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  1. As pointed out, it hasn't had a "must Buy" game on it yet, but many of the games are pretty good. But X-box Live and the Live Marketplace really add quite a bit to the value. Within the last couple of weeks a lot of companies have been putting up game demo's for different games. Yesterday I downloaded the GRAW demo and trailers for PotC2 and X-men 3. Can't wait for the Lost Planet demo on May 9th, although that will be a long wait until next spring when the actual game comes out.


    Now if they would just hurry up and add some more games to the backwards compatibility I would be happier. I hate having to plug in my original Xbox everytime I want to play Conker.

  2. I love IM and it's one of the few comics that has never been dropped off my pull list, but I expect better than what we have been getting lately. Issue 7 was an ok issue, but if it's not really going to tie into CW then take the dang advertisement for CW off the cover. That and the fact that this story had to have taken place quite sme time ago since Fury has been on the run from SHEILD for a while now. I'm not sure ho I'm more disappointed in the writers and artist or Tom Breevort for slipping up a bit,

  3. Just to add some stuff and clear up a couple thing that AdamP wrote I'll add my rememberence of Image Comics History.


    Whilce started out as a Image founder, but quickly withdrew due to some unstated problems. Later Wetworks launched under Jim Lee's Wildstorm Imprint but he only stayed for about the first 12 to 18 issues on art (if it was that long). Next he appeared for Jim Lee doing the Heroes Reborn Iron Man book, which he did for six issues. After that he popped up again at Image with a book called Stone which had a couple of mini's before he disappeared yet again. Sometime after that he was the artist for the first arc of DC/Wildstorms Stormwatch: Team Achilles before returning to pencil a relaunch of Wetworks that we've been told is coming out for the last two or three years.


    As for Rob Liefeld and his history with Image (and I'm a fan of his. So part of this is defending him). Image started with Rob starting a book called Youngblood published by Malibu press in Jan 1992. Talking to six other guys at Marvel (Whilce Portacio, Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, Erik Larsen, Todd MacFarlane and Jim Valentino) they all left Marvel to form Image at the same time. For the first year Image was published as a Imprint of Malibu Comics. Whilce's Wetworks book had to be shelved for a while because of some unstated problem, while the other six had their books published and the comics industry boomed like never before.


    Different versions of why Rob left/got kicked out of Image run all over the place, so I'm going to stick to the version that sounds most likely (which may or may not be true). In early 1995 (or so) a book called Warchild was published by Maximam Press. Max was owned by Rob and suppossedly Silvestri was upset at Liefeld for not publishing it through Image, as the Image founder each got a cut of the money made from all Image books. Silvestri thought this was Liefelds way of "cutting" out the other guys, even though Rob still had many books coming out through his Extreme imprint at Image (side note, each founder had their own Imprint at Image: Jim Lee = Wildstorm, Silvestri = Top Cow, MacF = TMP Productions (I think that's the name), Valentino = Shadowline, Liefeld = Extreme and I forget what Larsen calls his). This lead to Silvestri pulling out of Image for about a year in June of '96.


    At about the same time Lee and Liefeld cut a deal with Marvel to produce a years worth of material for them. This further soured things for Rob at Image and he left the group (sept of '96) and started publishing all his books thourgh Max. Press. Six months into the Heroes Reborn Rob's contract with Marvel was terminated for not selling the pre-agreed sales quota's per title a month (which at the time and if I recall right, was 500k an issue per title) and Jim Lee was handed the two titles.


    Rob then went and hired Alan Moore to completely revised the Extreme universe of characters and started publishing them at a new company Called Awesome Entertainment (form in april of '97). Where he published sporaticly for several years.


    Meanwhile Silvestri came back to Image. Jim Lee then sold his properties (ie Wildstorm and all thier characters) to DC in late '98. I think that's about it. I'll go and google some stuff to see if I missed anything and to see if I have the time line right.

  4. Well a month in and I think they've done a really good job overall. Most of the books have some pretty good mysteries that will be solved within the next couple months and I'm looking forward to the answers. As for the why, there are lots of reasons. Companies are always looking for new ways to bring in new readers and the One Year Later idea is certainly doing just that. New creators and new directions will bring in new readers and I'm sure that many people are like me and picking up some of the books that they may have been on the fence about lately. Now all they have to do it keep that momentum going.

  5. Until the late 90's Marvel was alway run by editorial. The X-books and Spidey books especially. But the Pre-Image Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, Rob Liefeld and Whilce Portacio where given creative control to do whatever they wanted. Which is why there was so much going on in X-men 1-9, Uncanny 281-290 (I think) and X-force 1-about 10. After they left to form Image the X-office (as editorial is often referred) took a heavy had in what happened in the books. Writers were often told what to write and because of that you had them come and go. Plot point were often written and then just as quickly forgotten.


    You also have to remember that Sinister and Gambit had ties to one another and since Sinister was so interested in the Summers bloodline. On the other hand Styrfe wasn't originally going to be a clone, Gambit was all but set up to be the X-traitor and Joseph was not going to be a clone either. Just because a writer intends something doesn't mean thats how it works out. That what happens when you agree to work for the big two and play with their universes (gotta love the work for hire agreement).

  6. Actually Gambit has been linked to the third Summers Brother since the beginning. Back in the mid 90's there was a magazine called Hero Illustrated. In one of their rumor columns they said that Gambit was being considered as the third brother because of his popularity. they threw in some hints about Gambit not being the true son of the leader of thr Theives Guild and people figured that since he had glowing red eyes that maybe there was a link to Cyclops. I'm sure there's some more stuff that I've forgotten.

  7. While I'm enjoying Brubaker's Deadly Genises amd looking forward to what he will bring to Uncanny, I must say I really hate the whole introduction and back story to Vulcan (or Kid Vulcan). I just really have a problem with him being the 3rd Summers brother when we have had two other characters that could be and both where going to be revealed to be at one time or another. Now we'll probably find out that Adam X is a Shiar spy and was sent to Earth to do something and Gambit is currently being toyed with in X-men. But since no one has ever clearly and with any finality settled this plot point before now I guess it's just something I'll have to get over.

  8. But we wont have a break in SW programming for some time and that will continue to drive the line. In a year or two we'll have the two tv series and within a couple years of that we'll have the 3D versions of the movies. On top of that, as was said, new generations of kids are continualy being introdced to the movies. I mean look at it this way, kids that were born right as eps 1 came out are now turning 6 which is a prime age for beginning buyers.

  9. Back to the subject at hand, Just because Sheen is famous doesn't mean he's not allowed to be any more (or less) crazy the the weird guy living down the block from you that everyone talks about. The difference is that when a famous person says something crazy people actually listen to him.

  10. But the format of the X-box, 360 and PS2 is DVD. So it's not like they are adding anything to it by being able to play DVD movies. Now the backwards combatibility is some that doesn't really need to be on the PS2 or 360, but it's really nice to have (since I don't have an PS hooked up anymore and have never had any problems with any PS games on my PS2).

  11. I think that a lot of people are also forgetting that the PS3 will have the Blu Ray DVD payer built in. I believe that so far a stand alone Blu Ray player is $500+. So in a way the PS3 pays for itself that way. Sony's banking on the PS3 kick starting the Blu Ray disc much like the PS2 did for regular DVD. So I think that Sony is willing to eat the loss in order to win the HD DVD war.


    Just did a quick google and most Blu Ray player are anywhere from $800 to $1800.

  12. I watched it with my stepkids and they enjoyed it, loaned it to my brother and his kids enjoyed. Overall I thought it was good, but to close to Jumanji in overall plot (games becomes real). But I liked the theme of brothers and family (even if I did see the Astronaut plot twist coming a mile away). I just hope that Favreau gets to make John carter of Mars. After Zathura I could see him doing a good job with it.

  13. I think that the concept behind OYL is great and this week we saw(IMO) a lot of neat stuff. Detective was nice, Aquaman was great (but I expect no less from that team), Outsiders was a little slow but still a good read. I already know that I'm probably going to try most of the OYL titles and those I don't buy I'll atleast flip through.

  14. I really doubt well see the Hulk come bach as they seem to want to keep him in the place where he is in the Ult Universe. They only thing that I really hate is that they are damaging Pym and the Widow with no chance of those characters becoming heroes again. I also don't think that the man leading the other forces is the Red Skull.

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