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  1. It seems Kmart is carrying MI figures again ($12.99). I found all of the latest wave tonight in Missouri.
  2. Jeez, took a minute to find this place (this really belongs back with the MU thread)!! No new customs to show, but I thought I'd share (if it hadn't been mentioned elsewhere) what could possibly be the best 1:18 customizing buck. They're called Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. and they might look familiar as they are being produced by BossFightStudios (ex-Hasbro sculpters and designers) who are responsible for some of our favorite Star Wars, GI Joe, and Marvel figures. They have a Kickstarter going-on right now, and I urge all fans of 1:18 (Hell, figures in general!) to go check them out. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/813878470/boss-fight-studios-vitruvian-hacks-action-figures
  3. Very nice. If we don't get a "re-Vision" along the lines of this recipe (or fresher) out of the new (MU) Avengers line within the first year, there will be riots.
  4. Which "Toothless" did the wings come from? I have a bad feeling that you're going to reply "the 22" wingspan Toothless (aka $35 Toothless!)", in which I will have to wait quite a while for a lucky clearance find. I've been hanging-on to one of those PoP horses just for this project. Yours looks fantastic and the colors are virtually seamless! *BTW He looks waaay more impressive with Cpt. B's sword than the one supplied (which seems more suited to Valkyrie), however it's lacking an "ebony" quality (so is the stock-release for that matter lol)!
  5. I came across one of the revision cases at Target today also. I wasn't really expecting anything MU this early in the year, so it was shocking to see Phasing Vision (on the front of the pegs) waving at me from across the aisle! From what I saw it had 1xThanos,1xArchangel,1xHavok(modern),1xPhasing Vision,1xDaredevil (dark), 1xBullseye (dark), 1xDarkA. Hawkeye, 1xBlack Widow(red), 2xYellowjacket, 1xMystique, 1xGhostRider, 1xCapt.Brittain, 1xSkrull, 2xRedHulk, 1xWinterSoldier, and a bunch of usual peg-offenders (Spidey, IM, etc.). I grabbed Vision, Daredevil, and Skrull soldier though I was tempted to buy them all (even though I already had most of them) , as it was so bizarre to come across so many hard-to-find singles at one time. Also of note, they had been "price-cut" to $7.99 from $8.99 (I know, right?) , but a reduction nonetheless from the current ass-rape prices of action figures. Nice surprise, as I expected to never see Phasing Vision in the wild just as I never saw the Regular version (which was tragic as he is one of my all-time favorite Marvel characters).
  6. I DONT THINK SHIELD WOULD APPRECIATE YOU MAKING BOOTLEG LOGOS... LOL It doesn't look like they mind. Sweet, I especially like the jet and hover-car! I've been eying that hover-car (that just screams "SHIELD") at Wal-Mart for quite a while and just saw them clearanced at $5...time to buy some labels and start my armory! Could you give us a shot of the car's interior? They're zip-tied closed in the store and I've been wondering if it will accommodate two figures. Those labels would look pretty swank on a few Avatar AMPs as well, don'cha think?
  7. Nice Phoenix D.O., and I quite like the base (now put that puppy in a light source!). While I usually prefer the flexibility of the silicon "aquarium sealant" for wispy-flame effects, I think you may have solved my structural dilemma for an IceMan sled display! Great work!
  8. That Sue is flawless NeoZ! I'm especially impressed by the clean paint app.s and that emblem; I can't believe that you hand painted that. Great stuff.
  9. Now that's a Nick Fury! While it may inhibit the jet-pack straps, I think I'd snip-off the holster and reposition it where it should be...on the chest. Don't forget the trademark cigar, though...for authenticity. Good-job!
  10. Looks pretty cool, like a 'real world' Red Skull (that head would look awesome on a *suit). I used this head on mine: http://trigatecreations.com/store/index.ph...products_id=436 I had to dremel the socket out a little bit, but it looks freak'in sinister on that Destro base. I originally planned on painting the suit black and the shirt white, but after popping the finished head on for a dry-run I decided that the grey suit suited him pretty well (especially with the red piping. The blue shirt really brings out his eyes too!). I took off the shoulder holster (saving it for Nick Fury) and added a sweet working holster and Luger (from the Indiana Jones German Motorcycle Dlx.) to the right side of his jacket bottom. I'm trying to find some lil' bits in my fodder-bin to make a long cigarette holder. I haven't added an armband yet as I can't decide if I want it black or red, but after seeing yours I'm leaning toward red (still need a clean swastika decal). I wish I could post a photo as I'm pretty proud of how well this extremely easy custom came out. I just love this base body and plan on picking-up a few more for a Rocketeer custom now that they're readily available in stores. *There's a really great 'suit' base in that SDCC Destro 2-pack exclusive. I hope this mold gets used again as I really can't justify ($$) butchering the exclusive for a Professor X custom (+ Hardmaster head) when one will probably be released soon in MU anyway. Maybe they will actually use this body for Prof. X in the near future; it's perfect.
  11. I unfortunately don't have a way to post a photo, but I'm telling you guys that the new "Rise of Cobra" Destro is freaking perfect for a Red Skull custom. I picked-up a head from Tri-Gate a while back, Dremmeled it a bit, painted it and viola'! Classic Cap better get here soon before Herr Skull destroys my desk (he's been "goose-stepping" around my monitor for a month now)!!
  12. I was surprised to find MU Series 4 today at Wal-Mart (was expecting these first from Target). I grabbed Moon Knight, Union Jack, and Hobgoblin. I really wanted Blade, but I just couldn't get past the Punisher body (which I despise). Rulk looked good, but I primarily collect Bronze-Age characters...maybe later. Moon Knight is freaking awesome (I've been waiting for this since MK #1 in the early 80's...not disappointed) as is Union Jack (can't wait to add the rest of the Invaders this Summer!). I intended on passing on Hobby (as I stated I primarily collect "Bronze"), but he looked so good I couldn't resist (don't look into those red, bug-eyes...he'll hypnotize you into buying him!). Also found the Minimate Terminator wave at TRU; grabbed those too! It was a good day. *I do not collect Transformers, but I was sooo tempted by some of the cool new fig.s.
  13. Excellent Rob! This was actually one of the first customs I thought of when I first saw photos of Ms. Marvel because of her physical...eh, qualities. Hasbro will be able to get a lot of mileage out of this sculpt (Electra, Storm, Invisible Woman, etc., etc.). It just makes it all the more bitter-sweet that it doesn't have "Has-bows" or a bicep-swivel, though they have said that they would be adding "a cut" later.
  14. Nice, I'm kind'a hoping that this is what we'll get in the 2-pack. While some of the 'effects' are nice, I tend to agree that if a sculpt is good enough then lighting will effectively bring-out the details. In fact, I'm a bit surprised that the "blue light" version wasn't the one chosen for the comic-packs...seems more logical to me.
  15. Not that I particularly want to, but can a person even get two subscriptions from one account? How would that even work if one were willing? Perhaps if purchased for someone else as a gift? Regardless, I'll probably pass on even one as I had plans of buying figures (single and 2-packs) anyway, but no interest in the digital comics. Perhaps a good deal for someone, but a pisser for me personally. Anyways, back on topic. I'm glad to hear Series 4 is starting to hit. I can't wait for Moon Knight and Union Jack!
  16. Finally came across the 'dark' Spidey and blue/white Johnny at Target. I knew there was a reason I skipped the first Spidey; I love this version!
  17. The only other Iceman planned thus far is the one coming in the Spiderman and his Amazing Friends themed 3-pack (Spidey, Iceman, and Firestar). He is more white with blue highlights (looks to be a re-use of the Black Spidey body with a new head), but does not have a belt or boots. I imagine that we'll eventually see another at some point though.
  18. Woo-hoo, scored an Iceman today at TRU (Missouri)! I saw Cyclops and maskless-Wolvy (actually he was pretty tempting), but passed. Targets had quite a few MU series 3, but no XO:W series 3 yet.
  19. Are you kidding me, Batroc in MU scale?!? That is awesome!! And since he seems an unlikely canidate for a release anytime soon, I'd say he was an excellent choice. You've out-done yourself on this one Cal; flawless-job! I wish I could find some extra DDs, as he really is a good base for numerous customs.
  20. I think that's pretty much the case everywhere at the moment. It's kind of bittersweet, a bit frustrating for collectors, but much better in the long-run as an over-abundance tends to delay new waves and worse case kill interest (see: Indiana Jones). I haven't had too much trouble collecting these so far (with the exception of Bullseye, whom I only saw once). There's plenty of on-line options as well (thankfully, I haven't needed to resort to), which is good.
  21. I finally found the two Ms. Marvels I was missing at a Target today. Looks like they're starting to restock, but had only put out 1 case of Series 3 so they'll probably be bare again within a week (unless there were more in the stock room). Even the Wal-Marts and TRUs around here that had tons of MU have just a very few left from Series 1 & 2. Good-news for the popularity of this line, I just hope that they don't glut the pegs over the Summer with excessive restocks as they have with other lines in the past. For those who haven't found 3 yet, I imagine they'll be hitting W-M and TRUs in full-force very soon. Bring-on those 2-packs!
  22. Sweet, I thought the very same when I first saw the Morrison BnB! I ended up using a Batista (I think) body with an old ToyBiz 5" Kazar fur loin-cloth with some spare knee-pads (these make awesome boot-cuffs if you flip, reverse and place just above the boots BTW!). If I can find something suitable, I'd like to make a Marvel "Savage Sword" version (with the tunic and boot-cuffs). I also have a movie version that I'm working on using an Orten body with Edge hair and a perfect sword I got from Tri-Gate Creations, but I haven't sculpted the the boots or crotch yet. Yours kinda reminds me of a cross between the comic and movie. Good stuff! B) *Wish I would of taken advantage of all of the great BnB sales they had a few weeks ago at Target and Wal-Mart; I love these figures! (still need some extra Edges if anyone has any ideas).
  23. While I don't collect these, I must admit that their character selections and pairings are awesome. In fact, every time I see these I can't help but think how much I wish that DST's Minimates had been released like this. I'm jealous of those who do dig these as it's a pretty thorough collection (especially for a line that hasn't been around for very long). If the upcoming MU line follows this pattern, then I will indeed be a happy collector (though very poor)! Bottom-line, brilliant line but not my cup of tea. As far as a comparison/influence to 'Legends', I don't really believe that one can be made...other than we all probably wish that our collections were this complete! :P
  24. Uh no G.I. Joe started out as a 12 inch line in the 1960's. 12 inch G.I. Joes are still being made. Star Wars & Indiana Jones also have 12 inch scale lines since their beginnings. Yes there was lots of anger when Hasbro decided to make Sigma 6 & stop making 3.75 inch figures. Sigma 6 were 8 inch figures. ^Correct. And what was one of the primary reasons for the down-sizing to 1:18 scale? Inflated petroleum prices. Sound familiar (we happen to be in the middle of one of the biggest global fuel crisis in history)? This coupled with the ability to offer a greater range of toys at a more accessable price-point. History has a funny way of repeating itself. I, for one, am thrilled (about the toys that is) and maintain that when done correctly 1:18 is still the most versatile of scales! It's just a shame that it has come down to this to make my personal preference a mainstay once again. I cannot wait until March '09 (and beyond)!
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