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  1. yes, I only see the Quinjet for $32 like you paid and then the Captain America Justice Jet repaint is like $22 or something. Didn't see a cheaper Quinjet. btw, I got one of those exo-armors, the Captain America one. It's pretty cool even if it's totally out of left field as far as any comic, cartoon, or movie accuracy goes.
  2. have her check the post office near her. Vorahk sent me some figs and the tracking said they were delivered even though we hadn't been home in about a week. I just picked it up at the post office yesterday (or the day before idk) but it was showing "delivered" almost a week before that even though USPS still had possession of it. I have no idea how that kind of thing happens, but I'd assume that someone makes a delivery attempt and then puts it in as delivered when they actually put it back on their truck. IDK. But don't give up hope of finding it just yet.
  3. yep. you can switch the wings from this one with the wings from the other AA. I kinda liked both versions of wings, but I only let the large ones into the kiddy bin for them to play. I didn't want to lose the small ones when I couldn't be sure I'd ever find another set. I still wish I'd picked up one of the extra AA's I saw so I could try repainting it with XForce colors. I'd do a crappy job at it, but you never get better until you try.
  4. Hey Onyx, have you ever thought about doing some Realm of the Claw heads for some custom Thundercats? Shrink those heads down and they'd make great Tcats. And some Four Horsemen stuff would be really cool on a smaller scale too. I love their anthropomorphic characters. Elephant warriors, rhino and hippo men. That's partly why I got those gorilla looking heads ordered from OPP. I'm gonna use some large base bodies like WW Hulk and Skaar with those gorilla heads to make some of my own animal warriors at MU/Tcats scale. I bet that it takes some experimentation to get things to shrink down the right amount. Do you have the process down fairly good or do you have to waste a little each time trying to get the right amount of shrinkage?
  5. That's been the non-Christmas hours around here for years. They only opened earlier than 10 for the couple months right before Christmas and afterwards they went back to 10am again. Worse, some of them close at like 8:30 instead of 9 like most stores. But I've found one or two that stay open until 9:30 which is nice. No consistency though.
  6. went to several places around Tampa today and can honestly say there's not much of anything on the pegs or shelves. I passed up Mumm-Ra's Storm Charger a week or two ago and now I'm kicking myself because I'm not seeing it anywhere. I'm fairly certain it's not going to be impossible to find, but with Cartoon Network sitting on the show instead of continuing with the next season it's entirely possible that interest will wane and the show will die. Then no more new stuff. Anybody have any idea when wave 18 is supposed to hit? Not that 17 hit when expected exactly, but just a ballpark estimate. And aren't some people finding wave 1 & 2 of ML already? So wave 2 isn't really waiting until March like it was supposed to do. I'm really hoping BBTS gets both this week. Then I can hit that ship button and have a truckload of junk to do next weekend!
  7. For those who get the Mortal Combat stuff to go with your MU, Ross has them for 5.99. Saw Reptile at one and Baraka (probably misspelled) at another one. Also had the 6" 2pks at a couple of them. I was a little tempted to get them for custom fodder, but absolutely nothing came to mind to use any of their parts. So, I passed.
  8. I got my wave 17 at the Target in New Tampa a few weeks ago. Not only did they have the entire wave, but at the time they were all 7.39 instead of 8.99. I just went there last night though, and they didn't have a single figure from wave 17 on the pegs. Did get the black and gold Ronin though. And if I remember correctly, that Target showed more in the back room. We didn't bother asking an employee to bring anything out though. A) we already have pretty much everything and B) there wasn't room on the pegs for even one more figure so they would have pulled that "well, the pegs are full so we can't pull anything else out" crap. You can try them though. The price is back up to 8.99 but there's a chance you'll find them. The Target near USF had a display of wave 17 near the registers about a week after I already bought them. I haven't seen a single figure from wave 17 since then though. EDIT: sorry I didn't find a way to use "grip" anywhere. I'm around slang all day and watch it transform and change meanings, but it almost always goes along with a "school is useless because I am determined to stay stupid" type mentality. Not always. but almost.
  9. I started a Blizzard figure well over a month ago, and I've been so busy that I still haven't finished the sucker. But after seeing yours I don't know if I want to finish my own. Your Blizzard looks really great. I'm doing a slightly different costume, but if it comes out half as good I'll be happy.lol
  10. Our local Walmart doesn't have any MU or ML. ....or GI Joes, DCU, ....yep it's pretty much Power Rangers and Bakugan crud and that's it. They did have a few Thundercats, but I've already got all of those. It's seriously sad to see them not get any action figures for several months now. It's 1 mile from us, but we have to go about 12 miles minimum sometimes 25 or more to get some Marvel, DC, Joe's, anything decent. Oh, but our Wally DOES have tons of stupid Green Lantern shytle! Oh joy! how DO I contain myself when I'm there?! Dang, did they back the proverbial "wrong horse" or what?
  11. lol, looks like your camera's flash was too much for Warlock. He's sheilding his eyes. EDIT: or did you take that picture in your skivvies?!
  12. I was thinking the same thing about that wave. Most of it was characters we already had and Patriot is essentially Bucky with new paint and a different head. Sadly, once I saw these in person I was an instant sucker. I had to get two of everyone except Thor. And after opening Thor (what? probably my 31st Thor? crazy!) I was wishing I had a second one to keep MOC. lol I don't like just getting re-issues instead of new characters, but if they're going to re-do people I hope they at least do as well as the did with these. I gotta say, these paint jobs are really awesome looking. Pretty much my favorite look of each of these characters now. And I will definitely take a re-do of Black Panther as long as they give him the appropriate articulation, sculpt, and paint applications. That light-up base one doesn't seem to have much more movement than the original BP figure. Now THAT is a waste of a re-do.
  13. a cleaner like Simple Green might work without stripping the paint too. Then again, it's possible it would either leave the ink or take off the paint too. I'm fairly certain that most of your soaps wouldn't help though. If anything, dish soap would probably work better than hand soap - but still not likely to take off ink. I guess it depends upon the type of ink too. If it's from a gel pen then I'd say you're just SOL dude.
  14. another IM instead of Hawkeye. That just blows Marvel/Hasbro. I'm beginning to get sick of IM and really even starting to not like RDJ. He's always been a little stuck on himself, but this is really going to his head I'm afraid. We'll be lucky if the rest of the Avengers combined get even half the screen time that RDJ does by himself. Hopefully Joss Whedon kept him under control and evened out the performances a little bit. so seriously sick of IM stuff.... and frankly, I think I like my custom little kit-bash Black Panther better. At least I've got some decent articulation to put him in appropriate poses.
  15. you can bet that if I find some clearanced I WILL be making a nice little battle scene. I've already got most of my ML X-characters in a battle with some defeated Sentinel parts scattered about. It'd be nice to do it with MU stuff.
  16. nice. Is that a Commander Rogers head and body? great job on the paint app.
  17. um, you pay a certain amount for a figure, and then ask why it is going for that much? (hint) it goes for that much because someone (in this case, you) is willing to pay that much for it. I know I have a degree in economics and all, but I thought this one was a no-brainer. lmao @Q it is a pretty cool fig. But when you see several people after you saying they bought all of them out at a particular store, you know you're gonna have to pay a high price unless one of those people is willing to give you the hook-up. Before you go paying a high price for another one, I'd suggest asking around here and maybe waiting a little while for that wave to finish hitting everywhere. She may even end up in some revision waves later too. and on a side note, weren't you the one who posted a link to a site about black action figures? What was the website again? I've got a different computer and didn't port my fave's over. as for cheap 3pks, anyone planning on making some of those alternate universe Mr Fantastics? There are quite a few I'd love to see in plastic form. I kinda wish they'd do a 3pk with just Reed Richards. Heck, I'd buy a 6 or 7 pack with some of those alternate Reeds. Dang cool idea they hit on there.
  18. yes that Angela head from POTC is pretty good on one of my female SHIELD agents. I got one more, but I think if I see her again I might pick up yet another. I'm gonna need some more feminine hands without claws when I use an X23 body for other customs. And in Wally news, I checked three more tonight and two had no MU at all. The third had 2 Wreckers and about 10 Sentinals - which were priced at 54.97! Then checked the 15 3pks they had and the stupid things are $23. Even their Maisto bikes were still full price even though I've gotten them clearanced at half a dozen other stores. Did find a HISS Scout for $9. I'd never even seen one of these suckers before. At first I thought it was missing something. Had to go over it several times to be sure it was real.lol
  19. Holy Rusted Metal, Batman! It's GL figures with articulation! What sinister plot must be afoot? And who could be to blame for making GL figures that are actually cool? .......Find out next week. Same Bat-time. Same Bat-Channel.
  20. That has to be the nicest looking Captain Puerto Rico figure ever made. Don't know that I prefer Bucky as the Winter Soldier as many have stated. But if he were going to be the REAL Cap's sidekick/partner again then they should at least redesign his costume so it's not a Puerto Rican flag. Still awesome looking though. And at least it's not the Cuban flag which is close but would kinda make him look communist.lol oh, and just for reference since I know that not everybody on this board lives so close to the caribbean and sees lots of these everyday: It's sometimes done in a penant shape too, though mostly on vehicle bumpers or rearview mirrors. Then it really matches Bucky.
  21. alright no one likes a bragger.lol (or is it braggert? whatever) nice finds. You need to post some pictures of that sentinel army you're building. sounds killer.
  22. nice work. I really like the idea for a poseable cape. Kinda cool that you can make it look wind blown or whatever. Nice CatWoman too. I can't believe that the minimates goggles fits a legends size character. Or did you have to modify it to fit? All really well done stuff.
  23. dang these look awesome! I've been wanting to order these now that they're part of the Avengers line of toys. Now I want to get multiples so I can repaint some. Looks really awesome in black and silver like that.
  24. went to a few stores today just to get out of the house. The only TRU within 50 miles of me that has any new ML figures only has one stealth IM figure. I almost got it since it's considered the variant. But looking at it, it's not that different from some of the other stealth IM suits that I already have in that scale. If I see it cheaper sometime then I'll get it to keep MOC maybe - because I think the packaging is kinda cool. But I don't see paying almost $20 after tax just to get a figure I pretty much already have in some other packaging. I'll wait for my BBTS order to come in round $15 per figure instead. If they had GR variant I'd have grabbed it though. They did have ALL of the new Avengers figures there though. I have to say that this line is a complete load of horse manure! That is the worst Hulk figure I have ever seen, and that's including some frickin' old stuff from the 70's that I had as a kid too. The only thing that looks at all good is Loki, which I grabbed. The rest made it so easy to save my money though. Hasbro, you've outdone yourself in the doodoo department this time. Oh, to be fair, the stealth IM (actually it's reactor, reactron, or whatever it was called) did look pretty cool. But it's pretty much a repaint of figures we've already seen - but with even less articulation. So I did consider that one, but after consideration it was easy enough to pass so I could come home and order some other stuff online instead. I'm sad to say these are likely to be clogging out pegs for quite some time ladies and gents. We'll be looking for waves 2 - whatever at Ross, TJ Maxx, and other "secondary" outlets.
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