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  1. Ready for more Spiderman villains? Here's a custom Venom Marvel Legends figure that's sure to shake things up! Venom was created from a Wolverine Legends Sabertooth body, modded Marvel Select Venom madness backpack/sinister six head, and Spiderman Infinite Legends Carnage tendrils attached to his limbs. Carnage's tendril pack fits perfectly onto the hole on Sabertooth's back! Venom's symbol was hand painted and he was given grey shadows instead of blue. This custom Venom figure is ready to eat some brains!
  2. Here's a custom Ultron 6" figure that's sure to give your Avengers some trouble! We started off with the new Spiderman Infinite Legends Beetle body, added 5" toybiz animated Ultron hands, Mark V Iron Man forearms, and the Iron man Legends Ultron head. This combination gives you a sleeker, modern looking version...but more was needed. Using an LED light, metal armature, wires, tubing and various parts bases/fodder I created an activation platform so he can hang around in Tony Stark or Hank Pym's lab awaiting his destiny. The platform shines a rather creepy red light down from above on Ultron and sets just the right mood. One polished metallic paint job later and this custom Ultron figure is ready for his reign of terror!
  3. Deadpool is back in Marvel Legends form and this time I used the costume design from the Hulk vs Wolverine animated movie. (I still want to do a perfectly animated one once I find a thin enough body) This custom Deadpool figure was made using the new Black Panther body and modded head with hoodie tip, Aves Apoxie sculpt for the webgear, gloves, and cuffs, Legends Wolverine feet, and USAgent hands. He was then decked out with twin holsters, pistols, swords, a removable back sheathe, and machine guns. This Deadpool is out to capture Wolverine and nothing will stand in his way! Well...nothing except the Hulk. More pics here! ---> Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool figure
  4. She's deadly, armored, and wearing hardly anything at all. It's Sarah Pezzini the Witchblade! This custom Witchblade figure was created using the Hope Summers body with LCBH Witchblade armor and lower legs. A Moore Collectibles Michael Irons hand/removable tendril was used for the right gauntlet. Witchblade sports a Marvel Legends Phoenix head with the Witchblade hair. Aves Apoxie Sculpt was used to sculpt the skimpy bio-armor that covers her body and she was painted with a metallic blue/sliver combo. More pics here! ---> Custom Witchblade -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whether it's a temple of doom, undersea city, or a spy mission on a floating fortress, Abbey Chase is ready to take it on! Straight from the pages of the comic comes this custom Danger Girl figure was created from a Madame Hydra body with sculpted clothing, McFarlane Abbey Chase head, and Black Widow hands. She was given a holster and various treasures to carry along with a pistol, machete, and egyptian sword. If all goes well I plan on making Sydney Savage and Natalia Kassle to complete the team! More pics here! ---> Custom Danger Girl 6" figure
  5. Helping to complete your Marvel Universe Sinister Six team is this custom Marvel Universe Sandman figure I've created using the lower half of a movie Sabertooth and upper half of a Guardsman. The hands from a 5" Spidey Sandman were used and Aves Apoxie sculpt was added to the upper body to create the shirt appearance. A CORPS member's head was modded and this custom Sandman was finished with a classic paint scheme.
  6. Here's a custom Doctor Octopus figure that will help complete your Marvel Universe Sinister Six team. Baron Zemon's body was used with Aves Studio's Apoxie Sculpt for his pot-belly, wolverine upper legs, cake-topper bendy tentacles, and a Titanium Doc Ock's head and tentacle claws. One classic paint job later and Doctor Octopus is ready to take on Spider-Man!
  7. The high flying Spider-Man foe Adrian Toomes attacks as the Vulture! Here I've created a custom Marvel Universe Vulture figure by using the new Avengers Assemble Falcon body with Hulk Gamma punch Banner hands, Retaliation Zartan head with modded sculpt, and a lot of shaved down and protected joint sections. Really, everything on the Falcon rubs and he had to be disassembled with all his joints resculpted to fit.
  8. This custom first appearance Venom has been requested many times and now he's ready! Based on the Amazing Spider-Man issue 299 Venom's look was created using the Marvel Select Venom head on an Avengers Walmart Exclusive Hulk body. Hulk's pants had to be shaved down and sculpted over as well as his feet and hands using Aves Studio's Apoxie Sculpt. Venom's spider symbol that stretches across his whole body was sculpted on as were the hand patches. Super glue was used to cover any parts that rubbed under his chest and you'll notice the spider symbol isn't broken up by the ab crunch. This is my favorite custom Venom action figure to date and stands at 7.5 inches tall, ready to take a bite out of Spider-Man!
  9. Thanks! He ewas pretty fun to make, shaving off Hulk's pants and all..hah
  10. It's time for more Marvel vs Capcom 2 goodness with Captain America this time! Based on the game art and sprites this custom Marvel vs Capcom 2 Captain America was made using a Marvel Legends Hyperion body, USAgent expanded glove cuffs, Dakken belt, and a Steve Rogers head. The head and star were sculpted using Aves Studios Apoxie sculpt and designed to look like they do ingame rather than the comic. Captain America's domed shield comes from the Avengers Assemble battler figure and magnetically attaches to his wrist and back. A bald eagle was added to simulate his win pose from the game as well. Now Captain America is ready to battle! More pics here---> Marvel legends custom Captain America
  11. Deadpool is back and he's packing some brews! Since the actual red Deadpool is impossibly hard to find, using an old body, and lacks ankle rockers, I figured it was time to update him! Using a Protector body I grafted a 2-Pack Wolverine's foreams and alternate hands on, CamcoKid cast Bowen bust head, and sculpted the rest of the Y-harness adding a reflective orange gem in the center. US Agent's belt was a perfect match and so was a Nick Fury holster, Hand Ninja swords, and back sheathe made from some GI Joe sword sheathes crossed together. A couple of beers later Deadpool was ready to kick back or kick some teeth in!
  12. Avengers 2 Ages of Ultron is set to hit next year and there's a supposed script leak already where Tony Stark discovers Jarvis as malfunctioned and built a terrifying suit to house his program, the U5. Here I've gone ahead and created a concept custom Marvel Legends Ultron for the movie using the body of a Bleeding Edge heroic Iron Man, Ultron head, and ToyBiz Ultron hands. Various ports were redesigned with spikes and crackling 'Kirby dots' added to his mouth, arc reactor, and removable energy crackle that fits in his mouth. One weathered metallic paint job later and the U5 was ready to cause the Avengers some trouble!
  13. With so few MU sized Venom figures out there I figure I'd give it another shot, especially with the extra heads from the Marvel Select Venom's backpack laying around. Using the body of the new Avengers Assemble Hulk I dremelled down the pants, sculpted the spider symbol, claws, and feet, then gave him the backpack venom head. Now he's huge, beefy, and ready to pound some heroes into the ground as Venom!
  14. Doctor Octopus has gone many a transformation in the years he's appeared in the comics and this week I bring you the good doc ock as he's been portrayed on TV in Spiderman the Animated Series! This custom Doctor Octopus Marvel Universe figure was created using a Guardsman upper body/upper legs, Titanium Man lower torso, classic Iron Man forearms and lower legs. An Avengers Skrull provided the shoulderpads and Maverick's collar was trimmed. Doc Ock's head was from the Titanium Doc Ock and the bendy tentacles came from the highly sought after 'Spiderman vs Doctor Octopus revolving cake topper' that can sometimes be found on ebay.
  15. For those of you who picked up the ML Nemesis series you may of noticed he's no longer clear, instead having an icky matte yellow paint app. There is a way to return him to his normal clear orange/yellow goodness but it'll take some work. First take him apart. Snag some quality paper towels like Bounty as these don't leave particles behind like Brawny or Walmart brand ones. Make sure you're out doors or have adequate ventilation because you will be working with Acetone .Dampen the towel with Walmart or Ace's brand of Acetone (I use Kleen-strip) and begin to wipe off the solid yellow paint on his arms and legs. You don't have to be super careful on these parts because the Acetone won't eat away at that plastic very quickly like it will hard plastics parts. Use Q-tips if you have trouble getting any of the red bubble apps out of crevices. You're going to go through a lot of paper towels and Acetone with this guy, probably needing to go over him twice. The shoulderpads are very Acetone resistant and easy to clean off. But the chest/waist IS NOT! You have to be very careful about how much acetone you put on the paper towel because too much and it'll begin to melt the plastic, the paper towel sticking. Fortunately you can go back over any 'oops' spots with more acetone and knock down any rough spots. Avoid hitting the already clear dome if you can. The plastic will look foggy but this is normal. Now use Tamiya clear yellow and you will see him start to turn crystal clear when it begins to dry. Make sure to get underneath his shoulder pads to make them clear as well. If you want brighter eyes on the skeleton, paint them silver and then clear yellow over them. Add the red bubbles by using Tamiya clear red in groups centered around the middle of his front and back limb sections to complete the look. Dab them on the the rounded back end of the paint brush instead of the bristles to get perfect circles. In addition to the clear modifications I also separated his shoulder armor and cockpit using clear ball joints to articulate them so Holocaust could raise his arms properly.
  16. ALL HAIL DOOM! Whether it's a death ray, army of giant robots, or just a good old fashioned invasion, the Fantastic Four's signature villain Doctor Doom is probably behind it. Here I've created a custom Marvel Legends Doctor Doom using the DC Universe Doctor Mid-Nite base body, LCBH Wraarrl feet, Wringwraith hands, and lower arms/legs from a DCU Iron. Doom's head is a CamcoKid specialty headcast and a tailored Marvel Select Doom cape. Apoxie sculpt was used to create the armor circles for his joints and lower leg flanges. This time Doom will not fail! More pics here---> Doctor Doom
  17. The Age of Ultron is in full swing so here's a custom Ultron Marvel Legends figure based on the six-armed teaser custom we saw at the SDCC 2013 in the Marvel Universe diorama. Three Iron Man Legends Ultron figures were needed (or one Ultron and two Titanium Man figures as they share the same limbs) with the new limbs attached to his back, different style revoltech hands added, additional Modeling Support Goods ports added, spines, spikes, and the lower legs from an old Toybiz Marvel Legends Ultron. I was even able to find the back piece the SDCC custom used, the wrist gauntlet of a 5" Spiderman movie Scorpion and attached various extra hoses to him. A few blast effects, energy blade accessories, and detailed metallic paint job later, Ultron is ready to wipe out humanity once and for all!
  18. The email response from my first Havok custom was overwhelming with requests for him to be done the same way but in his 90's outfit. So as requested by numerous fans here's Havok in his classic X-Factor outfit! He was made using the Fantomex body/jacket, DC Universe lower arms, Angel head, and Apoxie sculpted hair/cuffs/detailing. I gave him a metal zipper pull and the X-factor badge. His concussive blasts are made from clear blister bubble. The technique is easy. Take a fine-point sharpie paint pen, put it in a scholastic compass, then draw a series of ring. The hands come off allowing you to attach the clear rings to his wrists. There's two sets, a smaller sets with floating debris and a larger clean set. Stack the sets and his blasts look really powered-up! Now Havok is ready to cause some major....uh...destruction! Yeah..
  19. Clone or not the Scarlet Spider has a cool costume design with his all-red bodysuit and blue hoodie. Here I used a Future Foundation Spiderman and sculpted new raised eyes, hoodie on the main body, and belt. Black Widow's stinger bands worked perfectly and I used fodder belt pouches for his ankles. The oversized hands the figure came with were swapped with the smaller Walmart ML Ben Riley Spiderman and he was given a shaded paint job. One wire webline later Scarlet Spider was ready to take to the rooftops and fight crime!
  20. Deadpool's crazy antics are a staple of the Marvel Universe and his Ultimate appearance is no different. Host of a TV show that features him hunting down mutants, "Wadey Wilson" uses a variety of weapons and gadgets to get the job done. This custom Ultimate Deadpool was made from the new Marvel Legends series 3 US Agent with the glove cuffs flipped around backwards and a Moon Knight custom cast head by CamcoKid Castings. The rest was just adding straps/pouches and painting his uniform detail. Deadpool has a holstered pistol added behind his belt and some TMNT weapons/older modded X-men weapons gave him the perfect arsenal to hunt down some mutants for show!
  21. It's the Age of Apocalypse and here I present to you one of the X-men's deadliest foes. This version of Apocalypse was created as how I envision him on the big screen with ancient looking techno-organic armor and tattered cape. He was made from a NECA Prometheus Engineer body, custom cast head by CamcoKid Castings, 12" Dr Doom hands, Sigma 6 forearms/lower legs, and various fodder armor parts from Halo, Onslaught, and Iron man characters. His shoulder pads are articulated and you can remove his hands to equip Apocalypse with a spinning drill or tri-claw. Survival of the fittest has never seen such might! More pics here---> Movie Apocalypse
  22. You knew it was coming. Loki just wasn't complete without them. While the Avengers Walmart exclusive Loki was great he was still missing the most important thing Tom Hiddleston brought to the character...wispy hair tips. Here I've revamped Loki to be more screen-accurate by resculpting his iconic movie hairstyling using Aves Fixit Sculpt. A single right shoulder pad was added as was his casual look but putting on the cape adds the second shoulder pad to complete the 'King Loki' image. His tunic was also lengthened, armor added to his forearms and a chest strap. Since the helmet would no longer fit I added a second helmeted head and gave his armor a brilliant gold finish with antiquing. A complete paint job in the proper black/brown/green colors made his details pop. Loki's staff was lengthened and a clear blue Mind Gem added. Now that's the Loki I remember seeing on the big screen! More pics here----> Loki ------------------------------------------------------------------ Piledriver is part of Marvel's Wrecking Crew, a big bad brawler who's bare fists pummel anyone in his path. One problem tho, the Hasbro Marvel Legends figure had gloves on! To fix this and other inaccuracies I used the base Piledriver body and reshaped the forearms of a Walmart exclusive Avengers Hulk to fit. His lower legs were replaced by a Spiderman Juggernaut's legs so he wouldn't have the textured cloth and now has his trademark bootcuffs. A full repaint job and Piledriver was looking as if he had just stepped out of the comics! More pics here----> Piledriver
  23. For a while I've thought, what would Loki look like if he were to take on his true heritage as a Frost Giant? We saw his hand turn partially blue in the movie Thor so I went with that, a blue-skinned red-eyed "Frost King". Loki is a repaint of the Thor 3 3/4" movie line King Loki with iced-armor effects. His Frost Giant Army is comprised of eight Giants all tweaked in different ways to stand out from one another. Some have different colored tattoos, altered loincloths, different skin shades, icy armor, frost limbs (Frost Shaman) and the Onyx armored Frost Giant Commander. One even has fully iced-up fists courtesy of a RedaKai figure and acrylic ice. Their weapons were painted with Tamiya clear blue and given white-blue highlights. Add some fake snow and a special Ice-spear for Loki to wield and he's ready to take the throne of Jotunheim for himself!
  24. Annihilus shall spell your doom! This cosmic winged terror has plagued the Fantastic Four ever since they swiped his Cosmic Control Rod way back when and now he's meaner than ever. This classic version of Annihilus was made from a Marvel Select Ultron base body with Dr Doom hands. The head/jaw is Ultron as well with Aves Apoxie Sculpt detail added. Modded Percy Jackson Hades' wings and a scratch made collar/shoulder pad/spines completed his look. He stands seven and a half inches tall and has a wingspan of 15 inches, the wings on double ball joints and able to move in any position. Annihilus' eyes and control rod are clear with reflective backing so they shine brightly when light hits them for a really neat effect. Cosmic energy effects came from the ever useful back flames of a White Lantern Flash painted with Tamiya clear yellow.
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