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  1. They all look like random people at the renaissance fair wearing shiny costumes.
  2. The figures themselves look okay to me. If only I could say the same thing about the character designs. They all look so bland and interchangeable. I have zero interest in these figures, or the movie.
  3. This is where you lost all credibility in my eyes. Bigotry exists on both sides of the isle. Each side just as vicious as the other. Heck you're obviously bigoted against white men. You act like white people are the only racists, look in the mirror.
  4. Very well said. Myself, and many others also miss the days when superheroes were just superheroes.
  5. I'm not trying to argue with anyone about their political beliefs. I'm simply expressing my belief that one should be able to go to a movie or watch a tv show for the purpose of escaping everyday politics and the the horrors of the world, without being preached to by a character in the shows/movies with a political agenda, no matter where you may fall on the political spectrum. Just the other day, the final episode of Falcon & The Winter Soldier was released and the character of the Falcon gave a what felt like a ten minute long impromptu speech about social injustice. If people want to see stuff like that, literally all they have to do is turn on literally any tv channel or visit any news site. Why do the things we use to try to escape into a fantasy world have to constantly push political messages on the audience? Politics are so toxic and intense these days and we are surrounded by these issues at all times, propaganda is injected into everything, why does this toxic crap need to be in our escapist fantasy superhero and space war related films and tv shows too? It seems that those who make these shows and movies care more about promoting their political beliefs than they care about making a quality product. It's rather annoying if you ask me.
  6. I'm not even going to address the whole childish "Steve Rogers would punch conservatives" silliness. Now as far as liberal ideas being in comic books is concerned, of course anyone who's ever read a comic book should know that they've always been there. However, as the years have gone by, the liberal comic book companies have seemingly become more concerned about pushing their progressively more insane liberal ideas than actually making a profit. The general population has rejected this emphatically, as proven by the ever declining sales of comic books. Even comic shop owners themselves have protested to the likes of Marvel over their pushing their liberal agenda over profits. And while I don't think anyone would argue that Superman taking on abusive husband's and slum lords was a bad thing, the liberal ideas promoted in modern comics are far more extreme and, well.. progressive than ideas pushed in the past. For example: Wolverine and Cyclops are now apparently gay lovers in a throuple with Jean Grey. I mean what in the actual BLEEP is that all about?!?!
  7. I don't have any interest in debating whether or not black women are being oppressed by evil white men. My point is essentially that there are many forums for individual's and groups to advocate for their causes. However, I don't feel like movies or big budget superhero tv shows are an appropriate place to advocate for these things. Politics and social issues are in every form of media and are everywhere you look today. I simply believe that people should be able to escape the grim politics of the day in these shows and movies, rather than have these cringe worthy messages shoved in their faces all the time.
  8. Yay! More woke PC bs. I can't wait to see exactly how the evil white man is oppressing the character in this show...
  9. The idea of giving all female Marvel Legends figures is insane! Just consider how flimsy many of the Female Legends legs are now. Why would you want to replicate that in the arms? Before double jointed elbows are considered I would suggest a more important change would be increasing the overall sturdiness of the plastics used on the ML ladies. I mean half of them can barely even stand on there own... Not to mention the fact that the single jointed elbows just look soooooo much better. Why ruin a good sculpt just to add a few extra millimeters of elbow range?
  10. While I love the BAF, I certainly hope Hasbro will release a Crimson Dynamo figure based on the design of the custom in the near future. Just based on the majority of the comments in this thread, it would seem that's the one most everyone appears to want most.
  11. To me, the figure looking like a junker made of old Soviet parts & having that drab red coloring are a big part of the figures charm.
  12. Well, I honestly I don't know if my opinion would be in line with the majority of Crimson Dynamo fans or not. The whole situation seems quite subjective and I was merely expressing my personal preference. I am also not aware of any mass scale data that would suggest that the "Mach V" armor is the majorities preferred armor, but then again I could easily be wrong & there may be a large amount of data on the subject. In a way I almost feel like JayC's original post was a thinly veiled and somewhat irresponsible attempt on JayC's part to scorn Hasbro using his relatively large platform over their decision to make a Crimson Dynamo BAF that wasn't using his personally preferred design. But, then again, I could be wrong because in the original post he stated that he wouldn't "pretend to speak for everyone" at the start of the article. Perhaps JayC could open a user poll on the subject, as I would be interested to see whether the average Crimson Dynamo fan would've preferred the 5th CD armor over the one Hasbro produced.
  13. While that is a very well done custom, I'm really glad we got the BAF Crimson Dynamo that Hasbro gave us. The design of the 5th Crimson Dynamo armor the custom is based on is just awful on so many different levels... Thank you Hasbro!
  14. Since he was so sorry and apologetic about his tweets, why not delete them? And this whole "I was being a provocateur" excuse is laughable. The reality is that the things he said we're so reprehensible and perverse there was no believable explanation he could offer, so he just said he was joking... Yes, joking about serious issues does not immediately mean that the person is involved in them. I'll give you that, but this wasn't just one tweet, this was a whole series of horrible tweets, not one of which was funny in any way, all revolving around the same subject, pedophilia. Which should raise a Red flag in most people's eyes. Often where there is smoke, there is fire. Especially in Hollywood. Have you ever heard of anyone by the name Weinstein, Spacey, or Singer? I agree that people can certainly change, but why not go back and delete those tweets? The mere fact that Gunn left these up on twitter, suggests to me that he was never all that concerned or apologetic about their content. If I was to tweet something awful, get called out on it, and was truly apologetic, I would go out of my way to remove the offensive tweets. And while I know the GOTG cast has said he isn't the same person he was back then, let's not pretend that any of the cast actually know what Gunn does in his private life. My opinion on Dave Bautista is just that, an opinion and I stand by it. Gunn is the one who really mishandled this situation. A public figure like Gunn should know his tweets will be held to a higher standard & yes these vile tweets will probably define him for some time, quite fairly in my opinion. However, I don't think this sends a message to your average person, that no matter how much they've changed as a person they'll always be defined by their lowest point, as they are simply regular people & not public figures like Gunn, the millionaire Hollywood director. The sheer volume & subject matter of Gunn's tweets were beyond awful & extremely disturbing. A public figure like Gunn should know better than to post these sort of things that would come come back to haunt him, & had he been sorry enough for tweeting about how much he enjoy's little boys touching his "naughty place", he would have deleted them, however here we are today & it feels like more than anything else, he's sorry he got caught.
  15. Pedophilia is not something that should EVER be joked about. It is a real problem worldwide and it is horrible. The tweets made by James Gunn were extremely insensitive and vile, especially to victims and their families. Not one of these so called jokes were funny and they suggest that Mr. Gunn at the very least is a sick individual who could very well be involved in pedophilia in some form. He is simply not fit to direct anything until all of these "jokes" are adequately explained. I find it very sad & pathetic that so many people have defended Gunn and his disgusting tweets. It speaks volumes when thousands jump to the defense of a man who has endorsed pedophilia & may himself be a pedophile, simply because he directed a couple of entertaining movies. Here's to hoping that Disney will fire Dave Bautista too. He has been the most vocal of Gunn's supporters and I suspect has some disturbing skeletons in his closet as well.
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