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  1. Bienvenudo, wilkomen, karibu, and welcome. Definitely got to keep looking for Avengers wv4 and MU wv18. Neither one seems to be hitting around here yet; but there have only been a few figures that NEVER showed up here so it should be soon.....I hope. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. meh, had another "Spaceballs" day of hunting here. Two Wally's, Target, and a TRU and nothing. zip. nada. zero. anyone else here try that piece of crap game called Heroes of Might and Magic VI? It has ticked me off for the last time. I don't know if I'll ever get another Ubisoft title if this is the way they do things. Am I alone in hating Ubisoft's mandatory "cloud save", which really means it's saving nothing?
  3. I'm sorry, but is Cyclops giving Sinister the bird finger in that pakage?!lmao It kinda looks like it at first glance. Got Fedex and USPS both delivered today. Couple of Star Wars people for one of my sons and some custom fodder, but the big deal - and I mean BIG deal came from HTS through Fedex. You know what I'm talking about.....that freaking Super Helicarrier is huge! My oldest is only 12 and stands about 5'4" tall so the thing comes up to his chest when stood on end (uh, stood the helicarrier on end. not my son. he stands "on end" already.lol) But I've got to say, if you're tight on money and don't think you can afford the Helicarrier then skip it and get the Insights book. The photography and the dioramas are spectacular, but his actual insights as he was forced to give up photography towards the end of his life are worth far more than the cost of the helicarrier really. So next time you're thinking about ordering from HTS, throw that book into your cart too. It really is a great book. I warn you though, read it alone if you don't want anyone to see you cry. And make sure your significant other takes a little read-through too. I'm sure you'll get some good benefits from that.
  4. Blue Flame is the only one I'm missing from either wave right now. I was lucky enough to find green Madam and masked Daken a few weeks ago and then BT Spidey a few days after that. And actually TRU.com had the green and the gold faced Madams on their site for a while. I think both are still listed if anyone is still missing one of those.
  5. Smalljoes probably has the best stands. I know this is going to bring up some debate about ordering from him again. Apparently some people have had a problem and do not like them (well, him) anymore; but honestly I've only ordered from them a few times and always had good experiences. And really they are great stands, especially because they have four pegs which allows some variety with poses. Also, smalljoes has other stuff that you might want and can save on shipping if you order stands with other stuff. I've also gotten some from Protech Industries which are round rather than rectangular. These are good size pegs and work great too they just don't have nearly the variations because they only have one peg. Entertainment Earth stands only have one peg too if I'm not mistaken (can't seem to locate any of mine right now). Again, with Protech you can order some other stuff you might want/need and save shipping. I get card protectors and action figure cases from them so adding some stands to an order is rather easy. And I've only ever had one screw up from them and they fixed it at no cost to me and made sure I was happy. So they definitely get my vote for customer service. (their AF1 and AF2 cases are must-haves for your MOC figures that you don't want messed up!) There are also some interlocking stands that you can get which (according to the seller's advertisements) are supposed to be great for displaying massive armies and troops in formations. These are some of the only stands I've never actually ordered so I can't tell you how good they might be. They just seem to stick out too much to me and I haven't been able to get myself to try them.
  6. LOL lmao, I knew it was this scene too but still part of me wanted to think of the "Major ---hole" and that whole "I'm surrounded by ---holes!" scene instead. I'm gonna have to bust that movie out of retirement and watch it again. I genuinely hate the stupid humor movies that have come out in the last decade or two, but just the memories of that one bring a tear to my eye. Stupidity at its best! As for the Xforce set, I have to ask, is Archangel the only one in the comics with a metallic/silver look? Why does he have that look and Wolvie is dull grey? I haven't picked up the books in a long time so I'm hoping there's a legitimate reason why they did them differently but I know they did MU two different ways too. Just stupidity/laziness on Hasbro's part?
  7. Holy rusted metal, Batman! That is one freaking awesome Namor there, IDH! It's hard to believe there's this much "amateur" talent out there and Hasbro relies on ...what? Where do they get their sculpts? I mean some are pretty cool, but this custom is magnificent and really makes me wonder what we'd get from this line if they had some people like IDH and some of the other customizers working directly for Hasbro. Anybody have contact info for someone in the design team? Let's get IDH a nice little check so Hasbro can reproduce that sucker a few million times. I don't imagine that would pegwarm at all. Now I want to try that little scale technique to see if I can make something that looks like chainmail or even possibly feathers. Seems time consuming but those results are worth it. Seriously guys, I'm in awe of the stuff that you people put out.
  8. Supposedly Antman is actually in production to hit theaters either next year or 2014 but it is goin to be more "lighthearted" and a "different spin" on superheroes and therefore not tied to the rest of the Avengers mythos. So maybe they're just saving it for the movie release? Seems kinda stupid to me. But then I'm not a fan of "Hot Fuzz" and other idiot movies so I really am not interested in a Marvel superhero done like that and really don't want to wait for an action figure to go with it.
  9. ah, now when I look closer I can see Stel in front of Kilowog. Missed him the first time. I wish they'd actually make an Interceptor with that whole crew! Even just the 4pk would be cool, but an actual vehicle would be really awesome. My kids would flip if they saw that in a store. great job. anyone think that Mattel might do like Hasbro and start making figures that have been customized? I'd love to see that entire Rainbow Corps done even if I had to pay a huge chuck to get it in one giant box set.
  10. and I know everyone is just joking about the color thing. I enjoyed the humor too. But I do hope that everyone realizes that "colored" is most definitely not the more "pc" term nor is it more sensitive. just an fyi that wasn't asked for. and btw, "person OF color" is accepted while "colored person" is not. saying someone is colored is like saying that white people are normal and other people are some kind of aberration that's been dipped in something. Never really agreed with the person OF color thing myself, but it was an accepted form throughout Africana Studies and in various events and such put on by the Institure on Black Life at USF as well as in most all of the different cultural clubs and oganizations. And my favorite was "Arachnid-American".lmao because everyone deserves a hyphen! now, didn't you all log in here just to learn something new? ;o)
  11. I think I just have duplicates of figures I have gotten better versions of. I have 2 cyclops, 2 things, 1 spider-man, 4 wolverines, 1 mr. fantastic, 1 nightcrawler (bamf varient), colossus (wolverine & the x-men), 1 thor (gigantic battles). Not mu but, I have about 50 star wars figures I am trying to sell or just get rid of some how. I also have 10 transformers figures, 9 of which a buddy of mine is about to buy. Got any pics of the Star Wars stuff you're trying to get rid of? My second oldest just started collecting SW about a year maybe two years ago. He mostly likes Clone Wars stuff and has quite a bit. But he loves Sith and Bounty Hunters. I don't know some of them by name but if I saw pics I'm pretty sure I'd know if he has them. And after writing all that I realize I should have just pm'd you. sheesh
  12. looks like a good base for Aya. Does she take herself apart and put herself back together though?lol Rainbow corps looking good there. I assume that the Iron Monger became a Stel, but that's mainly because I don't know of any other robot looking Lanterns. It looks good as a Lantern. I bought some extra's on clearance and still haven't figured out what I'm actually going to do with them. I was thinking Hydra soldiers or possibly some Mandroids or something - since we're obviouslly never going to see Mandroids despite the fact that they'd be super easy for Hasbro to do using existing parts.
  13. wow! amazing work in here. PYD, I can't believe you'd "retire" your Tigershark. He's pretty dang awesome and should just move to another section of your collection or something. @ Rod, dang those Lanterns look great! My two oldest are so gungho about the GL cartoon. I gotta admit, I think it's pretty cool too even though I'm more of a Stewart fan. Hopefully Jon will show up sometime soon and still have great characterization like in the old JL series. Great job on all of those. Walker looks great and so does Razor or whatever his name is. Two must-haves from the animated series for sure.
  14. obviously I missed out on all the HTS SDCC stuff since I was camping with the family. But we did stop at a few TRU's, Walmarts, Targets, Dollar Generals, and even a Fred's while traveling. Found NOTHING MU really except that different areas have different peg warmers. Saw plenty of stuff that we already have. However, at one Wally they had Transformers Deluxe class on clearance for $1! My son was only missing two of them so the rest was just a slap in the face after having paid more for them really. oh well. Also, found quite a few of the DG Joe's which I had never really seen before (in person anyway). First it was only those $3 things which were interesting but not extremely cool. But then I found a black Cobra Commander from the $6 DG line and he's pretty sweet actually. Still hoping to find some others from that line since they are actually similar to current Joe's while the cheaper stuff is ...well, cheaper in every way. Also got Two-Face, Mr Freeze, and a Batman figure from that new cartoony looking line. Killer Croc needed someone to play with anyway. My second oldest found a few Star Wars that he was missing, but other than that an uneventful trip. Still, for "camping" we brought home an awful lot of plastic.lol
  15. I thought that 3pk was coming stateside with the correct lables. Did they correct it before it hit mass retail in Australia? @ RichardC, let me know if you need help translating anything from that packaging. Aussie can be difficult for some 'mericans to understand.lol
  16. wait..... you went out of your house!? away from your computer?!?!...on a day like today! are you nutz?! or just the only sane person on the board right now.....
  17. Sizemore, I love your Spidey rogues gallery. I'm hoping my Vulture turns out half as well as yours. I'm planning on two different tones of green for mine. Not sure if I can get either one the way I want it though.
  18. Vulture is another one of my "WIP's". I'm using Falcon's wings too, but Falcon's body is too buff. I went with one of the Spidey bodies that was fairly thin and just cut slits in the arms of another fig. And for the head I'm using one from OPP that was a bald old guy. Might have to add some warts or something but the scowl was fairly spot on for a vulture already. Still have all the painting to do on that one since I just got around to cutting the arm slits for the wings about a week and a half ago. Should only take me another three months to get back to it.lol Your mock up looks pretty good there. What parts are you supposing with that? Wings from Falcon seems like the obvious choice, but have you thought out body/arm choices? And anyone have other suggestions for his "collar"? I've thought about finding some white faux fur from a craft store like Michaels and I've thought about just adding some sculpey putty - but I still have not decided which would look better. Leaning towards all plastic though. Generally don't like any "real" cloth or other material looks on figures. Besides, depending upon who draws him, his collar often looks like it's supposed to be feathers anyway. Only sometimes does it look more like fur (possibly lazy drawing not wanting to add feather details?)
  19. She is on-again / off-again available at amazon.com for $12.99 and is usually eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. In fact, she is there for that price right now: http://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Vintage-Fi...p;keywords=shae maybe she WAS that price. Now that they realize people want her they've jacked her up to about $30 shipped! I've been looking for that one and a couple others for my son. heck, I'm not that into the SW stuff, but I'd like that one too if I could ever find it. We check the SW stock at every store and we've come across Nom Anor maybe 4 to 5 times but nothing else cool in a looooong time. Oh well, makes it easier to save money I guess. Got just a few more days to hold on to my money too.....
  20. um, and I used dull and gloss Coats not Goats. I mean I've used gloss goats before, but I never touch the dull goats. too messy.lol I know, I could have just edited the post above. But that wouldn't have been nearly as fun as pointing it out. ;o)
  21. I guess I need to find a spray can of clear coats. I've used the brush applications for both dull and gloss goats and the gloss has always worked great but the dull coat seemed to want to remove the paint from the figure even on parts that had been painted months before and were obviously dry (and error free up until that!) So maybe spraying would help since you wouldn't have the brush rubbing on it to possibly remove the paint underneath. It was only in places but still annoying to go back and fix when I thought it should all be safe to apply a dulling agent. The gloss coat workd so nice though. I had some stuf that just wasn't as shiny as I wanted, especially my flame sword, which obviously could not be dull at all. I applied some clear gloss coat to it and boy did it shine it up and it seemed like a nice hard casing on it almost. Not really thicker, though I know it is slightly, just seemed like a nice hard/shiny finish. Dull coat helped bring down the shine on parts like legs and such where pants really shouldn't be shiny unless you're making a Dazzler custom.lol I'm going to have to look for a spray can for next time though, unless someone else can tell me what went wrong. It was an acrylic product used over acrylic paints. But it apparently has some thinner/solvent in it so it is really easy to screw up.
  22. Been out of it for a while. Haven't found anything MU related in a while (that I can remember anyway) but I did find the Big Time SM, Madam Viper, and Masked Daken ML figures finally. Then found them again a few hours later fresh from the box (guy pulled the box off the pallet and opened it just so we could see what was inside). I don't need two sets of those so I texted a couple boardies to let them sort it out (probably by who lived the closest unless one doesn't get ML). It was cool to see those figs actually hitting retail. Now people won't be able to find the other variants anymore probably.lol Oh, and they came with the other Crew member too, but I already had both since my wife picked up the alternate while on a work trip out of state. I'm really hoping that massive tons of crap starts hitting in the next week and a half. We have a trip to see the in-laws up in 'Bama (uuuuugh!) so we'll be stopping at every Walmart, Target, TRU, and most other stores we see. It takes about 3 times as long as it should to get from Tampa to Montgomery because we insist on seeing what every town has available.lmao Anyone else stretch simple 8 hour drives into 20 plus?
  23. wow, wicked sweet customs. Is that ML Juggy's head shrunk down to MU size? If not, where in the world did you get it? Great choice and use of parts all around, but I think that Bishop is my favorite. I would definitely buy that if I saw him on the pegs. Doesn't really matter if he's not totally canon from comics, cartoon or whatever to me. It looks good and probably better than whatever version they'll finally make (assuming they even try to make one)
  24. This discussion is appropriately timed. Last night I got an Agent K at Target clearanced so I can use him as a movieverse SHIELD agent. I took him out today and his fingers were all fused together so he couldn't hold his gun properly. I actually used my thumb nail to separate his trigger finger and bent it slightly and now he holds the gun much better. Of course, within an hour of that he was separated from his gun by some large villains masquerading as my children. But there, for a little while, all was correct.
  25. Still adding details and touching up in places (especially from rubbing) but here's what I've been playing with/working on for a while now. I've got a werewolf using an OPP head on a Venom body - Venom body is perfect for it but being androgenous I'd like to add pants somehow. My dinosaur warrio to whom I've added some offensive gauntlet pieces. He's obviously Rhino body with a Schleich/Papo dino head and the extra spikes came from a Predator Hound. Next is one of my faves. A Centaur using Spidey 2099 arms, on an Angel torso, PotC head, and Schleich or Papo animal body. I used Angel because I'm thinking about adding some more horns/spikes to the back (also from the Predator Hound) Next is one of my Pirate Dogs using a jackal head on a Frost Giant body with clothing from PotC. The "Captain" is even less finished in the background. He'll use Blackbeard's jacket. Last is another one of my faves. A Minotaur using a Hulk body and the head from a Schleich or Papo bull. I got some real metal chains and spent a week try to take the stupid shine and luster from them. They didn't want to take any paint or lose the shine for anything! But I really like the chains as if he's broken free from slavery or bondage or something and now possibly uses them as weapons/armor. I've also been working on J2 from MC2 and a Colossonaut (that word now brings up quite a few google returns! yeah, it's becoming a popular way to refer to him!). Here's a pic of my WIP for my ironically named "Hunters" series. They will all be animals that are typically considered prey but done up to be a little more bad@$$ as if they are now on the hunt. Matching the body color to the heads is even harder than getting the heads to fit on MU bodies! Had the same problem for my Pirate Dog Captain which is why he's further behind than his first mate. Oh, and way up to the top right you can see the Tombstone figure I've pretty much finished in shirtless form. I just need to find a cool jacket to go with him really. Colossus head works pretty good for Tombstone's head I think. I'll try to take some better one's of him later. Probably before I come up with a good jacket for him.
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