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  1. She's deadly, she's powerful, she's got six arms! It's the X-Men's Spiral and here she's been revamped in Marvel Legends style. I started with the upper half of a Target Exclusive Spiral and mounted it to a Captain Marvel lower body. She sport's Black Widow's head, different dance-pose hands, and Spiral's leg fur was hollowed out and attached to the new legs. Winter Soldier's belt was added along with the original Spiral's helmet. A modded Scarlet Witch hex became her magic effect and she can wield three different swords with the new hands. One airbrushed paint job later and Spiral was ready to capture the X-Men in the name of Mojo!

    For more pictures head to her page here: Marvel Legends Spiral


  2. Here's an update to an old favorite, a custom Marvel Legends Symbiote Spider-Man! I started with the new 'pizza Spidey' and sculpted in the joint holes using Aves Fixit then trimmed the joints for proper clearance. The front and back spider symbols were carefully painted on freehand and I even created a 'transformation Peter Parker' alternate head showing the Symbiote crawling up his face to form the mask just like the old Medicom toy. The blue highlights were airbrushed on (even on his individual fingertips!) as was the lighter blue on his eyes and symbols using Blu-tak (poster putty) to mask off sections I didn't want sprayed. The outcome? My favorite and most detailed black costume Spider-Man custom to date!


    For more pictures head to his page here---> Symbiote Spider-Man Custom



  3. Straight from the comics comes this custom Marvel legends Immortal Iron Fist in 6" format. I loved that we got a new Iron Fist in the Odin wave but wasn't happy with the body used for him. Here I combined a Machine Man body with the Iron Fist lower legs, head, and multiple hands. This time we went for the shirtless look and gave him a new belt with poseable tails for win effects, same for his mask tails. Add a hand painted chest symbol, airbrushed paint effects from head to toe, and some flame effect parts, Iron Fist is ready to destroy any enemy that challenges him!


    For more pictures head here---> The Immortal Iron Fist, shirtless!



  4. To kick off a new assortment of Marvel Legends customs I bring you Hawkeye as you've always wanted him, in his classic Avengers outfit! He was fairly simple to make using the Odin wave Hawkeye and replacing the Winter Soldier mech arm with Black Panther's and giving him new hands. Wrist cuffs and arm bands were sculpted on as well as a quiver strap and all joint holes were sculpted over. But the real difference is how I'll be painting my figures in the future. They'll be fully airbrushed. Now all basecoats, shading, and highlights will be done using an Iwata HP-cs Eclipse airbrush to achieve a subtle, cleaner look. It got to the point where I plateaued using brush work and needed to raise the bar. Hawkeye was also given a modified Red Arrow bow that actually fires arrows along with three bolts to use. So here's Hawkeye, the first of a brand new level of paint work!


    More pics here--> Classic Avengers Hawkeye



  5. The dynamic duo is here! It's the Army of Two! Pinky and the...ok, it's just Deadpool and his Sidekick Bob, Agent of Hydra. These two have become the staple of the Deadpool comic series for a stretch and I decided to give them life in figure form. Deadpool was created from a Target 3-pack Captain America body, sculpted face, moddedNECA TMNT Leo swords/sheathes, sculpted suit detail and a hand-painted belt buckle. Hydra Bob was created from...you guessed it a Hydra Agent body, Winter Soldier webgear, Nick Fury belt, and modded Guardian head. He even comes with a Hydra office mug to sip a latte while watching his buddy Deadpool do what he does best.

    For more pics check out their page here: Deadpool and Bob, Agent of Hydra


  6. Watch out Avengers here comes Simon Williams the Wonder Man! This superstar has gone under quite a few costume changes over the year and here we have a modern/90's mix. Wonder Man was created using a DC Collectibles Ultraman head, Toxin upper body, movie Iron Man 'hulkbuster' forearms, SOTA Guile hands, and movie Draxx lower body. After grafting the two halves together I gave him different magnetic hands and sculpted uniform detail on his body. Draxx's boots were also resculpted without the sheathes in them. Wonder Man even comes with a tiny Hollywood-style signed headshot photo he can hand out to fans!


    For more pics head over to his page: Custom Wonder Man






    There's only one true Fantastic Four and that's the classic Marvel depiction for me. Here in an updated classic outfit comes Mr Fantastic himself, Reed Richards! Richaaaaarrrrdddssss! was made made from a DCD Elongated Man upper body, Dakken lower body, and Bullseye boots. The extendo-neck and arms from Elongated man were kept because let's face it, they're kind of the same character. A DCU Superman head was resculpted for Reed's head and a fanstastic 4 sculpted symbol added. Now to do the rest of the cast.


    For more pictures head to his page here: Custom Mr Fantastic



  7. Steampunk Marvel is back and this week you're met with an unstoppable force, the Juggernaut! Now looking more like a 'Juggerknight' this version fits in with my current Steampunk theme. He was created using an XMC juggernaut body, Spidey Classics Jugs helmet, WoW character face inside, 4 Horseman Seventh Kingdom elephant armor, Gears of War boots, He Man power punch gauntlets, and lots of other fodder parts. His steam backpack is powered by the Cyttorak Gem and he was painted with a ton of different metallic colors. Real metal gears and rivets were used as well.


    More pics here----> Steampunk Juggernaut





    It's X-Men time again and here I bring you the time-traveling warrior Bishop in 6" Marvel Legends scale to round out your X-teams. Bishop was created using a Toxin body, wrestling figure forearms/hair, Gears of War Marcus hands, ML Drax head with sculpted beard, Forge harness, and fodder parts created belt/buckles. The hood of a SAW horror figure was perfect for his scarf and he was given some futuristic looking weapons to wield against his enemies. I was really surprised how well Drax's head worked and how it works with the modern dread-colied hair he sports in the comics now. This Marvel legends Bishop is locked and loaded for action!


    More pictures here--> Bishop X-Men custom 6" figure



  9. You know who he is, yes? It's the intergalactic bounty hunter known as Death's Head and here I've created him in a 6" scale to fit right in to your Marvel Legends collection! Based off his blue armor comic look he was created with a ML Stryfe body, Ultron lower legs, custom sculpted face on a Major Maxim head base, and various Apoxie Sculpt details to add to his design. His right hand comes off allowing you to attach an axe, mace, or trident to his wrist, all of which he can wield in his hand as well. Death's Head also comes wit a giant gun with a removable energy effect as well to aid him in his hunt. Standing an inch taller than normal figures Death's Head is one menacing fellow, yes?


    More pictures here--> Death's Head custom 6" figure



  10. You know the look, you know his style, and when the bad guys see the classic white skull they know it's over. This week I bring you a custom Marvel Legends Punisher based on the classic outfit but with a modern design element. He was made from a Marvel Now Captain America Legends base, Kickass 2 hands, resculpted XMC Magneto head, and Aves Apoxie sculpted skull logo/details. I gave him an assortment of weapons and some nifty muzzle-flash effects that you can pick up on Amazon. Now the Punisher is ready to...take on the villains of Hell's Kitchen! Pretty sure you thought I was going to say 'punish' didn't you.


    More pics here----> Marvel Legends Punisher



  11. Vengeance is back with a brand new look! Actually I've tackled him before but here I got to use the new Agent Venom body for the base making him larger and more menacing. This custom Vengeance was created using the aforementioned Agent Venom base, Spawn gunslinger hands, ML vengeance bone wrists/upper chest and spikes. Sportsmaster's belt was used as was the original movie Vengeance's belt for his leg gear spikes. I made him an upgraded whip-sickle using bone tendrils that came with a boxed Spawn figure and wingblade from a FF8 Guardian Force Bahamut. Now Vengeance is ready to ride with or against Ghost Rider, movie style!


    Full picture set here---> Vengeance



  12. When the Walgreens exclusive Agent Venom hit he was a huge hit. Being such a popular character I decided to 'super deluxe' him here being more of an upgrade to the original figure than a full custom. Agent Venom has been repainted from head to toe such as glossy shell-armor sections with grey highlights, full belt gear paint work, and filled in joint holes for a seamless look. His right hip holster has been replaced with a working tactical one (original had a molded in place gun) and his belt knife sculpt replaced with a working sheathe. Two additional heads were crafted, the unmasked Thomson one from a Steve Rogers with sculpted hair and a symbiote venom face. More weapons were included as well as an extra back tendril which serves to hold them all like a 'weapons rack' behind him! Now this is an Agent Venom that deserves to be in the front of your collection.


    More pics here---> Super Deluxe Agent Venom







    My Megaman Marvel Legends line returns with the appearance of a toasty nemesis, the Robot Masters Fire Man! This 6" scale custom Fire Man figure was created using the Ultron/Titanium Man body, lower arms and legs from a DC Direct orange lantern Lex Luthor, Transformers energon Scorponok turbines, and DC Direct Firestorm head with Aves Apoxie sculpted detail. Cyborg shoulderpads were added along with some flame effects so he could blast away at Megaman during battle.


    More pics here---> Fire Man: Megaman Marvel Legends scale



  13. Watch out world because the Red Skull is out to take you over leading his HYDRA army! The Red Skull has always been one of Captain America's greatest foes and here I've created him in his classic green comic outfit using the body of a Legends AIM solider, head and lower arms of the trenchcoat Red Skull, and belt from a Cyborg DCU figure. His entire uniform is shaded green and I even created a removable cigarette that fits between his lips like he always sports in the comics. I added the neck collar from the original Red Skull to the AIM body as well as the holster, giving him a Luger to complete the look.

    More pics here: Classic Red Skull



  14. So there was no Deadpool figure revealed at the SDCC and we have to fill the void ourself. Here's a custom Marvel Legends comic style Deadpool that's sure to fit into your collection perfectly! He was created using the body of a Scarlet Spider with dremelled down neck so a modded ML 6 Deadpool headcast could fit (with hoodie tip!) AIM soldier hands, and custom sculpted seams/cuffs/detail. The seams were sculpting using a new product called ProCreate Professional Sculptors Putty which can be mixed to a flexible, plastic-like form to create super thin details that won't chip off. He was given Nick Fury's webgear and the AIM Soldiers bandoleer that you can swap out for different looks too and the new TMNT Movie Leo's swords.


    More pics here---> Custom 6" Deadpool



  15. The winged insectoid terror is back to battle the Fantastic Four, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Nova Corps, or any cosmic Marvel hero that gets in his way! Annihilus was created from the space armor Iron Man in the GotG Legends series with sculpted face, ball jointed Purgatory wings, 4H Scarabus hands, and Legendary Riders Ultron lower legs. Various fodder parts were used for his collar and armor sections with a DC Direct Firestorm base as a flight stand. One cosmic paint job later and Annihilus was ready to annihilate everything in his path!


    More pics here---> Movie Annihilus



  16. He's dashing, he's daring, he's thieving, it's Peter Jason Quill aka: Star Lord. Here I've gone all out creating a unique custom Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy movie Star Lord with light-up eyes. I used the normal Legends Infinite figure and hollowed out/resculpted the torso installing a clear neck post that channels the LED light up into the head that was modded with clear eye ports linking to the neck post. Depressing the button on his back make the eyes light up bright red like in the movie! Star Lord also features a complete hand painted, screen accurate costume from his armor down to his tiny boot buckles.


    A set of human hands were added, all his accessories detailed, snap-on blaster effects, wired headpones/walkman, orb, and a detailed chest cannon included that came with Rocket Raccoon. I repainted the alternate head as well and modded it to fit the new neck and gave his masked head a complete paint detailing job. Throw in a flight stand base, the mysterious orb, and Star Lord is ready to take on any cosmic threat that comes his way.


    A charity auction is currently being held for this figure where 100% of the proceeded go to the Special Olympics of Southern California, a great organization that helps intellectually challenged individuals.


    More pictures can be found here---> light-up Star Lord Marvel Legends Figure






  17. Maria Hill of SHIELD returns in the Avengers 2 Age of Ultron as this week's custom action figure! Using the Black Widow Infinite body for the base I sculpted some extra suit/belt detail, added new hands, and modified a 2-Pack Black Widow's hair and face to resemble Maria. She has a muti-shaded uniform with detail that works perfect for her look. Sporting a pistol Maria Hill is ready to lead her team against anyone...or anything.




    More pics here----> Maria Hill of SHIELD

  18. Jin Saotome the hot-headed mecha pilot is back and this time he's been created in a brand new 7" Marvel Select scale! This custom Jin Saotome figure was made from a Bandai S.I.C. Apocalypse Zero figure with additional sculpted detail and modified parts. Jin's feet, knee/elbow and other armor parts are die-cast metal! The articulation of his lower legs was tweaked a bit to give him better range of motion. The head was a cast from a 25th SF Anniv pvc Ryu bust. Jin's paint work is an extremely detailed bone-white with different levels of shading and panel lining to mimic the detailed S.I.C. look. I gave him a modified green goblin flame effect for his hand or feet and sent Jin off to battle.


    More pictures here---> Jin Saotome Marvel Select



  19. Eddie Brock returns with a fearsome symbiote with this custom Marvel Legends Anti-Venom figure! While the Marvel Select Anti-Venom was neat he was way too tall to fit in with the Marvel Legends line. Here I took a Toxin figure and resculpted the face, added lots of body spikes, rounded the boot-feet out, and detailed him up to become Anti-Venom! Lots of hand-painted line detail was added to give him a sinewy look and he has some cool inner mouth/eye paint work as well. Now Anti-Venom will cure you all!


    More pics here---> Anti-Venom



  20. All hail DOOM! The tyrant has arrived in all his un-caped glory with this Secret Wars Dr Doom custom Marvel Legends figures based upon his comic book/vintage toy appearance. He was created using a DC Universe Sportsmaster upper body, Cyborg limbs and waist, and custom cast Dr Doom head. All his armor parts were sculpted on and I created a double-barreled ray gun for him like the original had. He also gets a beam-blast to take down his enemies. Sorry but there's no lenticular shield this time! Doctor Doom was painted using Testors Model Master Acrylic, Formula P3, and Citadel metallics.


    More pictures here---> Secret Wars Dr Doom cusrtom figure



  21. Upon hearing the rumor that Ultron will go through three 'upgrades' during the movie (initial build, advanced build, vibranium alloy build) I decided on making his advanced 'Mark II' themed body. This custom Marvel Legends Ultron was created using the Mark 32 Iron Man body, arms and legs from an old ML Ultron, head from the Iron Monger BAF Ultron, and various halo Elite armor sections. New curved movie-style antenna-ears were attached and his whole armored body detailed up with panel lining and weathering. We can't forget the trademark Kirby bubbles in his mouth and once those were added Ultron was ready to wreak havoc!


    More pics here--> Mark II Ultron



  22. While I can't wait for Avengers Age of Ultron I know there's going to be people wanting to see the different Avengers in costumes a little closer to the comic. Here I bring you Quicksilver in an Avengers Movie Style Marvel Legends custom figure in a brand new getup! He was created from a Spiderman Electro Torso, movie Mr Fantastic arms, movie Cyclops legs, and an XMC Angel head with sculpted hair. A speed-effect base was created from parts that you can attach Pietro to for a nifty running effect and his awesome range of articulation lets you pose him in all sorts of dashing moves. Now Quicksilver really looks the part as an Avengers teammate!


    More pics here---> Custom Quicksilver concept figure



  23. He's big, he's bad, he's blue...? He's Venom! This custom Marvel Legends Venom figure is based on the Marvel vs Capcom 2 video game appearance of the character, hence the blue tint which was how his sprite was represented. Venom was created using a Terrax BAF body base with Toxin head and hands. I resculpted the arms, added a longer jaw and new teeth, as well as a tongue covered in the slime that's always dripping from it. The spider symbol was hand painted to match the one in the game and he was given game accurate colors to match. Now Venom can be added to your Marvel vs Capcom 2 character roster in all his toothy glory!





  24. They're big, they're deadly, they're somewhat unwieldy, they're SHIELD's Mandroid battle armors! This custom Marvel Legends SHIELD Mandroid was created from the BAF Mandroid that you could assemble by buying all the Captain America Infinite Legends figures. I turned it into the comic book version by adding a claw and gun arm, hollowing out the head and adding a SHIELD agent head inside as you can see the human faces through their visors in the comic versions. An airbrushed metallic gold-yellow paint job with dark gold shading was used to complete the image along with some added joint detail. Now the SHIELD Mandroid is ready to take on any Metahuman it encounters!






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