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  1. After watching the Amazing Spiderman reboot I wondered how they would do other movie villains and characters in future sequels. That got me thinking, what would his black symbiotic costume look like? Well here's my take on it using a Walmart 6" Amazing spiderman with a glossy black for the red parts and matte black for the blue, the white spider symbol looking kinda like segmented bones. I sculpted flared out venom-like eyes and gave him alternate clawed hands for when the symbiote lashes out. Now Spiderman is ready to stalk the night and take out some baddies.







  2. When it comes to hero vs villain there's few pairs that can match Spiderman and Venom! Here these iconic characters are done in Marvel Legends Style. Spiderman was made from a Spiderman Classics series 1 head, Shoot-n-trap body, and Spider-Sense (or bolo attack) arms and lower body. Venom was made from the Sinister Six Venom head modified to fit on the Gargan body. His elbows were changed from hinges to swivel joints using the guide in my Guides and Tutorials section. I added a repainted Young Justice Red Arrow rooftop base and a Green Lantern Parallax alternate symbiote hand to give these two a battle you'll never forget!






  3. Prowling across the city rooftops comes the sleek and sexy cat burglar, the Black Cat! Spidey's love interest was made from a Black Widow/ML3 Mystique body, catwoman hands, Lady Death hair, and 2-pack Sharon Carter head. Her fur sections were sculpted from Aves Studio Apoxie Sculpt and magnets were added in her boots so she could climb up things just like her companion piece Spiderman can. Add in some stolen pearls and a wire claw-line to grapple buildings with and Black Cat is ready to take on the night!


    More pics----> Black Cat





  4. DISCLAIMER ((This is an original take on a movie themed design that doesn't necessarily represent Deadpool's look in any feature film that may or may not be in production. Any similarities to a future design of Deadpool would be purely coincidental with absolutely no prior inside knowledge of said design.))


    Now with that out of the way here's my take on Deadpool done Marvel Studios movie style. He's made from a Hawkeye body, 1st Avenger Cap lower arms, Ronin head, and various fodder straps/belts/pouches. His alternate head is Ryans Reynolds Green Lantern with sculpted disfigurement and a smirk. I figured Reynolds would have to be recognizable at some point so I have the Weapon X regenerative effect taking over his body slowly. Add two Katana from the new TMNT Leo, three pistols, FAMAS, and hidden back knife, Deadpool is ready to tear up the big screen for his debut!


    More pics----> Deadpool Movie Figure






    What's greater than a guy in red and blue tights swinging over a city and webbing people up? Nothing I tell you! So here's another super-poseable Spiderman to tickle your fancy. He's made using Snapshot Spiderman's head and lower arms/hands, McFarlane Spiderman body, and Spider Sense Spiderman's lower legs. I was aiming for a classic style and hoping to use up some of my parts, Spidey ending up looking pretty great in my opinion. Add Red Arrow's rooftop base with a new weathered paint job and bendy wire webline, this Spiderman is ready to swing into action!


    More pics----> Super Poseable Spider Man



  5. This custom Spiderman is a no-brainer. The base body is a Marvel Legends Big-Time Spiderman with the green paint stripped off using a light wipe of Acetone. He was then fully repainted black and given the white spider details. These can be pretty hard to paint by hand and you will need to paint the legs solid at first then adding the three black lines to separate the legs. Paint the center one first, then the other two in order to keep them centered. A double ball joint was added in his neck, magnets in his feet, and a bendy wire webline to complete the transformation! With his awesome tilt-ankles this could be the best mold for a Spiderman yet







  6. If you walked through Walmart or took the bus/subway a few months before the Avengers movie came out you may have seen Earth's mightiest heroes plasters on signs. And if you looked closely you would have noticed Captain America's ears were showing and his suit design was different than what you saw on screen. As requested I modded a Walmart exclusive Avengers Cap figure by resculpted the cowl, adding ears, straps, and the alternate paint scheme with the blue in the boots and dark blue on the legs. I gave him a removable magnetic holster like the concept art cap had using a gun as well. One battle-worn paint job on the shield and he was ready to defend this nation. Giving Cap ears makes him look remarkably better and now I wish they had gone this way in the movie. Oh well, there's always Captain America 2 right?


    More pics here---> Captain America






    SHIELD Commander Maria Hill joins the roster of Avengers movie figures that needed to be made. Along with Coulson she was part of the action and here we have here in the movie styled uniform. Hill was made from a The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Catwoman body, DC Universe Zatanna hands, Marvel Legends Black Widow 2-pack head, and Fantastic Four movie figure boots. A hip holster and pistol was added along with a nifty giant rifle I found. I sculpted her hair bun, changed her bangs up, added some suit detailing, and the rest just fell into place. She even has little SHIELD logos on her shoulders. Now Maria Hill is ready to command the Helicarrier into battle!


    More pics here---> Maria Hill



  7. As you may know I'm doing a whole series of Avengers movie figures, characters you saw and didn't see. Here's Beta Ray Bill as I figure he may look in say, Avengers 2. He was made from a movie Thor, ML Beta Ray Bill head with various fodder armor/helmet sections added (probably LotR), Dr Doom feet, DCU Skallox hands, and a 3 3/4" Avengers Thunderstrike weapon fashioned into Stormbreaker. Some people love the character, some poke fun at his horse-ish looks, but I'm really liking how this figure turned out. Beta Ray Bill is ready to take on the universe, movie-style!


    More pics here---> Beta Ray Bill





  8. Basically the same recipe as my first blue Spiderman uses the upper body of a Shoot-n-Trap Spiderman with the arms and legs of a Spider Sense Spiderman. This time he gets three heads, a McFarlane cast head from CamcoKid Castings, comic style, and Peter Parker head which is the Infinite Crisis DC Direct Elongated Man. Still having magnets in his hands and feet I gave him an alleyway base with a metal fence he could stick to! The main part is a Young Justice Aqualad base with random fodder for detail, the fence made from a 3-tier desk organizer. I printed out a mini Daily Bugle and wanted poster to add to the alley scene. After a grimly paint job it was done!







  9. Check it out, here's Thor as he appeared in the Avengers movie in his 'powered down' suit just hanging around the SHIELD helicarrier. He was made from the regular Marvel Studio Series Thor with his cape removed, modded vest, waist, and arms from a WWE John Cena figure swapped on. His wrist cuffs, vest front, and shoulder cape-edges were sculpted using Aves Studio's Apoxie Sculpt. Mjolnir was also given a real leather handle strap so you can make Thor twirl it around in his hand!


    More pics here---> Thor





  10. Ultron is one of the Avengers deadliest adversaries and was created by one of their very own. Here I've done the creating and present to you my idea of how Ultron may appear in Avengers 2. Following movie canon this is a Phase II Ultron created from Destroyer tech the same as Coulson's rifle. He goes berserk and seeks out his creator, Dr Pym aka Ant Man. This figure was created from a DC Universe Braniac, custom sculpted head, MARS parts, and ML Ultron feet along with lots of fodder bits and hoses. I gave him Destroyer-like fireblast ports all over him, two wrist blasters, and an energy shield/blade.






  11. The Walmart exclusive 6" Captain America was nice but he was missing a ton of detail. Here I've taken the figure and filled in all the joint holes, completely repainted the figure adding washes, highlights, and details like the buckles, glove/boot trim, and soles of his boots. His alternate unmasked head was made from a FF Movie Flying Human Torch head (cause it's Evans!) with sculpted features and hair. There's a clean shield and an extra battle-damaged shield like the Hot Toys figure has. Now Cap can strut his stuff in style while taking on alien armies!






  12. Black Widow is an integral part of the Avenger and kicked some serious behind in the movie! But where is she in the Marvel Legends Avengers line? Not to worry, I've created her in her movie style outfit. Arkham Catwoman was used as the base body with joints heavily modified because of the original lack of range. Her head is a custom Black Canary DCU cast by CamcoKid Castings, Black Widow wrist stingers, modded Nick Fury hands, custom made webgear, and feet from someone else. She has SHIELD arm patches and a hourglass belt buckle to top off her look.


    More pics here---> Black Widow







    Agent Coulson is an important part of the Avengers team and along with Widow really needed a 6" studio figure. After finding Harvy/Wayne movie master figures on sale I knew what I had to do. His arms and legs are Marvel Legends Professor X limbs grafted onto the existing DC buck to give him double-jointed motion. Any good agent is going to need to dodge blasts from super villains and I kept the toe joint too. His head/hair was resculpted and facial features dremelled down. Coulson's earpiece and ID tag were added along with a SHIELD communicator. I printed out tiny vintage Captain America trading cards that you can actually read and laminated them. Coulson's Shield ID badge was done the same way with actual print and a picture. His Destroyer Rifle was made from a whole slew of fodder parts piece by piece and given a glowing paint job.



    More pics here---> Agent Coulson





  13. I was finally able to snag some Bulletstorm Grayson figures for under $10 and start my Cable. Props to everyone who made a Bullet-Cable custom already, this is indeed the perfect mold for a realistic Nathan. My idea was an Avengers vs X-men movie style Marvel Legends Cable for the next Avengers film to tie into the comics. The body is of course Bulletstorm with a SOTA Guile right arm, modded Cyberforce Stryker head, Trapjaw lower left arm, Gears of war right hand backpack-chest, SIC Karate Bugman left hand, Judge Dredd holster, and various fodder parts added on. I'll still tweaking an arm attachment and more weapons so keep an eye on him for updates!



    More pics here---> Cable






    Continuing with my Avengers movie-style characters you didn't see in the film is a powerful member, Wonder Man. He was made from the upper body of a Stealth Strike Wolverine, unmasked Batman beyond head, wrestling arms, lower body of an Avatar Movie masters, and Steve Rogers boots. I added red straps to resemble a W on his chest without actually painting the letter on there seeing as nobody in the Avengers movie had that going for them. Add a flight stand and some removable shades, Wonder Man is ready for action!



    More pics here---> Wonder Man





  14. In the shadows of Tony Stark's design shop the Vision Mark I's processors whir to life. Wait, he wasn't in the Avengers movie...but he should have been! Here's an Avengers Movie style 6" Marvel Legends Vision. The back story I came up with has Ultron creating Vision from parts in Stark's shop, thus the Iron Man-esq looking face. He was made using a Mark V upper body, Black Hand DCU lower half, Movie Mr Fantastic arms, and Extremis Iron Man head. Various sculpted sections and fodder parts were added to made him look partially complete, Android parts still showing.



    More pics here---> Vision






    She's one of the founding members of the Avengers but where was she in the movie? Not to worry, I've heard your requests and have you covered. Here's The Wasp done up Avengers movie style in the 6" Marvel Legends format. Her head is from a Sharon Carter ML with sculpted hair and headphones, Shocker Katchoo upper body, DCU female arms, and movie Invisible Girl lower legs. Her wings came from a He Man 200X Buzz-off and I made her a Wasp Sting to zap enemies with.


    More pics here---> Wasp






    Here's the Spectacular Spiderman done 6" Marvel Legends style in his classic red and blue costume. After so many people requested him since seeing the black and red version they wanted this one. His upper torso from a shoot-n-trap Spiderman, arms and legs from a Spider Sense Spiderman, and modded shoulders/hips so he can get super articulated. I added web-blasts, magnets to his feet, and barrel to throw, and a wire web-line!


    More pics here---> Spiderman



  15. i must say, that paint work on the Red she-Hulk is awesome.

    What type of paint did you use? Tamiya?


    Now that version of nick Fury is soo good that it could be sold in stores.

    I love it. Fantastic design. It is soooo neatly done that you can barely tell it is a custom.

    It looks fresh out of the box. Really tight work, my friend.


    Thanks! Nope, paint is Testors Model Master or Forumula P3, and usually hand-mixed shades. Like I'll mix Testors Bullwark red, P3 Red, some purple, and a sealer for her particular shade of red.


    Fury's Jetpack is done!



  16. After watching Marvel's The Avengers movie I really got a kick out of the movie costume designs and how they incorporated old school details with a new look. While Nick Fury only shows up in the movie sporting a black coat and sweater I got to thinking...what would he wear out in battle? So here's Nick in a S.H.I.E.L.D. battle suit! Nick was made from DCU Arkham City Nightwing body, Arkham Batman lower legs, ML Nick Fury head and hands, Steve Rogers belt, Halo armor pieces, and sculpted chestplate.


    More pics here---> Nick Fury






    A red She Hulk? Yep, it's Betty Ross, daughter of General Ross who had been revealed to be the Red Hulk. I decided she needs and Marvel Legends figure and got to work. Here I used the head and body of the original Marvel Legends She-Hulk, Storm's hair, hands and feet from a UFC fighter. The UFC feet are plug-in and work very well for ML style as do the hands. I added a chest belt and laser gun to complete her look and Betty is ready to paint the town red!


    More pics here---> Red She Hulk




    With so few decently articulated Spiderman figures out there here's one done in a 6" 2012 Marvel Legends style. He was made from a McFarlane Spiderman torso with arms, waist, and legs from an older Spider-sense spiderman. His head came from the most recent series and the eyes modded. Powerful magnets are buried in his feet so he can stick to metal surfaces. The range of motion in his joints was extended by removing/adding plastic and he was given a metal wire webline he could stick to as well as a web-cast. Black and red make him stand out, this Spidey is ready to take on anyone!


    More pics here---> Spiderman



  18. Here's Mephisto, ruler of Marvel's version of hell the 'Netherworld'. But while you may be use to seeing him in human form here's his monster-demon form he often shows up as in his realm threatening heroes who have entered. He was made from a 13" Rotocast Venom, custom sculpted head and muscles using Aves Apoxie Sculpt, and over 200 individually cut and clued on spines that make up his mane. He fits as either a Marvel Universe Masterworks or Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure size wise! I mean this guy is huge...and creepy. There's lots of airbrushing and shading going on too.







    Watch out, here comes the X-men's Havok decked out in his classic attire! He was created from the head of a ML Havok with new forehead bands and a basic DC Universe body. A magnet was buried in his chest so that you can attach his plasma-force-effects to it. They were made from blister bubbles that I used a compass and paint pen to draw perfect circles on. Then I cut them out and attached them to clear rods. The smaller one hovers just above his chest for a 'powered down' look while the larger extends outward for a blast effect.


    More pics here---> Havok







    Always a master for any task, this is a classic Taskmaster as he appears in UMvC3. He was made from the base body of a 2012 Marvel Legends Bucky Cap, Ghost Rider head, Hobgoblin hood and cape, sculpted detail, DCU Deathstroke belt, and various fodder parts. His shield and sword hilt came from the original Marvel Legends Taskmaster. He can aim his bow, sheath his sword, and hold his shield just like Tasky in the game!


    More pics here---> Taskmaster





  20. Lady Deathstrike has always been one of Wolverine's greatest foes but her original figure was a bit lacking. Here I've gone all out to create a newer version of her. The body is the original Deathstrike with retooled hip/leg articulation, a DCU Raven head with Deathstrike's cap, alternate flowing-hair head, waist covering from Elektra, hands from a Generator Rex Bio-Wulf, and wired ribbon to make posable sleeves. I also added that tech detail on her skin to make her really stand out.







  21. After creating my first custom Marvel Legends Domino in her black/dark blue color schemed I found out she had gone into the X-Force title and now sports and all black one, do'h! This version uses a Black Widow body, Danger Girls Abby Chase head, Psylocke lower legs, 2012 Marvel legends Fantomex belt, Movie Masters Bruce Wayne prototype Bat-suit straps, and various other fodder straps/backpack. She even has a little Domino choker if you look closely!







  22. Never one to be satisfied I keep making Deadpool each time a better body comes out. This time it's the 2012 Marvel legends Bucky Cap. I'm loving this new body sculpt and except for the lower legs was the perfect Deadpool mold. The lower legs came from a Face Off Daredevil and the head is a shrunken down Bowen minibust cast from CamcoKid Castings. The back swords/sheathe are from a TMNT Leo which until the 2012 turtles come out are still the best ones to use.


    More pics here---> Deadpool








    Here's Doctor Doom made almost completely out of DC Universe figures! The head was a cast by DMC Direct, body from Dr Midnight, lower arms and legs from Metal Man Iron, and hands from a DC Infinite Lex Luthor in power suit. The energy crackles were from Superman Blue and there you have it, a DC Universe style Dr Doom!


    More pics here---> Dr Doom





  23. Here's one Inspector who's ready to investigate any case, the famous Inspector Gadget! I've redesigned him in 6" scale for a serious, modern look. The main body is a DCD Watchman Rorschach, regular coat arms from a movie Doc Ock, hands from a Mezco Spirit, custom sculpted face over a DCU Question head, spawn Interlink sections for the battle damaged arms, Warrarl tunic pieces for the torn edges, some figma-ish character for the lower legs, and various star wars droid limbs for the hat arms.


    Terminator parts were used for his lower legs and Apocalypse tubing for his extendo-arms. I then created a Ragnarok Gadget Arm out of all sorts of different blasters/launchers I had laying around and affixed them onto a ML Cable arm. Various other fodder parts were used and attach to his arms or head to form his gadgets.


    More pics here---> Inspector Gadget







    Burning his way out of the pages of the Spiderman comic comes one of the hottest villains, the Molten Man. He was made from a DCU Major Force head, spiderman classics Carnage body, and movie spawn hands. I used multiple metallic paints with various techniques and then filled in his burning inner core sections with different shades of yellow/orange. The back flames were from a FF movie human torch figure I believe. Now Molten Man is ready to torch the opposition!


    More pics here---> Molten Man






  24. Adding to my line of Marvel Legends Steampunk characters comes one of the Avengers, Iron Man! Standing 8" tall he's a pretty hefty fellow. His base body was the Redakai Metanoid and his chest portal displays a light-up animation of boiling steam and fire thanks to the toy's card feature. It's a 3-fame effect that my camera unfortunately doesn't pick up but looks awesome. The head was from a Megablocks Iron Man kit, Maximo Clock Puncher lower arms, LotR armor plates, Mark I Iron Man lower legs, and SW Tri-droid blasters for smokestacks.


    There's tons of metallic detail and weathering effects used here like splatters, oil drips, and sponged on rust effects. His smokestacks flips down to become rocket boosters for steam-powered flight when you attach him on to the flight stand! The steam effects themselves are made from hi-temp glue put through a low-temp glue gun. You just need to roll the rod so the glue doesn't sag as you blow and cool it, kinda like glassblowing, heh. So now that Iron Man is done....who's next to get the steampunk treatment? Keep an eye on my customs and find out!


    More pics here--->Steampunk Iron Man








    I've done venom in many forms and though tackling him in Marvel Universe scale isn't new, adding magnets to him is! I found this marvel venom key chain at toys r us and noticed he was in a crawling pose. Using the head and hands from that transplanted onto an Iron Man 3 3/4" Guardsman body gave me the perfect base. Then I added magnets to his open left palm and feet so he could stick to metal surfaces and a ball joint in his neck so he could look straight up. Now Venom was ready to take on the Marvel Universe by sneaking above!


    More pics here---> Magnetic Venom








    You've seen me create Jin in Marvel Legends, Halo, and GI Joe style...well now I present him to you in 3 3/4" Marvel Universe scale! Jin was made from the head of a new Slaughter's Marauders 'Mercer' Head, ROC Storm Shadow upper body/ arms and lower legs, Cold weather gear Snake Eyes lower arms, AIM soldier upper legs, Iron Man 2 feet and hands. I made him hinged shoulder pads, sculpted various details, and created his trademark scarf using wired wedding ribbon. Iron Fist's hand flames were the perfect fit for Jin and he was ready to join the ranks of Marvel vs Capcom.


    More pics here---> Jin Saotome





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