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  1. jabalong

    Database of Customizers and Casters

    Kudos, that's a really great idea to pool together. It's a bit like crowdfunding commissions. I saw that Kang chair, it's really nice. Can't remember where I saw it though. Which FB group is it that you guys discuss this and plot 1:18 Marvel collection world domination?
  2. jabalong

    2017 Toyfair Speculation

    The sooner Hasbro just pulls the plug entirely on Marvel 3.75" the better. This limping along with half-ass product in ever-shrinking quantities isn't making anyone happy. Putting our scale on ice would allow everyone to draw a line under this, hopefully throw away these lousy bucks and just let the ground lay fallow for a while. Then at some point down the road, hopefully spurred on by all the great things happening with high-end 3.75" toylines, Hasbro might take a new, fresh look at the scale. It worked for 6" Legends, so why not our scale too. It's the only answer. What's passing for a toyline these last couple of years is embarrassing. In the meantime, I'll happily continue to enjoy my 400+ MU figures on display. But I'm not adding any of this crap to it. I've voted with my wallet and moved on.
  3. jabalong

    Losing all faith in the line

    Ha! I like the way you're thinking.
  4. I love AoA, got any photos of your AoA custom collection in its prime?
  5. This question has been asked each of the last three or four years, so who knows really. I've got probably 400 of these figures and love them, but I wouldn't mind if this line was put out of its misery. A hiatus could do it could so that it can hopefully come back under the direction of a new teams that actually cares about the scale. It worked for Legends, so I look forward to death, rebirth and the "Return of Marvel Universe". Can dare to dream.
  6. I'd consider subscribing for high-end 3.75" Marvel figures, but not from Hasbro. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the GI Joe club some kind of deal licensed deal from Hasbro with the club using Boss Fight to design the figures? Is Hasbro involved in the production? Along similar lines, with Marvel being the owner of the property (as opposed to GI Joe which Hasbro owns), I'd rather see Marvel just give a licence to a quality outfit like Boss Fight. I get the impression with Boss Fight its Vitruvian waves are something of a proof of concept, as they have indicated that they hope to eventually get licences for established lines. So if I'm going to pay for a high-end 3.75" figures, I'd rather it had nothing to do with Hasbro and it be given to someone like Boss Fight who can do the job right. That said, maybe Hasbro's licence gives them exclusive rights to Marvel at the 3.75" scale. If so, then a high-quality line from someone else would have to wait until a day where Hasbro loses/gives up the licence...
  7. jabalong

    3 3/4" sighting and hauls

    Watch the racism. Just what is your problem with me? You used a slur that degrades my people. That's my problem. Woah...beep, beep, beep...let's back the bus up before it gets out of control. Lots of people are probably not aware that "gyp" comes from "gypsy". Sure, it seems obvious once you think about it, but to those who come from countries where there are no "gypsies" per se, then we've hardly had cause to make the connection. So there you go, we learn something new every day. And that's how you might have started - by just explaining in a non-aggressive way that it's derogatory. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. (No offence intended to flies, honey or vinegar! )
  8. Miles has the webbing and spider emblem painted onto his back, while the original has no detaililng on his back. I've compared both Daredevil's and I can't spot any differences. I'm sure someone here will point out differences in gloss or slight variations of red, but it's the same thing to my eyes. Hadn't heard about a variation in the Miles re-release, can you post comparative photos of the two versions? Cheers
  9. jabalong

    3 3/4" sighting and hauls

    That could well be. I just notice though that the seller seems to have posted the Ant-Man at the same time as the other six with all seven figures sharing a photo background that's different from other MU figures he sells. This proves nothing other than they were presumably listed at the same time. But birds of a feather sometimes flock together...just some food for thought. :)
  10. jabalong

    Official SDCC 2015 MU Discussion

    "Hasbro" and "learned" in the same sentence?! That's a laugh, when has Hasbro ever learned anything? They always know best, so no need to learn anything, least of all from their customers! :P
  11. jabalong

    3 3/4" sighting and hauls

    The seller seems to have Ant-Man in the mix as well. Woulnd't be surprising if Hasbro repacked him in the next wave on the heels of the movie. But if so, that's 7 figures in a 12-figure case, which would mean two are short-packed...
  12. jabalong

    Official SDCC 2015 MU Discussion

    I do have to give Hasbro credit for not stuffing their new comic packs with boring repacks. Of the six packs seemingly revealed (subject to change or disappearing!), there is only really one dud in terms of classic Spider-Man. While some of the others are repaints, at least they are repaints that become new characters or new versions of characters.
  13. jabalong

    Official SDCC 2015 MU Discussion

    Acid Rain Marauders Boss Fight Vitruvian Hacks Eagle Force This is really just the beginning, there's a movement happening now towards creator-driven, high-quality 3.75" toylines. This is what it all comes down to. Though I have no interest in them personally, I have nothing against other scales, 6" or otherwise. Toys are being made at every scale now, with the same licences across many of them. What pisses me off about the current team, Dwight Stall especially, is they play this game of trying to pit one scale against another, with no respect shown to 3.75". He's said time and time again that "collectors" should be at the 6" scale and the 3.75" scale is primarily for kids. But even they mustn't really believe it, judging by what characters they're offering - how many kids even know who most of these figures just revealed at SDCC are? So as much as it pains a diehard 6" guy like Stall, Hasbro is still putting out a 3.75" toyline that's heavily geared towards collectors. But you can't have it both ways, adult collectors will only put up with being disrespected and receiving poor quality for so long before they take their money and move on. Back to the exciting stuff going on elsewhere, there's too much buzz around the 3.75" upstarts, I have to believe that eventually Hasbro is going to take notice. It's really Boss Fight that is going to shake things up, as they are designing many of these lines, have great plans for their own stuff and intend to eventually go after licences. That said, this stuff is all happening at the upper-tier of the 3.75" scale with $20-30 figures. So the question is going to be how do the big companies like Hasbro and Mattel get a piece of that 3.75" collectors pie, but still do it at a more mass-market price point. I don't think it's actually that hard. As good as MU has been in the past, it's not like it was anywhere close to some of these new lines. We're just asking to go back to that quality. Also I have this sneaking suspicion that since Legends and MU went under one team, that Stahl has been using the cost savings from gutting the 3.75" figures to pad the budget for 6" figures. Call me cynical, but he's been all about getting collectors to shift their allegiance, and so has purposely cheapened the 3.75" offering (and even toyed with 2.5" as a replacement) while enhancing the 6" one to perpetuate a false idea that quality can only happen at the larger scale.
  14. jabalong

    Official SDCC 2015 MU Discussion

    Sigh. That's maddening because it's impossible to know if there's any truth to it. Sounds nice, but it's completely at odds with what other Hasbro guys are saying about how previous quality of 3.75" figures is no longer possible cost-wise. Adam Biel has a fancy title and is saying nice things, but he's been around the past few years, while the 3.75" line has been gutted of all that made it good. So no faith in what he's saying. The bottom line is Dwight Stall is driving the product and he's a Legends guys through and through. He's never had any interest in 3.75" figures and said that "collectors" should be buying 6". Jesse Falcon is also a diehard Legends guy, but at least when David Vonner was running the 3.75" figures, Falcon put on a good face and had nice things to say about both scales. Since Vonner was pushed out, however, there's been no one of any influence holding up the flag for 3.75" figures and the Legends guys have run amok. But this is old news to everyone here... These things are cyclical though. And with lots of exciting stuff happening elsewhere in the 3.75" scale, I think Hasbro will come around eventually. We'll only see good stuff again I think though once they decide to put the 3.75" line back into the hands of someone who generally believes in it. Vonner had his idiosyncrasies, could be frustrating at times and the line wasn't perfect, but man has he been missed. You don't know what you have until it's gone. ;)

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