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  1. In Mega City there's only one law, his. Roaming the streets and dispensing justice to criminals large and small comes the brutal Judge Dredd, this time in Marvel Legends form. Here you get a Dredd done 2016-movie style with muted colors and the black padded uniform. Want more of a comic version? The gold comic armor magnetically attaches for an instant appearance change! Judge Dredd was created using a movie Electro torso, movie Cap lower torso, Marvel Now cap arms, Gotg2 Starlord boots, and Winter Soldier Feet/belt. His head is the Legendary Comic Book Heroes Conan head with the LCBH Dredd helmet modded to fit. LCBH Dredd armor was modded to magnetically attach as does his Lawgiver sidearm to his hip. Who's the law? HE'S THE LAW! For more pics head to his page here: Custom Judge Dredd with Comic/Movie armor
  2. The Spirit of Vengeance takes to the streets once more in its host Johnny Blaze and is ready to punish the wicked! Here I've created a modern version of Blaze using a GotG2 Starlord body, Ghost Rider head/neck, NECA Kickass gloves, movie Electro lower legs, and a movie Steve Rogers head on Star Lord's neck. The entire neck section of the alternate heads are magnetic and lock into the body's collar allowing you switch looks. The flaming chain whip effect came from a One-Piece pvc statue and I modded a 1:12 scale chopper with sculpted hot glue flames putting high temp hot glue through a low temp gun. One classic-esq paint job later and Johnny Blaze the Ghost Rider was complete! For more pics head to his page here: Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze
  3. Stealthy and adept with a variety of weapons, Regina is the ultimate hunter...of dinosaurs! Yes straight out of Capcom's Dino Crisis series comes the sexiest S.O.R.T. member you've been waiting for. Regina was created with a 2016 Scarlet Witch body, Xmen united Scarlet Witch lower legs, Black Widow hands, and sculpted hair/uniform sections. She was then airbrushed and given an assortment of weaponry to combat the Jurassic threat! For full pics of Regina, head here: Dino Crisis Regina custom
  4. Are you ready for yet another blast from the past? Get ready for the diminutive MICRONAUTS! Created in 6" Marvel Legends scale comes the heroic Time Traveler looking just like his vintage counterpart. Time Traveler was created using the Target 3-pack clear Vision body, Rogue 1 Krennic head, Iron Man feet, and Apoxie sculpted detailing on his chest and cuffs. Clear orange Tamiya acrylic paint was used for an amazing see-through effect. Now Time Traveler is ready to make his journey across the galaxy with the rest of the Micronauts! For more pics, head to his page here: Micronauts Time Traveler ------------------------------------------------------------ The Micronauts have arrived from the depths of space sporting their vintage looks but in Marvel Legends 6" scale! Here I've created the terrifying villain Membros using a Beetle body, extra toes, tons of Apoxie Sculpted muscle and armor design, custom sculpted head, and fodder parts for the elongated arm weapons! He was airbrushed with all sorts of orange and red shading to keep him close to his vintage toy colors but with attention to the new detail I gave him. Membros also comes with extra claws like the reissued Palisades toy had. For more pics, head to his page here: Micronauts Membros
  5. Straight out of Spiderman's Maximum Carnage series comes the villain turned savior Venom and this week I've created him for you in Marvel Legends form, uh...again! But this time I'm practicing with a new technique to add skin detail. Venom was created out of the regular Venom body and given a new head from a bootleg Venom figure featured on Ebay for a while. Lots of accessories such as clawed hands from Anti-Venom, two tongues, a carnage tendril, and a Hero Mashers Carnage-reach-effect claw were added. The rippling, swirling skin effect is done by washing the figure then wiping the figure down in 91% alcohol first. 3D slick fabric paint is used with a Testors precision glue tip glued on to the normal thick-spout. Give the fabric paint about 7 hours to cure, paint over, then seal. You can make mustaches, eyebrows, tattered clothing bits, spines, just about anything that doesnt need a ton of detail. For a detailed write-up of how he's made, head here: Venom with Symbiote skin detail
  6. He's pale and mysterious, protector of the streets under the light of a full moon. It's Moon Knight in his Mr Knight suit! This custom Marvel Legends Moon Knight was created using a basic Chameleon suit body, Scarlet Spiderman lower arms, Captain America hand set, and Blizzard head. I went as true to comic form as I could with the paint job that solely consists of a bright white basecoat and hard line shading on everything else. The effect makes him look like he stepped off the comic panel! For more pics head here: Custom Mr Knight -------------------------------------------------------------- Straight out of Spiderman's Maximum Carnage series comes the devilish Demogoblin and here you get him in Marvel legends scale! This custom Demogoblin was created by taking a Space venom series Hobgoblin, cracking open the body and replacing it with Machine Man limbs, the original Hobgoblin lower limbs, Jack o lantern hands, and sculpted costume tears. Belts were added and his hood tip changed as well. The goblin glider was completely covered in high temp sculpted hot glue and turned into his flaming firebird glider which Demo can ride into battle! For more pics head here: Custom Demogoblin
  7. Commander of Hydra and seething with hatred for Captain America comes the ultimate villain, the Red Skull! Here I bring him to you in his officers attire ready for battle. This custom Marvel Legends scale Red Skull was created from the Rogue One Krennic body with a Red Skull head and Danger Girls' Major Maxim modded cap. The front and skirt of Krennic's uniform was resculpted and other details added to make this Red Skull look military ready. Now he's ready to lead Hydra to glory! For a better look at the red headed dictator head here: Red Skull -------------------------------------------------------------------- Vroom vroom, it's time to make a getaway with the best driver in town, Overdrive! Straight out of the Superior Foes of Spiderman comes a villain who can transform any vehicle into a supercharged getaway machine. This nano-enhanced custom Marvel Legends Overdrive was created by cracking open a Winter Soldier torso and adding Demo Man arms and legs. Bucky's hair was removed and an Energy Shield Superman helmet modded on. Next up was Overdrive's supercharged Segway which was fabricated from an Ultron glider base and scrap parts to complete him. Now this free-wheeling warrior is ready to be a Superior Foe of Spider-man! For more speedy pics zoom over to his page here:Overdrive
  8. For more pics head to its page here: Look out, the Foot Clan has taken control of the city and sent their Foot Soldiers out to terrorize the good citizens! Only the Turtles can stop them and this week I'm bringing you a Marvel Legends 6" scale vintage-style Foot Soldier! Standing 6" tall this robotic henchman was created from a Marvel Legends Kraven body, DCU GL Alan Scott lower arms,and vintage Mutatin' Foot Soldier head and hands. The cowl and skirt sections were sculpted from Aves Apoxie sculpt and his weapons recreated in a larger scale. Now to create Shredder and the rest of the gang! For more pics of the Foot Soldier head here: Foot Soldier
  9. If you wanted the entire Avengers team with limited shelf space I might have your answer, enter the Super Adaptoid! This version of of the hero-mimicing android is based off the Playmation figurine, done movie-style. He was created using the upper body of a Marvel Now Cap, War machine lower body, MU hulk arm, Thor arm, and Iron Man head. He comes equipped with Thor's hammer, Hawkeye's bow/quiver, Cap's shield, and a pair of wings to make him look like the golden age versions. Four different shades of green were used to give him a distinct look and now this custom Super Adaptoid is ready to take on anything and everything! For more pics head to his page here: Super Adaptoid
  10. He sees things other cannot possibly comprehend with sight far beyond that of any normal being. He's the Orb and this week I'm bringing this B-list Ghost Rider villain to your collection! This version of the Orb was made to resemble his look in Marvel's Original Sin title and was created from a basic ML medium body, AIM soldier lower arms, and Baron Zemo boots. His eye-head is a super realistic acrylic FX eye with a magnet inside that magnetizes to his collar allowing you to rotate the eye in any direction! The Orb also has his trademark eye pistol and a battle rifle to deal with pesky Watchers. For more pics head to his page here: The Orb
  11. Jumping, well rather swinging his way into the Marvel Legends series comes the one and only NES Bionic Commando! Styled directly after the original sprite this grappling hero is packed with all sorts of features. Ladd Spencer features a removable grappler line, claw tip, as well as a magnetic tip that allows him to hang from metal surfaces. He was created from a Star Wars Black 6" Resistance Trooper, Walgreens Daredevil alt head, Nick Fury boots, and various fodder parts as well as sculpted detail. He can swing from the tower on the custom made Bionic Comamndo level base! A custom made blaster/backpack round out his weaponry and he even comes with a radio. Now Ladd is ready to grapple anywhere and accomplish his missions. For more pictures head to his page here: Bionic Commando 6" custom
  12. The merc-with-a-mouth returns in all his smartalec glory this time in an armored suit to combat the upcoming Apocalypse! Here I created a movie-styled armored up Deadpool using a BvS armored Batman, sculpted details, blasters made from a Disney infinity Rocket Raccoon figurine, and twin tech swords. The blasters magnetically attach to his hips and the swords to his back. There's tons of articulation in this figure and I modded various joints to increase the range. Now Deadpool is ready to fight alongside the X-men and take on the biggest of opponents! For more pictures head to his page here: Armored Deadpool custom
  13. Wow, that's one I made a looooong time ago. Congrats! You can find him in my archived Gallery on my site.
  14. Deadly robotic hunters, the Sentinels roam their sectors searching for mutants to eliminate. Never before have the X-men fought such an unstoppable army and today I have one created for either your Marvel Legends or Marvel Universe collection. The Sentinel was created using a deluxe DC Collectibles Lex Luthor Power Suit and modded Heroclix Sentinel head. Sections of the suit were modded to allow for more articulation such as the waist, arms, and sculpt was added for certain details. The Sentinel was wrapped up with airbrushed shading and highlights sealed with a mix of 50/50 Liquitex matte and satin sealer. Sentinels come in all sizes these days so he scales well with both Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe figures as a medium-build Sentinel. For more pics head to his page here: Custom Sentinel
  15. They protect, defend, and impersonate the most powerful tyrant in all the world, they're Dr Doom's Doombots! This particular Doombot Guard is one of many and performs its duties with deadly, unwavering loyalty. This custom Marvel Legends Doombot was created from a BAF movie Ultron base, modded Select Dr Doom head, various fodder armor/hands/hose parts as well as rivets and plating. He was given a metallic airbrushed paint job and is now ready to defend Castle Doom for his master. For more pics head to his page here: Doombot Guard
  16. Lasher was one of the five symbiotes created when the Venom spawned several different symbiotes during the Separation Anxiety story arc. A product of the Life Foundation this warrior had stealth, strength, and grew razor tendrils from its back. This custom Marvel Legends Lasher Symbiote was created using a Machine Man body, sculpted over Carnage head, modded Ultron feet, some sort of mini-dragon hands, and Superior Venom's tendril arm backpack. The whole figure was airbrushed, sealed and its joint holes filled for a complete look. Now to make the other four! For a full set of pics head to his page here: Symbiote Lasher
  17. From the shadows of the night stalks the most lethal of assassins, Hunter Rose. Without an equal this Grendel has taken the city for his own, and your collection! Grendel Hunter Rose was created from a ML Scarlet Spider body, pizza Spidey head, machine man lower legs, and DCU Capt Boomerange lower arms. Apoxie Sculpted detail was added and I created his dual bladed fork from scratch materials. One airbrushed paintjob and hand detailing later Grendel was ready to take on the world. Want more pics? Head to his page here: Grendel Hunter Rose ------------------------------------------ Hailing from a bleak and distant future, the cyborg known as Grendel Prime is virtually unstoppable in his quest. Here I've created him in Marvel Legends 6" scale using a DC Collectibles Nightwing base, Captain America lower legs, apoxie sculpted suit and mask details, and various fodder armor parts. His beam saber was made from a martini pick and he was given a matte/gloss/weathered paint job with all the silver studs. Now Grendel Prime is ready for his ultimate battle. Want more pics? Head to his page here: Grendel Prime
  18. Straight from your childhood videogames and onto the shelf comes the original heroic ninja Ryu Hayabusa from the original Ninja Gaiden game! This custom Marvel Legends Ryu was created from a black series Obi-Wan body, resculpted Fantomex head, Scarlet Spider lower legs, Machine Man arms, and Ninja Slayer scarf/hands/accessories. He has real fabric wrappings, belts, and bandages for that premium-format feel and has a posable scarf. Ryu's range of motion is amazing and he comes with a ton of accessories like his Dragon Sword in sheath, ninja arts Windmill star, throwing knives, and grappling hook, all of which can be used on the multiple action base stands. For more pictures head to his page here: Custom Marvel legends scale Ninja Gaiden Ryu =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Prepare your mind for the ultimate mental assault as you gaze upon The Leader! One of Hulk's most dangerous adversaries this custom Leader has been created in Marvel Legends 6" scale with his classic comic look. He was made from a Toybiz Hulk Classics Leader head, SDCC Ghost body, Star Wars Black Obi-Wan lower legs, Machine Man belt and Scarlet Spider hands. You can swap the hands out for a mind-control pose and the Leader has been given an airbrushed paint job to really stand out in your collection. For more pictures head to his page here: Custom Marve; Legends Leader
  19. Here's a southern belle that's sure to knock you for a loop, it's the Xmen's Rogue! She's been given the Marvel Cinematic Universe treatment so she can fit into your movie-verse lines. This custom Marvel Legends MCU Rogue was created from a DC Collectibles Super Woman with a tailored Nick Fury trench coat. She was given various sculpted detail, a new hairstyle, and goggles along with a fully airbrushed paint job with shading effects. Young Justice Red Arrow's webgear was used and she was sealed up using a combination of Liquitex acrylic varnish. For more pictures head to his page here: MCU style Rogue figure
  20. You knew it was only a matter of time and with the Ant-Man movie being so amazing here's a movie-accurate version of his Marvel Legends form! Using a retail ML Ant Man I resculpted the helmet to add more of the bridge of the nose, side breather apparatus sections, helmet dome and sides. A backpack was attached and hoses run from the helmet. Ant-Man has two closed fists now, a screen accurate paint job including black shading on the red sections and full silver wire. I also took the mini-figs that he came with and changed them up, giving them full paint jobs. Ant-Man is now in a leaping/punching pose and Yellowjacket is defending with his pincers over his shoulders ready to fire. Now you can have an Ant-Man that looks like he stepped right off the screen! For more pictures head to his page here: Ant Man custom figure
  21. People are expanding their Marvel Cinematic Universe figure collections every day with new figures and this week I bring you another bring you another MCU concept custom, the raging Cajun himself Gambit! Here I went with a Jim Lee-esq costume as my earlier MCU Wolverine and Cyclops did but worked in a containment-costume theme as if his uniform is helping keep his kinetic charging powers from blowing up whatever he touches. Gambit was created from a movie Electro body, XMC Gambit head, XMC Magneto lower arms and legs, Nick Fury coat, SDCC Ghost hands, and Apoxie Sculpted detail. Two kinetic card tosses were created along with a charged staff to complete his arsenal. For more pictures head to his page here: MCU custom Gambit -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He's back and badder than ever, Ultron returns to wreck havoc for the Avengers! This custom Marvel Legends scale 6" Ultron uses the Spiderman Beetle recipe with a tweak, all the bubbles have been removed from the mold for a completely different look! Ultron uses Extremis Iron Man lower arms and Space Iron Man lower feet along with a cast Ultron head. Spikes were added to his shoulders and he was given an airbrushed full metallic paint job to bring out the detail. Add a removable energy blast and filled in joint holes for a seamless look and you have an Ultron worthy of ruling the world...or your collection at least! For more pics head to his page here: Comic style Ultron
  22. With the Avengers Age of Ultron movie out people are expanding their Marvel Cinematic Universe figure collections. This week I bring you another bring you another MCU concept custom, Cyclops leader of the X-Men as I'd love to see him appearing alongside (or fighting against) the Avengers! Here I took a WS Movie Cap and sculpted web gear, straps, gave him a brand new Robocop-esq visor design headsculpt, and used a Rightclops belt. Cap's alternate hands were perfect for Scott's trademark blast-poses and he was wrapped up in an airbrushed shaded and highlighted paint job sealed with Liquitex acrylic varnish. Now Cyclops is ready to join my MCU Wolverine on the big screen...someday? For more pictures head to his page here: MCU style Cyclops
  23. Iceman is back and this time he's come straight out of the Age of Apocalypse! I've tackled this figure before almost a decade ago and it's time to revisit him again for a completely updated look. To create this AOA styled Iceman I used a ML Drax upper body, Anti-Venom lower arms and back spikes, medium ML buck lower body, and Scarlet Spider feet. A resculpted Moon Knight head was perfect for his no-face look and I used powerful disc magnets to attach his body halves so he could be taken apart. For this reason I created a special lower body based on the comics using a Namor water-base with ice effects sculpted on. This gave Iceman an incredible snake-like form that really fits the character and can be swapped out with normal legs. I used a combination of light blue, dark blue shading, and frosty white airbrushed effects for his paint job which gave him an amazingly smooth ice-like look. Now this is an AOA Iceman that will stand the test of time yet again! Want more pictures? Head to his page here--> AoA Iceman custom
  24. What's black and white and red all over? The newest member of the symbiote family, Toxin! This tendriled hero was created from a medium ML body, Agent Venom head, Carnage tendril pack, hands and feet. I used Aves Fixit Sculpt and Pro-Create for the various ooze/tendril sculpt effects on his body and topped the figure off with an airbrushed paint job sealed with Liquitex acrylic semigloss varnish. For more pics head to his page here: Custom Toxin figure
  25. With the Avengers Age of Ultron movie upon us we're getting to see even more classic characters given the Marvel Cinematic Universe treatment. Here I bring you a concept MCU styled Wolverine Marvel Legends custom figure. Should Fox ever give up the X-men rights could we envision Logan looking something like this? Wolverine was made from the upper body/lower legs of a Marvel Universe Apocalypse, Sabertooth lower body, Hush Batman lower arms, and an X-force Wolvie head. Uniform sections, buckles, straps, and fins were all sculpted using Aves Fixit/Apoxie Sculpt. Claws were crafted from carbon steel tines that came from a spring-loaded meat tenderizer sharpened and angled. Wolvie was wrapped up in an airbrushed paint job and sealed with Liquitex varnish for protection. I also created a claw/battle damaged MCU style Captain America shield so you could create some X-men vs Avengers movie battles! More pictures here--> MCU style Wolverine
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