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  1. When I saw Marvel Universe was coming out with a Cable I knew just what to do, make a Marvel vs Capcom 2 version of him! It was a pretty easy custom. First resculpt the hair, find suspender straps from a GI Joe Snake Eyes figure, add leg and wrist straps, drop the head down on the neck, and refit the existing belt/holster. Well that wasn't as easy as I had planned but in the end Cable came together nicely and even has a Hyper Viper Beam made from a drink stirrer so he can cheese away at opponents!


    More pics here----> MvC2 Cable



  2. He's been a long time coming and I've finally created a custom Strider Hiryu action figure from Marvel vs Capcom 2. He was made from the body/feet of a Sota Fei Long, Sota Ibuki legs, custom sculpted headcast, ribbon wrapped legs/arms, a ML Hand Ninja vest cut to fit, apoxie sculpted waistband, creech tendril belt, and a Cypher cast from the Toybiz original 5" Strider action figure. The scarf is like Jin's scarf, wired ribbon found at Micheal's Crafts. His feet have magnets in them so he can stand upside down like he does in his win pose or scale objects.


    More pics here----> Strider



  3. Watch out Wolverine because Cyber is after you! This poison-clawed maniac was made from a Gargan Venom body, resculpted DCU Mongul head, Spiderman Ultimate Rhino upper arms, Marvel legends Colossus lower arms, and pointy claw tips. His arms have shiny metallic blue highlights. Fans have asked me to make a Marvel Legends Cyber for a long time. Sorry it took so long but here he is ready to dish out some pain.


    More pics here----> Cyber



  4. ALL HAIL DOOM! Dr Doom appears in his classic look and is ready to rule the world here. Doom was made from a DCU Alan Scott upper body, Iron arms and legs, FF4 Classics Dr Doom hands and face, Legends Doom lower cape, and a V for Vendetta skirt. The head is Dessad's hood with the face hollowed out and the Doom mask modded in its place. Small epoxy circles were used for his armor joints and he was given a blaster with laser beam to zap all that oppose him.


    More pics here---> Dr Doom



  5. I'm still trying to make the perfect Venom that suits my tastes and I think I've come close here. The head is a modified Sinister Six recast by CKCastings and the body from the Spiderman scorpion tail one. The back has been filled so there's no more hole along with the rest of his joint holes. The big change in his articulation is the elbows which I added a swivel to the regular hinge and the waist where I removed more of the plastic allowing him to squat and sit.


    Venom's crazy accessories include a symbiote spawnling that fits over another figure's head and has bendy tentacles, a larger swiping tentacle, barrel/crate/manhole cover to throw, and a base. I really like how the tendrils came out this time, much thicker and nicer looking than my old ones


    More Pics Here----> Venom





  6. Destroyer was created from the Deluxe 8" Thor Movie Destroyer which only had 5 points of articulation originally. Each section of the Destroyer was hollowed out so that various joints from other figures could be inserted. Shoulders from a 4 Horseman figure, elbows and hips from a Thorbuster Iron Man, knees/ankles from a Sideshow buck body, and finally wrists were all added and blended in with resculpting. Over 300 individual metal spikes were added and a blend of metallic silver, gunmetal, and mithril gave him the classic worn metal look. His head was hollowed out and a light-up LED system installed so he could fireblast his opponents. The Destroyer is finally a force to be reckoned with!


    More pics here----> Movie Destroyer





  7. The god of Thunder and Lightning appears in my Steampunk Marvel series decked out in gears and chains ready to smite anyone that stands in his way. The theme here is the electrical apparatus units on him are used to channel the lightning through the mighty Mjolnir. The units are see-through and he has all sorts of real metal gears and chains integrated into his outfit.


    Thor was made from an Xmen United Juggernaut, Spiderman Juggernaut Head, DC Universe Mongul lower legs, Beta Ray Bill helmet wings, Styker backpack units, and a cape from some other figure. Mjolnir was made from Energon Longrack's arm unit turned upside down with gears/effects added.







  8. X-23 is a great character in MVC3, super fast, great combos, and some of the nastiest super moves. So here she is done Marvel Legends style to reflect her look in the game. X-23 was made from a White Queen body, Psylocke head, with the lower legs and arms from the original X-23 modded to fit. Her hips, shoulder, elbows, and other joints were dremelled down to give her a greater range of motion so she could pull off all the poses like her character could.


    More pics here---> X-23




    This skinnier MvC3 style version of Deadpool was made using a ML Ant-Man body with the forearms and lower legs of the ML 2-pack Forge. The head was a custom cast by Camco Kid Castings and made to resemble the bowen Minibust head. All the weapons came from various other figures and he was given a belt made from Captain America pouches and fodder straps.


    More pics here---> Deadpool



  10. Here's another in my line of Steampunk Marvel customs, Dr Doom! He was created using a Prince Caspian of Narnia torso, Flaming Ringwraith lower arms/legs, unknown LotR cape, armor bits from a MegaBlocks Iron Man Ground Assault Drone kit, head-cowl from DC Universe Dessad, and a modified face from a Hulk Transformers Crossovers tank. Man that's a lot of parts. I was able to create rivets on Hulk's face by hollowing the bristles out of an old paintbrush end, the metal part, then heating it and pressing it into the plastic. By itself it makes a great rivet-maker when you're sculpting with Apoxie Sculpt by making impressions.


    More pics here--> Steampunk Dr. Doom





  11. Check out this Steampunk inspired Hulk! He was made from a Smart Hulk body, McFarlane Creech hands, a Spawn Dessicator backpack apparatus, various belt sections/pouches, DCU Metal Man wrench accessory, and scratch made goggles. Now he's ready to repair the War Machine golem or invent some crazy new death ray to take on Dr Doom!






  12. Here's a Ghost Rider that's based on the Marvel Tron art! He was made from a Marvel Universe Ghost Rider head with modded flames and open mouth, ROC GI Joe upper torso, ROC Red Fang Ninja hands, and Motion Revive Kamen Rider Gatak lower legs. His identity chain was made from a DCU Gorilla Grodd BAF part and a disk from one of the tron figures. His Light Cycle is Clu's with the top portion removed, new sculpt hood on the front, and various detailing. I modded the cycle so it doesn't need a core figure and lights up when you roll it. Now Ghost Rider can de-rez Clu's baddies in style!


    more pics here---->Tron Legacy Ghost Rider





  13. Wow, when I undertook creating this figure I didn't know how long or how many parts it would take. To start I used two movie Mark 1 Iron Man figures to get the same lower legs/feet, just flipping the upper thigh around and modding the ankles/knees for greater range of movement. The upper body is from an Army of Zen Maximo Clock Puncher figure with the head from a Megablocks magna-war machine.


    Creating the back weaponry took a lot of time and fodder parts, some from McFarlane Frankenstein playset, some from Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars, and other parts that I have no idea where they came from. The back voltage arc is glow in the dark and came from some Japanese Monster-lady-themed playset. Then came adding each individual rivet, all the gears, panels, and bolts. The chest cannon was made from Star Wars and Sigma 6 parts.


    Since this is 'Steampunk Marvel' it's set in a different universe. Instead of a man in a suit we have a true "War Machine", this mechanical golem that aids Iron Man. Just wait till you see the twists I have planned for other Marvel characters.



    More pics here---> Steampunk War Machine






  14. Here's Captain America Steampunked with gears and cogs for you. His base body was Air Strike Wolverine with Loki legs, Lex Luthor right hand, Medieval spawn left hand, X3 Juggernaut feet, and a DC Direct Dr Midnight head. His shield is pretty much scratchbuilt using a circular base, fitting all the gears/cogs on to the face, and building a styrene frame around that. Different modifications attach underneath it to give the illusion all sorts of machinery is folded up inside waiting to pop out! You didn't think those gears were just ornamental did you? I even used tiny gears for his helmet wingtips.


    More pics here---> Steampunk Captain America





  15. Here's a full look at Deadpool done Steampunk style! This 6" figure was made from a LCBH Judge Dread body, Ultimate Cap A lower legs, Moon Knight head with sculpted on goggles/seams, Movie Blackheart coat, and DCD Batman pouches. His weapons were random parts added to existing weapons to punk them out. He was painted with various shading/blending techniques using Formula P3 and Testors Model Master acryl paints.


    More pics here---> Steampunk Deapool






    Here's Tony Stark done movie style. The head came from a Walmart exclusive 6" Iron Man Mark IV figure which had sunglasses glued to the face. Once I was able to heat and peel them off the glue was left behind along with a huge gap of missing plastic in the middle of his eyes and along the sides of his head, ARGH! So to fix that I had to resculpt those areas using Apoxie Sculpt. Once RDJ's head was finished I used a Shocker Toys Dick Tracy body and new hands for a completed Tony Stark in suit.



    More pics here---> Tony Stark






    I've done a Mark VI and War Machine with lights so using the Iron Man Mark IV Walmart Exclusive I was able to finish the last of the 6" figures. The body had to be cracked open and hollowed out to make room for the lights. Once that was done I used a light up LED system from a dollar store spy-gear-headset and ran it up through the chest. For instructions on how to do this check out the Guides and Tutorials section of my site


    More pics here---> MarkIV Iron Man





  16. Here's a fan request I've had quite often, the captain of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, Gladiator! He was made from a basic DCU body with sculpted leggings, Omac's head with sculpted ears/widows peak, and Red Tornado's cape. If I remember right this was Marvel's answer to DC's Superman character, right down to the heat vision and vulnerability to a 'certain cosmic radiation'.


    More pics here---> Gladiator







    Spiderman version 2.0 was made from a Snapshot Spiderman body combined with the lower arms and legs of the Mcfarlane super-articulated one. His eyes were sculpted on using Aves Fixit Sculpt and his shoulders reworked for a better look. His webline was made by wrapping 2 strands of white coated wire with another one so it looks like the comic style webbing.


    More pics----> MvC2 Spidey vers 2.0





  17. To kick off the new Marvel vs Capcom 3 game here's an easy to make Magneto, one of the long time recurring characters in the game. He was made from a DC Universe Omac body, which happens to be perfect as Omac already has the three bands sculpted on the arms and legs. The cape came from any DCU Superman. His hands were changed out for the DCU Specter's hands and his head was an Avatar Movie Masters Miles Quartrich for a serious looking face. The helmet was a cast from DMC (you can find more Marvel Legends accessories/weapon casts on my Links page) and the figure was finished off with a paint job that really brought out the brightness of the video-game theme. Best thing of all you can make him with current parts now!


    More pics here!----> Magneto



  18. Here's a DC-styled animated version of the new Captain America 'Super Soldier' from Marvel. I used a Superman/Batman Public Enemies body, lower legs from an air strike Wolverine, and the head from a Spawn Redeemer. The straps, chest emblems, and other details were sculpted using Aves Apoxie sculpt, the most durable 2-part self-curing modeling compound out there. Then came the line work and symbol painting, whew! His shield magnetically attaches to his back and right hand.


    More pics here--> Captain America Super Soldier





  19. After seeing Spiderman's "Negative Zone" costume I thought to myself...who else would look cool in one of those? Well here's Negative Zone Iron Man! He was made from a Heroes Reborn Iron man, 2-pack IM head, back/chest units from a Resistance Fall of Man enemy, and some movie Iron Man feet. His paint job took quite a while, first the smooth gloss black coat and then detailing all his panels in bright white, and finally adding the gray. But in the end, wow, he's pretty striking.






  20. Thinking to myself, hey, should I make a modern Marvel Legends Deadpool with the gray Y-shaped chest-band or another classic one with the single bandoleer, it hit me....why not make both...in one figure! The body is from a Face Off Daredevil and a custom cast head by DMC Direct. I used Aves Apoxie sculpt to make the seams, cuffs, and other details. The Y-harness was made from an Air Strike Wolverine's harness and some fodder. Now here's the trick, his belt buckle is removable! You pop it off his waist to remove the harness and unlatch the other ends from his shoulders.


    This way you can give him the classic look, modern look, or 90's X-force appearance look without a chest strap at all. The swords came from an Eniki Revoltech and twin pistols were casts from Broken Arrow Toys.





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