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  1. CommanderRogers

    Toys R Us sale 2/23 - 3/1

    We went to Orlando over the weekend so we stopped at probably close to 30 stores while driving around, mostly Targets with some Walmarts and Toysrus too. I bought exactly ONE figure the whole weekend. Somehow I managed to find a Black Cat. I think it was left because the packaging sucked so bad. I mean someone really beat the heck out of this thing, probably intentionally because they couldn't afford it and wanted to make sure it wasn't MOC for anyone else. (do I seem pessimistic to you guys? maybe I am. oh well) At least I finally found her. AND it was at TRU so I got her for only $15 instead of the usual $20. I did snag a couple more Maisto motorcycles to go with my figures. I needed a good yellow motorcycle for my Black Widow figure so I can pose her next to my awesome Cezar Razek sketch card which shows her on a yellow cycle. Not sure who I'll put on the nice metallic blue crotch-rocket. Anyway. As usual it was a "spaceballs" search weekend when it came to the smaller scale stuff.
  2. CommanderRogers

    Ant-Man 2015 Line

    Agreed. As long as the decision makers at Hasbro have their heads way up their colons, there is no point in looking forward to any movie lines. But who knows? Maybe, just maybe, someone will have their brain surgically removed from their arse and we will see something decent. But I won't hold my breath.
  3. CommanderRogers

    3 3/4" sighting and hauls

    lol. Don't you guys know what's going on? It's obvious that the people at Hasbro who decide the case packs are the same people who are scalping ya'll! They run, EE, BBTS, and sell on Amazon and Ebay. They might be screwing up the companies sales, but they are making a bundle for themselves on the side. okay, so it's far fetched. But it makes more sense than those case packs being chosen by an intelligent person with no stake in the secondary market. yet somehow it keeps happening. They need to fire someone at Hasbro. Maybe quite a few "someones" actually.
  4. CommanderRogers

    Baffles Me

    Ok. Obviously Hasbro alone is to blame for their horrible case assortments. But as for the dearth of product in brick-and-mortar stores, well we have to blame the consumers at least 50% if not more. All the people who were too impatient and preordered cases (I'm talking back when these WERE actually in stores) and then they dumped all the extras at Targets and Walmarts.... That seriously killed the profitability for local retailers! You don't really expect retailers to keep stocking a product that shows little to no sales (or even worse: NEGATIVE sales!). It really doesn't matter what they put into cases now, because most Walmarts and Targets have had such terrible sales that they are not even carrying the product anymore. Yes, Hasbro's case selection sucks. But what has really killed this hobby is the lack of foresight on the part of all of us. Dumping kills retail which kills the hobby. ....and I'm not even going to get into how much dumping comes from scalpers that don't sell all their products - which could be prevented if people stopped supporting scalpers. (I know, never going to happen). If each person would decide to be responsible for their own actions and not do things that hurt the hobby as a whole, then we would all be better off. I know that not everyone will make good decisions, but each of you should check your own habits and see the effects you have had. And hopefully at least a portion of you will decide to use responsible buying habits ....assuming there are any products to buy responsibly anymore.
  5. CommanderRogers

    MU Customs

    wow. I'm sure there are twenty more pages back that I need to go through, but just seeing the last 4 or 5 was simply amazing. Supertom, you are lucky I do not know where you live. That Agent Venom is absolutely awesome! Heck, I'd shut down the entire American government just to get my hands on that baby.
  6. CommanderRogers

    Hawkeye Revelation

    You know, I had managed to "survive" the government "shut-down" in the richest country in the world; however, this latest outrage is simply too much for any man to handle. When will the world be right again?!?! ....and at least it's not like the old Avengers cartoon where they all had armor (Why, Marvel? Why?) and Barton's sleeve kept disappearing and reappearing and switching arms along with his bow. Now THAT, was an affront to the senses!
  7. CommanderRogers

    Most acrobatic?

    What you are all forgetting is that Taskmaster can do any move he sees. With all the people he's fought over the years, including most everyone mentioned so far, he has an arsenal of moves that would bring ANY crowd to its feet in ovation. Taskmaster. Hands-down.
  8. CommanderRogers

    3 3/4" sighting and hauls

    Went on vacation this past weekend for our anniversary and ended up finding Elektra and Mysterio at a Target, then Rhino at another Target 20 miles further. Finally on our way back we actually found Angel at a TRU. And the ironic thing is, I was mid-sentence in a complaint that we had NEVER found anything at that TRU because it's so close to a comic shop and everything is always picked over. My oldest son just laughed about it then started shouting to the rest of the family (who were all over the store by then) that we had Angel finally. Also got pretty much the entire 3.75 Black Series for my second oldest. He's decided to keep them MOC.lol I also picked up Darth Maul and Luke in the 6" Black, but he doesn't know it yet. His bday is just over a month away. So, while MU sucks around my area, I have still managed to catch up - and all without resorting to feebay or scalperzon! woohoo!
  9. CommanderRogers

    Server change problems - July 9 2013

    wth? I tried to like your comment (glad we have that now) and it said I've reached my quota of positives for the day.lol It's the first time I've EVER tried to hit like so far. That's a pretty low quota there buys.
  10. CommanderRogers

    Cupcake appreciation thread

    idk. They don't seem as articulated as our previous cupcakes. I don't think I will like them. I'm officially done with cupcakes. It's been a good run, but I have to say "goodbye" to this hobby forever.
  11. CommanderRogers

    A 3.75" Avengers Universe

    So what's next? "re-branding" Marvel comics as Avengers Comics so people will know that all of Marvel's stuff is part of the Avengers? Seems silly looking at it like that, but that's what they're saying with retail toys. People don't know that it's related to their big blockbuster and have to be told with a title change. None of this will matter in less than a year and a half. Two at most.
  12. It is most definitely NOT the fault of retailers entirely. If anything it is primarily those of us who buy online and then dump the crap at retail because they make it easier with their lax return policies. Do any of you honestly believe that your local Target got in 20 boxes of the Gladiator wave and sold all but him? No, the extra Gladiators were dumped there as "returns" by someone who got cases online. (well, perhaps several someone's at each store?) I believe that some stores, possibly many, actually showed negative sales for MU over certain periods. When they only have one box come in and then somehow end up with two boxes worth of Gladiator, it kinda makes it a no-brainer to stop carrying that line. Unfortunately, the whole re-branding won't work for long. As long as brick and mortar stores are the dumping grounds for extra crap, they will not have any incentive to keep carrying anything that is attractive to us. Not to mention the repacker buttheads that seem to have reached epic proportions here locally. Damn I want to get my hands around the thief here that does that crap. And I know who you are too! I know you come here sometimes, and I know you work security at a nursing home nearby you swindling SOB! You're nothing but a thief and a liar; and it's sad that you can even sleep soundly at night knowing that you cheat people and steal on a regular basis.
  13. CommanderRogers

    Cupcake appreciation thread

    It's really only bad if you don't pay attention and forget which hand has the cupcake and which hand has the action figure. That can be painful, depending upon whom you were holding. And it might make Clam cry if you bite into your Vision figure. He'd hate to see him ruined by teeth marks.
  14. CommanderRogers

    Server change problems - July 9 2013

    Clam, would it be possible for Psychopirate to make a thread where he just talks to himself for a while and bumps up his post count? lol (a joke, but not really that bad of an idea if you wanted to change your title Psych) Would probably look something like this: This thread is just to bump my title/status. This thread is just to bump my title/status. This thread is just to bump my title/status. etc.
  15. Marvel characters that never got the chance huh? ... let's see, there are about 4,000 or more of them if I remember correctly. Starting with "A" it would be..... just kidding. Not going to go through the Marvel Encyclopedia or anything. Though, that brings up an interesting idea. What if someone actually tried to make every character in the Marvel Encyclopedia? That would be a lot of customs but what an incredible collection it would make. (lots of losers in there too, unfortunately)

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