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  1. lol. Don't you guys know what's going on? It's obvious that the people at Hasbro who decide the case packs are the same people who are scalping ya'll! They run, EE, BBTS, and sell on Amazon and Ebay. They might be screwing up the companies sales, but they are making a bundle for themselves on the side. okay, so it's far fetched. But it makes more sense than those case packs being chosen by an intelligent person with no stake in the secondary market. yet somehow it keeps happening. They need to fire someone at Hasbro. Maybe quite a few "someones" actually.
  2. wow. I'm sure there are twenty more pages back that I need to go through, but just seeing the last 4 or 5 was simply amazing. Supertom, you are lucky I do not know where you live. That Agent Venom is absolutely awesome! Heck, I'd shut down the entire American government just to get my hands on that baby.
  3. Went on vacation this past weekend for our anniversary and ended up finding Elektra and Mysterio at a Target, then Rhino at another Target 20 miles further. Finally on our way back we actually found Angel at a TRU. And the ironic thing is, I was mid-sentence in a complaint that we had NEVER found anything at that TRU because it's so close to a comic shop and everything is always picked over. My oldest son just laughed about it then started shouting to the rest of the family (who were all over the store by then) that we had Angel finally. Also got pretty much the entire 3.75 Black Series for my second oldest. He's decided to keep them MOC.lol I also picked up Darth Maul and Luke in the 6" Black, but he doesn't know it yet. His bday is just over a month away. So, while MU sucks around my area, I have still managed to catch up - and all without resorting to feebay or scalperzon! woohoo!
  4. and holy crap that IS an awesome Spiral! wow I think I know who your source might be. Friends on facebook too, though mainly so I can gawk at all his awesome stuff. Does he do some fake "MOC" stuff too, with the custom packaging and all? If so, it's probably the same guy I'm thinking about. Only ever broke down and got one thing from him but I've watched lots of them wishing I could get myself to drop some more cash. Most of the time his customs are way better than any actual MU figure. As is the case with this one.
  5. You people never heard of Armadillo? He's actually been in stuff within the last few years too. I think he was even in the Thunderbolts title a little while though as a baddie not joining them. He was never a major player but showed up in a few company wide crossovers I think. Anyway, that IS a great job on that custom. I agree that the body works better for him than for Rhino. Did you sculpt that shell and tale yourself?
  6. nothing new in Marvel in a long time, but my GI Joe subs first wave came in. Kim A looks pretty cool. Wish I had two of her, but not worth an extra sub and dupes of everyone else just to get another one of her. Hate that it's pretty much all kitbashes, but there's some cool stuff coming in these subs too.
  7. Dang! you drive from Lutz to Orlando for work? Hope you got some books on tape or something to pass that time. If so, you'll have a PhD or two with all the "reading" you'll get done on the drive. Hope whatever job you've got is worth all that.
  8. on another note, some of these regulars are starting to clog pegs along side the Klaw and Constrictor figures finally. So even if they start arriving, the stores around here won't have any room for them.
  9. Yes, HTS told me that the variants were NEVER available and it was a mistake to show them on the website. They credited me for my Dani and told me to keep it and donate it to a charity if I didn't need another one. Since we don't really buy and wrap presents for our own kids for Christmas but have them pick out stuff for other kids we'll probably just keep the extra Mystique for our girls. Unless they decide they'd rather give that one away too. They also told me that "if" I ever see it available again on HTS then I could place my order and call them and remind them and they would ship it for free. The way they said "if" was a little disconcerting to say the least. Kinda like, "if you ever win the lottery, then ...."
  10. I other words, "if there happens to be a variant in YOUR package, we will take it out and give you two of the regulars so we can sell the variant separately at 4 times the cost" Not saying this is the practice at this particular store, just at ALL of these vendors who seem to have the variant ONLY available separately at an exorbitant markup.
  11. Is that Kang a variant or is that just the light/camera flash? uh, yes, what is up with that? A gray version? Looks kinda like the old b&w Cap from SDCC a few years ago. Hard to see how the camera would have done that though. So is this a legit variant? If so, um, why?
  12. nope, just moved them out of the whats new section. just go to the regular marvel section under action figures, and they are all still there. you might be suprised what they still have available. You sure? Because I don't see red Deadpool there anymore or that Moonstar. And when I search, he is gone. Ahhh. they got pulled because they were showing the wrong fig. They are only shipping the grey DP and the mystique. They had already had a bunch of complaints and returns because they were showing the wrong fig from what people were ordering. Someone messed up when they got initially put up. yep, that's what happened to me. Hasbro was nice enough to refund the cost of the figure, let me keep it anyway, and offer free shipping on Dani if she ever shows up again. So, they handled it as well as the could without actually having the figure to replace. Still kinda miffed that I won't be seeing a DM any time soon - if at all. And what is up with this site? I finally tear myself off WOW and log in here for the first time in about a week and what do I find at the top? WOW banner taunting me and telling me I should be playing again.lol ....which reminds me, I gotta go do ....something. see ya'll in about a week? Oh, and before I forget, props to Wolverine2281 for getting me the ML Warbird!!! I've wanted this figure since I first saw a picture of it. Now I have the decision of whether to open a really nice package or just display it proudly in all its pristine glory.....
  13. Moonstar was on HTS for the last week or so, individually - not casewise. Still no Blade available though so don't know when I'll get that one. But I jumped at that Dani figure, especially with 15% off code and free shipping. She might still be up there, I'm too lazy to look right now.lol good luck all!
  14. um, what was there to report? I mean, saying everybody was "tripping" was out of line but nothing to report. It wasn't all THAT bad. Or did I incite a worse tirade that got deleted before I saw it? If that's the case, I apologize for escalating things. I was intending to let him know that it wasn't polite, but perhaps I was too strong and just made it worse. Oh well. Let's be careful not to scare off the newbs, even if they sometimes come across as know-it-all or something. It'd be nice to expand the customer base and possibly see even more new stuff because it's profitable to Hasbro. If we make people quit then it'll be harder to get Hasbro to make Masterworks and other crap we expect. Besides, it's just good to be nice.
  15. uh, yes, the people who have been collecting this line since its inception are ALL "tripping" while the newbie "knows" what's going on. Especially funny from someone who says they are saving money by getting the case from BBTS so they can get all the variants. BBTS says they will not guarantee any particular case assortment when you get a case, so the only way to guarantee the variants is to actually pay their rather inflated prices for the individual figures. If you genuinely have some type of "insider" connection then please feel free to spill; but don't put down the long timers and act like they know nothing compared to you unless you have something concrete to back it up. And I'm not saying that being in this for a long time means all your predictions will be correct either. There are plenty of long timers who rush to judgement and act crazy every time some new piece of "info" bounces around. But you're insulting some people who are usually fairly level headed (eh, with a few exceptions here or there.lol)
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