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  1. It's been a while but my Steampunk Marvel is back! This time I tackle a Steampunk Spiderman. He was made from a Marvel legends Cannonball body, Fearsome Foe Spiderman head with added sculpt, part of a Megablocks Hammer Drone armor for his backpack, Hellboy Johan steam, legs from a Clone Wars assassin spider droid, lower arms from an XMC Magneto, coat from a 2012 ML Ghost Rider, and Gentleman Ghost top hat,


    You can also turn Steampunk Spiderman into Peter Parker using the removable alternate cannonball head with bare Steve Irwin arms. WHEW that's a lot of parts. He has real leather belts/webgear and after giving him all sorts of brass/bronze metallics Spidey was done!


    More pics here---> Steampunk Spidey





  2. Here's a character that was requested quite a few times, Iron Fist! He already has a classic Marvel Legends version so I went with a more current costume like his marvel universe version used. His body is from a Marvel Legends Wolverine/Forge 2-pack, Dr Strange lower cuffs, Iron Fist lower arms/hands (because they're some of the BEST kung-fu hands) Angel upper legs, Daredevil lower legs, and Iron Fist/Dr Strange bandana and belt ties. His head was a composite piece-together. The upper portion is a DCU batman, lower half SOTA Fei Long, with the back hair/ears from someone else. His fist-flames are sculpted high-temp hot glue! The secret? Put high-temp glue through a low-temp glue gun. Head over to my hotgluing your customs guide to learn how to make flame effects.


    More pics here---> Iron Fist






    Check out this Marvel Legends scale Uncanny X-force inspired Psylocke in her new all-black outfit. She was created using a SOTA Cammy body, custom cast heads from CamcoKid Castings, hands from a SOTA Ibuki, and lower legs from a Marvel Legends Elektra. Her magnetic psi-knife was made from sculpted hot glue and if you want to learn how head over to my Hotgluing your customs guide.


    More pics here---> Psylocke



  3. Here's Ghost Rider done in his classic 90's outfit and bike! He was made from the body of a movie Ultimate Captain America body, upper arms from a ML Ghost Rider, lower legs from Bullseye, head and hands from a DC Direct Black Lantern Deadman with resculpted eyes, and metal spikes embedded into his arms and boots. The bike came from the original ML Ghost Rider but I noticed he didn't ride it correctly with his feet forward. So I removed the center section of the bike and completely rebuilt it, adding epoxy flames on the wheels to raise the bike. Add a metal wallet chain, burning chain effect, and removable penance stare eyes, this Ghost Rider is the best I've made so far in my opinion.







  4. Here's a custom of the 3 3/4" Spiderman series Carnage. The stock figure had some articulation issues that needed to be addressed, like no ankles, (clawed feet too) and no waist. I used a hacksaw to saw him in half then glued in a swivel joint from a star wars bicep to serve as the new waist. I also grafted on the lower legs of a Marvel universe Symbiote Spiderman so he could have ankles that moved and regular feet. Fodder claws from an old toybiz Venom-spider accessory were made into carnage claws and plug into his forearms. A quick paint job and a classic Carnage was created!


    More pics here---> Marvel Universe Carnage





  5. Here's my take on the current costume of Nightcrawler. He's made from an X-men classics Nightcrawler with the body sculpted over using Aves apoxie sculpt. His lower arms came from a marvel legends Nightcrawler and so did the tail, grafted on to the other body. Now he's pretty much the perfect version, his eyes and mouth still lighting up when you press the button on his back!


    More pics here---> Nightcrawler






    Only drinking the blood of criminals that stalk the streets, Morbius is a different vampire of sorts. He was made from a DC U Deadman body, Abin Sur head with Winter Soldier hair, Nightcrawler ears, sculpted eyes/goatee/teeth, hands from a harry potter dementor and feet from a UFC fighter. Turns out the UFC fighter feet are really nice for ML customs as they plug right in to most new figures. Here I had to remove the ankle hinge and modify it to fit a plug-in foot however. His cape was made from a Spawn figure bits and articulated so they could be removed or posed in different ways.


    More pics here---> Morbius





  6. Deadpool's new look in the Uncanny X-Force comics is really striking. At first I was kinda on the fence but I've always been a fan of the black and white style. Here I've created Deadpool using a Marvel Legends 2-pack forge body, Captain Boomerang lower arms, ML6 Deadpool headcast from Camco Kid, Nick Fury lower legs, Ghost Rider feet, and LCBH Ann O'Brien belt. The holsters came from the Captain America Movie Nick Fury as well did the various weaponry. I used a pallet of black, light gray, and dark gray for his colors. His belt and chest buckle are metal scrapbook sections coated with Tamiya clear red for the brilliant metallic look.







  7. Dark are the foretold days of Future Past, where giant robots roam desolate city ruins once home to a sprawling populace. But this future is not yet set and a hero arrives in a beam of light to make sure it never comes to pass! Megaman, the blue bomber himself is here to save the day in Marvel legends 6" scale!


    This figure was made from an Iron Man Armored Avenger Titanium Man body, DC Direct Flashpoint Cyborg lower arms/legs, play arts Cloud Strife face with a custom sculpted helmet. His Mega Buster blast came from some accessory and the elec-shield was from a FF4 movie Dr Doom. They're magnetic and can be attached to the end of his Megabuster. I wanted to make a completely different design of Megaman but still keep him easily recognizable, paying homage to the original design. Here's hoping I did the blue bomber proud.


    More pictures here!----> Megaman Marvel Legends




  8. I answer a lot of emails each week and one of the most popular questions is "What tools do you suggest for customizing?" Well here's a list of my 'essentials', tools that I pick up every day to make my customs and couldn't properly customize without. These are the -exact- tools I use, down to the specific brand in most cases. For beginning customizers or seasoned pro's who just want to see what I use, here you go.


    Jin's Action Figure Customizing Tools


    Hope this helps, enjoy!

  9. US Agent is Captain America's not so level headed stand in. I've had requests to do him in the past and he's finished. He's made from a Face Off Captain America with ML series 8 Cyclops boots, series 1 Cap shield, and a sculpted chest section. The shield is magnetic just like my MvC2 Cap and attaches to his hand and to his back for storage! I love the hands on this guy, the articulated fingers let him really express his true nature, heh. His colors were pretty straightforward with some blue highlights and black line detail.


    More pics here----> US Agent





  10. Here's Spiderman's gal Mary Jane Watson made into a 6" Marvel Legends figure based on her classic comic appearances. She's made from the body of a Shocker Toys Katchoo, arms from a deluxe Buffy figure, and resculpted Elektra head. She wields a purse and cellphone so she can call Peter and tell him to swing by the store for milk after beating up the Lizard.


    More pics here---> Mary Jane



  11. This classic version of Adam Warlock features a removable Soul Gem on his forehead. He was made from a Green Lantern/DCU body, ML Warlock head/cape, LCBH Conan hands/belt/two left forearm bracers, DCU Cyclotron lower legs, and staff made of fodder parts. Gold chrome bolts were added to his bracers and belt and he was given a bright color scheme just like he appears in the comics.


    More pics here---> Adam Warlock Classic Version



  12. Wielding anti-gravity discs, power gloves, and his incredible intellect, the Wizard is a formidable foe! This custom Marvel Legends supervillain was made from a Marvel Legends Face Off Leader body, 5" Toybiz FF Wizard head and hands, scratch made anti-grav discs, and anti grav flightstand. The anti-grav discs have removable sticky dots on the back so he can stick them to superheroes or objects for some high-flying fun.


    More pics here!----> The Wizard



  13. Here's X-force's Domino all done up in her modern gear. Her body came from a Sharon Carter Marvel Legends, head from an import figure (now available at DMC's headcasts) lower legs from an XMC cyclops, feet from an XMC Gambit, and custom made webgear/straps. Most of her weapons came from a Special Forces small arms weapon pack. She was painted using Testors model master acrylic and formula P3 paints.







    Gambit returns as another 6" Marvel Legends character! With the re-release of the Captain America movie Nick Fury we get the best trench coat and arms again. I went comic-style and used a Nova body, Cannonball head with sculpted mask sections/hair, Loki hands (old wrinkly face one) and original ML Gambit legs/collar. So trimming needed to be done to Fury's shoulder joints but they popped right into Nova's pec sections, the legs swapping easily too. One paint job later and he was done. I even gave him clear plastic 'kinetically charged' playing cards and bo staves!







  15. Aaron Stack the Machine Man from Marvel's Nextwave comic is an awesome character. Take Bender from Futurama's personality and stick him in a robotic Mr Fantastic and you have Aaron. I wanted to do his real justice for my first Machine Man custom! He's made from a DC Universe Captain Boomerang body/coat, Sandman Arabian Nights hands with modded slicy-fingers, custom sculpted head, and all sorts of fodder weapons/parts for his attachments. Those attachments include a lightsaber thumb, extendable arms, blaster hands, gun-finger with muzzle flash, and buzzsaw arm.











  16. I've never created a custom Punisher before and figured now was the time. I used the upper torso of the ML 4 Punisher, waist/upper legs of the Movie Punisher, forearms and lower legs from Cannonball, and hands from a DCD Comedian from the Watchman movie. The head is the alternate 2-pack Forge with the ponytail and mustache removed. I had to do some resculpting of his mouth and the back of his head but it turned out perfect! The skull teeth-padding came from a Jigsaw and the belt from a Nick Fury. Add some guns, the background to a Superman movie statue, and Frank Castle was ready to take on every criminal in the city.


    More pics here----> Punisher






    If you'll remember Archangel was one of my original Marvel Legends customs along with Iceman and Wolverine with steel claws that I created years ago. I thought I'd revisit him now that we have a ton of new bodies to use. I chose a DCU Black Lantern Abin Sur for the body and used Kamandi's forearms. The head came from the same as my original Angel, a 200X He man so he'd be recognizable and the wings came from a DCU Hawkman or Hawkgirl. One classic paint job and a flight stand later, Archangel was ready to take to the skies as an updated custom figure!


    More pics here----> Archangel



  17. Magog was Alex Ross/DC's poke at EXTREEEEME Marvel character. He's literally Cable with gold armor and a helmet. Some people argue this fact to a fault. Well I took the new Magog DC Universe figure, modded a ML 6 cast Cable head from CamcoKid [link] swapped his feet for Judge Dredd's feet so he had ankle rockers, and a new left hand. Wham, bam, it's Cable man! Dunno where the guns came from but his Psi Spear was Magog's plus a new tip. Cable's eye is a little reflective gem that works really well! I've used them with some of my Transformers and Grimwing customs.


    More pics here----> Cable






    Hey look, Spiral! This six-armed-swordswoman is an extremely formidable opponent in the comics but she needed more articulation to be as formidable in plastic. Her lower waist section was modded to fit Maria Hill's legs/hips which were added. Pockets were swapped and then I thought, why use the old boot fur when I can make new? I used the fur from a christmas stocking and trimmed it to wrap around her ankles. A quick paintjob later and Spiral can pose a lot better for those dance moves!


    More pics here----> Spiral





  18. Here's a 6" Marvel Legends Deadpool that I created to resemble the smaller Marvel Universe one that came in the Taskmaster/DP 2-pack. He's made from a 2-pack Nick Fury body with custom cast head by CamcoKid and feet from Moon Knight. The belt came from a Red Skull and the webgear was hand made to look like the one the MU figure is wearing. I even added an extended pinky to his right hand so he can be polite when he shoots people!







  19. Nice work as usual. You couldn't find a 1:18 Yamaha V-Max? That's what he's riding in the trailer.

    Nope, the only one on Amazon wasn't available anymore :(


    Wow! I used to check out all of your customs and how to's on your site Jin. your work is still very impressive. another accomplishment in your legacy good sir!!



    Nice work as usual. You couldn't find a 1:18 Yamaha V-Max? That's what he's riding in the trailer.


    Here's a 1:12 V-Max for you to use on your Legends custom. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-RAY-YAMAHA-V-M...T-/110666581908

    AWESOME! I totally forgot they made 1:12, ordered like a boss! Thank you

  20. This custom Marvel Universe scale Doc Ock was made from an Iron Man Guardsman body with apoxie sculpted pot belly, 1:18 head with sculpted hair/goggles, and some unknown bendable tentacles from another Doc Ock figure...I think. All the googling in the world still hasn't shown me where these tentacles came from. They're shorter/thinner than the Sinister Six Doc Ock and came attached to each other in pairs, not separate. They're bright silver with no black wash on them as well. One Secret Wars paint scheme later and Doc Ock was ready to join the fight in the Marvel Universe!


    More pics here---> Doc Ock



  21. After seeing the trailer for the new Ghost Rider 2, Spirit of Vengeance movie I looked around for a bike like his. You know how hard it is to find a 1:12 motorcycle? So I decided to go with 1:18 and make a Marvel Universe Ghost Rider from the new movie! He's made from a MU Ghost Rider head/hands, Snake Eyes body, Cobra Commander legs, Crimson Guard feet, and I think a Terminator guy's jacket. The bike is a modified 1:18 MaiSto with added flames and sculpt. I love how the treads in the wheels came out, looking like they're burning from the inside. Ghost Rider had sculpt added to him in various areas then burned with a braising torch, smoothed down, sanded, and broiled again for the charred appearance. The movie character GR looks the same way as if he was set on fire all melty and bubbly. Now Ghost Rider is ready to take on the baddies with the power of hellfire!








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