I found Scarlet Spider and Falcon at a Wally World in San Berdo!! lol I'm familiar with the Temecula area, but now I'm in a conundrum of sorts because Temecula is almost as far as Industry is from Rancho. I say Industry because Industry is where Frank & Sons Collectibles Show is and although their average price is a few dollars more than retail, they usually always have all the figures from new waves at a few of the dealers booths. Basically those guys are scalpers :( but they are sort of like the Lando Calrissian type who you deal with because they're better than the Empire, but you have to watch that you don't end up in carbonite when dealing with them! And so I may take the option of dealing with them since that might be the fastest way to find both Doctor Stranges within paying twice as much on eBay or I could just be patience and wait til they rerelease him in a revision wave down the line! I will start scouting the retail spots in this area and I'll let you know how it looks Comacaz, we gotta help each other out as much as possible so we don't have to resort to mark ups!!
  6. Wasn't sure what I'd find after a relocation drive from the Midwest to SoCal with my girlfriend, but I was surprised to find Falcon, upside down Scarlet Spider (w Spider-Man figure stand), and Dr. Doom at a random Wally World!! I picked up Scarlet Spider and Falcon but left the Doom since I already have the SW Doom. I couldn't find any sign of Wave 14 in the Midwest before I left and I checked a couple of Targets here in SoCal and there was nothing. But I was happy to find the 3 wave 14 figures that I did! I guess I'm going to have to get use to the chances of finding figures being slim with 9 times the population of where I was :( but then again patience does pay off! Any other board members from the SoCal (inland empire) area that could give me a feel for how hunting is in this region?!
  7. Both packs are badass wickedgamer, it's funny how some things get released way early in one region and other things get released way later in other regions! I got those comic packs and the gigantic battles packs like 2 weeks after they broke over seas! Have you seen any wave 14 in your area wickedgamer?!
  8. Got my FF 3 pack from HTS today! I like the set good paints on everyone although now I'm more excited about getting the Future Foundation outfits and FF Spidey! I dropped by Tarjay scanned a figure and it said stock was in the back! I told an employee and she was nice enough to go pull the box from back! This is the only Target that does that the others just say what's on the shelf is what they have. Well she came back with a case which was all revision stuff. She cut the box open and cut FO Torche's blister card! I asked if they could give me a discount on a damaged box and they took 10% off. That work out because I have a FO Torch MOC and wanted one to open to put with the FF 3 pack, patience paid off! Still no Wave 14!! I guess when BBTS said August they meant August in some parts of the Country!
  9. Well in the latest issue of "Untold Tales of Bone Dry & Peg Warming" there's no sight of Wave 14 :hulk: But the Cap 2 packs are out at the Targets I went to along with the figures from the end-cap display w/o the end-cap display lol
  10. After ordering the FF 3 Pack yesterday and finding Hopeless Cable and FO Torch the day before I'm took a day off hunting and with what's been shown at SDCC I'm not even in a hurry to get back to hunting for Wave 14 lol. I'm so excited for the future stuff that I'm more interested in hunting for a time machine than anything else.
  11. I think this is the appropriate place for this if not please move this post. As I posted earlier I went hunting and found Hopeless Cable and FO Torch, it got me thinking. Just a few weeks ago when Wave 13 came out in my area I was fortunate enough to find 2 Hopeful Cables along with the rest of the wave. At the time I'd noticed to others were finding the Hopeless Cable but no Cable w/Hope. Frustrated that I couldn't find Cable w/o Hope I checked eBay and found Cable w/o Hope listed with the average buy-now price around $50 to $60 bucks!! Day after day I'd be tempted to bite the bullet and buy Cable off eBay, against my feverish obsession with MU I resisted and let it settle in my mind that I'd probably never get that Cable and maybe one day when I had extra money to burn I'd break down and purchase him on eBay. Well skip to today and I found him for $8.46 at Target which just makes me laugh at myself for almost succumbing to eBay. I guess what I'm trying to say is that patience really does pay off. I say that because now Wave 14 is out and the regular version of Dr. Strange is now going for $50 to $60 on eBay while it looks like it's going to be pretty easy for me to find the astral version a the same time I find the rest of Wave 14. Of course I've ordered stuff off HTS and even off Disney store for more than retail, but even for those items I could have probably waited and got them all at retail if I was just more patient. I have my fair share of complaints about Hasbro but with the amount of revision cases due out soon and the fact that I totally missed out on FO Torch only to get him now when I'd pretty much wrote off ever getting that figure, I guess I've learned a real lesson about just waiting. What are some of you guys (and gals) stories or opinions on impulse buying versus being patient?!
  12. Out hunting at TarJay I came upon a bare pegs with Iron Men pegwarming so I scan one and it said something to the effect of more stock in back! I found an employee and he was cool enough to go check in back... Well he came back with the infamous end-cap display which was filled with revision characters, of which I snagged a Hopeless Cable and FO Torch!! Didn't think I'd find either as I was hoping for Wave 14 but good haul IMO. I thought about getting Thanos to have an extra and black costume Spidey, but I'm happy with the two I got. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Wave 14 is on the way to the MO/KS area!
  13. Has Blow, you dum dums, why couldn't you give us any comic series 3.75"ers?!! Those 6" are cool but come on Has Blow, you know we'd buy them if you made them!! Err...Warriors 3, Balder, Sif, Ulik, Odin, Loki, Heimdall, Kurse, Executioner, Beta Ray Bill (although I hope they're smart enough to put him in the regular MU line-up)!
  14. Good to know thanks Onyx! Just dont use enamel paint. Acrylics are best. Ciditel paint or games workshop preferably if you have a gaming store near by that sells them. Thanks TaliesinCrow, I hadn't thought about looking at gaming stores!
  15. Hey got a dumb question probably, but what type of paint works best on the soft plastic of say the guns and other accessories?!
  16. No prob TheIronCollector, I'm excited to get have that Iron Man version too! I actually think I'm more excited about the Classic Avengers set over the X-Force one. Don't get me wrong I really like X-Force but that's not even a comic accurate line-up lol and I'm on the bubble of getting the digital comic X-Force Archangel.
  17. Well I wasn't getting any email from them and I'd never ordered anything from them so I called those them as I didn't want to leave anything to chance since I'd heard all the bad news fellow members were getting from SmallJoes and places like K-Mart!! My bank and HTS were able to confirm that the money was taken from my account and according to HTS they only charge you when your stuff is getting ready to ship. They then told me that it will ship Sunday of all days and that I should be on the look out for them 7 to 10 days from the day shipped!
  18. Went out hunting today, nothing at Targets and they don't have the end-cap display up :( checked Wallyworlds no luck just pegwarmers, but I stopped by a random K-Mart and got a "blue-light" special Carnage, whom I thought I'd never find in the wild lol (kidding with the blue-light special he was regular price)! Patience it seems is the key. The good news is HTS said that my X-Force & Classic Avengers 3 Packs are shipping tomorrow!!
  19. I'm in the Missouri/Kansas area and during my hunting I came across a Target that had (no-kidding) six Cyclops!! There were 4 Apocalypses! But not one Cable :( I've already got a Hopeful Cable so I can't complain, but it was the notion that at this Target Cyclops was peg-warming! I did pick up a Power Charge Rhino! He was my first figure from the Spider-Man line and once I got him open I remembered why I haven't regularly hunted for any of the figures from the line. The sculpt on Rhino is pretty good but his articulation is borderline 90's articulation, wth is up with that?! Oh well, scoring him for $8 and some change is better than $15-$30 on eBay right.
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