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  1. dang doesn't anyone have Ronan the Accuser?! I think that is the only Marvel BAF that I havn't been able to complete....oh wait. and Giant Man. But truthfully I could complete GM, I just won't pay that much to do it. But Ronan I can't even find the parts available anywhere at any price. What gives? or more precisely WHO gives?lol
  2. I've had the occasional legs or arms pop off when taking them out of the package, but they usually go back on easily. My kids have pretty much everythign SHS and the related GIJoe and StarWars lines. The arms on those things come off way too easily it seems. And they are a pain to get back on. But the all time crappiest line ever to me is TRANSFORMERS!!! We started getting some back before the first movie came out. I thought my kids were getting old enough to have some of those. But literally, EVERY SINGLE FIGURE we bought (or were given) came apart within minutes if not seconds out of the package. And they are so fragile you can't transform the stupid things. They were never like that when I was a kid. I don't understand how they could have gone down hill so much, but we decided that we were never buying another one. For some reason we still have all of ours (or all the pieces in some cases) in ziplock bags. Maybe I should start trying to use them for spare parts for other stuff. hmmm..... oh, and I hope you finally got everything straightened out with the trade. Is there a way to give someone a bad rating (or a good one) so we know who NOT to trade with?
  3. Do you remember which figure it came with? I know I have a complete RH, but I don't know which extra pieces I might have. Sometimes I got extras of certain figures, so it's possible. But my collection is kinda....well, in need of attention. But if you know which figure it was, I can look it up on my spreadsheet and see which box it is in (assuming I even have it).
  4. Blackest Night ended a little over a year ago and most of the key characters who got figures from Mattel recently had already appeared before the Blackest Night storyline. Story started in October 2009 with #0 so of course they got the GL figures out for it this winter. Then again, this is Mattel, who actually gets you the characters you want by the best sculptors (Four Horsemen) in the business. ahem* that is, until the Green Lantern movie comes out. Then they put out a bunch of 4" $%!& and expect us to go weak at the knee.... yep, not gonna happen. Please tell me that no one here actually likes the GL movie figures. I so thought we were getting some DC stuff on scale with MU, but it is all crap. In fact, a 2 week old cow pattie has more articulation than those figures!lol But generally speaking, you are right. They produce some awesome sculpts and are almost as articulated as Hasbro's stuff. I don't think they've ever quite gotten the articulation that Hasbro has done though. When DC finally started getting some good movement, Hasbro "kicked it up a notch" and started making even better movement. So, DC/Mattel may be fast; but Marvel/Hasbro has done a bang up job of staying cutting edge with movement, imho. of course, sometimes I think the DC hips are better than the ball joints that Hasbro still uses. Haven't quite made up my mind about those. What does everyone else think? The DC hips or Marvel hips?lol
  5. I think I'm most jealous of the old Iron Man Animated Series figures like the "Samurai Armor". I've tried hunting down figures from the Iron Man and Fantastic Four series, but they're hard to find in good shape at a reasonable price. I lucked upon 3 figures from the FF line a few weeks ago that were only 4$. But no IM animated stuff. I wish I had some of the newer stuff there too. There are several that I didn't get when they were available at HTS and I can't get myself to pay almost $20 at TRU for them. I might just have to break down and spend the extra cash or risk not getting them at all. Anyway, great collection. How did you get all of those stands for them though? Did you raid the dumpster outside the factory or something?lol That had to cost an awful lot to accumulate that many of those things! Gotta admit though, it looks really cool when you can set them up like a huge "Hall of Armor" like that.
  6. WOW! most of the pics aren't working, but from what I could see you've got quite the set-up there! I hope someday I can display my stuff in a similar fashion. Right now, because of limited space 75% of my stuff is boxed up and the rest is rather jumbled. You've done a great job and obviously put alot of time and effort into it. Do you do tours?lol
  7. My wife got back from Nawlin's and brought with her all three of the Target exclusive 2pks for Cap! Ironically, I was running early to pick her up so I stopped at Target near the airport and saw all three 2pks there too. I didn't pick them up though because she had already told me she found them. But if anyone is looking for them near Tampa, South Dale Mabry Target has scads of them. I think they'll be pretty easy to find though. I also found a Jean Grey from the first MU series #4 I thin it is. I went ahead and picked it up since my 5yo girl has been insisting on playing with the girls superheroes the most. Now I have a back-up for the inevitable snapped wrist or whatever. Also, if someone is in desperate need of the Cap 2pks and not finding them in your area let me know. I'm sure there will be plenty here. No rush. Might as well wait and see if you can get them without paying extra for shipping.
  8. Ahhh Fury is the one that I didn't get too. I don't know how I missed him. I got multiples of the other 2pks since they came with heads to switch. I think I managed to have about 7 or 8 different SHIELD agents in my dispaly with Black Widow and Winter Soldier. Okay, so some of them are darn similar (I think one female agent actually has a BW head.lol) and Dum Dum's head doesn't seem to scale with the body. But it was cool to be able to pose a "team" of agents. Still on the lookout for a Fury pack myself.
  9. Well, we have an entire section of a major theme park dedicated to Marvel characters. It's called Marvel Island and it's part of Islands of Adventure in Orlando. You can ride a Hulk coaster, a Spider-Man multimedia/multisensory experience, a Storm ride (like Mad Hatter's teacups) and eat in a FF themed restaurant. And of course, with Disney owning Marvel now, there's Marvel stuff at various Disney stores/outlets. You can hardly walk through the mall or other stores without seeing someone in a comic inspired t-shirt - quite often it's Marvel too. yep, I'd say Marvel is doing quite well here. I can't believe they're not bigger over there with all the movies they've been pumping out. Don't the movies do well over there?
  10. Even if this guy's not actually trying to scam someone, it's possible that he's fallen for a scam. He says he got it from China. Don't they rip off everything in China? He's probably got some "variant" Gucci bags for sale elsewhere too.lol At over $300 US, I don't think it's worth the risk. If anyone actually goes for it though, please post some pics and let us know what is really going on with that figure. btw, did you read the description? Moonknight backer, Beta Ray Bill sticker, and Captain Marvel comic with a "battle damaged" Destroyer? really? Is it even possible for the factory to screw up that much, or is it more likely a scam by someone with access to some heat sealing equipment? oh, and did you see his email address? Halitosis_kid@hotmail seriously? he advertises that he has bad breath? that's just too funny.
  11. Only the bows have the variation hmmm...apparently I have the variant. And I didn't even realize there WAS a variant. Well, at least the one I have out of the package with the rest of the "team" is the variant. The other one is packed up until we get a bigger place and I can display my MOC stuff. The only reason I can see for this change is that his hand does fit nicely and holds the bow pretty well with this version. I don't know if it would fit his hand as well the other way. I do like that you can easily pose this figure like he's reaching behind him to grab an arrow from his quiver, while he's holding his bow at the ready.
  12. The TRU one that came with Valkyrie was pretty dang cool. One of the best Hulks in a long time if not the best. And it didn't hurt that it came with Valkyrie either. Just wish I had a pegasus for her. But, you probably will have to hit Amazon or Ebay to get them now. It's possible BBTS has some, I haven't looked since I'm nt really missing any. Whichever method you choose, you'll probably be paying through the nose to get them now - secondary market is a killer sometimes.
  13. whoa!!! the new Legends are going to be $25!?!?! When did they decide to pump the price up that much? I was hoping they'd be more like the previous (Toybiz) lines. Those were awesome figures for their price range. But at $25, I don't know if I'd be getting any new ML's. Someone please tell me they'll be well under 20. I mean even with a BAF piece inside, they should be several dollars under 20.
  14. aaah! I wish I could tell you, but since I haven't been lucky enough to find anything from Thor or Captain America in 6" scale yet...... As far as the Iron Man figures go, I keep them all together with my Legends figures on a shelf I call my "Hall of Armor". The movie ones fit right in with the Legends stuff nicely. The others I'll have to determine after I actually get my hands on something. I honestly have not seen anything other than MU scale stuff for Thor and Cap though (well, except for like 10" or 12" huge figs) I can say that if I find some good Cap stuff it will probably go into a nice little Cap "shrine" that would include multiple scales from multiple lines - so it would definitely be mixed.
  15. Wow, love that Beetle figure (okay that was last month's post, but I'm new so it's the first I've seen it). That is one of my favorite figures and I think I'd be tempted to by another if I saw one in good condition at a good price. I just bought some new batteries for mine a few months ago. It wasn't lighing up anymore. As for the $280 haul...that's a pretty good collection for that price. An awful lot of figures for under $300! I think I have all those already except the Punisher/Jigsaw combo. I remember passing on that at the store cuz I don't really like either character that much. But if you needed them, then that is a great way to fill out the collection! I wish I could find a deal like that on some figures I'm missing, or that I want more multiples of. Currently, I'm wishing I could finish building Ronan the Accuser. That whole series ticks me off. I don't think I'll ever see an Invisible Woman from that set. Still missing a couple others too, but I think she has the torso so you can't put anything else together without her.
  16. What exactly do you mean? I mean, I keep an excel file with all my figures including their item# and assortment/series# as well as the obvious figure#. But I just put all the 6" stuff on the same page and have the series name as one of the columns/fields to fill out. So, for me, the movie stuff will be "different" from the Legends lines because the names for the series (not to mention the #'s) will be different. But they'll be on the same page. Just able to sort them by series name/number/etc. Are you talking about classifying them to keep track of your collection, or classifying them for some other reason that I've missed entirely?
  17. All I can say is "holy crap"!!! So it's "Commander Rogers" or whatever from the Secret Avengers then, huh? There doing him in MU next wave and then again in ML sometime next year. I can't complain about that! This whole lineup sounds pretty good. I'm not even too worried about the movie version of GR. Though I know the movie versions from X3 really sucked hard. I'm hoping that they can do a better job with Ghost Rider than they did with the others. And I can't believe someone knocked my Kelsey Grammer action figure!lol ....that was a pretty crappy beast figure. but you had to complete the BAF, right?
  18. oh, and isn't Josten the "new" Antman? I haven't gotten much of the actual comic books in the last couple years so I'm a little out of it. Marvel kinda ticked me off when they had Cap just up and quit at the end of Civil War. I thought that was a stupid cop out. Especially after the speech he gave Parker over in the Spider titles about not giving up when you know you're right, no matter who or how many stand against you. I think they just didn't know another way to end it quickly and decisively so they said "well, SOMEONE in authority is going to have to give in for this to end." Cap quitting and pretty much all major Marvel marriages being anulled/divorced/retconned/widowed off all kind of made my wife and I start rethinking our spending. But I've gotta say, I'm liking Steve Rogers and his "Secret Avengers" stuff. EDIT: especially liking the Secret Avengers cuz it's gonna lead to a Commander Rogers figure. More Rogers in plastic form is always a good thing....just not for my wallet
  19. I've always thought that some Thunderbolts 2packs would be awesome. First I wanted them in the Legends line, but now I'd rather see them in the MU lines. Wouldn't that be awesome? You could have each villain/hero in their own 2-pack: Baron Zemo - Citizen V Screaming Mimi - Songbird Eric Josten, Karla Sofen, Techno/Fixer, and of course the coolest would be Beetle/Mach I (or II,III,IV,V...how far did he get?) Of course that's just some of the original T-bolts. There have been many others throughout the various incarnation. but the general idea of putting the villains with their "hero" alter-ego would be fantastic. And marketing could come up with some kick-ass ways of packaging those too.... So has anyone mentioned this to Marvel/Hasbro? If so, what did they say about the idea? Not a snowball's chance in Miami?(or some other warm place) EDIT: and apparently this should be in the 3.75" forums. I wasn't paying much attention to where I was when I hit "new topic" Sorry. Still kinda new at this stuff.
  20. @LapuLapu, great job on the She-Hulk figure. It does look really good, even for someone with lots of experience, but definitely for a newbie. Not to mention, you basically had to do a sex change operation on that one. I don't even want to know what all you had to do with the knife!!! yowza!! ;o) Seriously though. awesome job. makes me want to try some myself......
  21. That IS a great idea. Didn't really like Destro like that anyway. But as RS, it's perfect. Uh, and your "about me" section says you're a "man with the cheese of the devil"? not sure I want to know what that's about.lol Interesting indeed.
  22. Awesome looking Phantom Rider. This was one of my favorite "alternates" in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance game. Add the horse and maybe some smoke effects and you'd have some incredible picture possibilities!!! Great job
  23. Yep. So far Downtown Disney hasn't been really fruitful. Back when Thor came out, they had a big display in the "Once Upon A Toy" store; but even then it was all stuff I'd seen for half the price. I was hoping there would be an awesome Cap display with some exclusives or at least htf items. But so far Disney isn't capitalizing on the line in there own stores. Interestingly though, if you are at DD, you should go into the main store (forgot what it's called but it has the princess boutique stuff) and they have more variety in Marvel stuff than the toy store does. As for the Frost Giants. I saw the same thing. Only here the "deluxe" has been going for 6.48 while the regulars are still about $8. I just grabbed a couple extra "deluxe" and figured at the very least I'd use all the ice accessories somewhere (perhaps in my GIJoe snow battle display?lol)
  24. oh, and I've managed to find BOTH Cables, Cyke, Apocalypse (had to get an extra of him. too cool) Gladiator, Scorpion, Lizard, plus three of the new Spider-Man figures that actually looked pretty cool. I've found more of all of these around this area too. Also got figures 13 and 14 for the Cap series (still no Hydra agents except the "deluxe" which I nabbed) I have ALL of the deluxe Caps even though the last one is just a repaint of one of the first three. (yep, Ima sucker) However, nothing from Strange (either one), Doom, Scarlet Spider, or the rest of that series. Also, I've seen probably close to 300 Iron Patriot figures in the various stores and not once seen the alternate head! Undoubtedly one of the figures I want the most too! I've literally gone through displays that had almost 20 Iron Patriots thinking there had to be at least one alternate. But nope! As for a MU collectors club.....HECK YEAH!!! But it would definitely need to be more like 1 maybe 2 exclusive figures per year to make it fiscally feasible (remember I've fot 6 kids to feed and clothe!lol) If it took off and was able to have conventions like the Joe's do, then perhaps Hasbro could be persuaded to do some extra exclusives for those shows too (maybe some team sets or troop building stuff). I vote for Orlando for any conventions since it has the Marvel Island at Islands of Adventure, several Disney stores at Downtown Disney (though I've not yet found anything I was actually missing there) Perhaps the con planning can wait until there's an actual club.lol okay, time to go clean the drool off the keyboard (before my wife thinks I've been staring at boobs for the last few hours!)
  25. Hey, new guy here. I've just spent the last four hours trolling through the forums so I just had to go ahead and join. I gotta say, I'm jealous of many who have been finding some things that I doubt I'll see anytime soon. But I'm also a little encouraged because it seems that I've been pretty lucky with lots of Marvel stuff too. I'm in the Tampa area, and there are LOTS of places to pick up stuff. Unfortunately, there are also LOTS of scalpers and "pros" who snag every last one on the shelf or smash up what they can't afford to get for themselves. Currently my living room is a wreck. There are GI Joe and MU figures covering almost the entire room (as well as legos!lol). I've got six kids (yes, that's 6, S-I-X). So it's nice to have enough figures to play with. Of course, not ALL of my figures are allowed into little hands. ;o) I'm sure you all know about that. Some figures I absolutely HAVE to get more than one so that I can keep one "pristine" and have one for playing with too. looking forward to coming back (probably daily if I find the time) glad I found this site.
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