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  1. Well, I spent a good 8-10 hours working on this since Friday afternoon. But alas, we have Angrir: Breaker of Souls, one of the Serpent's Worthy in the current Fear Itself storyline. I have not completed the hammer yet, I found a miniature meat tenderizer that I need to cut down a little next time I'm at my office.







    That is SO WICKED!!! I wanted to do this figure so bad! Unfortunately I'm not experienced with sculpting yet, so i haven't even attempted it, but this is definitely going to spur me on! Excellent work! and I can't wait to see him with the hammer!!!

  2. Rushed to my local target this morning after seeing the ad for buy one get one FREE, and much to my, surprise! all of wave 14 was on the shelf! And only ONE day after I splurged at Frank and sons for the same figures! At least I have two full waves one open one mint. Pics included! Also I picked up an extra W13 Cyclops in case anyone wants him! PM me! We can set somethin up!





    Son of Hulk stand



    Skaar stand


  3. I snagged a couple AIM soldiers to support my future modok, and also a couple cap line standard Hydra soldiers 2 for $10.99... from Target! more than happy to price match since my TRU is still pegwarming wreckers, winter soldiers and iron spideys, nothing for cap, and still the SAME first six thor figs.

    WHERE IS WAVES 2-4??? hopefully this sale clears some room, but i believe there is no hope for the Thor line as many of us predicted in the first place... sad... i want King Loki!

  4. Wandered into my target last night around 10 PM - honestly not expecting much - and as I approached, saw the oft rumoured endcap, and the super friendly face of the baby carrier himself: Cable. Two of em actually. Not sure if he's still a big deal, but they're both up for trade.


    Still no wave 14, but i have hope (no pun intended) that they will show up soon.

  5. Penance1.jpg




    The only thing I've thought going back to was the head.. It just looks too small with the spikes and is too rounded.


    That Penance looks great!


    I honestly only knew that character because of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Seemed like a weird addition, but turned out to be one of my most used characters next to Deadpool.


    The head only looks off because the spikes should be sharper I suppose, but it looks great. I'd be happy to have it on my shelf!


    I see you used the Doctor as a base, am I correct? what a great figure to build off of! I made a Metal Gear Solid Psycho Mantis with that figure. worked perfectly.


    *Edit* I see you already noted that you used Doctor. Derp... *learn to read all the posts...*

    Great job again.


  6. Got my SDCC sentinel today! arrived lastnight, but had to pick it up from my old house :( Still had my old address on HTS i guess! haha, anyway, the card is absolutely HUGE and the box is AMAZING as always Mr Quesada.






    I know it's nothin you guys probly haven't seen before, but I'm just so happyIi got one of these! I knew i wan't gonna be able to make the Con, so to be able to get my hands on the coolest exclusive there is great!


    Thank you Hasbro Toy Shop! you totally made up for having a F***KED UP BROKEN A$$ WEBSITE AT 8 IN THE MOTHAF***KIN MORNING WHEN IM TRYIN TO GIVE YOU MY MONEEY!!!!

    We're square now =)


    P.S. I also purchased the standard version from TRU, and I have to say, I'm almost if not completely satisfied with that version, and plan on it being my only opener.

    The lights and (mostly) the sounds are great, and I've gotten used to the silver and think it looks really cool. and honestly, it would be totally feasable to get some purple and gold paint and convert him to classic colors. which i just may do....

  7. Finally my TRU got the new (for me) comic packs! picked up two DP TM packs just in case i wanna keep one moc.



    already loving Silver Samurai even still in the package. amazing figure!


    Both packs are badass wickedgamer, it's funny how some things get released way early in one region and other things get released way later in other regions! I got those comic packs and the gigantic battles packs like 2 weeks after they broke over seas! Have you seen any wave 14 in your area wickedgamer?!

    No sign of wave 14 yet :( I almost gave up hope on these packs, but after picking these up, ive learned to be more patient =)

  8. Just found Sentinel with Wolverine at TRU... It was 49.99.... My Cuz found it while looking for ledgends stuff and called me... Its funny he does not collect Universe but fell in love with this awesome toy and paid out for it. I hid the last one for me with the Harry Potter stuff and got it 1 hour later. Now that I have Both the SDCC one and this one, the differnce is the legs are Purple on the SDCC one and the retail version its Silver. No issue with me as this is my opener.


    Ditto. Found the same thing at TRU. $50, but worth it. Already set him up with my Cyclops! love it! hoping to score a variant on HTS tomorrow *crosses fingers* I readlly like those colors better, but the silver one will have to suffice as my opener as well. For now at least... ;)




  9. Hi Gang. It's been a while since I posted anything, mostly because it's been a while since I finished anything. This week, though, I had a burst of inspiration and finished off a couple of 90s-style X-Men I'd had in the works. Starting with:


    Next up:


    Jim Lee Rogue




    She's kind of a frankenstein, which I find satisfying when they come out well.




    The thing I'm most pleased about is how well the X logo on her chest and the belt buckle came out.




    Hair- DC Infinite Heores Starfire

    Head and feet- G.I.Joe ROC Baroness

    Torso and legs- MU Firestar

    Jacket- DC Infinite Heroes Black Canary

    Arms- G.I.Joe 25th Anniversary Lady Jaye

    Belt- G.I.Joe 25th Flash


    I hate (hate, hate, HATE) painting things yellow, so when I ended up with an extra Firestar, I determined to find something to do with it. It was between this and Crystal in her early FF look. I actually think its more likely that Hasbro will make this version of Rogue eventually, but I was intrigued by the challenge.


    Here's a group shot (yeah, I still prefer my ML Showdown versions for many of these characters):






    Gimme that Rouge!!! I will love you forever and ever! Promise! lol

    Nah, but I do appreciate you posting your recipie, it came out near PERFECT!

    now when i have some time i'll attempt her myself!

    Loving your forge as well.

    Such a great group shot! (but where's Cyclops??)

  10. todays haul...




    $7.99 a pop a ROSS. sh!t, at that price, HYDRA is gonna be fully equipped...lol. they're already the right color, just need some Hydra stickers for em.


    the driver kinda looks like Cap...




    best lookin Cap head swap ive seen thus far. im gonna mod the other one for a different Osborne head.


    Great find! I personally think he looks more like Agent Coulston (or Son of Coul, as Thor refers to him) from the movies. That or Osbourne as you stated. That'll be sick. Work for Goblin OR Patriot!

  11. Everything has finally made its way out here in Atlanta area. Now seeing all of the Capt America line out at Target and Walmart as well as tons of the Giant Size X-men and new comic packs. Even seeing the Gigantic Battles now just sitting on the shelves and several Walmart locations. Speaking of Wal-Mart, I ran across this at a Wal-Mart in Dunwoody GA and had to take a pic, i will never understand why people wanna do this LOL wtf.jpg


    that kind of thing is despicable. Its usually customizers sadly. they rape the figures for what they need, then return the package with whatever spares they have sitting around. Even more sad is the employee who actually took the return was too lazy/stupid to turn the package over and say, "sorry we dont sell this item, im unable to accept the return"

  12. another Saturday, another week STILL with no US Agent. Almost bought another AIM soldier out of frustration. Starting to get irritated but refuse to go online for fear of wretched paint apps. The hunt continues....


    I know how it is. Just picked up an AIM soldier the other day on clearance for $5 and then my luck increased! I can get you a US Agent, but the paint is quite sub par...

  13. So before work today I just had to stop by my toys r us since they open at 9 on Saturdays, and figured I'd beat the crowd. And boy am I glad I did!

    Possibly one of my best hauls ever - got my second Cable (w/hope) and cyclops, and nearly every figure from Cap wave 2 including red skull/crossbones, heroic cap, cap Britain, US Agent, and movie cap. And since the movie was so awesome, I couldn't pass up picking up one of each of the First Class movie minimates! ALL AWESOME.


    Pics upon request. Also may be open to trading crossbones...not sure yet.

  14. So I'm thinking about making a Pyro custom. Any suggestions for a head to use? I was considering the Human Torch, but his hair is made to look like flames rather than hair. Maybe there's a GI Joe figure or some other 3.75 figure I've never seen? Help me out!


    Edit: While I'm at it I'll show off some of the stuff I've been working on...


    Made Strech Strike Venom a little more presentable:



    How'd you go about filling in the eyes exactly? i plan on doing that when (if) i ever get one..


    Yours came out great!

  15. Following my X force Archangel repaint (which i already want to redo to make look more like the Uncanny XForce...) I decided to make my own Fantomex.

    And since i dont think a white trenchcoat is the best to sneak around killing people in (for a few reasons i could think of) I made his outfit to match more of the other members of X Force, and went with black and silver straight up. Plus i put silencers on the weapons to aid in the stealthy missions :)











    Body-Gi Joe Snake Eyes #1101

    Head-Gi Joe Beach head #1005

    Coat-DCU IH Comissioner Gordon

    Silver & black acrylic paint by Golden


    I would like to get an X belt buckle for him, so if anyone has a suggestion of a figure to pull that from, that would be cool.. heh


    P.S. the pictures were taken with my cruddy iPhail 3G, so sorry for the quality. I'll try to post better ones sooner or later.

  16. I was sick of not owning an X-Force Archangel, so I just made one!

    I was so caught up in just getting it done that i forgot to take very many WIP pics, so you guys mostly get the finished product.





    easy peasy. Took a couple days to complete but now I dont have to fork out a buttload of money for one to go with that X Force team set!

    Now to get my hands on that amazing custom Fantomex..... :ohmy:



    What do you think?? did i done good??


    The first pics face is rubbish... just needed a sort of 'before&after' shot too.. lol



    Well payday finally arrived so i was able to pick up some neat stuff from TRU lastnight -




    Got another Archangel, probably for paining up X Force style since i'll never have the actual carded XFAA... pics as soon as i get brave enough...

    I also snagged One of the two new First Class comic packs(there were a bunch on the pegs - 4 of each) may go back for the other later, but for now, I just needed Sabretooth, and i got em! The wolverine is awesome too, despite being a repack/repaint.


    Keep in mind these run as high as $20.99 in some stores, i got mine for 17, but its still steep for repacks :(


    Then my two picks from Cap wave 1! (finally!) (starting to dream about wave 2 - not good...) Winter Soldier is amazing - great sculpt, paint, the hair is part of the head now, so he doesnt look emo :'( plus, he really not THAT much shorter than the MU Soldier. My new default.



    Also finally a Battlefield Cap I don't feel bad about opening! Also a good figure although, like everyone said, his legs are super bendy, and the straps are a cheezy green color, so he's gonna be a repainter for sure!

    Before I could get out of the store I spotted what looked like the last Harley Davidson Maisto chillin in the tech deck isle. I Thought it would look pretty good with WWII Cap (even though the bike is a 1929, and I'm pretty sure Cap would ride a Triumph).



  18. After seeing the new "Ultimates Captain America" in the new line, I was motivated to make mine look better. Tell me what you think. I'm still just starting out with customizing, so if this looks like nothing special, thats why. Baby steps.

    But I'm proud of him!




    I sanded his lower half and painted over with a dark grey/almost black mixture, then shaded with straight black. Also darkened his 'pits' since they we already grey.

    I swapped his head out for the new GI Joe Duke sculpt, which looks amazing on him if i do say so myself.


    Im thinking about how Im gonna paint his boots brown, or if i should just leave it...

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