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  1. I definitely wouldn't mind a loose Scarlet Witch (IRL). lmao, that took me a second. I showed my wife. She said, "yeah, I bet you ALL would." and then rolled her eyes.
  2. lol, awesome man. It actually kind of reminds me of the "cat" on Red Dwarf. Put him in a Zuit Suit and make a hologram figure of Rimmer...
  3. My wave 3 came from HTS yesterday. I've only opened Mystique and USAgent so far. I'm pretty sure I read that it came with two IM and two Dooms, but instead it was two IM and two DP. I think I prefer that anyway even though it would make more sense to have some "Doombots" as extras instead of another Wade Wilson. My oldest was excited to see two DP's. His thoughts, "oh, yeah! That means you can display one and we can have one to play with too, right?" lol I've actually opened all of wave one and two for them to play with, yet he still thinks they're going to be kept MOC when we get something.
  4. To me, some of the coolest characters of late have been the Flash Thompson Venom and Kaine as Scarlet Spider. I like Hulk's supporting cast lately too, with the Ross (red) Hulk and She Hulk and Abomb too. Anyone think these are likely to happen sometime before Ross Perot runs for office again? Or should I just hire a decent customizer to make me some of these? (cuz mine would look like total crap!)
  5. You could try getting the smallest piece of plexiglass you can buy at a Home Depot or something. They used to carry a plexiglass that was about 3/8" thick. If you took that and cut off a corner into a cube shape then it should be about the right size. Of course, if anyone does this, then they should keep cutting and sanding down the rest and then sell them on here to the rest of us.lol
  6. Go to an office supply store and get sticky putty like they use for posting notices on walls and such. It's been invaluable for posing figures and especially for putting heads on some of my customs. Instead of trying to get the neck-hole the perfect size for the pegs, I sometimes go a little larger and then use sticky putty which allows me to pose figures with the heads facing in many more "normal" positions than any figure usually allows - like looking up more and such. It would also work well to put that shield onto his wrist since you probably won't be seeing behind the shield while he's holding it anyway. Chances are good that you'll be able to do far more poses, and if you are strategic with the placement in his palms then you can even get it to look like he's getting ready to throw it or like he just caught it.
  7. um, I really don't understand why people get so upset just because someone doesn't feel the same way they do. I personally hope I am never forced into a situation where I need to sell my collection. One, because I don't want to get rid of anything; and two, because it would be a serious pain in the icicle to even attempt it. Right now, we have the "majority" of my collection in a separate room - not on display mind you. It's too much to display. It fills a room that is 12 x 12 from wall to wall and floor almost to ceiling, plus the walk-in closet which is entirely floor to ceiling. I have just enough room to actually open the door but not enough room to go in anymore. (yes, we have been home shopping for months now and there IS a plan to actually be able to see this crap someday). In addition to all that, our living room is absolutely flush with more toys - these all open for "kids" to play with. Then there's my computer area which has probably at least a thousand more figures and some vehicles. And don't even get me started on the kitchen counter which has been my customization area for a while now. There's at least 20 figures in there in various stages of being "reborn" as something else (generally uglier). But as much as this plastic has pretty much always been a part of our married life (and ALWAYS been a part of our kids' lives) we would never place the value of toys above our kids. Nor would we cut back or stop sponsoring the two children we support in Africa just so we could buy more toys. Have I felt like stopping? Heck yes. Especially after ther crap that Hasbro pulls with SDCC. I get aggravated and say "Screw it! If they want to screw up the hobby then I've had with them!" but I still don't quit and even if I did, I would still keep what we've got. Perhaps someday I'll actually sell some of the extra junk we've accumulated, but I don't plan on ever selling my collection just because I don't feel like continuing to get more. It's not about completeness anymore. It's about how each one reminds me of when we found it and how excited we were about it. And now it's even about how I have some friend in another state who helped hook me up with something at just cost - even though we've never met face to face. And frankly, I KNOW I would feel remorse after selling off some or all of my collections. I would miss them. So, unless God calls me to actually go to Africa full time or something, I plan on keeping my junk.
  8. Is it just the lighting or is the Red SheHulk kinda pink? Haven't seen her that much in comics, so for all I know she shows up rather pink. I just assume it's the camera though. Great job on her either way. I'm hoping they'll make one since I dont' think mine would look that good. That Scarlet Spider is sweet too. You guys that can paint that spider symbol so well make me really jealous. It would NEVER look that good if I were to do it. Luckily I got one from someone else who has a steady hand. (still wouldn't mind another though)
  9. good grief, what is that? Wave 20? I just saw wave 18 for the first time in my area yesterday, and this guy's pulling out 20!? I understand it's Mexico, but still it's not like it's in Hong Kong where you expect them to be months ahead of us.
  10. yes, really NOT looking forward to another IM or Doom but I am excited to see this wave should be at my door in the next day or two. Still find it extremely retarded of Hasbro to have two variants in each wave yet they double the case count for some other (already over-exposed) character instead. So for those ordering cases online, they have to get 4 (yes, FOUR) of those over-exposed characters in order to get all the rest of the wave. Guess what they do with those extras? They return them to retailers so all we ever see on the pegs are buttloads of the same pegwarmers, and those retailers show that these things don't sell well because they get some negative sales from the extras and they all sit waiting for clearance.
  11. still haven't seen crud around here in months, however Kraven and BRB came in the mail yesterday! Hooray! And ML wave 3 should be here within a few days. bad news is I've spent way too much lately and it's going to be tight this week. Might not get to do paintball this coming Saturday. :o( Praying for a sudden influx of money......
  12. So, Target's sale ends tomorrow which means that our local stores will start having some new MU on Monday or Tuesday of next week. They do this every @#$)& - #**^+# time! Between only having sales without stock and constantly posting "sales" that are the regular price (or even higher sometimes!) Target is seriously starting to tick me off. 5% discount with the Redcard doesn't make it worth putting up with their bs so often I think. ......and just when I'm ready to not shop at Target ever again......I found Catwoman AND Blake tonight while looking for new MU. Couldn't freaking believe our luck - especially at that store. It's funny, the kids were all super excited to find Catwoman too even though I haven't opened any of those deluxe figures. I'm raising such nerds. gotta love it.
  13. holy rusted metal, Batman! I'm not sure I want to know how much you paid to get both Deadpool (with his green doodoo buddy.lol) AND the Hulkbuster IM like that. Had to be a pretty penny though. That DP is one of the most expensive ML. Crazy prices online that make me glad I got mine retail when it was released. Never did get that Hulkbuster at retail though. Ended up finding him for $10 at a flea market about a year ago. Stopped on the way back from paintball and lucked out on a figure I'd been wanting for years, and almost thought I was too tired to stop and look.
  14. I know this doesn't mean much, but I do know some D&D guys who would love a big green dragon. Green is often neglected in the world of D&D. I think in general a big dragon no matter the color will appeal to kids more than galactus or sentinel. Some toys can sell as toys, and some sell as characters. A dragon will sell because it's a dragon. qft! Like I said, if I can find it cheap enough then I'll get multiples so I can paint it...red, black, silver?, blue who knows? lots of possibilities with a dragon
  15. I don't think Dellamorte was talking smack. He doesn't see what the big deal is about FFF. And furthermore, he had a point about Galactus and Sentinals shelfwarming. It took quite a bit of clearancing to get those Sentinals to disappear around here. And he was not the first to take offense by someone's post. I think a few other people got offended that he didn't show love for FFF and at least one post was a more personal stab at him and his opinion whereas his was a generalized remark about the value of the character/figure. So let's just be more careful to dispute the claims without attacking the person. But Dellamorte, to lay a claim that this whole community is somehow worthless based upon the postings of even three people is a little ridiculous too. There have been people here whose opinion I dislike (and frankly dislike the people too most of the time) however I wouldn't write off the entire community because some jerks are allowed in too (and NO, I'm not saying that any of those who replied are jerks. Just that he might possibly think so) If you honetly stop going anywhere that someone has offended you then you will be sitting alone in your house surfing the internet and avoiding all chatrooms or other communication. Face it, people can be jerks. But sometimes even those who acted like a jerk are really cool people who just had a bad moment. We all have moments of weakness. Learn to get past it (with or without an apology) or life will be miserable - cuz people rarely apologize. and for the record... I have the BAF and I would still buy that thing even in the ugly orange probably. Cuz I'm a sucker like that.lol Heck, I'd probably buy more than one to see if I could repaint it and make a more fantasy/sword and sorcer type dragon out of it.
  16. Here's the old SHIELD car from a few months ago. Still need to do some stickers/logos
  17. Just a couple quick shots of Hawkeye's Skycycle. I need to touch up the paint apps quite a bit more. Camera shows those little errors much better than the naked eye!lol It's not really as dark of a purple as it looks here. Still too dark probably, but not this dark. Now I just have to figure out where Hawkeye might be and I can set him up racing some SHIELD agents in their flying car. ;o)
  18. i don't know....your flag's not curled the same way. ;o) seriously though, that's a great paint job there. I'm still hoping to be that steady and that accurate someday. great job
  19. Illegal? no. Against store policy? Yes. Completely unethical BS? Most definitely. You should definitely send a letter and/or call TRU and let them know that A) you won't shop at that store if they have management like that and B) you have let all your friends know so they will also stop shopping there unless they get rid of a scalping manager. But frankly, you should get the number for corporate and call them from your cell phone while you are in the store. Speak loudly, make sure you use the manager's name, and make sure they know you're outraged.
  20. aaargh! freaking Hasbro! I live an hour and a half from there but I've only found one figure after wave 17. You come from out of state and they have some. Was it TRU? I know there was a TRU there that had 48 CASES of MU in their back room but they only ever brought out the same revision cases for us. Tried three times and the best I got was the translucent Iron Spidey which I hadn't seen in person before. Never any new stuff. They were probably holding it all until the Avengers release this week. Dr S, I'd say your Juggy has a bad case of the measles. Kinda weird how it shows up on his helmet instead of his face, but it's definitely measles. ....or acne.... how old is Juggy now? "Variant" or not, it looks like total crap with those spots. I'd say they are correct tha BBTS isn't going to refund it though. Not their fault that Hasbro made a screwy looking figure.
  21. awesome job on Kate there! That's one that I've been wanting to do for a while now too. I hope mine is half as good as that. And, I don't know if anyone else is using Security Essentials on their computer, but mine keeps having to clean the computer whenever I come here. I know that my pop-up blocker is always blocking things when I come here, but now SE is getting really active too. I'm afraid I'm going to go away for a while and hope that whatever is wrong with this site gets fixed before I come back. I love it here, but I won't risk my computer and everything I have stored. And as I typed the above I see one of the "ads" that they allow on the bottom of the screen is one of those stupid Phishing programs that is supposed to look like a security alert so you'll click on it! While I have real issues with something on the site, it's just ironic (and disappointing) that they have such an advertisement here. While I'm smart enough not to click on that, the whole idea behind the ad is to trick someone into clicking it which is one of the lowest, most unethical forms of ads imagineable. I hope whoever allowed THAT ad will get rid of it and also that someone figures out what was posted on here that is causing security programs to sound off.
  22. really getting ticked that we haven't even got wave 18 here yet. Maybe I'll get a chance to hit a few neighboring counties and see if they've been hit better. But I'm sooooo tired of seeing Gladiator, Iron Man, and the periodic wave 17 which is the most up to date any store has been in this area. I did find another Nick Fury and Black Widow for another member, or if they don't want it then I'll actually let the kids open those. lol, I know it sounds like I put boardies above the kids, but they have a gazillion figures to play with and the oldest 4 all asked if I might be able to trade them for some new stuff. Seriously, 6 - 12 year olds first thoughts were using some cool stuff to get other cool stuff online. What am I raising here?
  23. boy we're so lucky here in Tampa. All of our Walmarts Targets and TRU's have ceased getting new MU for close to 6 months, but at least we still have lots of pegs of those #$%@&* BonkaZonks!!! WTH?!?! I keep thinking that one day I'm going to wake up and find MU at stores again and this little season of stocking stupidity on the shelves will have just been one weird dream. Somebody pinch me so I can wake up. Bonka Zonks....Bonka Zonks....Bonka Zonks.... BONKA ZONKSSSSSS!!!!
  24. Well I mostly hang out on the MU side because that's mostly what we get. But I haven't seen much of anything new MU sized in months. However, the new Miles Morales Spidey and Lizard in 6" both look great! The "regular" or movie version of Spidey....eh, not so much. He was an easy pass. And that's pretty bad considering I hate the Ultimate line of comics yet found the Ult. Spidey so much more appealing than the movie one. It just doesn't look good in plastic. I love how big Lizard is. However all that articulation kinda makes it difficult to get a good pose, even using those old Heroscape stands.
  25. nope. didn't miss a dang thang! Tampa has been completely black listed by Hasbro apparently. After being one of the best all time hunting grounds for most of the previous waves we have now become ostracized by the MU community. oh, the inhumanity of it all...lol but it does suck, even if it's not as dire as I pretend.
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