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  1. I downloaded the new maps for Lost Planet lastnight and then went to sign in and try them out, but alas my Gold X-Box Live membersip had expired so I couldn't play multiplayer. I thought about resinging up right then and there or going to Walmart real fast when I remembered that I saw the Target near my dad had the old style 12 month memberships marked down to $34 the othe day. So I decided to wait until today and then found out Target was closed for easter so I'll have to wait until tomorrow. So it just got me thinking about what kind of membership, if any, you guys had.

  2. I've been think abut the SHRA (Super Hero Registatration Act) a bit lately and I have a quick thought. Thor's book is returning this summer and JMS (the writer) has said that Asgard would return and be floating about six feet off the ground in Oklahoma farm land. So does this mean that SHIELD is going to have to make each and every person (god) or other creature register? After all they aren't human and even the average Asgardian wold be considered "super human". I just keep on seeing SHIELD agents trying to explain to the warriors three that they have to register and them sort of laughing and not understanding it.

  3. Personlly I think that ever since they decided that Stark was a "futurist" several years ago the character has gone down hill. If you go over to the Jinxworld and look at conversation about this book it almost universally hailed as being great, but to me it just seemed like Bendis was trying desperately to make Millars story justifiable. I really don't buy Stark saying he saw this war coming when he battled with King Arthur against Doom (IM #150 for those keeping track). Since then he let his alcholism get the better of him, lost his company several times, faked his own death multiple times (as both Stark and Iron Man) went against evreyone else to protect his armor (which in the last couple years he has been letting just about anyone wear some type of IM armor) and tried to kill many of his own friends or other heroes. I've just never seen the whole point of all this. But this book didn't add anything to a story that really needed something to help sort parts of it out.

  4. I don't mind when games do this. but I am a little upset about one thing. they are releasing the map that came with the collectors version of the game for free to everyone. Now when you pay an extra $10 for a game that includes some extra stuff including a multiplayer map that is suppossed to be EXCLUSIVE for those people you shouldn't turn around and release it to the masses.

  5. I'm just really interested in what they do with Cap now. I can't see them letting him go and since the public know that Cap is Steve Rogers they can't let him walk around either. I could see the government picking someone new to be Cap (yeah I know been there fone that), but after they referred to Cap as terrorist over in Thunderbolts I doubt they would do that. Punisher as Cap might work for a whil, but not for long. And I just don't see Winter Soldier wearing the Cap costume either.

  6. Selling your collections a hard thing to do. The best thing to do is ask your local comic store if there is anything that they are looking for. Sometimes they might cut you a ggod deal, but most of the time your looking at getting half of what it work for resale. Ebay is also an option. If you are going to do it that way I would suggest using the completed auctions button while searching to see what other comics of the same description have been selling for resently. Over all selling you collection is a hopeless and heartbreaking thing. You'll wind up seeing that all the comics you have bought have worth lss then what you had paid for them, unless you just get lucky.

  7. We know the creaive teams on Ultimates 3 and Ultimates 4, just not a time frame for them coming out or how long each story arc will be. I believe that issue 13 of Ultimates 2 will be out before the end of the month. We know that Ultimates 4 is atleast 7 months away since the Ultimate Power storyline comes between Ults 3 and 4 because loeb said that the effect of UP would be felt in Ults 4.

  8. Well I doubt it's Cap or DD since both know Maya is deaf and Ronin talked to her while wearing a mask. Or maybe she can read lips so well that wearing a mask covering the other person face doesn't matter. Still I liked the issue and thought it was great that they were able to jump riht into the story and new team without giving away anything to reveals the ending to CW.

  9. So far I think we'll get a dead Reed Richards or something happens to him and he and Sue go somewhere for a while. Marvel's not going to do anything to Iron Man or Captain America with both having potentail movies coming out within the next two to three years. Where atleast with the FF you hvae Ult FF. Since Ult Cap and IM are seen infrequintly I just don't see their 616 counterparts "leaving" us.


    As for who wins, it already been telegraphed to us. IM wins since the SRA is already a law and Cap gets one out the 12 outs that was mentioned in CW #6. Cap loses while been able to continue to operate. What I think is funny it that's it's even an issue. All the X-men are already registered because of the Mutant Registration Act, all the Avengers are already know to SHIELD and every villian ever captured is know. So what does it matter if you have a couple unknowns running around.

  10. I got it last friday but have only really been able to sit down and play it yesterday. I'm enjoying the game quite a bit, but I knew I would since I've had both demo's downloaded for some time. I also have quite a bit of confidence when buying a game with the Capcom name on it. As I progress through the game a little more I'l chime in again with some thoughts.

  11. Except now that the costume thing was mentioned, it doesn't make much sense to see a bunch of people freshly out of their cells in costumes....


    I just figured that it was easier to show them in costume than to let the reader try to figure out who was who based on civilian looks. Sure it's a bit of a cop out, but I can deal with it.

  12. My personal opinion is that Marvel dropped the ball with issue 6 of Civil War. I think it's apparent that IM's side wins the war and over at Newsarama their catch up chat with editor Tom Breevort about issue six inplies it when he's asked which 12 heroes he would like to see get those "exemptions" from the SRA. So it doesn't matter that Cap loses, he'll be exempt from the act anyway. That leaves 11 more and we can guess that Spidey, Iron Fist, DD, the Thing, and the Human Torch get five of those (just because three of have their own titles and two will be back in the FF). That leaves six left with the possiblity of Tony or Reed talking them into more along the way. So why make exemptions for some people? I guess I'm just not seeing the logic behind this.


    As for Frontline, I was totally blindsided by the Sppedball story. It actually made me a little uneasy to "watch" him but on the new costume. Now I guess I'll have to get Thunderbolts just to see where they take him.

  13. Here's a funny story. I'm at Walmart last night returning a toy my son got for christmas that didn't have all the parts. I noticed a PS3 sitting behind the desk and asked about if they had many returns on the PS3 (9since I've seen quite a few in stores the last week). She said they had some guy who came in and returned 6 PS3's. I asked why and she said he had bought them to sell on ebay and didn't get them sold. I just had to ckuckle.

  14. Seems to me that SHIELD is quick to jump on people. Pretty much as soon as Peter decided that he wanted out SHIELD was there with guns drawn ready to take him in. But then again they went after Cap before it even became a law. The other thing is I'm wondering which DD that is? If it's Matt (which I doubt since it's been Danny throughtout the rest of the mini) than I wondrt when the switch between Danny and Mat happened. Or if it's Danny Rand/ Iron Fist then maybe he's been planted inside the prison . After all if they put him in a cell designed for Matt Murdock it's not really going to work on Danny Rand. Oh and thank god were back to getting a monthly fix instead of the bimonthly as we had for the last two issues.

  15. AT a couple of the Walmarts near me they have had people camping out since tuesday. I had talked to some employees and they said that in my area all the Walmarts were only getting about four to six each. Talked to a Gamestop guy and he said that each EB or Gamestop was only getting 3 or 4. A guy I know at TRU said they hadn't gooten their's yet but that word had come down from distribution that they weren't getting as many as they had planned or gotten told they were getting. What I feel really bad for is the Walmarts are letting the people waiting camp out in the layaway dept but the Targets are making people wait outside and the last couple of days it's been getting down to 30 degrees at night,

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