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  1. You would think it would have been released already or would come out very soon since the movie is almost here. But I'd be willing to bet that it won't come until after our coupons expire. Call me pessimistic, but I call it realistic based upon past experience. Plus, you realize that it will probably cost anywhere from $5 to $10 more at TRU than at Target or Walmart which will wipe out any savings from your coupon. That's what ticks me off about their coupons. I have a hard time finding something that actually makes it worth using the things sometimes.
  2. a couple more lazy shots with some of the rest of the Symbiote Squad. Rhino: and then here's all I've done so far. You can't really get a good idea of Lizard's symbiote enhanced tail in these shots. I should take another so you can see how long it is. left to right: Tarantula, Lizard, Lady Ock, Rhino, and Vulture. Might change up Vulture some, and Lizard needs some more white or another primary color to fit the symbiote look I think.
  3. That Green Lantern custom looks awesome! If only Mattel had done them even close to that level I'd have far less money and alot more figures. I've been working on my symbiote enhanced Lady Octopus. Heres the arms as I was building them: And then a couple shots with a rather random head just to see how it might look. Probably NOT going to use this head since it looks so spider-like. But I still haven't decided how Lady Octopus might look with symbiote powers. She needs some other color for contrast too, but I haven't decided how to do that either. Maybe some "Doc Ock Green"? I do like how my bendable arms have worked out. I am soooo going to make some arms for Reed next and possibly a longer stretchy body too. Oh, and sorry for the crappy pics. My underwater camera was closer and easier to get to and I was just plain lazy using auto.
  4. nah, just be patient. If nothing else, I'm sure you can get the hook up from someone on here for price plus shipping, which still beats paying scalpers. Speaking of scalpers, we got our tax refund back and I was tempted to get some things that I've never found for decent price since we have a little extra funds at the moment. But I found that I still couldn't get myself to pay a scalper.lol Even when I've got the money for something I want, I just can't get myself to pay someone way more than retail for it. So unless something finally hits around here our refund might actually last a little while longer.
  5. @ DecepticonMark, I use Milliput because I haven't found green stuff yet. It's pretty good imo; but then I have no reference to compare it to anything else. It works for me, I just wish I were better at it. @ PYD, that's a great Rockslide custom! great job on that.
  6. Wow, did you all see this one? Now THAT's a pretty nice job on that Black Widow. I think the inset picture is actually a Tonner doll or something. But the Legends style custom is still really nice. It is about as close as one could expect a Legends figure to get to Tonner doll looks. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Marvel-Legends-C...966821330990928 This wasn't done by someone on here was it? I'd think they would have posted this and shared with everyone.
  7. Yeah man. I'm going to do that also. Sneaky sneaky valeria gave one to Uncle Doom, in the current issue of FF. Speaking of Valeria (and Franklin) does anyone know of other figures lines that can be used to make them? I thought they didn't really work in alternate realities than the one they came from though... Still gives him a whole universe at his disposal. Plus if anyone could find a way to use it in a different dimension it would be Doom. Reed could, but would never bother until he saw Doom use it and then he'd be all "hmmm... he must have reversed the polarity of the transmogrifier while farting underwater. But Doom doesn't realize that it will cause the space-time continuum to blah blah blah..." as if Doom cares what it does to anyone else. btw, thanks for the spoiler.lol not that we are anywhere near caught up. Still a year or so behind on the tpb's.
  8. Definitely need a Grim Reaper. Especially since the Avengers toon is so well done. I wish they'd do everyone in that show. So is that a custom head or a repaint that I'm too lazy to look up? Either way it works really well. I don't think I could do the paint job on the chest nearly that well either; otherwise I'd be trying to make him myself. It's those details that make so many customs on here awesome and that make me wish I'd tried my hand at art a little more as a kid.
  9. Not even for your very own Bruce Willis action figure?! I was seriously looking forward to some new stuff until they jacked up those prices. I highly doubt that I'll grab anything at that price either. Retailers are beginning to try Ebay pricing.lol
  10. WHAT!? Those Marvel Legos aren't supposed to be on the shelves until tomorrow. It'll be nice to have something to buy again. Oh wait, we don't have any money right now. We broke down and bought that Limited Edition Star Wars Xbox w/Kinect the other day. The box looks like R2-D2 and the controller is C3PO gold color. Target had them for $450 with a $50 gift card back. Plus 5% discount for using my Target debit card and another $5 off 50 and another $5 gift card on purchase of $75 or more and we rolled in the discounts. Then the 5% thing didn't work and they had to do it manually; so they took 5% off the after tax amount instead of the before AND they rounded up - bigger discount for us at $24 off instead of the $22.50 it should have been. Came away with the Xbox/Kinect w the Star Wars game paying $451 after tax plus got $55 in gift cards back. Still, can't wait till we get paid again so we can grab some of those Marvel Legos. Need to save up for wave 18 too. Another month wait? should work.
  11. Yes but every Target I've been to has sucked rotten eggs. They always have sales with no merchandise. At least the ones around here are like that. Went to at least 3 or 4 different Targets within the last 24 hours and found zip. As for the big change in Thundercats, I liked it. I was rather nostalgic for the old show, but after going back and watching it on DVD I realized just how silly it really was. The overall story didn't hold water really, the characters were rather shallow and simple with no depth whatsoever, and their "look" with leotards and all.....oh, my, gosh! It really was rather dated stuff. I wasn't sure about the new looks either, but it's definitely drawn us in (see how I did that? "drawn" us in. cuz I'm a punny guy) I think if they'd stuck too closely to the old stuff it would have been too silly. Not to mention, there'd be no surprises if they just retold the same old stories. This way they've also found a way to bring in Silverhawks and Tigersharks and make them part of the same "universe" of characters. In fact, does anyone remember that the Thundercats were actually naked to begin with? They put on those leotards to "blend in" with the world they were landing on. Even old ladies going to workout at Shapes don't wear those things anymore.lol
  12. I should still have the head from the Mystique I took apart to use for my first female SHIELD agent. I've only got like 4 or 5 tool boxes to go through.lol I'll check later after I take my wife to the airport. I'm not using it and it shouldn't be more than like a dollar to ship something that small, right?
  13. Actually the show got fairly good ratings and plenty of people clamoring for more. The idiots at CartoonNetwork thought it would be good to show reruns for a month or two then nothing for another month and then finally start season 2 on Saturday mornings starting tomorrow. The creators said that season 2 already had 7 or 8 episodes completed when season 1 finished and the rest would be done within a couple weeks. So they could have started immediately and kept up interest since most kids today hadn't heard of them before this past year. Morons at networks always think they know what's best. Hopefully the new Saturday morning timeslot doesn't kill the show. Apparently the show was thought to mostly target parents who had watched as children, but it went over well enough with younger kids that they put it into an actual kid time slot. My family loved it, right down to my 4 year old daughter. Even my 18 month old would "ooh" and "aaah" while we watched though she obviously had no clue what was going on.lol Well, hopefully the long wait didn't kill the steam for the show. Same as Avengers long wait between seasons, except that the Avengers cartoon has a major movie to make sure that there is still interest. Target didn't help with the toys much either. Our local one didn't put the toys out on the shelves until they were already clearanced. Literally shelved and clearance-stickered on the same day. Well, it helped us pick up some extra stuff.
  14. I was thinking you were all caught up. I don't think I've seen her recently, but I know I saw her once or twice AFTER I already had her. I'll keep an eye out. It'll save shipping cost if I can find it around here and just meet you or hide it really well.lol I think Target will also let me save it for you if I find it at one of those. Anyone else looking for someone in particular in the Tampa area? I'm pretty much caught up MU and mostly checking for some ML variants. I still check MU habitually though, even though we're pretty much as close to 100% as we can get.
  15. btw, nice addition to Reed there. Is that flexible material or is it rigid? Looks pretty cool. I had thought about adding some tubing with some sculpy over it to extend his limbs. But then I thought that some wiring with plasti-dip might work better for the arms because then I could bend them. I haven't tried painting plasti-dip yet though. So far I've only used it for my Lady Ock Symbiot's tentacles. Anyway, I like your taller, stretchier Mr Fantastic.
  16. Anybody know where I could get open/grasping hands to fit the Hulk and Red Hulk? I'd like some hands that can hold some weapons and stuff but the only "store" I know about for that stuff is OPP and I don't know if/when they'll have something like that. btw, I'm hoping those thigh extensions come back soon too. I realize that some of these really should be taller and if I'm painting over a figure anyway I might as well change out some parts. Here's what I've got going so far. Obviously they are all at various stages of completion. The Rhino in back is pretty much done though I'd like to have him grab stuff too. The Polar Bear mainly needs paint retouching though he could use some sculpted patches of fur. The Gorilla is waiting for the sculpting on his toes to be done and then some washing and dry brushing as well as facial details (NOT looking forward to that part!). Lastly the Minotaur just has the head stuck on with sticky putty to test the fit and see how/if it works with that body. He's the main one I'd like some open hands for grasping. I'd like some dual axes on that bad boy when I finish him.
  17. Looking good with the LEDs. That would be great for a display.
  18. If you buy a bunch of FF packs to make the Stepford Cuckoos then you should use all those extra Mr Fantastics to make some of the alternate universe Reeds they showed a while back. While reading that story I couldn't help but think it'd be cool to have like 20 different Reed Richards figures set up in a think-tank diorama.
  19. I've got 3 basketball games in the morning but after that I'm hitting the office to see what I got from HTS. Probably same as everyone else. I still haven't found blue flame Ghost Rider from the first wave. I'm not really worried about the other "alternates" but I did like the blue flame look. This wave I kinda want them all except the mohawk. Might get it if it's clearanced sometime. Otherwise an easy pass. Has anyone seen any repaints of the Red Skolla? I was thinking of repainting it to look a little more like the comic version but I'm not sure.
  20. I lost count of all the SHEILD, Hydra, and Hand Ninja's we have. In addition to lots of those three packs we got lots of the single Red ninjas and AIM soldiers last year when TRU and Target seemed to alternate sales and BOGOs. Got tons of the Cap movie Hydra soldiers too. As far as non-troop building collections, I had to grab a few Commander Rogers. One to keep MOC, one for the kids, one to display on a Maisto motorcycle and one to put in my "Cap display" area, and then some just because he's useful for customizing. I don't even remember what all I used the head for. Some unmasked Cap figures of course. I've also bought several WW Hulk and Skaar. I got the two different Skaar stands and kept them MOC and another one to pose in my stuff and one for the kids' box. But then I bought several more Skaars and WW Hulks to use the bodies for some other warrior type figures I'm making. I've got like 20 heads from OPP and then some heads cut off Papo and Schleich animals like bears, bulls, dragons, etc. They need some larger bodies, so I'm mixing up some of the parts from those two guys and some Destroyer armor as well as Redakai stuff. Some of the female figures astounded me enough that I felt the need for a few. X-23 didn't excite me that much but I got multiples to make some female SHEILD agents with some body type variation. Swapped some parts with some Scarlett figures and some of the previous MU ladies too. I've got like 3 or 4 alternate male agents and 2 females made with probably 2 more on the way. So that takes some extra bodies too.
  21. Only one person reporting Pile Driver and Hydra instead of Thunderball and Masque? But the other two were the same as everyone else. That's kinda weird. You would think that the "variants" are shipped together and the "regular" are together rather than case packs that are mixed between the two. Of course, I guess it's possible the poster got the names wrong. I called Thunderball the Wrecker in an earlier post myself.lol Been a loooooong day.
  22. That's probably how that custom was made that was posted a while back. Except they didn't even bother trying to paint part way like that. Yours looks much better because of that little detail. Leaving it clear all the way to a joint would be easier but it doesn't work as well. Awesome job there.
  23. Only recent sighting I've got to report is a Fedex tag on my front door because they tried to deliver while I was at work. Dang fight at school today and I was first one there to break it up. Paperwork kept me there waaaay too long. Thing is, I've ordered so many little things from Ebay, HTS, and FourHorsemen that I don't even know what they tried to deliver.lol Nor am I sure which I hope it is. I want my Seventh Kingdom stuff, and my custom fodder, and my ML wave 2! Speaking of which, I did find a few of the "alternates" from wave 2 at TRU a couple days ago. Madam Masque, FF Spidey, Mr Mohawk, and Green Guy (Wrecker?). Picked up all but Daken since I'm not a fan of his mohawk look anyway. I really hope the ones I get from HTS are the other versions so I'm set. When is the FF Spidey supposed to hit MU? Is there a Big Time coming in MU also? Cuz he looks good in ML. Btw, anyone here use plasti-dip before? I ordered some from Ebay because none of the local Home Depots, Lowes or Walmarts carry it. EDIT: I just realized how hyper and worked up I must still be. Jumping from one thing to another at a mile a minute. Just had a potential emergency room type scare with our youngest about an hour ago, so I've had some adrenaline in me quite a bit today.
  24. I just can't see paying $9 plus shipping for a starter body when you can pick up several different body types for about that price or cheaper locally. If they were like $3 then they'd be tempting to start experimenting on. At that price though, I'll just keep picking up some clearance crap to play around with.
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