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  1. I've thought about using Cyclops hand, with the two fingers to point at his visor, and trying to bend them so that they could be used for Hawkeye to pull back the bow string. I'd like a smaller, feminine set of hands to do the same thing for a Kate Bishop (or whatever the female Hawkeye's name is). Other than that, and some other switching, I've never really "modified" any hands much. How else would you modify an individual hand though? Sounds kinda tough.
  2. Wait till the 6inch. Come out.....only decent spidey figure I own is fearsome foes still moc or...mob...is mint on box a term? Some listings show MIB which means Mint IN Box or MIMB which means Mint in Mint Box meaning that the packaging itself is still in mint condition as opposed to just the contents being mint.
  3. I've asked myself that a couple times now. Mostly that stupid, totally non-canonical, and utterly silly Spider-Glider just caught my attention as if I were still some silly little boy seeing Spider-Man toys for the first time.lol But I do have 6 little reasons to buy toys that I don't even like myself.
  4. You gotta see the Lizard in person. It's actually pretty funny looking the way he is in the package. He's got his hands palm-up and his jaw dropped, so it looks kinda like he's doing a "What the bloody heck is going on here?!" He really does look surprised like that. Once I noticed that I couldn't see him as "vicious" at all anymore.
  5. wow, after seeing them come up I realize these really are crappy pics! sorry. it was especially hard to try and zoom into the package so you can see Lizard's hands AND feet are clear even though the back shows only the leg portion. Also a different head/face than what the pic on the back shows. My son made me point those out.lol
  6. that's it for now. If you notice on the back it shows a fourth figure. My kids almost conviced me to go ahead and get that one, but I felt stupid enough getting the other three and just couldn't get myself any lower.lol I really hate how they do these lines and hate even more how they suck me in sometimes! Give me some REAL figures a la MU, please.
  7. pics on the way..... I'm trying to get all 6 kids ready to head outside to the pool. friends coming over, but I'll snap a few really quickly with the underwater cam since it's already out anyway.
  8. didn't find any new MU, but there is another wave of SpiderMan movie figs hitting. I hate the lack of decent articulation and the gimmicky crap that they put with a thousand different Spideys; nevertheless I picked up two new Spider-Man figs and some kind of "camoflauge" power Lizard figure that has translucent hands and feet. I'm guessing the Lizard will have some kind of chameleon powers in the movie and Spidey will have to rely on his sense to know where he's coming from. Still hate the look of the Lizard too, but the partially translucent one was kinda cool and I didn't want to have trouble finding it later if I decided I like it after the movie. They were at Walmart for $7.47 which is a nice change from the $10 that this scale has been going for in most stores lately. Oh, and one of the Spidey's has his own type of Goblin Glider - a Spider Glider I guess. Totatlly stupid I know, but it looked pretty cool and got some of my kids excited so that was one of the ones I grabbed.
  9. don't we all, brother. don't we all. Anyone near one of those "Ollies" or whatever the store is called want to hook up some fellow boardies with King Loki, King Laufey, and if it's available a Heimdall too? We don't have those stores where I am, so if someone can find one of those cheap Thor waves for cost plus shipping I'd be immensely happy with you. ;o)
  10. Beetle is AWESOME! That is a superb job of sculpting and painting. If I could do half that good of a job then I'd try my hand at him too. Wish Hasbro would make one, but it probably wouldn't look this good. Any chance you'll let someone clone that thing? Now if you really want to be #1 customizer...... ......do a Mach I (or II, III, etc) I'll bet that armor is a little difficult to customize.lol As for paperbag Spidey, I could have sworn that one of our Filipino friends here got one and said that the bag was glued on or something. Was that misinformation or did you really have to pry that sucker off there? Whatever the case, it looks good though I think Peter should have darker hair. Like someone else said, it looks like Johnny with the blond hair and FF costume. hmmmm...might need to pick up an extra or two for that head. .....could always use some extra grocery bags anyway. ;o)
  11. So those are both considered variants and we'll probably only see the other versions all over the place here in the States. That or it will be like some other waves where those two versions are all we see and the so-called "regular" are only released in a few cities. I'm trying to remain optimistic and excited about new stuff coming, but the distribution really fell for the last few waves and the onset of ML really has me worried about distribution. ML variant distribution totally sucked and even the regulars weren't on shelves here for very long - except the stupid Captain Puerto Rico figure that is still hanging by the dozens in a few stores. I sincerely hope that they even things out with the next few MU cases, but I won't hold my breath.
  12. So Ultimate Spidey comes with regular Spidey on the card and paper-bag/FF Spidey comes with the white FF Spidey on the card? Just a little odd. Isn't the Ultimate Spidey a "regular" and not a variant/running change ("varunge"lol)? If it's not some variant then I don't understand why it wouldn't have a pic of him on the card instead of 616 Spidey. Oh, and I thought this was supposed to be the "vampire" Jubes. Is that how she looks as a vamp? That looks like classic to me, which is fine with me since it's more how I remember her anyway. I'm sure I'll be getting both versions if there are two anyway.
  13. We might go to Orlando sometime next week. Heck, we're only 45 - 80 minutes away (usually) and I still would like to know some better hunting areas.lol There are LOTS of Disney stores at Downtown Disney, but mostly go there for the Lego store. Honestly the Disney stores there rarely have anything decent Marvel related and if they do it is usually at some crazy jacked up price. The absolute best thing to do in Orlando is use a GPS! Seriously, we wouldn't have found most of the Targets, Walmarts, and TRU's without having a GPS with us. We just type those in and then plot how to hit as many of them as we can. As far as LCS goes, there are quite a few. There's the Colliseum of Comics which has 4 or 5 different locations if I remember correctly. Find one and you can pick up a sheet with the locations of the others, but honestly they're not really the best place for figures - mostly comics and gaming stuff. There's also a rather small and fairly new (less than a few years I mean) shop near the Florida Mall but I don't remember the name or which direction it is. I think it's just west of the mall across Orange Blossom Trail/US 441. They're small, but I've found some figures there that I hadn't seen anywhere else or that were just alot cheaper than anywhere else. Florida Mall also has a TRU on one of the outparcels, perhaps just north of it but again I'm not sure. lol, the way I'm remembering directions no one would believe I have a masters in geography! We kind of go with our gut alot of times so we don't consciously remember where things are but somehow get there anyway. One of the other TRU's in that area also has an LCS near it also (might be one of the "newer" Colliseums?). Of course, as most of you have realized by now, when there is an LCS near a decent toy seller that particular retailer will not be a good place to find stuff since the LCS (or its more frequent customeres) will often know exactly when to show up and snatch everything the morning it is stocked. But sometimes you can get lucky even near a geek headquarters, so we always try anyway. That's the best I can tell you really. There are quite a few Walmarts and Targets and at least 2 TRU's in the area "near" all the theme parks. If you actually head into Orlando then you can find a couple more TRU's but not very many of the other two major toy retailers. And last time we passed the downtown Orlando area to visit a TRU we found out it had closed and/or moved. I don't think we ever found the new location if there is one.
  14. Yep. What's the difference between some other collector putting the items back in and retaping it and some poor schlump in Mexico or China putting them in the box and taping it? Is it really more "MOC" because it was done by someone for 10cents an hour rather than by someone who actually cares about collecting? I say it's fine as long as you're not replacing a figure or "repacking" it to pull one over on the store (or some other collector).
  15. My first inclination is to agree that they are probably fakes. But honestly, they look well done enough that if I saw them in the store I'd plop down retail price to get them. Only problem I see is with Gray Hulk's gray pants blending right in with the rest of him. So if someone customized and repacked that for some reason, I hope they drop one off at a store near me. But seriously, why go through all the trouble of repainting those just to put them back on the shelf...... ...unless they did a few others to sell on Ebay and they're counting on this as publicity hoping that some collector would find it and post it somewhere creating demand. If so, not a very good marketing scheme.
  16. Dang, EA, my 10 yo would probably crap a brick if we ever saw those in the store! Nice haul. seriously nice haul. I'm thinking that Darth Malagus wll never be seen pegwarming. My 12 yo isn't as gung-ho about Star Wars as he is about Transformers, but he loved the KOTR game so he'd totally flip if we saw figures from that too. I'm gonna have to go shopping now.
  17. Or a repack of some other previously released Hulk figure that someone returned to get their money back and still keep the movie Hulk. Could be a variant. But could be a decent repack job. Some of those guys are really good at the crap they pull.
  18. Holy Rusted Metal Batman! That is pretty dang cool. I can already see it being sold right out from my "e-cart" on HTS the week after SDCC. It's okay, cuz I know some scalper will be getting them by the dozens and selling them for merely $300 on Ebay, so I can just get it then. hmm....I might sound pessimistic, but it's actually fairly realistic based upon past performance. Still, it's an awesome looking pack and I'd love a set myself. Just doubt it will happen.
  19. been wondering that myself for a while. Actually I think it would be better if someone shrank the ML head and sold the whole head instead of just the hat.
  20. no new MU, but I got the black Cobra Commander tonight at Target. Pretty much the only thing there worth mentioning. I was tempted to get the clearanced Aqualad to use his water constructs as Iceman's ice constructs. But I realized I've spent waaay too much money the last few weeks, so I left it. Anyone else bummed that Megablock has the Amazing Spiderman license instead of Lego? I was looking forward to seeing all of Marvel eventually join the Avengers in Lego form. Anyway, in the Joe stuff we've gotten Zartan, the VTOL, Hiss Tank (does that term get you banned here?lol) black CC, and the two 3 packs all in the last week. Not too bad, and it helps assuage the pain from lack of MU.
  21. @ Gerrilus, I was going to offer up one of my extra Hydra Troopers until I checked the pic and saw you want the comic colors. I wish I had lots of those sitting around, but I'm mainly sitting on some of the movie colored ones. And even then, I only have a few "extras" that I haven't broken out and posed yet.
  22. didn't find any Cobra Commander figs but I did get two of the three packs and one VTOL; then went down the road a little further and finally saw the "Lizard" figure. Man he sucks. Ugly face, and crappy articulation; maybe they were right not to include more of him in the cases. I got one anyway, for some stupid semi-completionist reason. I'm not even getting all of them; I just feel like I have to have the stupid villain just in case the movie surprises me and doesn't suck rotten eggs. I really hope I can like it, but I'm not holding my breath for it. And the only Avengers figs are the first two waves. I'm still surprised that I'm not seeing more Hulk figures on the pegs. People are actually buying that crud! amazing
  23. I make my own with wire coat hangers most of the time. But yes, I've seen some pretty cheap crap that will not hold up for long as well as some really nicely made stands that will make you lust over their simple yet efficient designs. All on Ebay and once or twice something on Amazon. It seems like the better ones were from Japan or somewhere else in the Orient, and the prices were high and made worse by exhorbitant shipping fees. But man, were they nice. Multiple levels and even some that could hold multiple figures from one base for an arial battle scene! Much better than my wire coat hangers. but more than my figures cost too.
  24. I've been getting Maisto motorcycles for years now, and I started simply because their 1:12 fits ML and their 1:18 fits the MU (well, often anyway). I absolutely love my Commander Rogers on their motorcycles. Got one for each size. Great pic, btw. very nicely done.
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