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  1. Freak! That is awesome looking Onyx. I seriously wish I already had the talent to sculpt like that, especially fur and animal features. I know, you gotta put in the hours before you can be called a master. I can hardly wait to look back on my stuff ten years from now and say I'm finally doing some decent stuff.
  2. I did. But I cancelled yesterday since HTS had them $5 cheaper plus 20% off. I couldn't believe they were actually in stock, but I hit that order button quick and then cancelled my BBTS. Within 4 hours HTS had shipped too. Part of me wishes I'd kept the other preorder though since I might get variants through one and regular through the other. But I'll just keep an eye out at retail for whichever I end up missing. I didn't have anything else in my POL anyway since I just got a shipment a couple weeks ago.
  3. Your sig just changed, Rhino. Does that mean you found Renegades SS? Or did you just get rid of the General Hawk figure? If you got SS, do you mind sharing where?
  4. yes! need more head. er, heads! yep, that's what I meant. heads. btw, got my OPP order in today. I've got so much to work on now I won't have time to be on here watching people fight. ;o) Play nice while I'm away. And if anyone wants to send me some of their awesome custom work just let me know. I'm not picky.
  5. The funniest thing to me is that the picture on the back shows him in the same double crotch grab pose that he is in the package. No "fantasy situation" caption needed for that pose.lol Kinda makes you wonder if that's the only pose he's capable of. @ Grui, seriously? Three freaking Storm Shadows?!?! I know of two other collectors in my area so if I ever see multiples of him I know I'll have to pick up those extras too. Of course, with my luck I'll finally find him and grab the extras only to find they've already found him themselves. Awesome find there though man. need my address? ;o)
  6. and that Blazing Skull that was posted while I was writing my "book" above is awesome. That's not a straight up GR head though is it? Did you redo the paints on that or is it just the lighting that makes it seem different? I can see why you might want to redo the neck but honestly if you hadn't pointed it out I don't think I would have thought of replacing it myself. It looks pretty cool as is.
  7. um wow. I'm feeling a cumbaya moment coming on here..... Seriously though, we ALL need to do 3 things when online: 1) be careful of how we phrase things because there is no facial expression or tone of voice to help interpret. This means that the line between showing concern and being an @$$ disappears really quickly. Others either read it correctly or they don't. We only have words and we have to be careful how we use them. 2) don't rush to judgement and condemn people for being jerks when they might have thought they were being helpful to a fellow boardie looking for feedback. Again, we don't "hear" a concerned voice or see the hesitation when they say something - signs that they're not trying to be a jerk. 3) try not to be so defensive when others misunderstand what we are trying to say. It is entirely possible that what we type with one frame of mind someone else is reading with an entirely different frame of mind. This doesn't make them a jerk either (well sometimes, but you don't know when). They could be trying to show the same concern that you were trying to show. I honestly saw what he was saying and thought he was correct that there were imperfections, but it would have been ridiculous for me to point out something like that because I have to practice for at least another 10 years to get to the level of painting that was done. Frankly, if I were to do something that well I'd be absolutely ecstatic about it even as I saw that there were still slight imperfections. But I wouldn't stress about the flaws because I'd be too happy about all the places I didn't screw up.lol I think the original critique was not that he did a horrible job. Just that they would look a little neater with another coat. Still not something I would say, but that doesn't make him a jerk for trying to help. He probably just felt like no one was chiming in and offering any suggestions so he gave what he saw. If not, well, then he is a jerk. But lets try assuming otherwise. Perhaps a gentle private msg saying, "dude, I know you're probably trying to help. But be careful that you don't come across as too critical." Lastly, it's usually best to precede a critical comment with at least one positive. Just a good habit that has been practiced by the best leaders around the world for literally thousands of years. a simple, "looks great. the only problem I see would be..." makes things go over much smoother than a straight "x is sloppy" or whatever.
  8. I think I might have one for you, post a pic of it commander rodgers...I might be able to get you one! My wife and my oldest son seem to think that we have one here somewhere. Problem is that it would be mixed in the kids stuff. After they said that I did kind of remember getting one just to have another female figure since my 6yo girl really likes having some girls to play with too. I might just have to take you up on that though. I don't know if I'll ever find ours, although I'm fairly certain she'll never notice she's missing if I took it.lol She'd love a MU style Rescue anyway. She begged for the Superhero Squad version for months until we finally got it.
  9. Those are freaking awesome! It looks like you used some hot glue for hair on some of those. That came out really well. I wish they'd make all of those officially; and wish they'd make them that well too.
  10. Is someone working on a Rescue figure? That's the first thing that came to mind when you talked about Extremis armor swaps with the Reactive Armor Scarlett. Genius! Now, I'm wishing I had one of those Scarletts, but I don't remember getting one.
  11. Did you repaint the CR face as well as the hair? I can see the blonde is lighter, but the flesh tone is alot lighter than mine too. but like I said before, it looks good already; so I can imagine how nice it will be once it's finished all over. @Rodimus, I remember seeing that on OPP a little while ago. That is a great job on the organic portions of that minotaur. I was hoping to not have to add sculpt for the fur, so hopefully that's something I can do to the existing body, arms, and legs. Here it is so far. I definitely have to redo some painting and fix some scratches. The eyes and nose are noticeably in need of redoing. But I think it goes well with my rhino warrior, to whom I've added a shield and skirt since last post. another question: would a flat white dry brush on the sword, shield, and clothing make it look frosty? Or would it just mess it up?lol I was thinking about a light blue wash with some flat white dry brush to give his accessories a frozen quality. But I've never attempted that look either.
  12. I like that unmasked Hawkeye. Sure it needs some touch up, but it's still really good already. Which head is that? And does anyone have any suggestions for adding the appearance of fur to my Hulk body? The only problem I'm having with my polar bear is that only the head has sculpted fur. I'm a little scared to try scoring the body with something, but painging on fur doesn't seem like such a great idea either. Has anyone else kind of added fur to a hairless body, or portion thereof? I know I could paint "clothes" on him, but I think it would look better with just a loin cloth if I can do a fur somehow. Oh, and I'll need this technique with future animal warriors too. The minotaur I can get away with a hairless chest, but most ot the other animals will need some covering.
  13. I was beginning to think that the unmasked Captain America from the Avengers was just a myth. I've been to a dozen stores and never seen the first one. But I went to a Walmart tonigh and they only had 4 Avengers figures and 2 of them were the unmasked Cap! I couldn't believe it. Actually my wife found them while I was pining over the lack of any decent MU a few feet away.lol I'm so stoked to finally have that one though. Probably the last Avengers movie figure I'll be buying though unless they do something drastically different for the next waves. This, Loki, Hawkeye, and the Ultimate Thor were the only ones I bothered picking up. I'd sooner poke a fork in my eye than grab that Hulk figure, that's for sure.
  14. Here's my latest SHIELD agent. It's Spider-Woman. Just need to touch up her paint job and add her web-wings back to her arms. And apparently I need to drill the neck hole a little deeper in my polar warrior so it won't sag down like it is here. I'm going to give him back a loin cloth, some hands, a weapon, and shield too. Planning on adding to Xforce with AA and Nightcrawler in the background. Been spending way too much of our spring break playing with plastic.lol oh yes, and I want to make a Bloodstorm out of that Storm figure too. Haven't figured out what all I need to do for that yet. She's too small for me to add some fangs sticking over her lips.
  15. I was sooooo just 5 minutes from buying a Schleich cow from Ebay so I could cut the head off to put on a Skaar body for a minotaur!!! I've been sitting here debating it for a while. I think I might just hold off a little longer now. EDIT: and I think it looks better on the WW Hulk body instead. great choice.
  16. The only problem I've had with that BAF is that the head doesn't want to stay in place. It's way too loose. Otherwise it's been a really great BAF for us. Even stands up to 6 kids playing with it.lol
  17. They hike up their prices and then have "sales" that make it come out right around the price it is everywhere else or just like 50 cents cheaper after discount. Ticks me off. But really Target does that crap alot too. They'll jack it up for a week and then have a "sale" that puts it back just below their original price. So they knock off 25 to 50 cents but say it's a $2.50 off like it's amazing. Even worse, is when Target says it's a sale but if you lift the tag you can see that it's still the exact same price it has been for months.
  18. What's stupid is that there are two versions of two different characters, but do they pack those as extra? No. They put extra Captain Puerto Rico in the case instead. Don't get me wrong, he looks pretty cool even if he does sport a Puerto Rican flag instead of the American one. But do we really want that many of him? Seems kinds stupid, but I guess they figure with the Avengers movie and such that any "Cap" will be seen as another costume of the guy they're seeing in the movies so he'll supposedly get some random fan recognition that the other figures won't get. But this is definitely one of those boneheaded moves that make me scratch my head. Extra figures in the form of alternates? yes. extra space in each case? yes. use that space for those extras? nope. give them double of someone else instead. He is NOT going to sell twice as well as the other figures. He MIGHT sell as well, but not much more if any.
  19. DANG! Doomsday and Kilowog rock so hard. If Doomy looks that good unfinished I can just imagine how he'll look when he's completely painted. Now I'm wishing I'd gotten even more heads from Brian.lol Honestly I don't even remember what all I ordered, but I'm fairly certain I passed on Kilowog and Doomsday - if they were even up when I ordered. I'm really wishing I'd orderd some of those thigh extenders too. The polar bear warrior I'm working on right now would look better just a little taller and so would most of the warriors I'm trying to make.
  20. honestly I think the reason he looks weird with the thigh extensions isn't because he's too tall. His chest is huge which looks fine, and the long legs would be fine. But with both going on, his waist is too small I think. That waist will work with either the large chest OR the long legs (as seen in the WW Hulk next to him) but not both combined. just my humble opinion. I'm almost through with my polar bear warrior I'm making out of a hulk and a Schleich polar bear. I've got to repaint the head and put the parts back together, but it's looking better than I had thought - at least so far. First time I've cut a head off an animal using my new Dremel Stylus so I wasn't sure how well I'd do. I can't wait for the paint to dry!
  21. @Shayne, that sounds like a good idea. I might try making some "clothing" out of rubber balls. @ Rodimus, did you just make a ML out of a MU figure?lol
  22. nice. Radioactive Man is one I've wanted to do but it's the dress that stumps me. I'd thought about using some flexible rubbery type plastic, but I think the only way to do it and look decent is with cloth. And I hate "real cloth outfit" on action figures usually so I've just avoided trying this one. Maybe I can use an old inner tube or a really thick balloon. The main problem with real cloth is that threads and texture don't scale down like everything else. Don't get me wrong. This is an awesome job here. I just never think that cloth comes off looking that good. Never liked it on Star Wars or any other line either. That's a really good job on that star on his chest though. Did you paint the material or use some other technique for getting that on there? It's done really well. You've got a good portion of the Tbolts done now don't you? One of my favorite teams, so it's always nice to see some really well done customs here.
  23. yup. went to TRU looking for that bogo 50% deal and they didn't have shisky. AND their 3.75" crap is all $10 now! After driving about 15 miles one way we ended up with one clearanced Cars 2 color changer for my 8 year old. Long ways for such crappy haul. But I did finally get my Dremel Stylus from Home Depot! Gonna start doing some MU surgery soon and I can't wait. little on the nervous side though. kinds squeemish I guess.lol Also got a tool box for all our skylander figures. Not everyone can customize a little "environment" for those things. At least we can divide the kids team from mommy and daddy's team. ;o)
  24. Sorry to hear your wife left. I hope things pick up for you. Took my family all over Tampa today and hit 3 Wally's and 2 Targets. Found nothing new in Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Joes, Transformers, Cars, or anything else we collect. But I did finally pick up Mumm-Ra's Storm Charger. It's kinda cool, though probably not really worth $30. But with the idiots at Cartoon Network making everyone wait for months between episodes all interest seems to be waning and I might not get any more chances. I am really beginning to doubt that it will hit in force since most places are clearancing Tcats. With no new toons, there won't be any new interest in toys. Bandai got screwed by lousy programming! eh, hopefully things will pick up in a couple weeks when they come back as Saturday morning fare.
  25. BBTS, along with most of what's pictured there. My BBTS order came in last week or earlier but I'm just now getting around to it. The glow-in-the-dark Joe (not sure why he's not pictured) and the Marauders/Dreadnoks, a couple Tformers, and some of the Star Wars were from there too. Oh yes, and some cheap MU like Spider-Woman and some Vault Guardsmen too. The rest is clearanced stuff from Targets and a Wally or two. I haven't seen ALL of wave one ML or any of DCU in stores anywhere around here yet. So, I got Nekron and Terrax put together today and they both look better than expected. Anyone else get this Sinestro and have the old Sinestro too? I'm thinking this one is skinnier and seems more accurate since he usually seems scrawny in the comics.
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