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  1. Picked up an Avengers Red Skull. I wasn't going to get it. I missed out on the SDCC Red Skulls that were being ebay'd out of China, but I had the Cap version that was sort of satisfactory. The reason I got it was because my Cap version didn't have the cromagnon brow that he sports in the comics. Its kinda a big deal :)
  2. Just picked up an extra Dagger and ABomb if anyone needs them...just let me know... Also, if anyone has extras of any of these I'd be much obliged: - Xavier - Leader - Blastaar - Angel - Green Goblin - Loose Clear Sue (or entire 3 pack) - Loose Adam Warlock - Daredevil Bullseye 2 Pack - Rogue X-Men pack Wait is this not the BTS thread :) Sorry about that...I'll try to update my signature...
  3. I, as well, have a huge hole in my collection that only can be filled by a hover chair :) Please, please shoot me a PM if anyone comes across any extra Xaviers, too
  4. Yeah its redic...I work in transportation/logistics and there's no way that a single carded figure weighs enough to justify $8 even if its shipped completely across country...especially since they absolutely have contracted rates with their carrier (ups I think?). I get that they try to motivate you to buy additional items to save on shipping, but I can't believe that more than 5% of their orders are for multiple items. It makes it look like a revenue stream...
  5. Just thought I'd ask...has anybody picked up an extra Cloak (or Prof X for that matter)? I picked up an extra Aurora and Dagger fig...let me know if anyone could use them...even if you don't have a Cloak :)
  6. Thanks Jason. I was hoping to get Abomination (one of my favorites as a kid), but being that you're so awesome to everybody here...helping people out all the time...I'll totally throw them your way for the Angel/Cloak. Now I just gotta find another ABomb/Dagger for myself :) Anybody seeing Abominations or Grey Hulk in stores at all? I have a sneaky suspicion that I missed them...
  7. Surprised to find a Dagger and ABomb at target just now. I'm plesantly surprised at how nice ABomb is. Dagger is ok...at least she has a good face paint app. Average figure in my opinion. Has anyone found Abomination/Cloak? I'm willing to trade these if anyone has extras. Still looking for the new Grey Hulk, Prof X, Angel, and the old Green Goblin for that matter :) Sorry...went on a b/t/s tangent
  8. If Hasbro's giving them to Kohls, too, the its only a matter of time before we see them at TJMaxx...that, or singled out in a Black Friday multi pack...
  9. Conversely...even though Ultimate Cap and 616 Cap are different people...I consider them interchangeable...even though I hate the painted wings on him (and on movie Cap, new 616 Cap, etc...but that's neither here nor there :)
  10. I consider AoA Nightcrawler a different character than 616 Nightcrawler... I even consider grey Hulk a different character even though they're the same person...because its more than just a costume change. Like regardless which Wolverine you prefer (tiger stripe, brown/tan, x-force, astonishing, etc...) its basically just a skin change. Old Man Logan would be a different character though. I can't really explain it...
  11. Does anybody know how the Marvel Knights and Aboms are getting released? If its the same way they handle variants, I'm scared I'll miss out on someone... ...also, has anyone seen any extra Prof X's or Angels in the wild? Weird how these Jubliees are peg warming. I've seen a surprising amount of Novas too...
  12. Thanks for the link...looks like a solid set. I'll probably pass though. Even though the Mark 42 and RDJ figures are exclusive, its too movie-ish for me.
  13. Thanks CharrdWood...I was able to snatch up 1 of each (though it says it's not supposed to ship out until September 16th...maybe its just a preorder). Now just need to track down Prof X, Angel, and possibly Nova and I'm up to date!!
  14. What's the deal with the Falcon/Cap 2 pack's Cap paint app? I understand they're trying to create the shading effect, but it looks pretty terrible. Only Nightcrawler should have the shade effect in dark black. It looks like he's all greased up after a long afternoon working on the Cap-mobile in the Cap-garage...
  15. people are talking about wave 21 already? I'm still on wave 18...only found 1 Kraven and 2 Ulitmate Spideys so far...
  16. Hey JD...are those stickers the prices you psid for those? If so...wow
  17. Just found a classic color Sentinel at TJ Maxx for the low low price of $30. They had 2 there so I left one for the next lucky fellow. I also found a Wolverine Weapon X Chamber at a random Walmart on clearance for $9. There were three there and a bunch of Motorcycle Logan's all on clearance...looks like they've been there for a while. PM me if you can make it to the western chicago suburbs (and have more than 2 posts), I'd be more than happy to tell you where these are...but seriously, don't bother if you're just a message board vulture...
  18. Saw the TRU comic packs. - SheHulk/Wolverine (very very disappointing) - Cap/Magneto (not bad if you were an x-men fan in the 80s) - Spidey/Rhino (repacks) - Spidey/Doom (Absolutely Awesome...would have bought it if either I was a FF fan, or it wasn't $20...redick) Isn't it weird that the regular ol' 616 Cap isn't available on a single card? If i didn't have the Cap/Klaw pack I'd have gotten this one in a second. I also saw the 2 Avengers team packs at a random Walmart in Wisconsin. The pack with Hawkeye Hulk Loki and Finned Ironman is UNBELIEVABLE. If I missed out on the Loki/FrostGiant, I'd have ran this thing up to the register. The Black Widow set blows...
  19. Saw 3 new 2 packs on display at target: - Juggernaut/Colossus - Mandarin/"Silver" Centurion - Hulk 181 Left them all. Honestly...not interested in the Juggs pack (I could care less if he has a helmet or nit and the Colossus kinda sucks. The 181 pack looks cool and they touched up FA Wolvie nicely, but I have both these characters and it's not worth it to me to buy them again. Mandarin, on the other hand, I wanted bad. The Ironman was very disappointing...he was red and bright white...the IM2 version is much better. I'll still get this pack when I see it at Walmart for $15 instead of the $18 Target is asking. Antman/Moonknight was on the back of one of the packs, but it wasn't there.
  20. Wowsa...I saw that first Galactus comic at a local comic shop for $350 ungraded...
  21. Finally found a Sinister/Gambit 2 pack (passed on the Thanos/Warlock...I like my single Thanos better with interchangeable Gauntlet). The best part...I found it at Walmart where 2 packs are still $14.99...none of this $18-19 Target/TRU garbage!!
  22. Hey Riot Control... ...is that a custom single-card Gambit?
  23. Saw some of the Ultimate figures from the Avengers line the other day at a local Walmart (Hawkeye, Thor). They're real nice figures, and although I just starting reading some of the Ultimate stuff (and the stories are pretty good), I'm just not vested in these characters so it's an easy pass. I wish I was excited about the Ultimate Universe because the new figures are pretty good.
  24. Finally picked up my lone addition from this wave: Psylocke And I gotta tell you...my expectations were so low from the original release pics that I think I kinda like this figure. On a side note...what's up with Hasbro releasing so many duplicated/updated characters recently? I really like how AoT Thor turned out, but do I really need another one? Same goes for the 4th version of Iron Fist, Daredevil, and Storm. I understand the appeal of the new Iron Fist and Daredevil, but I'm happy that the new Storm didn't blow me away...I'm now satisfied keeping my Giant Size box set.
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