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  1. I think it's rather funny, and definitely ironic, that part of your justification is to keep them "from the clutches of the local flea market douches". So, you're just flipping, but they're douches for trying to resell stuff? lmao. Honestly, I'm not big on those guys either, but I've seen much more reasonable prices at flea markets than I have on Ebay, Amazon, or any other online source. How exactly are you better than them? Oh, and thank you so much for your service to mankind in keeping flea market people from getting toys. If only everyone were as civic minded as you are. okay, perhaps I should apologize for the over-the-top sarcasm. I'm not trying to tick anyone off; but that was seriously ironic. Scalpers saving us from flea market vendors. kind of an oxymoron isn't it? like "hi, I'm with the government and I'm here to help."
  2. The fact that you say you feel some guilt tells you your answer. The argument that you are just "helping distribution" is absolute BS of the lowest order. If you want to help people get the goods (and even make some money at it) then become a retailer and open your own store - even online. Buy it at wholesale and then resell it at whatever price you can get for them. Not a problem with that. The problem with scalper $#!theads is that they aren't HELPING the distribution but rather hindering it by intercepting items that someone else could have bought at retail. Instead they are faced with the jacked up price they become when dip$#!t buy up all the retail stock. Furthermore, scalper @$$holes aren't taking the risks that retailers are. They keep receipts and return stuff that ended up not being profitable - thereby causing major clog-ups of total garbage that keeps newer stuff from getting ordered and filling shelves. So you can also blame them for junk suddenly reappearing in stores (often in much less sellable shape too) when Ebay doesn't pan out. All that returned inventory will keep most retailers from getting in newer stuff for a much longer period. In fact, all told scalpers might be a large part of the reason that some local retailers stopped selling certain lines. Don't give me your excuses. College schmollege. I've got 6 kids myself. And before my wife or I finished college we already had 3 of them. By the time I finished my Masters degree we were expecting #5. I managed to work to keep them fed and still get an award for the highest GPA in one of my undergrad programs. There are people out there much worse off than you that are busting their butts to be able to attend college. Lastly, thanks for you honesty. I know that wasn't easy to admit, especially when some of us will get on here and blast you (like I have done). But seriously, I would say all this to a friend too. Losers give excuses, winners give results.
  3. I have seen one Iron Man and nothing else. And there hasn't even been a spot for them at any Walmarts around here yet. The IM was just sitting on a shelf near the Bakugan crap one night.lol @ Riddick, that is a sweet haul. It's always nice when our better halves contribute to our addictions. That Hulk looks awesome in the package pic, but I gotta say the out of pack pic doesn't look as good. I think it's the pants that I hate about that figure. Maybe I'll change my mind if I ever find one myself, but for now I'm planning on keeping him MOC if I can ever find one (assuming he's actually MOC worthy when I find him).
  4. I posted this already with my reply in the "What are you having a hard time finding?" thread, but I figured this much of it really belonged here. so: Went to Walmart tonight since someone here said that the street date was 28th. They didn't have any ML but they had some new Spidey figs, the new Dark Knight Rises figs (big ones = awesome, small ones seriously suck eggs!) and a new animated style Batman series that has totally crappy articulation but some fun sculpting. I ended up getting the Ben Reilly, Doc Ock, Green Goblin, all three big Bat figs (only one Alfred there, out of 10 or more figs) and I got Killer Croc in the animated style stuff even though we haven't ever bought any of the animated looking Batman figures. He's just too fun looking to pass up. It's a good thing they didn't have any ML. My total came up to almost $120 with all those toys and a few rolls of bandages for one of my kids! I might have had to choose to leave something if there were ML there too.
  5. Big Time Spidey Madam Hydra Blue Flame GR and possibly Masked Daken if I come across him, but I'm not itching too bad for him. As for old stuff, I'd like Invisible Woman and Namor from the Ronan BAF series. There are a few variants from the old series that I didn't get, but not many. Went to Walmart tonight since someone here said that the street date was 28th. They didn't have any ML but they had some new Spidey figs, the new Dark Knight Rises figs (big ones = awesome, small ones seriously suck eggs!) and a new animated style Batman series that has totally crappy articulation but some fun sculpting. I ended up getting the Ben Reilly, Doc Ock, Green Goblin, all three big Bat figs (only one Alfred there, out of 10 or more figs) and I got Killer Croc in the animated style stuff even though we haven't ever bought any of the animated looking Batman figures. He's just too fun looking to pass up. It's a good thing they didn't have any ML. My total came up to almost $120 with all those toys and a few rolls of bandages for one of my kids! I might have had to choose to leave something if there were ML there too.
  6. Don't worry, you're not the only OCD shopper here. I've done the same thing many times. Just can't stand to see that mess. Oh, and I found Black Widow, Hawkeye, and a couple Skrulls at my local Walmart which usually has absolutely nothing. It's seriously one of the worst toy departments I've ever seen. Their entire "Lego" section doesn't even fill an 8' section of racking - and that's including all the non-Lego copycats too! One side of one very short aisle is reserved for "action figures" which of course is mostly dominated by Bakugan and other related crap. But somewhere in that meager little p.o.s. toy aisle we managed to find the new Avengers stuff. Kids were almost as excited as I was. Also picked up a new Tformer for my oldest, a new Cars 2 for the youngest boy, and earlier that day we got a Star Wars figure w/vehicles at a Ross for less than most stores sell just figures. All the boys went home happy. Girls were semi-excited, and wife just had fun but rolled her eyes at how much we geeked out. Anyone spotted the new Thor that shows up on the back of the Avengers cards? I thought it was odd that he was the only one we didn't find; I mean, who would buy out all of the Thors when there have been like a bazillion of those suckers already? oh, and to my fellow local collectors, this find means that I'll be texting you next time I find the new Avengers figures.
  7. I guess I'm a "bad guy" too. I just paid the guy almost $120 for 18 items. But my son is going to be really happy to see some Cars characters that we've never seen in stores before. And I'm happy to be getting a few more black hand ninjas to even out the teams with the red and white I've got piled up. A couple Archangels for the Mutant X "Fallen" and another custom I've been wanting to try. Although with the shipping it came out really close to $6 per fig. Still better than retail, especially since I wouldn't find those or they wouldn't be alone.
  8. HELLLLZZZZZ yeah! Okay, so I've not used even 10% of the stuff I ordered already, but I'd have to place another order to get some stuff like that. Well, assuming it can be done for under an arm and a leg - looks like it would end up being really pricey to produce. @ Parademon1, nice group shots. Love the backgrounds too. I've got some brickwork "scrapbooking" paper that I've used, but what's the store front you've got there? Is that just a picture that you printed out? I've thought about using some pictures, but so far I've been too lazy to try to figure out how to print them and make them look right.lol
  9. Nice! Really need a Black Widow in there too though. Did they not make one in this series or she just hasn't been spotted yet?
  10. yes, but only two out of the 18 (not 15 as I said before) items. It's almost $80 worth of stuff and he's charging $37 for shipping! Almost 50% more to ship? And it's all Cars/Cars 2 and MU stuff, so nothing's really heavy or bulky. btw, I just realized he's got Mattel as well as Hasbro junk for sale so it's not likely that he works at the factory since they're not likely manufactured in the same facility. I know both companies use third party manufacturing (so could therefore use the same company), but the items aren't at all similar and must come from different suppliers. So unless all of those items are manufactured somewhere near him, he's not dumpster diving. He might have a network of divers who work for him, I suppose. I guess I'm stuck making the purchase since it's my own fault for assuming he'd combine shipping like everyone else with whom I've dealt. Definitely won't be giving him 5 stars on shipping costs though. Still hate that I had to commit to buy before I could get a price on shipping though.
  11. He may be "legit" but he's a jerkwad when it comes to shipping. I have like 15 items that were waiting for an invoice and when he finally sends it the total cost for shipping was the same as the individual costs. Who doesn't offer discounts on combined shipping?! You know he's going to put them into the same box and pay alot less for mailing them together, but he wants to charge me the same amount. prick.
  12. I thought that was amazing work! Totally hilarious, yet really cool too. I can't wait to see my wife's and my kids' reactions. I'm sure the kids will be doing even more movie poses with the action figures and taking pictures. Very fun. Very fun indeed.
  13. Dang, Riddick, it looks like the MS Hulk is almost as big as your Pitt BAF in that one pic. Is it just the angle of the pic, or is it really that big? (and where'd you get the right arm for your Pitt?! mine's still missing one arm.lol)
  14. I saw the new Spider-Man movie crap at Walmart a few nights ago. Well, some of it anyway. It was some stupid transfromer type crap though it didn't actually involve a transformers crossover of any sort. They pop up and transform on their own. And even worse than some crappy looking figures is the fact that there are three different versions of Spidey with three each and only one Lizard per pack (ten packs). I didn't even bother scanning the crap to see what they would retail. I figured opening the boxes for the employees was enough work - especially after such disappointing contents.
  15. wow, anybody want to troop build Dr Strange?lol "By the army of Agamotto!"
  16. That's crazy. They're NOT that important. I'll get them if I see them at Wally for a decent price. But there's no way in heck I'm going to encourage BBTS or any other twad to keep gouging people. Preorder if you feel like you just have to do so. But I'd sooner go without than pay someone that kind of markup.
  17. Still nothing new around here. Unless you count the Patriot that was repacked and returned as something else at Walmart. D@mnable repackers. The Captain Puerto Rico (Bucky Cap) sometimes fills pegs at a store for a week or two and then even those seem to disappear. I'm thinking store employees are often grabbing the rest of the packs to sell on Ebay or something. Every now and then a Drax will be on a peg with a couple Caps. The Klaws that looked like they might pegwarm disappeared awhile ago and have not been seen since.
  18. I was wondering about that too. Anyway, last night before heading to the theater for the midnight showing, we went to Walmart and found AW/Thanos and Sinister/Gambit. Got one of each pack and then texted a couple forum buddies about the remaining one since I wasn't going to be back online anytime soon. Awesome night, finding some new MU and then hitting Avengers! I'm surprised my wife didn't have to bust out the smelling salts.lol Saw both sets again tonight on the other end of town and in a different chain. So I think they've officially hit Tampa finally.
  19. Put a western hat on that head instead of the hood and you've got a perfect Phantom Rider or whatever that western Ghost Rider was called (my favorite costume in Ultimate Alliance!) I've been trying to find a good hat to put an MU head for that particular GR. uh, need a horse eventually too if anyone had a good idea for a cheap 1:18 scale horse for that. I've tried finding Dastan's horse from Prince of Persia, but they're usually too much for something I'm likely going to mess up.
  20. Jesus. your wife isn't driven nuts by all that? Nope. She kept urging it in fact. I kept asking if she wanted to go somewhere else or do something special with her bday weekend and she just kept suggesting other stores just a few miles further.lol We covered a whole lot of ground between theme park excursions. Even at Downtown Disney she didn't want to look for clothes or anything girly really. She made sure we hit all the stores that might have Marvel stuff and then she was ready to leave. She usually helps me with the cataloguing of all the collectibles too. She generally enters stuff into the spreadsheet while I'm reading it off the packs and then putting it up where ever it will be stored. (mostly in boxes till we get a bigger place). No, I definitely can't complain. She's a chemical engineer, mother of six, and getting back into competition shape slowly but surely. AND she's a geek/geeklover. Life is pretty good.
  21. Took my wife to Disney last week Thursday - Sunday. Also did lots of shopping and there isn't a darn thing good to say about selection right now. I did find another Rhino at a Wally to use for another custom and the Sunfire Skylanders pack. But we went to well over 10 different Targets and about 10 different Walmarts as well as 4 TRU's and didn't find anything comic related really. I did find the light up bases second wave, but those don't really interest me. In retrospect I should have checked out BP a little closer. He's probably a better sculpt and better articulated than that first one. Still not likely as good as my custom. What really sucks to me is that Disney can't produce any Marvel stuff to sell in their own parks because the license still belongs to Universal. I mean, I LOVE going to Islands of Adventure - especially Marvel Island. But it'd be nice to pick up some park exclusives or something. Or at least find a different selection of Marvel stuff inside. But there's not a darn thing Marvel related inside the parks. Downtown Disney has a little bit, but most of that is gone now too. Still had a blast hitting 3 parks over 4 days. Pretty nice accomodations too.
  22. Warnet's wings on that purple guy from Redakai and you're already 90% there. Add a good paint job and you've got a pretty good stand in for Mr Negative Zone there. Great job. Don't know why I didn't see that. I've been trying to figure out what to do with that purple guy since I bought a couple of them on clearance awhile back. Thanks for the idea. EDIT: I just realized it's actually Warnet's body with the purple guy's head and legs. Even better idea. That's a really good paint job on him too.
  23. Skrull does look really good, and so does Widow. But almost $50 for three figures?!?! Are you freaking kidding me? Are you at least gonna give me something to hold onto while I bend over for you? sheesh! Skrull might end up hard to find since people are going to want to army build those suckers. Kinda cool that they fit the movie verse but still close approximations to the armies we've already been hording.
  24. depends upon which wave 2 stuff you saw. Some of the alternates are still really htf which is causing some really stupid prices online. I know I'm missing some of the alternates still. Madame Hydra, Big Time Spidey never seen either one in the wild. My wife picked up the alternate wrecking crew in Texas on a trip, but I am beginning to doubt I'll ever see the other two in person.
  25. That is probably the most odd custom I have seen! also the tarantula looks pretty cool. lol, yep it's pretty odd. I was perusing Spidey villains trying to think who would make sense with symbiotic enhancements and didn't like the idea of Doc Ock himself, but Lady Ock sounded interesting. Plus, I just liked the idea of replacing her "real" arms and legs with symbiotic tentacles. Mainly it was just fun figuring out how to do it so I could pose them however I wanted and still support the figure plus whatever she was holding.
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