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  1. I've got some good news and some bad news. First the good news. I found Nick Fury, Chitauri, and Black Widow today. The bad news: They were at KMART!!!!! Hey, at least I got some points on my Kmart shopper rewards card. woohoo.lol
  2. I think OPP has Baron Zemo, Leader, and possibly Dum Dum available in MU scale already. Or at least they had them at one time if I'm not mistaken. Vengeance would be kind of cool. Not sure if I can even get to the part of my wall that has him displayed, much less if I could get myself to pull off his head and mail it away.lol Jigsaw I haven't even opened so no way I'm donating that head. I definitely concur on the Smart Hulk head. He's usually part of my ML size Avengers team pictures and I'd love one at MU size. They've done so many different Hulks and Hulk related characters that I don't see how they can keep skipping over the smart one forever.
  3. Haven't had much time to shop or get on here (though i leave my explorer up so it says I'm on 24/7) however, when picking up milk the other day we saw that Helicarrier in the clearance section at Walmart and I thought I was going to get it for half price or something - the only reason to buy a retail version when I have the SDCC one. Scanned it and it came up for that 88.88 that someone else saw too. Not sure what happened with that, but I thought it was funny that someone thought it might be worth that much.
  4. well after not getting much sleep because my cracked rib hurt every time I rolled over, I finally decided I probably shouldn't play paintball today. So I'm stuck at home, not playing paintball and NOT hunting for new toys while my wife takes my oldest two kids and plays paintball. :o( If I can't play, I at least wish I could go out toy hunting. Well, it's not like any stores around me have anything new. Or even anything released less than 6 months ago really. Star Wars is the same story as MU it seems. I'm tired of Quinlan Vos, and I'm not even the SW collector in the family!
  5. nice job on the Squirrel Girl there! An unusual choice for sure, but very well done. Rod, nice job on the unmasked Wolvie copies. They look good.
  6. getting tired of the "Spaceballs" searches around here. Don't get to hunt much, but it's always the same old story. "We ain't found $#!+" on another note, looks like I'm going to be playing some paintball tomorrow...... ....with at least one cracked rib. hmmmm.... might not be the smartest decision I've ever made but I'm having some withdrawals.
  7. wish me luck guys. The kids need stuff for their lunches tomorrow, and we need milk and cereal. So that means I can look for toys while I'm out! yes! Haven't been able to do much hunting lately so I need a score tonight. especially after the day I've been having..... are your fingers crossed yet?
  8. Ebay. Decent (sort of) price. I think I paid $25 shipped for him. Thank you for the info. In hindsight, was he worth $25, or have you not opened him? In hindsight, I would say yes...seeing that this came from Canada and it was a deluxe figure. I never wanted nor found a Sif figure, but when the Heimdall figure was first announced, I couldn't wait to get it. When it never came out here, I was pissed. But knowing me, now that I bought it from eBay, it will start showing up around the country in Marshall's and TJ Maxx's for about $9... That would be nice since I only have one and still haven't brought myself to open him. But frankly, I usually have that kind of luck too yet I traded a Canadian boardie months ago and still haven't seen another. What is up with several of Hasbro's figures only showing up north of the boarder? At least Shocker and Heimdal, right off the top of my head. I'm fairly certain there are some others too. Well, I'm off to work. Good luck hunting today everyone! Hopefully I'll get a chance to check some places after picking the kids up from school.
  9. technically they each have their own UPC code on the package but for Target stores all UPC's in a particular line are linked in their system and they have their own Target number that applies to all of them. But for all intents and purposes you are correct since bringing them any one UPC will allow them to search their inventory for cases of that line but not for any individual characters. Just thought I'd clear that up (hopefully) in case someone looked at the bottom of their package and saw that the numbers are not the same. They just come up the same in Target and TRU computers. Walmart varies by line. Some lines all characters are the same, but for other lines it will actually say the characters name on your receipt which means the computer can tell which one you purchased.
  10. It's hard to tell because the pic is small, but that looks like a really good part swap recipe. Like you said even beginners can handle that one. From what I can tell it looks pretty good.
  11. Went to a TRU today and found one solitary FF Spidey. Took him and a Star Wars fig to the front counter to have them check their inventory and the guy gave us the run around and hemmed an hawed and finally pretended to check their inventory before telling me to check back in a few weeks. He also told me that the figure was left over from a couple weeks ago and they haven't gotten any boxes in at least two weeks. Funny thing is that we were there last week and they said they didn't have anything other than what was on the shelves then. I hate lazy, no-good, lying, SOB retail workers. They give the rest of retailers a bad rap. It really burns me up because I'm there with six kids asking for toys and getting flat out lied to when not given a run-around; and I know that they give the hook-up to some fat slob friend of theirs if they don't just grab the boxes themselves and hit ebay. Well, they're still not as bad as most of the Targets we've been to. My kids use the scanners there and then ask employees who will look them in the eye and tell them that there aren't any more. How do you look a kid in the eye and lie to them? Oh yes, now I remember what I read in "The Sociopath Next Door", mainly that 1 in 25 people have no sense of right and wrong and absolutely no conscience to speak of. oh, but I was so glad that I didn't get my oldest son the Transformer that he wanted there for $14. We went three doors down (KRYPTONITE! sorry) to TJMaxx and found the same Tformer for only $8 instead! Felt like going back and giving the finger to the TRU employee, but I was good and contained myself.
  12. Yes, hopefully Onyx will be able to work on those wings this week. But after work on Monday I'll probably have to head to the doctor instead of the post office. I think I might have a cracked rib or two and might need some xrays to confirm or belay my fears. Good news is that at least my mom's out of the hospital and recovering nicely.
  13. Wasp's potential wings come from a Reddakai figure called Warnet or something like that. IF you find one somewhere it should be clearanced, but they started clearancing those things months ago so they're pretty scarce now. I'm using the body from that same figure to make a demon looking character too and someone else on here used that body for Annihilus (sp?) with legs from another Reddakai figure - looked really good too.
  14. Which tru did you see the she hulk/wolvie at. Was it the one in brandon or in st. pete. neither. I was in Orlando for the last few days. My mom is having major surgery in a couple days so we took her on a little vacation for the weekend to help her relax and forget about it. I think it was the Florida Mall location that had the most 2pks but also the highest prices. The Mall at Millenia had less but their prices were at least 10% lower across the board it seemed. Lakeland had absolutely nothing as per their usual it seems lately. We did find some cool Star Wars sets my son was wanting and a Cars set my youngest son was wanting. My oldest however feels gypt because he didn't find any Transformers to get except Sgt Kipp (or something like that) which I wouldn't pay almost $18 to get because we had seen him at Ross months ago for like $8 or less but he didn't want him then. But no, Brandon, and Westley Chapel still have nothing to the best of my knowledge. We haven't been over to the Pinellas side in a while, but from what I've heard they don't have anything in Clearwater or St Pete either really. Hopefully we see waves 18-21 all hit this week! That would be a major haul! Of course, school starts this week here so I'll be slightly busy, but I'm hoping to find stuff anyway.
  15. Got the Xmen pack at a TRU. First TRU that I found it wanted $55 which I thought was BS so I waited. Found it at another one maybe 10 miles away from that store and they only wanted $45 so I grabbed it. That first TRU had the Shulkie/Wolvie, Cap/Magneto, and FFSM/DD but they were all labled either $22 or $23 so I passed on all but that cool black spidey even though I like my custom white DD better. Checked the receipt later and it reads only $20! even though the scanners also said it would be $23. Weird. Also picked up the Chitauri w/chariot (is this a Chitauriot?lol) but couldn't get myself to get more than one. Without a doubt the coolest haul this weekend was the new Spider-Man Lego set with Doc Ock. It is really cool and best of all it comes with Iron Fist as a Lego too! woohoo! I hope they make lots more Marvel legos.
  16. BBTS has always had good stuff when I ordered from them, which is several times now. I just only do it if they are the same as retail or really really close (and once or twice where it came out cheaper for some reason. woohoo!lol)
  17. I know there's a WIP thread over in the customs section, but let's face it this thread gets way more traffic. So I'd like some feedback as to whether this particular recipe is working for a Wasp figure. The wings are not permanently attached yet, hence the sticky putty showing under her arms a bit. I'm trying to figure out how to get an Avengers "A" on her belt instead of whatever that power rangers crap is. Also, this was the best head I could come up with from my bins, but I think I'm going to have to get that Maria Hill head from OPP because it really is the closest thing I've seen to Wasp - unless anyone else knows of a good one. I don't suppose someone with both a Maria Hill and a PR girl could do a head swap to see if the size of the head is good for that body? I know, alot to ask. Still haven't figured out exactly which color scheme I want to go with either. So this is an extremely rough draft. Here's another shot beside some of my female SHIELD agents (and a decapitated victim apparently) So, any ideas? The basic shape with the skirt seems to work to me. But what changes would you make if you were doing this?
  18. So the head is actually the correct size but it doesn't fit on the neck peg, correct? If this is the case then the easiest thing to do is to dremel out the hole in the head a little more. Just be carefull not to dremel out too much. If you dremel out just a little too much it can be easily fixed by adding some sticky putty inside, but if you go too far then you are taking a chance of drilling all the way through the head which would really suck. If you don't have a dremel then it is a little more difficult to fix. One thing I did before buying my dremel was to cut the neck peg down and then use sticky putty inside the head to hold it onto what was left of the neck peg. It actually allows for even more poseability than any normal joint because the putty is not restricted like any plastic joint would be. Of course, this does not work well in any situation were it will be played with by children since the head would be promptly lost. But it is about the only way to have people look anywhere a normal human could look, and it will stay in whatever position you put it usually. Oh, and sorry to the experts for jumping in. I just thought since I was here I'd put my 1/50th of a dollar in there.
  19. oh, all the rest of the line look stupid. The Foot soldiers are at least somewhat decent, but I wouldn't touch that April, Shredder, Krang and Splinter with a ten foot pole. At least they did a great job on the turtles themselves. And to be honest, the others look stupid mainly because of the art style used for the new toon it seems.
  20. dang, I missed getting to post on page 500! Hey, Wolvie, is that an official variant or did someone make a custom and make it look packaged for you? I don't know if I like her with the short hair but I'd take some for that head. and has ANYONE in Florida gotten lucky lately? Or did that loser mom/son duo steal all the good stuff for this year?lol
  21. That is seriously impressive work there. Once again I am stunned by what people can do with these figures.
  22. No. That one looks horrible and nothing like RDJ. I wouldn't have that in my store. This is 1 of 2 shrunken Hot Toys heads I am doing. As for Rhodey, I hate that actor as him so that one won't be made by me. Scarlett J. head is in my store if it is the same one you are talking about. NOOOOOOOO! Don Cheadle, Sam Jackson, Morgan Freeman.. the holy trinity of black actors. You meant Don Cheadle, Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman. Right? I like Sam, but he's not as good or diversified an actor as the other three. I like Terence Howard too, and was disappointed he wouldn't be returning. But frankly, you can't do better than Don as an actor. He absolutely becomes whoever he is portraying. He's done characters from all over the world and his accent is so perfect that you'd swear that they got someone from that country to play the part. His range is probably too good for a superhero movie, honestly.
  23. Actually I do have it. Just not in my store. I'll hook you up with one. well that was easy. let me try: Onyx, I want to buy a winning lottery ticket from you but you don't have one ....waiting with bated breath.....
  24. another "spaceballs" day for MU. We combed the desert (formerly known as Brandon) and we didn't find ....... and that was after spending almost 3 hours to get 5 kids hair cuts. crazy. stupid. and totally NOT worth it to me. Good thing #6 doesn't need a hair cut or we might still be there! btw, anyone seen those little Marvel motorcycles they've got now? Forgot what they are called but a 2pk is like $8 at TRU and they're tiny little cycles you rev up. Neat looking. kids think it's kinda cool. but @ basically $4 a pop I'm not too sure about them. Still better than squinkies or bonka zonks. ....er, well, to be clear I meant Marvel bonka zonks. the "other" bonka zonks now.....
  25. idk, instead of completing his shirt you could always sculpt a belly button ring. ;o) Great work on that, btw. looks amazing already.
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