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  1. I'm in Birmingham and I can't find shiit. Good pulls for AL man. Any chance you can swing back and grab a Beta and aKraven? I'll get you whatever it cost and shipping. Would apprech the thought. Let me know.
  2. Hello all. The revisions cases are coming through my area (Alabama) and I'm seeing a lot of stuff I haven't seen in years. Local TRU has a dark blue The Thing, original Moon Knight and red-short hair Mrs Marvel. Plus a Punisher, though I don't know whick one he was. Any I saw 2 Fantastic Four Future White-Pants sets. And a Doc Sampson. And twenty-seven falcons. And a few Commander Rogers and an Ultron. My first MU figure was the 'The Thing.' I popped my cherry with him. That was about $400 dollars ago. Where does the time, and money, go? If anyone has revision wishes, let me know and I'll keep my eyes openor go back to the store. It is the Christmas season and I don't have any kids!
  3. BOOM! Metal Absorbing Man. At TRU, on peg! Awesome! Found in Mobile AL (way down south near the water for those of you not up to date on your southern states geography.)
  4. Took a trip to Target today and a sales rep was nice enough to tell me there was another MU box in the back. He went and brought it out but unfortunately it was a box of Thor figures. Old ones. I was thrilled that a Target guy was that nice but was pretty upset I spent five minutes getting excited while he was in the back getting the box. I kept thinking I was going to find buried treasure. Left with only an Ultron. Sad day. -- -- Of course, wish me luck. I'm driving home for Thanksgiving soon and have all the Walmarts and Targets on the way mapped out. I think I'll stop by all of them in hopes of finding that buried treasure.
  5. Ran into four full pegs this afternoon at a Walmart. Never had that happen before. Bought Iceman, new Wolverine and others seen below. Plus grabbed a white outfit Future Foundation for trade. Ultron might be for trade too. Not sure yet. Side note; the Captain Rogers head looks great. Other than the crazy looking mug on Absorbing man, this is one of the best looking faces I've seen so far. (There were also a few Magneto's where I got these. Didn't pick one up but will certainly do so if there's someone out there that needs him and has a good trade.) If anyone is dying for something seen below and has a trade, hit me up. Everyone take it easy. Good luck trading.
  6. In Birmingham AL. Finally found the PowerMan/IronFist double pack I've been hoping for. I was a huge fan when I was a kid though I have no idea why I enjoyed the combination of 70's kung-fu and blaxploitation. Good looking figures. PowerMan has angry eyes. Also grabbed a Stretch Strike Venom that I want to use for trade with a metal absorbing man. If anyone can make that trade happen, hit me up.
  7. Been off the boards for a few months but am looking to get back involved. Not sure if anyone is still in need of a Lizard or Scorpion (Spiderman series) but I saw one today and don't mind picking it up for trade if anyone needs it. Let me know. I got my Lizard from a target about a month ago back and love it. It's a really good looking figure. PM if you have something I'm looking for.
  8. While shopping at Target I wandered over into the movies section and found Thor/Captain America figures. They had a stand with comic movies and figures to go along with them. I found a Crossbones there. Only place I've seen this figure so far. This might be a new place to start looking while you're at Target. Left with the Crossbones and a red variant Warpath from a revision case. Warpath might go back but I picked him up since I've never seen him at retail before either.
  9. In Birmingham AL. Visited the local Walmart for some milk and walked over to the toys, as always. Peg one was a Dr Doom and peg three was a Dr Strange. There was also an upsie-down Scarlet spider and a falcon but I only went for the Dr's. Tired of all the different spiders and never followed the Falcon. I hear he flies. Opened Doom and really like him but the cape is a bit of a bother. No real harm i guess. I think I'll hold onto Strange and maybe trade him for someone in one of the upcoming sets. Walmart doesn't seem to mind me bringing things back after eight or nine months if i can't trade them so I might sit on this figure and cross my fingers for a good trade. Good hunting everyone.
  10. I guess this would be considered a sighting... It's possible that this is already news to everyone but I haven't read it on this board yet. The Sentinel (blue one) is on sale at target.com. This might save some of you a trip or help out anyone who lives is a bad area. ($50) http://www.target.com/p/Marvel-Universe-Ma...el/-/A-13442986 Side note: Why the hell package this guy with Wolverine?!? Anyone who might possibly buy this thing already has two or three wolverines. No doubt! While anyone on the fence might decide against it for no other reason than, "why the hell would I want another Wolverine?" If they (Hasbro) were to package it with a new character, they would push anyone on the fence right over and cause people who might not want the Sentinel at all, to buy it. Did I hear someone saw Rogue, Beast, Psylock? Last thing I want in my house is a two foot tall robot (I have women over from time to time for christ's sake) but I might pull the trigger if I thought it was the only way I could get a Rogue figure this before 2013. Eat it Hasbro management.
  11. Had an RX to fill so swung by Rite-Aid based on the posters stating that they have (might have) MU figures. I found one Ironman The Movie figure, one Thor The Movie figure and a whole peg of Hannah Montana Uno playing cards. All were over ten dollars. Decided not to make any investments today.
  12. Was in Atlanta for work today and did the rounds. Got lucky and found a few things worth keeping, a few for trading and a few just because someone out there might want them. I’ll keep them for a couple days to see if they’re up someone's alley. First, a thought: Apocalypse- If you don't have this figure, you are missing out! In my rather simple opinion, it's in the top 3 best figures of the line so far. I never bought a comic with him in it, don’t know anything about his story or how big he’s supposed to be; but once I saw him, none of that mattered. Bought him, loved him. Great look, feel and presence. A+ figure. Captain Britain – MU line looks just like the comics version. Can't see how the Captain America line let such an odd looking Cap. Britain out. Today’s Haul: 1) Some Shiner beer. That will be opened first. 2) Cable with baby hope (really, I have no need for a little baby with a Harry Potter scar. Though the child does look wise beyond her plastic years sitting in that chest plate. It almost feels bad to open it when so many people out there want the one with Hope. Between us, I don’t care. I’d almost rather have one without Hope so one of you other dudes can get the one with her. ) 3) Red Skull. Dude looks sweet. Really looking forward to the movie. I'll trade for a Crossbones though is anyone's sitting on two. 4) Jim Lee Cyclops. Looks good. Happy to have him. 5) Carnage (Can I say #$## on this board? If so, #$## yeah!) Pulled two of these somehow so one will go on the trade list. 6) Jean Grey. Very nice looking waist. Most of the MU girls have awful waists. Talking to you Spider-Woman. The upcoming X-23 looks very feminine too. Don’t think it’s asking too much that our woman figures are shaped like hotties instead of birthing mothers. Again, directing my angst at you Spider-Woman. 7) Sunfire. Already have this guy from the original release but thought I’d pick him up for a fellow board member if there's anyone that needs him. Looking to start contributing more so take at look at my trades and lets deal. Want to get my name on the ‘good trade with that guy’ list. So who’s in the trading mood? Oh yeah, and the second someone sees the Power-Man/Iron-Fist two pack; pick it up and I'll paypal you the same day plus throw in a Christmas card come December. I have no plans on waiting on the pack to show up in my area.
  13. Found Super-sized Frost Giant with Loki today at Walmart. Picked it up since the Frost Giant looks so well made but not sure if I want to keep it. Just didn't want to pass up something I wasn't sure of and lose the option of buying it later. I do love the fact that the Loki figure is the comic version! That's pretty awesome.
  14. Visted a local K-Mart today and found a lot of picked over Captain America figures. Nothing good left. Went to Wal-mart (one I've been to multiple times with no luck) to buy some treats for the mute, and I happen upon an Apocalypse! There's no reason, with as little as I walk through the toy section of Wal-mart, that I should be the one to find an Apocalypse. I thought it was odd that I found an Apoc without a Cyclops or Cable, seeing they're in the same wave, so I started looking around all the other areas (like Thor and Star Wars since I know some people are dicks) and low and behold, I happen upon another Apocalypse figure! Ridiculous! There doesn't seem to be any reason why I could find two Apoc's without finding a single Cable or a Cyclops but that's the way it was. It seems Apoc should be number one buy no matter what, but I might be wrong. So I picked up both Apocalypse's and opened one and boy, he is amazing for a figure. I would have loved to have found him with metal screws and hinges, like GI-Joe figures, but for what I was expecting, he's top of the line for Marvel Universe. Normally I'm not down with buying two of one figure but I was a little pissed that someone thought hiding one was a good idea. Screw that guy. So I might be ok with trading if someone has a Cable (with Hope) to trade with. We'll see. Hope my simple story was fun. ... also..... There were a few Spider-Woman, WW Hulk and Wrecker's for sale at this Wal-Mart if anyone wants me to go pick it up for them. Maybe trade for a Cyclopes or Cable of just pick it up for you since distribution is a joke. Let me know if these figures interest you. Good luck hunting. (I'm in Birmingham AL and shop at the 150 Wal-Mart.)
  15. Live in the south (Alabama) and it seems we are always the last on the list of states that receive new shipments. We've apparently started to receive the revision cases because I'm seeing a few older models on the shelves but none of the new stuff has started to show up. If it helps, there's a gray Hulk at the Walmart in Centerpoint (north east Birmingham). Lots of Thor stuff too but none of that is really interesting. I like how Iron Man had a "Comic Book" series and a 'Movie" series. Am I the only one that would throw his girlfriend... aah, grandmother, under a bus for a Beta Ray Bill figure?! Get to work Thor jerks!
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