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  1. Hey everyone, I'm back! It's been a long trip from sunny California to, uh, sunny Tennessee. With all my stuff unpacked I had a few days to work on some customs. Here's one to start the week off! Cable and Deadpool are quite the team and now they're ready to take on the Marvel Universe! Cable was made from a MU Winter Soldier body, AIM soldier legs, my custom Chris Redfield cast head, and the alt head/hands from some Target brand 'Corps' type figure. I used Wolvie Origin's Maverick's vest and a Hoe backpack/boot gun. Deadpool was made from the base Wolvie Origins Deadpool body, Snake Eyes upper arms, Commando lower legs, magnetic sword sheathes, Winter Soldier bandoleer, POC Firefly accessories, and modded Jungle Viper vest. These two are now geared up for some crazy mission whatever it may be!
  2. Here's the MSDS for Apoxie Sculpt: http://aldax.com.au/msds_tds/msds/Aves%20-...ie%20Sculpt.pdf In a nutshell it states that neither part A or B uncured, nor the final cured state is in any way toxic. Hazardous polymerization does not occur either. Skin sensitization depends on the individual. Some people are more succeptable than others to chemicals and even natural agents. Super glue for instance. I know people that have only had a few exposures to the fumes and can no longer use it, their respiratory system closes up, they choke, gag, pass out. Others like me have been exposed to the fumes for 14+ years and haven't had any ill effects (I now wear a 3M organics vapors mask tho after I found out you could gain the allery!) Swap to another product, milliput or magic sculpt perhaps and see if that does it. Or wear gloves, swim goggles, and an organic vapors mask. That's if you really want to use something you're allergic too, like resins.
  3. "Hey, welcome to the Stark Expo everyone! Today, I have just the thing for you military types, It's our new line of Hammer Drones! First up is the Airforce drone. Why, this baby was made for midair combat, holy smokes! Why, just look at the artillery it comes with. You have arm-mounted missile pods and machine guns. You have the back mounted sidewinder missiles and to top it off jet propulsion unit. Why, if I didn't know any better, I'd say this could give even Iron Man a run for his money. Hey, let's get a close up here!" *ahem* This custom Hammer Drone was created from the heavy Artillery Iron Man movie I figure, head from the Burgerking Cyclone Drone toy, chest plate/waist and weapons from the 6" Megablocks War Machine, arm panels from a Resistance 2 Chimera, lower arms from a Front Mission 3 figure, lower legs from a Resistance 2 Ravager, hands from an Iron Man joe-scale Iron Monger, backpack thrusters from an Avatar atv vehicle, and hip panels from TFA Bulkhead voyager fingers. Whew! More pics here----> Hammer Drone ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Since there wasn't a Mark IV suit when the 6" Walmart Exclusive Iron Man 2 figures came out I decided to make one. Using the chestplate of the old IM1 figure I filled in the split rings and chest screws, shaved the inside super thin to fit over the mark VI chest snugly, and glued it on. The whole figure was repainted metallic dark red and bright gold then given a glossy sealer finish so it resembled the ArtFX Mark IV statue. I created a magnetically attaching repulsor blast for the hands using acrylic rods, mainly BevMo martini/drink stirrers. Appropriate for Stark eh? More pics here----> Mark IV
  4. This Mark VI Iron Man custom was made by taking the Walmart exclusive 6" Iron Man 2 movie figure, cracking it open, and installing LED's. That may sound simple but in reality it was a huge undertaking. The eyes had to be hollowed out and acrylic martini stirrers were sanded down/shaped to become light-piping eyes. Then the center of the chest was drilled and the inside body hollowed out while allowing the original articulation to exist. Well, at the bottom of the page you can see some work in progress shots. A few quick articulation mods and a new paint job later and this sucker lights up like the 1/6th scale Hot Toys version! More pics!----> Iron Man --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This light-up War Machine was made using the Walmart exclusive 6" Iron Man 2 Movie figure. He was cracked open, his body cavity hollowed out, head hollowed out and acrylic eye slits (carved from martini stirrers) glued in, and an entire LED system integrated. Check out my Iron Man mark VI page for the work in progress shots of what it looks like inside one of these guys. It wasn't easy! Additional lettering was added to the torso and the figure was repainted with scuffs and scrapes to match the movie version. Now he lights up with bright red eyes/chest just like the larger 1/6th scale Hot Toys version! More pics!----> War Machine
  5. "You fear Death's Head, yes? You are prepared to be dealt with, yes?" A fan suggestion come to creation, Death's head was made from an assortment of parts. His main body was that of the Wolverine Origins Collossus, Marvel Legends Hand Ninja forearms, Trigate Creations custom cast head, Serpentor's skirt, Spidey Animated Green Goblin's lower legs, Marvel Universe Hobgoblin Cape, GI Joe Montezuma's loincloth piece, and Deep Dive Iron Man 2 hip covers for his kneepads. Whew! Death's jacket, shin panels, and various other parts were sculpted by hand using Apoxie sculpt. I was able to make the cape look tattered by using a leather hole-puncher with the multi-punch wheel of different sizes. All the weapons that store on his back can be plugged in to his right hand just like he uses them in the comic as well. Overall I'm psyched just to see this guy in action figure form! Death's Head is a majorly cool and majorly underused character. There be some bright colors on this character! More pics here---> Death's Head
  6. Check it out, it's my first 6" scale Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 1! He was styled to match up with my MvC2 Jill Valentine figure and created basically using the Avatar Movie Masters Col Miles Quaritch figure. The vest was tailored to come all the way around in front and various sleeves/flaps/pockets were added using Aves Apoxie sculpt. His video game head was made from a modded DC Universe Public Enemies Superman and the realist world head was from some Buffy the Vampire slayer figure. Overall I was thrilled with how he came out and the Miles Q body looks to be a great swat/marine/soldier type form to use. More pics here----> Chris Redfield ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's Luke Cage as he appears in the video game Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2! He was created from the upper body of a Hulk Doc Samson figure, head and hands from an unknown Marvel toys TNA test shot that my good friend Jesse Falcon sent my way (thanks man, they're all being put to good use!) and the lower body from the new Mattel WWE Shawn Michaels Elite Collection series 3. The armor bits on his gloves and feet were sculpted on using Apoxie Sculpt and his belt was a chain with carved CAGE letters. The letters have a magnet on the back allowing you to latch it in place around his waist, fist, or a bad guy! More pics here----> Luke Cage
  7. The head can be positioned so that pressing down and back (usually) gets the light to stay on. It probably isn't suppose to work that way but does now that I modded it.
  8. Oh man let me tell you, sometimes the easiest 'planned' customs turn out to be pretty hard. When I cracked open the light-up Mark VI 3 3/4" Iron Man pieces went everywhere! There are multiple metal tabs that are held in place by the body and set against the main battery. Those had to be put back in, the LED swapped from orange to a blue one, and the leads bent to match the circuit. A few hours later I was actually able to get him back together and working! He was repainted like the 6" figure that's coming out as a Walmart exclusive and lights up bright blue now. More pics here----> Blue Arc Reactor Mark VI ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Red Skull in his modern day duds was created using a 2-pack Ult Nick Fury body, lower legs and head from a Face Off Red Skull, and hands from a Hand Ninja. The coat came from a Buffy 'Deluxe Spike' figure and had to be altered to fit. But it worked for a new non-collared look like in the comics and the Red Skull was back once again! More pics here----> Red Skull ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wolvie is back with those shiny claws. I snagged a Target Exclusive Wolverine (red hulk asst) and headed down to my local Wal Mart that has a sewing section and snag a pack of their 'Homecraft Assortment' needles. This 7-pack includes one #5 Sail Needle and you'll need six total. Fortunately the packs are just $1.45 each and it's worth it to buy six packs, you get a bunch of extra needles to use. More was done to him however. Using Apoxie sculpt I resculpted his ears and bootcuffs to a longer, more MvC2 looking length. His forearms were replaced with basic DC Universe and shaped to fit, getting rid of the oversized hands. Depending on what you want to do you can also attach the claws to a magnet and bury one in the back of the regular hands so they can be removable. More pics here----> Steel Claws Wolverine
  9. He's tangled with the X-men, slugged it out with the New Mutants, gone toe to toe with Nick Fury, and wears a suit of cybernetic armor. No, it's not Dr Doom....it's Baron Karza! This body-stealing tyrant hails from the Microverse and has caused all sorts of trouble in the Marvel Universe. His head is a Trigate Creations custom cast, main body of a Superhero Showdown Colossus, lower legs from a M.A.R.S. mech, and various armor fodder. His Andromeda centaur form was created using a Master Gundam Horse body and fodder parts so his upper torso can pop off and attach to it. Add some cool details like a bendy whip tail made from a Creech hair tendril, some spikes/plugs from Koto's Modeling Support Goods, and he was ready to do battle! More pics here----> Baron Karza ----------------------------------------------------------------- The new comic series War Machine from the 3 3/4" Iron Man 2 line was exactly what I was looking for. He's an excellent mold to start with and just needed a few tweaks. First the head was hollowed out and a ball joint was installed so he can look straight up for flight mode. His shoulder pads were un-hinged and posts were drilled through his shoulders for them to swivel on, allowing his arms to be raised straight up. Then powerful magnets were embedded in his armor so you can attach various gauntlet weaponry on. Finally, a massive War Destroyer pack was made out of various fodder parts and can raise/lower, just like he equipped himself with in the comics once. More pics here----> War Machine Upgrades
  10. This can be used for just about any type of light-up custom figure these days.
  11. Straight out of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 video game comes this version of Deadpool! He was created using a 2-pack Ult Captain America, some TNA wrestler lower legs, and a modified Moon Knight head. Varioys fodder pieces were used to create the straps, leg harnesses, holsters, and gear. The seams are what's sculpted and are on his head, arms, body, and legs. Real metal katanas were created by taking a stainless steel spatula and clipping the inner tines, filing/sharpening them, adding a tsuba made from fodder against the blade, then wrapping the handle with craft wire and supergluing it in place. Whew! But at least now he can defend himself. More pics here!----> Deadpool
  12. Whirlwind's costume here is a mix of his oldschool, current, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 looks. I couldn't decide on just one so I figured heck, why not all of them! He was made from a Spiderman Classics Juggernaut, SOTA T-Hawk hands, and a whole lot of apoxie sculpt for the helmet, chest, and belt. His current costume arm-blades are removable and came from a Final Fantasy Bahamut fingers. More pics here!---> Whirlwind ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rogue was a long time coming as I've had requests for her for years but just never got around to making her...until now. The DC Universe Silver Banshee body provided the perfect slender form for this southern belle and I used the head and jacket of the old red&blue XMC Rogue. The hair came from a 5" Toybiz Rogue from the Marvel vs Capcom series, topped off with apoxied sculpted sleeves, cuffs, boot tops, and a belt. Let me tell you, light colors are a paint to paint! Make sure you primer over dark colors with white or light gray before you start. More pics here!---> Rogue
  13. Try this guide: http://www.angelfire.com/mech/jinsaotome/W...yePainting.html I just use flat white for my eyes and teeth. But testors Bone can be used for teeth or a special bottle of white with a couple drops of grey in it for an off-white.
  14. Is it sticky all over? Their Matte and Semigloss are usually safe for your basic Marvel Legends figures. You cannot however spray seal ANY soft rubber parts such as capes, collars, or glued on stuff like that. The more flexible it is the more likely the chance it'll get tacky. Light, sweeping coats is the way to spray. Spray past the figure and return, don't stop anywhere near the fig while spraying or you'll have buildup. Also Krylon Crystal Clear reacts poorly with some paints. I know it works on Testors and GW, but not some of the cheaper brands or even most enamels. Funny because you'd think Krylon can go over Krylon right?
  15. Testors model master Acrylics are the safest kind of paints to use for soft plastics. NEVER use enamels on soft plastics, only hard ABS plastics like Transformers. You can paint the hard chest and waist of a Marvel Legends with enamel but that's it, so why bother with them. Testors Model Master Acryls have the best paint-straight-on-plastic durability I've found so far. They rarely need primer, (only for lighter colors on a dark plastic so you don't waste 20 coats of yellow trying to cover something dark blue or black) and have the largest range of colors. 97% of my paints consist of these. Games Workshop paints are also great paints but almost always need a primer to stick to plastic, otherwise they scratch off. So a basecoat of testors whatever and GW over that is great. Their Lich Purple is the best purple to mix shades with and get all your Magneto/Sentinel colors. Great color selection. Also their metallics are the best and easiest to use out there, great for drybrushing. 2Z% of my paints are GW, the metallics and purple, that's it. Maybe red if I ever run out of Testors Blood Red. Tamiya. Meh, some people swear by them, others like me avoid them unless necessary. ALL Tamiya paints have to be thinned down from the jar immediately otherwise you have a thick, gloppy coat. And you can't thin them with water, you have to use 91% alcohol or their brand of thinner. However they are water washup, weird. Their clear colors are out of this world however, way better than testors. You can make all sorts of metallic colors/effects by painting over GW Mithril silver. Their clear blue over GW Boltgun metal makes for a great Stealth Iron Man look. 1% of my paints consist of just Tamiya clears, orange/green/blue/red/yellow.
  16. Practice is the big key, it took me 14 years to paint freehand lines the same width so a really, really steady hand helps. Keeping your room temperature cool (around 64, brr) helps to keep your acrylic paint from thickening up on your brush too quickly while being painted on. Use multiple thin coats, not one thick one, that's also key. I thin my paints down so it takes at least 2-3 coats to cover something if not more. Quality brushes like the Dynasty Eye of the Tiger ones I use help, never use those black plastic bristled ones in model paint kits. And of course your brands of paint. Testors Model Master actylics, Games workshop, Tamiya (thinned waaay down) and Vallejo are all high quality paints and should produce great results.
  17. What kind of paint are you using? Sometimes it's the brand, not how thin it is when it comes to rubbing off. Testors Model Master Acrylic paints are the best I know of when it comes to sticking right to bare plastic. You can primer your figures too with high quality sandable automotive primer or the testors acrylic brush on primer. Tho prepping your figure makes a HUGE difference, washing all the mold release and joint lube off so the paint can actually stick. Head over to my site, www.jincustom.com and take a look at my painting guides. They show you how to thin paints too so you need 2-3 coats and get a super smooth finish.
  18. Hey, rock on Lion, thanks for the mention. The only hard part about GI Joes is that chest section. The elbows/knees/ankles/wrists pop apart when you heat them with a hairdryer. The chest...well, one of those methods may work. I've had some Joes glued together so well I destroy them. Others crack apart with little to no marks. Personally I use a pair of flush/diagonal jewelry cutters from Joann's crafts and snip right under the armpit seam, then twist.
  19. After playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 I was saying to myself, wow these are some pretty nifty costume redesigns. Cable was one of my favorites and I had to make him. But boy he's made from a LOT of parts! His feet and head is LCBH's Judge Dredd's with sculpted features, body of X3 Collossus, left arm from a wrestling figure, left hand of 2-pack Ultimate Captain America, lower legs from Juggernaut, a Halo 3 chestplate chunk, Spiderman armor kneecaps, Spawn Interlink armor pieces, and headphone wire effects. Whew! But I think he turned out pretty accurate to the ingame model. More pics here---> Cable ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After making my DCU Captain America (and Deadpool a while back) I figured it was time for another. Black Panther here was styled after his Marvel Ultimate Alliance costume and is made from a DC Universe Batman body, Adam Warlock Cape, Bullseye head with sculpted features, the stone-jaguar-general from TMNT movie's hands, and a bunch of apoxie sculpt for various details. Hey, he's almost painted entirely black! No gold on this one, just 2 shades of black, some gray for the gloves, and light gray seams that are headphone wire glued on. His Ebony Blade came from a Buffy figure I believe. More pics here---> Black Panther
  20. Jamie Madrox, otherwise known as Multiple Man, was a custom idea that was floating around in my head (and on my desk) for months. They use Havok's bodies that were graciously donated to me by a friend at Toybiz, Superman Red heads that had been resculpted, and the old ML Gambit's cloth trench coat. Tho supe's head was the same I painted the expressions differently to look like he was arguing with himself. Pretty much any basic body, both Hasbro or Toybiz could be used to make multiple men if you can get enough of them. More pics here---> Multiple Man ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gambit here turned out a LOT more difficult to make than I first thought. The customs that seem the easiest always turn out to be the hardest right? I was going to swap Ult Nick Fury's arms and coat as well as an old ML Gambit head on to the 2-pack Wolverine/Forge's body. However that led to me having to crack open the body, swap internal parts, make repairs, etc. Not just a simple parts swap after all! But it all turned out good in the end and now Gambit is ready to rock it old school style with the rest of the X-men! More pics here---> Gambit ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wanted an oldschool looking Sentinel to harass my Marvel Universe 3 3/4" figures so I went digging. An Unleashed 360 Iron Man body was the perfect choice, but what about the big boots? A Walmart M.A.R.S. walking robot provided the feet and a resculpted Sentinel head from a Heroclix Colossus completed it. Sentinel was given a weathered armored appearance as if he had been standing guard outdoors, ready to stomp any mutants he came across! More pics here---> Sentinel
  21. Created as part of my 'Deadpool through the Ages' line, Future Deadpool here is styled to look all cyber-techish. He was made from the upper half of an Xmen Angel, lower body of Ninja Wolverine, legs from a Walmart Cable/Marvel Girl 2-pack, House of M Iron Man forearms, and the head from the Rise of Cobra Neo Viper 'Combat Battlers' aimed for the younger collector. Forge gave up one of his guns and I created 'lightraipers' from random fodder bits and the ever useful BevMo martini picks. It all came together as the parts fell into place and soon I had my next version of Deadpool done! More rude pics here---> Future Deadpool
  22. LMAO! I though the same thing, maybe he had a seizure or something... I think they tried to do the 'raised eyebrow' effect on him to give expression but something went terribly awry.
  23. While browsing through the pegs at my local toy store I realized something; they like to give Batman all kinds of gimmicky action features. From electric riot-shields to chainsaws missiles it seems he's loaded with them. But you know what I couldn't find? A gimmicky Batman that was in 6" scale! Well I aimed to fix that by creating a Batman that had unobtrusive 'action features' and still fit in to a current 6" collection. Here's Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, but styled like she appears in the game Marvel vs Capcom 2. She was made from a Marvel Legends Sharon Carter body (Toys R Us exclusive 2-pack with Iron Man) SOTA Cammy head with sculpted beret/hair, and Cammy boots. I sculpted her sleeves, gloves, pants, shoulderpads, belt/waist, and lower pant legs with Aves Apoxie sculpt. Her missile launcher came from a Sigma 6 accessory cut in half and retooled to look like the one she uses in the game for her Super move. More pics here----> Jill Valentine -------------------------------------------------- Another Witchblade custom, this time a fan request to have her 'cleaned up' and show more skin. Basically it involved using Acetone to remove the witchblade painted on tendrils, swapping out the hands for the Moore Kenneth Irons hands, added his spear, adding magnetic tendrils, sanding down her chainmail granny-panties, then resculpting an organic metal thong using Apoxie sculpt. Whew! Lots of metallic effects went into the witchblade armor and the end result really looks different than the original gold-armor. More pics here----> Witchblade
  24. Probably not news, I just didn't see any pics of them in the database or anywhere else.
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