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  1. With Captain America, Thor, and other Avengers sporting near-comic accurate suits poor Hawkeye is left out wearing his tacticool gear. Well not today! Here I being you a custom Marvel Legends Hawkeye with a brand new look combining his classic comic look with a movie-esp appearance. I used a Winter Soldier upper body with a Baron Zemo lower, lots of sculpted detail using Aves Apoxie Sculpt and the head of a Marvel Now Captain America. Hawkeye's paint job included different shades of purple and dark red for stand out details. He was given a bow using wire for a draw-back effect, frost and electrical arrows along with regular ones. Now Hawkeye can fight Ultron along side his teammates without looking out of place!
  2. He's part man, part machine, but all deadly! Here's a custom Marvel Legends Deathlok figure that's sure to blow away the competition. He was created from an Extremis Iron Man upper body, Titanium Man lower body, DCU Mr Freeze boots, Mortal Kombat Jax arms, and a retooled ML Deathlok head and backpack. The head originally had an open mouth but it's been closed for a new look. Various hoses and wires were added all over him and a tiny classic SHIELD logo was added to his chest just like the art. A little bit of weathering adds to Deathlok's mechanical appearance and this robotic warrior is ready to fight!
  3. Leaping across the rooftops of Hell's Kitchen is a man who proves justice is truly blind, it's Daredevil and he's swinging your way in a brand new style! Here I created this custom Marvel Legends Daredevil using a basic medium body, movie Electro arms and legs, Movie Masters Batman hands and the awesome looking Face Off Daredevil head. His chest symbol was sculpted on, a belt and pouches were added, and he was painted using a variety of different shades of red and black. One bendable wire billyclub later and Daredevil was ready to fight crime anywhere, anytime!
  4. He's one cool customer that causes evil-doers to freeze in their tracks, it's the X-men's very own Iceman! It's been years since I created an Iceman custom, perhaps 10+ so I decided to give it another go using the new medium build body that Marvel Legends Infinite offers. Modding a head from a movie Electro and hands from a DCD Firestorm I wanted a unique look for Iceman and decided to take it a step further carving his entire body and resculpting sections with Aves Studio's Apoxie Sculpt to look like faceted ice crystal! The paint work is similar to my old Iceman customs using a silver base with a Tamiya clear blue wash, then frosty highlights of light blue and white. An ice-blast effect was created from icicle decoration sections and soon Iceman was ready to take on his enemies with cool, calculated precision.
  5. The merc with a mouth returns as a custom Marvel Legends Infinite style Deadpool figure itching to smart off to his foes! Here Deadpool was created from a Casting Cave Bowen sculpt Deadpool headcast, Scarlet Spider from the Rocket Raccoon baf wave, and Superior Spiderman hands. Deadpool's black suit section was sculpted on using Aves Studio's Apoxie Sculpt, Fantomex's belt, TMNT Leo's swords/sheathes, and Baron Zemo's web harness. One custom belt buckle later and Deadpool is ready to slice and dice his way into your collection!
  6. Here's a custom Resident Evil Nemesis action figure that's sure to get your blood spilling! It took me a while but I was able to track down the open mouth Palisades variant to use. His head, wrists, and ankles were all given ball joints (neck has a double) so he can be posed in better positions. To look like the Marvel Vs Capcom 3 version his Rocket launcher was made from parts and even has a rocket blast effect you can add on. Nemesis has removable arm tendrils added to mimic his tentacle slam attack from the game. A longer grappling tentacle can be attached to his right hand to ensnare foes and Nemesis was given a complete paint job in MvC3 Nemesis colors. Now this beast is ready to find and exterminate the STARS team once and for all!
  7. Here's a custom Marvel legends Ultron that's sure to strike terror in all humanity. Based on the Spidey Infinite series Beetle body and Ultron head, the lower arms were changed out with the older stealth series Iron Man and DCD Orange Lantern Lex Luthor hands were used. The entire figured was sprayed in Testors One Coat Lacquer 'Diamond Dust' then detailed, polished, and sealed to look like real metal. I created an energy blast for his hand and a crackle of energy for his gaping maw. The Age of Ultron is upon us!
  8. She's deadly, seductive, and aware of everything around her, she's the dangerous Domino of X-force! Here Domino has been brought from the pages of the comics to your shelf using a Spidey Infinite Black Cat body, Madame Hydra lower arms, Superior Spiderman lower legs, Hope Summers head with Power Girl hair, Nick Fury's webgear and US Agent's belt. Seams and zippers were sculpted and Domino was given a matte black/gloss black paint job for a great contrasting look. Now Domino is ready for anything that comes her way, ahead of time!
  9. Commanding the Hydra army this custom Marvel Legends Baron Von Strucker figure is ready to take on S.H.I.E.L.D at any moment. He was created using an Air strike (House of M) wolverine body, Marvel Now Cap A left arm, movie Titanium Man right arm and MU Apocalypse hand for his gauntlet, and stealth cyclops lower legs. A DCU Lex Luthor head was modded with sculpted scars and a monocle and I added an Ultimate Cap WWII belt along with some other details. One classic green/yellow paint job later and Baron von Strucker's reign of terror was ready to begin!
  10. They're weird, they're yellow, they're out to rule the world! Here's a custom Marvel Legends A.I.M. figure that's part of the Tech team. He was created using an X men classics Magneto body, ML Infinite AIM Trooper head, Fantomex hands and lower legs, and an assortment of different belts, pouches, and devices like a Dessad backpack with hoses coming from it. There's a breather hose that attaches to his helmet and a DCD Cyborg's arm cannon provides the perfect 'advanced weapon' for this AIM Technician to work on...or use against the enemy!
  11. Man you are a beast at making MU customs. I love that Super Adaptoid you did....
  12. When I saw White Tiger show up on the Ultimate Spider-Man show I instantly loved her design! Here I've created a custom Marvel Legends White Tiger based on the cartoon using a Moonstone body, Infinite Black Cat hands, Cheetara ponytail, and modified Black Panther head. I sculpted a belt and a little tiger amulet to fit on it and gave her a shaded white paint job with her tiger stripe detailing. The paint had to be sealed twice because we all know how white can pick up other colors. Now White Tiger is ready to pounce on her foes, or friends!
  13. I'm usually for sculpted hair too but Jade's was so nice it would have been a shame to ditch it. Correct color too!
  14. The villainous Lady Deathstrike has given Wolverine problems at every turn and now she's ready to strike again with a look based on her appearance in the Hulk vs Wolverine animated movie! This custom Marvel Legends Lady Deathstrike was created using a Hope Summers upper body, lady Deathstrike lower body, and the head/hands of Moore Chaos series Jade figure. The real rooted hair was kept and swept back under her cap and fabric cuffs, waistband added that turns with her torso allowing for upper body movement. Now Lady Deathstrike has the means to an end...the end of Wolverine once and for all!
  15. Slashing his way through the evil that fills the Marvel world comes the heroic Black Knight, part of the Avengers team! This custom 'movie style' concept design Black Knight Marvel Legends figure was created using the Jor-el Superman Movie masters body, head of a US Agent, and LotR knight hands. The faceplate and chest crest were sculpting using Aves Studio's Apoxie Sculpt and some Halo armor bits were added on. The Black Knight gets his Ebony Blade but also an Ebony Mace, tattered removable cape, and Shield of Aragon, a tribute to his flying steed. He was painting used Testors Acryl Model masters, Formula P3, and Vallejo model color paints, and his armor given a contrasting matte/gloss black sheen.
  16. The Son of Mephisto and unholy terror, Blackheart is quite possibly the most powerful supernatural villain in the Marvel Universe. This time I've created him as he's drawn in the 'Venom Circle of Four' storyline. This custom Blackheart Marvel Legends was made entirely from a Spiderman Infinite Legends Green Goblin build-a-figure. The head was resculpted, pants shaved off and resculpted, spikes added to the limbs, and over two hundred individual foam rubber spines attached to his head and back. Add a Spawn Demon bendy-tail and flame effect that came with one of the arms and Blackheart is ready to corrupt any hero that crosses his path! More pics here---> Blackheart Marvel Legends ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Sentinels come in all shapes and sizes hunting down Mutants wherever they find them and Trask Industries is proud to announce their newest model. Compact and efficient this custom 6" Legends size Sentinel figure can be deployed to a location for Mutant removal or posted by a residence for protection. This particular model takes the color scheme from the new Days of Future Past movie Sentinels and combines it with a classic look. It was made from an Iron Man legends Ultron body, Bleeding edge lower arms, Klaw head, and DCD Cyborg lower legs. Aves Apoxie sculpt was used to add design details. Wrapped up in a semigloss armored shell this Sentinel has any mutant hunting task covered from Legends, Universe, or tiny Heroics scale. Place an order for a squadron today with Trask Industries! More pics here---> Sentinel Marvel Legends
  17. He's got one good eye on all the evil operations in the world and ready to dish out justice, S.H.I.E.L.D. style. It's Nick Fury and this time he's decked out in a new outfit! This custom Nick Fury Marvel Legends figure is based on artwork for the Avengers movie video game and uses the Marvel Legends Infinite Captain America 'Marvel Now' base body, Mark VI Iron Man lower legs, Dark Knight shoulder pads, Steve Rogers lower arms/hands, and Avengers movie Nick Fury head. He has armor/web gear details sculpted using Aves Studio's Apoxie Sculpt and painted with Testors Model Master, Formula P3, and Vallejo Model Color paints. Also, freehanding tiny SHIELD logos is a nightmare.
  18. Look out for the merc-with-the-mouth, Deadpool is back in action! This custom Deadpool Marvel Legends figure is based on how he appeared in the Hulk vs Wolverine animated series using a Marvel Legends Infinite Superior Spiderman body/hands, Jean Grey lower arms and legs, Fantomex belt, modded Series 6 Deadpool head, and web gear details sculpted using Aves Apoxie Sculpt. Two swords were created and attach to his back just in case his twin pistols aren't enough. With a great range of motion and animated styling this Deadpool is ready to take on both Hulk and Wolverine at the same time!
  19. Spider-Man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can! Over the years he's been drawn many different ways and this custom Marvel Legends Spider-man figure was based on the art by Humberto Ramos. He was made using a Superposable mcFarlane style Spiderman body, series 1 Spiderman legends forearms, hand/feet and head from the Ramos flip-n-zip Spider-Man. The eyes were resculpted all squinty and he was given a wire wrapped webline. Spider-man goes through all sorts of costume changes over the years, some positive, some... negative! No I'm not talking about Venom, heh. Here's a custom Negative Zone Spider-man marvel legends figure that's sure to add some stealth to anyone's collection. Basically a repaint of the new Amazing Spider Man 2 Marvel Legends Infinite figure, I removed the longer spider legs that ran down his stomach for a more classic look. Different shades of grey, white, black, and gloss was used to make his webbing detail pop.
  20. The X-men's leader Cyclops has gone through many costume changes but the one from John Byrne's series is a fan favorite. Here's a different version of my custom Cyclops done Byrne style using the current Marvel legends buck body. Using a Wolverine Legends Cyclops with AIM soldier cuffs/Zemo Boots was the easiest only needing to add a belt and visor ear covers. Cyclops' Optic Blasts were made from different kinds of clear acrylic plastic, the best one I've found coming from the neon clip boards found at walmart. The edges glow as light is filtered through the piece and even makes the inside of his visor light up! The new version has a swap-out head with the blast attached for maximum detail
  21. Ready for some supernatural action here's a brand new custom Ghost Rider Marvel Legends Infinite figure for you. Based on Johnny Blaze's classic Ghost Rider character and sporting his blue outfit this figure was created using the new Captain America Infinite A.I.M. figure, Ultimate Cap forearms, Dark Knight hands, modded collar, ML 2012 Ghost Rider skull, and BAF Green Goblin arm flames with hotglue extensions. I made the head and flame collar removable so you could add the custom Johnny Blaze head to get him in a human form as well. Now all he needs is a 1:12 scale chopper ride and this custom Ghost Rider is ready to take on any challenge!
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