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  1. I just stumbled across these at KMart today, a new series of 6" Spidey figures. They had a recarded scorpion tailed venom but also the new sculpt of Green Goblin. However poor Goblin had a T-crotch instead of ball hips so I passed on him. A real shame because the new face sculpt looks cool. The black suit Spidey and regular Spidey look great tho, very slender and muscular sculpts. Symbiote Spidey comes with a 'web glider' ala a goblin glider and red/blue Spidey comes with a ridiculous looking jetpack and boots. Standard Hasbro ball-n-cup articulation but lacking wrist swivels and the red/blue Spidey is missing ankle artic. Otherwise nice figures!
  2. Here's a War Machine based on the Iron Man 2 movie concept art I saw a little while back. Looking at the movie posters now it seems WM doesn't have the clamp-jaw look so I aimed to fix that. The base body is the IM Movie Stealth version with a resculpted face, House of M IM forearms with various TF and Armored Core fodder for wrist guns, Marvel Legends War Machine lower legs, that Fire-blast Iron Man backpack with GI Joe's Heavy Duty's chain gun attached, and MARS mecha gatling gun cannons that magnetically attach to the hips. Whew, that's a lot of parts. More pics here----> WarMachine
  3. With the new Iron Man 2 movie in production Deadpool thought it would be a good idea to cash in on the hype and get himself his own robotic suit. Made from the salvaged parts of the Iron Monger, stolen Stark technology, and Weasel's own brand of tech-savvy, Deadpool is ready to join the ranks of armored heroes! "Mechapool" here was created from an Iron Monger opening-cockpit figure, the right forearm modded with the Rise of Cobra 'Doctor Rex's claw accessory, articulated feet from an Armored Core Koto figure, and some Koto Modeling Support Goods spikes. The massive back cannon came from the light-n-sound 12" Hasbro Iron man and RoC's Heavy Duty's chain gun attaches to the left arm. Getting IM hollowed out took some time. First the waist had to be cracked open, then the front part of the chest removed and the head/neck hollowed out. There's screws holding him together but you can't get to them without prying the back plate off. Once he's apart then it took sawing and dremelling out everything but the struts on the sides that hold the arms in. Still, Deadpool won't fit inside the little space. What to do? Heat and pop his legs off and grind down the post flanges a bit so the legs are now removable. He now fits perfectly inside and the legs pop right back on when needed. You could even pop him apart at the chest joint and glue a post inside the cockpit to lock him on to if you wanted. More pics here!---> Mechpool
  4. Here's Magneto done in his Marvel vs Capcom2 style which is essentially Jim Lee's art. He was made from a DC Universe Superman Red body and older Supes cape. The helmet is a retooled ML3 Magneto helmet and the open hands are from a SOTA SF Gen. The chest, glove, belt, and boot sections were all sculpted with Aves Fixit Sculpt. His Magnetic Tempest attack was created by taking two acrylic Christmas stars and affixing them to posts that inserted into the wrists. Then I hacked up 4 GI Joe bases and gave them a paint job to look like shredded metal, gluing those on. Now it looks like an explosion of shrapnel metal about to launch from his fists! Full pics here!----> Magneto ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Iron Man again? Yes indeed, but this time it's a comic-version of ol' metal head. The new 'Marvel Transformers Crossover' figures hit the shelves just recently. They're basically Transformers that turn into Marvel characters and are MUCH better than the Star Wars Transformers! I snagged the Hulk Tank and Iron Man Jet. Low and behold the Iron Man Jet had the perfect scaled Marvel Legends head that I had been looking for. It's Iron Man all the way. I definitely suggest using this head! So I took a House Of M Iron Man body and attached DCSH Lex Luthor's lower arms and lower legs, adding the head for a cool new comic-version. He has a unique styled look to him with over sized boots and gauntlets making him an all new Iron Man suit. Add some rare earth magnets from Gaussboys.com and some Stark Inc. weaponry, you're ready to party! Full pics here!----> Iron Man
  5. Looks factory fresh man, super clean. Like the shell was molded in that color instead of painted, nice!
  6. Omega Red arrives! Here he's done Marvel Legends 6" style, a mix of the comic and Marvel vs Capcom version. I used Ripclaw's head with some extra sculpted hair/facial features and lower legs, 2-pack Nick Fury's body, and the Creech's hair tendrils for the bendy Carbonadium coils. Omega Red's shoulder/knee pads were sculpted from Aves Apoxie sculpt and so were his forearm guards. More pics here----> Omega Red
  7. Revisiting Psylocke was fun, especially with the new Hasbro Elektra body to use. It's probably the best female ML body out there to use and has great proportions. A quick mod to the hair, add some bangs, a waist wrap, and she's ready to join the X-men! Her psychic knife was made from some clear blister bubble and those nifty epoxy-drops that you use for scrap-booking. More pics here----> Psylocke ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first custom using the Hasbro 2-pack Nick Fury body, Deadpool returns sporting even more weapons. Basically this body is the re-release of the Face Off Punisher with a different large-plug neckpeg for replacing heads. The feet came from a Xorn figure because I'm not a fan of the plain style boots Nick came with and the cuffs, neck, and bandoleer were sculpted with Apoxie Sculpt. The head came from a Moon Knight and was retooled with a hoodie tip, different jaw, and larger eye. More pics here----> Deadpool
  8. Maybe, I dunno. I don';t have Cyke's old hands on hand (hah) right now.
  9. As different incarnations of Ultron pop up so frequently in the comics, so do customs of him here! This Classic Ultron uses the new Marvel Legends 2-pack Iron Man body with sculpted wrist/boot cuffs and chest. I took the old Ultron glider head and cut the mouth down to half the gape, retooled the entire back and underside to fit on the new neck-ball styles, and added the Kirby-crackles in his mouth. The ear-tenna were made from various fodder parts and he was topped off with a glossy silver paint job. Full pics here!---> Classic Ultron
  10. Cyclops returns in an updated Marvels vs Capcom 2 form using the new Superman Blue base body with a less-wide stance. The bandoleer and various cuffs/straps were hand sculpted using Aves Fixit sculpt and a clear red gem was used in the X-logo on his chest. His head is a cast from the now defunct Black Arachnis site and his optic blast came from the blade of a light-up dollar store sword. More pics here----> Cyclops MvC2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mad Jack, or Jack O Lantern if you prefer, one of Spiderman's classic villains. He was made from an odd pumpkin accessory that came with an import figure, a Hobgoblin body, Johnny Storm flames, and the neck peg made from an Iron Man MU blast. His disc glider was made from an action figure base, part of a Jawa spider-droid assembly, and the rest of the Iron Man MU blast. More pics here----> Mad Jack (Jack O Lantern)
  11. "Wadiferous Wilsonious the Fourth was a high ranking mercenary in the Middle Ages until one day he heard news of the Turkish army invading. Suddenly the price of ale and women doubled, blacksmiths were too busy arming soldiers for the war to repair his weapons, something had to be done! Wadiferous had a set of Crusader armor constructed for him and joined the Crusades, the the first time in his life he WASN'T being paid to kill someone. With his mighty hammer and his holier-than-thou attitude, this Crusading knight is ready to spread the gospel of pain and punishment to anyone that gets in his way." This is the second figure in my Deadpool Throughout History series where any era and age can have Deadpool in it. He was made from the body of a Wrrall LCBH figure, lower legs from a Beta Ray Bill, arms from a Kratos, armor from Digimon/Sigma 6/Lord of the Rings figures, and other random parts. His helmeted head is hand sculpted and everything was painted up using Testors Model Master Acrylics and Games Workshop paints. Full pics here-----> Crusader Knight Deadpool
  12. Thanks guys! The DCU sculpts are love or hate for some people. I just thought it would be ironic to build a Marvel character from all DC parts, muhaha.
  13. A Captain America built completely from DC Universe figures? Here's how it went down: A year ago I spied a Red Tornado and though, "Wow, those boots are perfect Captain America boots." Then Aquaman came out and I figured huh, there's Cap's chainmail. Once the Flash was announced I knew it was time to collect all the parts together...the DCU Captain A was born! He uses the Flash's head and waist, Aquaman's upper body and shoulders, and Red Tornado's arms and legs. Flash's ear bolts became the head wings and I sculpted the 'A' and star on his chest. A powerful magnet was buried in the back of his hand and in the shield base so it snaps on to his wrist just like in the Marvel vs Capcom game if you drop it. Full pics here---> Captain America
  14. As promised another Deadpool, this time done as detailed as I could get him. From multiple shades of the black on his costume to seam lines and web-gear stitching, I tried to create the best comic Deadpool I possibly could. He features a hand cast head by Kyle Robinson, taken straight from the Bowen mini-bust and shrunk down to 1/12th scale! The body is the super-articulated Face-off Punisher body that will soon be re-released as the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents from the Toys r Us ML 2-pack exclusives, if they ever come out. His feet belong to LCBH's Star and the hands are from a Movie Masters Batman with apoxie-sculpted sections. To top off this custom I've given him a full assortment of weapons and an unmasked alternate head! Here's hope I did Deadpool justice! More pics here!----> Modern Deadpool Custom
  15. He's the son of Mephisto, banished from Hell and one of the top-tier characters in the arcade game Marvel vs Capcom 2, it's BLACKHEART! This menacing demon was made from a Superhero Showdown Venom, hands and feet from one of the little buddies that came with the LCBH Darkness, custom sculpted head and the mane from a regular Marvel Legends Blackheart. I utilized an inset balljoint with swivel so the head can turn inside the mane, allowing him to look around without moving the whole thing.
  16. Here's one for all of you, a fan request! He's big, angry, green....and black? It's the Hulk alright, but he's been taken over by an alien symbiote! Following in the theme of the new Spiderman: Web of Shadows video game, heroes and villains alike are infected with the symbiotes. This is my original design as Hulk never appeared in the game, but if he did I would have loved to see him like this! He was made from a Marvel Select hulk body, Pitt BAF hands/feet, and the head from an old Snowman figure. I resculpted various parts and gave him an airbrushed paint job since he was so large. After all is said and done he weighs in at almost 3 pounds and is over 10 inches tall making him my biggest Marvel Legends custom to date. More pics here folks!----> Symbiote Hulk Enjoy, and more symbiotes to come!
  17. Ooh, ooooh! Awesome man. Really looks like him!
  18. "It was strange at first, this alien presence. I was in the middle of a kill when the goop hit me. First I thought the Trapster was up to his old tricks again but this stuff moved. It crawls in, invading every pore of my body, got into my mind. It wanted to take me over like it had done with everyone else in Manhattan. But it wasn't prepared for what it found inside me. Have you ever wondered what it's like to throw a midget covered in grape jelly in to a cage full of chimpanzees hyped up on PCP? Well it hadn't either. Now it's just another voice inside my head. Welcome to my world you symbiotic little freak. Welcome to Wade's psycho funhouse!" Here's yet another Symbiote character creation based on the Spiderman: Web of Shadows video game, Symbiote Deadpool! He's an original design not featured in the game and was made from a Ripclaw body, Angel arms, Carnage Lower Legs, and a custom sculpted head/body suit designs. I gave him bendy tendrils to hold his arsenal of weapons and a pair of forearm blades, heh. No Dudepeel here folks! Forearm blades can be cool if they're done right. So here's my take on what if Deadpool were infected with a Symbiote, wrote up the intro to it too! MORE PICS HERE!---> Symbiote Deadpool _____________________________________________________________________________ Following the theme of characters based on Spiderman: Web of Shadows video game, here's Symbiote Sabertooth! He was made from a Hulk Legends Wendigo body, custom sculpted head, Ifrit horn-arm blades, and nasty sharp flosspick tips for teeth/claws. No really, these things are needle sharp and I've stabbed myself about 8 times painting him. The tendril mane was made from bendable lizard tails and his suit design a very contrasted dark brown-red and white. I wasn't sure how he would turn out while making him but the end result is pretty unique! MORE PICS HERE!---> Symbiote Sabertooth More symbiotes to come so keep an eye out and enjoy.
  19. There's so many symbiotes I'll certainly try to make as many characters as I can. And thanks!
  20. After seeing the Spiderman Web of Shadows video game and how the heroes/villians looked taken over by symbiotes...I had to create some of my own. Cyclops wasn't in the game but perhaps this will jog some creative juices for the sequel! He's made from a LCBH Warrarl body, Spiderman 3 Trilogy Venom lower arms/legs, and has a sculpted head from Aves Apoxie Sculpt, the best 2-part modeling compound around. I based this from the X-factor Cyclops costume with the blue/white theme. Lookit that creepy grin! More pics here!----> Symbiote Cyclops ________________________________________________________________________________ ______ This week we have another symbiote-infected character, Bullseye! Tho not actually in the Spiderman Web of Shadows game, here's how I envision him showing up. Bullseye was made from the Sinister Six boxed set venom body, FF8 Diablos hands, resculpted Alien feet, and a completely hand-sculpted head. All the drippy gray-purple parts were sculpted on from Apoxie sculpt as well, whew! I have him some organic-looking throwing spikes and Symbiote Bullseye here is ready to take on anything! More pics here!----> Symbiote Bullseye ________________________________________________________________________________ ______ Here's the creepy red and black Symbiote from the Spiderman, Web of Shadows video game. You see these guys in the game trailer crawling up walls and taking on Spidey and Wolvie, looking pretty badass! The Red Symbiote was made from the new Venom Scorpion-tailed figure and a sculpted head filled with rows of sharp teeth. I had to whip out the airbrush for this one in order to replicate the faded red-to-black color of the ingame character. One of the rare times I'll break out the airbrush for anything these days. It just feels cheap when you use those and don't hand paint every detail. More pics here!----> Red and Black Symbiote
  21. Hey everyone! What's this? Creepy symbiotes have taken over New York and are infecting innocent people, turning them into monsters! That's the plot for the new Spiderman video game 'Web of Shadows'. Expanding on this theme I've created some brand new Symbiotes with different characteristics. Check out the three I've made so far, their individual pages have descriptions and the parts I constructed them from. More pics!---> Orange Symbiote! More pics!---> Green Symbiote More pics!---> Gray Symbiote More to follow!
  22. Pinned, awesome! And thanks for the compliments
  23. "Wade Wilson wasn't a new recruit for the Joes. He wasn't an enemy either. One day he just walked right into a battle between Gung Ho's team and Destro, immediately hitting on the Baroness. After being shot multiple times by Iron Grenadiers, the masked mercenary shouted a few choice words and 'hadokened' a grenade into a HISS Tank's engine compartment causing a massive explosion. Snake Eyes was wary when Deadpool approached the Joes and met him with sword drawn. That sword was met with the hum of a replica Light Saber blade and a joke about Lady Jay's cleavage leaving Snake Eyes speechless.. which was the target of Deadpool's next comment. Since then he's tangled with the Joes and Cobra in what we can only guess is his of insane version of fun." Similar to my first Wolvie Origins Comic Deadpool, this one is detailed to reflect his appearance in issue #16 of Deadpool. The seams on the head were sanded down and a larger 'surprised' eye was sculpted in. I removed the upper half of his modern weabgear and sculpted the cross-chest version. Tossed the flimsy swords and replaced them with stronger Storm Shadow ones, added a boot knife, gave him a magnetic com-set modded from the Resolute Destro one, removable sheepherder cloak...and of course, THE SHEEP CANNON! Yes folks, it's a cannon disguised as a sheep. You have to read the issue, heh. It's made from a resculpted pvc sheep with its back drilled down, parts from an Armored Core, Spawn Interlink, Transformers, Halo, Sigam 6, and other action figure weaponry combined there. You just can't beat a deadly robot sheep for the ultimate weapon of destruction. More pics here!----> Deadpool with SHEEP CANNON! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have Iron Man you have to have War Machine, and the 3 3/4" inch Marvel Universe line needed one! He's made from the MU stealth Iron Man, GI Joe Destro lower arms, and an assortment of fodder parts that make up his armor. EVA Halo shoulderpads, Deadpool's chest strap/circle, Transformers Brawl cannon, and a chaingun from Marauder Gun-Runners. I think the belt was made from a DC Universe Cyborg figure.War Machine's arm cannons came from Microman fodder parts as well. Combined with an all metallic paint job and he's ready to wage war! More pics here!---> Marvel Universe War Machine ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's an updated version of Gambit that fits into the 3 3/4" inch Marvel Universe line. He's basically a Wolverine Origins Gambit with the coat from a DC Infinite Heroes Commissioner Gordon and collar from the DCIH Manhunter because the original figure was missing that. His hands were modded to turn at the wrists and I created a stronger staff and two scaled playing cards for him to throw. More pics here!---> Marvel Universe Gambit ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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