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  1. Devil Bat

    Dwayne Pinkney's Collection

    Hey Dwayne! I'm a long-time member and lurker too. I usually don't come on here expecting to see some of the older collectibles like yours, but I too love them. I'm also a child of the Seventies, and I used to love the old Mego toys and Colorform sets. I remember as a kid wanting one of those twelve-inch articulated Spider-Man figures that had magnets on its hands and feet to simulate his wall-crawling powers. Never did get one though... *sigh* (lol)
  2. Devil Bat

    3 3/4" sighting and hauls

    What are you looking for my friend? I'd like to trade, but I don't know that I'd have anything you'd want.
  3. I was watching the first Thor movie last night, and something occurred to me when it came to the scene where Loki figures out his true Frost-Giant heritage; why isn't he a giant? And why does he look like a normal humanoid Asgardian?
  4. Devil Bat

    Marvel Select

    GD, once again we seem like brothers separated at birth. (lol) I too love the larger figures in this line, although I do own some of the smaller "regular" human-sized ones. I cannot recommend Juggernaut enough my friend...he is one of the most enormous, detailed and overall awesome-looking figures I've ever seen. Not long ago I also scored the Marc Silvestri Hulk along with the "Barbarian" one. They're just amazing figures. And speaking of hanging around Disney stores, about a week ago I was at one, and they had the new MS Winter Soldier, and I PASSED on it!! What was I thinking??!! Gah!! As a small consolation, I'm currently waiting on the MS Rhino, Ultimate Hulk reissue/repaint, and the Heroic Age Thor I've put off getting for so long to come in the mail. Can't wait, especially for that Hulk...
  5. Devil Bat

    Thoughts on ML wave 5

    I've not been very consistent with Marvel Legends...I'm more of a Marvel Select kind of guy these days, but I do own a handful of ML figures. I've got Commander Rogers, Bucky Cap, the black-and-green Spidey, and all of the Iron Man 3 ones. (Yes, that means I have built my very first BAF...Iron Monger baby!!) (lol) I guess I've just been a little sporadic with the line, only wanting or grabbing the ones I like the most. But I have to say, Wave 5 looks to be the wave I might want to complete for a change. I even like the variants! I'm especially drawn to Bulldozer and Hawkeye...I really want both the classic and modern versions of Mr. Barton. And I'd really like to assemble the Wrecking Crew...years ago I bought the entire Secret Wars mini-series; it was basically my introduction to reading Marvel comics, and I absolutely loved it. The Wrecking Crew was a highlight of the series for me. They just seemed to make great adversaries for any given superhero. And I've always been a sucker for anything designed by Jim Lee, so the Jean Grey is a given. I have yet to see any of these at retail, but I'll definitely be looking to complete probably the entire wave, although I'm not exactly crazy about building Rocket Raccoon. (lol)
  6. Devil Bat

    Marvel Select

    Well, it's been a little over a year now since I posted my finds...I'm truly astounded as to why Marvel Select figures don't get any more attention than they do on these boards, but earlier this evening I visited my Disney Store in the hopes of finding their exclusive Iron Patriot figure. Not only did I find one, but I also found Iron Man as well. I was pleasantly surprised to see a somewhat "battle-damaged" paint-wash on the Iron Man. It looks really nice and weathered. Iron Patriot however looks like he came right off the assembly line...just like any good government tool should. (lol) I'm just kidding. I've not seen the movie yet, so I'm not sure what his role is yet... Speaking of seeing the movie, I had stopped by my local Walgreens to get a prescription refilled, and on my way out, I thought I saw Iron Man 3 on a rack at the register. I didn't think it was supposed to be out yet, but I just kinda shrugged it off and left. Later on I asked my wife if she wanted to get it, and she said, "I don't think it's supposed to come out until the 24th." I said, "Me too, but I could have sworn I saw it at Walgreens awhile ago." I had to pick my refill up later, so I figured if I did indeed see it, I'd just grab it. Lo and behold, when I returned, they truly did have it. I grabbed it and went back to the pharmacy to get my meds. I was ecstatic to think I was getting Iron Man 3 almost five days early! But when the lady at the register scanned it, the computer said it wasn't supposed to be released until Tuesday the 24th. She had a manager come back to see about it, and she seemed rather upset, saying something along the lines of, "Can't they read?! Grrr!!" I assumed she was referring to whoever put them out early. I was a little insulted that she didn't even look at me or offer any kind of apology, but I also knew it probably wasn't supposed to be out yet and that I almost took advantage of someone's mistake. I asked the lady behind the counter if perhaps they would be reprimanded or something for violating the set release date, but she said she didn't know. I said, "Well, I was almost lucky," and she said, "Yes you were, for about five seconds." (lol) Anyway, these figures just keep getting better and better. I had seen the Marvel Select Heroic Age Thor and Rhino last week at a local Barnes and Noble store, and they looked awesome in person. I just don't get why this line doesn't get more respect or attention around here. They're amazing figures really.
  7. So on a whim I decided to crack open some Marvel-Legends-style Iron Man 3 figures that I had bought way back last early Spring. I opened-up my classic Iron Man, comic version Iron Patriot, and Modern Iron Man. I'm really bad to buy figures like that and just box them up in storage, and I guess I had just kind of forgotten about them. I also think I've been desensitized somewhat to them since they're quite common in stores these days, but I just got a wild hair this evening and decided to dig them out and open them up. I have to admit to being rather wary, because my only experience with ROML has been from having the Commander Steve Rogers and Bucky Cap figures. I was even just a little bit underwhelmed by them. I mean, I like them well-enough, but...the reason I've been wary of ML figures in general is because my Steve Rogers was rather loose right out of the package, and Bucky Cap had some wonky rubbery knee-joints that made him feel kind of flimsy. Well, I'm happy to say I was very pleasantly surprised by these figures. Initially I was just gonna open the Modern Iron Man, but I was so impressed with it, I decided to open the other two. I was pleased with how solid this figure felt in-hand. I halfway expected it to have loose or rubbery joints, but it had neither. It sports very solid plastic, and the joints are nice and tight. The knee and elbow joints might be a softer plastic than the torso and limbs, but it's not as noticeable as on the Bucky Cap. I just love how solid, poseable, and overall well-done this figure is. Next was the classic Iron Man. Now this is the version of the character that I grew up on. I didn't read the comics as a kid, but I would see him in those old Hostess ads comics used to have back in the day (you older guys know what I'm talking about), and I liked the character. I knew even then as a kid I could have been a big Iron Man fan. I just never got around to getting any books until the early '90s, and even then I didn't read them regularly. But I've always loved the classic yellow and red design. I even have one of those wooden signs out in my toy building with a classic Iron Man comic cover printed on it. It's made to look really worn and retro, and it's the comic cover where he's breaking some shackles and a chain, and along the bottom it says, "BIRTH OF THE POWER!" I suspect it may be the first issue where he sports that classic design, but I wouldn't know... But ANYWAY...I've always been partial to this design, and I absolutely love this figure. You can pose him in the classic hand-repulsor-blast pose, and he just strikes a great dynamic pose in general. I was equally pleased with the Iron Patriot. I realize it's simply a repaint of the ROML Extremis Iron Man, and I always felt that this mold looked rather short and somewhat flimsy-looking, but in-hand it's quite nice. His joints are just as nice-and-tight as the other two, and he can be posed so well. The only issue I have with these figures is the fact that the plastic on them has a swirly opacity to them; in a certain light they almost look translucent even. It should bother me, but it doesn't a whole lot. It actually looks kinda cool really. One other thing that excites me about these figures is that I've begun building my very first BAF. I now have an armless, headless Iron Monger figure. (lol) Actually this figure is gonna look awesome when I complete him. He has the same opaque-looking plastic as the Iron Man figures, but again it doesn't bother me all that much.
  8. Devil Bat


    (lol) Yeah...they should change the old adage from "There's a sucker born every minute." to "There's a sucker logging-on every minute." (lol) At least I guess that's what all of these spammers and co. are hoping. Seriously, I too shake my head at all of the stuff floating around out there. Like all of those "YOU'RE A WINNER!!! CLICK HERE NOW TO CLAIM YOU'RE PRIZE!!!" banners. *sigh* Really??!! I WON??!! WOOO-HOOO!!! @loll@
  9. Devil Bat


    I've pretty-much defended Tom Cruise from day one. He jumped on a couch? So what? I've done dumber things than that for worse reasons. (lol) He didn't want Suri in the spotlight for the first three months of her life? I'd do the same thing if I had a child in Hollywood. He dated and married a girl thirteen years his junior? More power to him. He got defensive with Matt Lauer? Seems to me he was there to promote War of the Worlds, and Lauer ambushed him about Scientology. I think people have blown his behavior way out of proportion. Having said that, I recently watched the infamous Scientology video showcasing Cruise, and quite honestly, he blathered on and on about...nothing really. I might respect his views more if he actually said what he believes. That's the only issue I have with Tom Cruise. If your gonna champion Scientology, tell people what it's all about. Why so secretive? I don't think he's insane. Over-the-top? Maybe. Religiously vague? Definitely. But not insane.
  10. Devil Bat

    So who doesnt really post anymore.

    I don't post NEARLY as much as I used to. (Not that anyone missed me, apparently...) (lol) Been busy working, getting my Master's Degree, etc.
  11. Devil Bat

    Where are you all???

    I'm still around, although I hardly ever come to the General Discussion board...
  12. I'm only interested in MOC/MISB items. Packaging condition is not necessarily an issue, just as long as the bubbles and/or boxes are in good shape and are still factory sealed. I have good feedback here on the boards and on eBay. I can pay via Paypal with a verified account and verified address. Thanks guys!
  13. Devil Bat

    Scariest thing ever!

    My list: I could never read enough books as a kid about ghosts and Bigfoot, but at the same time it creeped me out to no end. The Exorcist. To this day I have not seen the movie, simply because as a kid the previews, and even the cleaned-up version for tv, scared the crap outta me. I feel ya VH... (lol) Night of the Living Dead. The moans and the glazed-over eyes creep me out. So as you can imagine, I don't watch zombie flicks. *brrrr* Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The version with Donald Sutherland? Man...first of all, it was on a Sunday evening, and I stayed in my grandmother's bedroom and played with the door shut, because her room adjoined the living room where my dad was watching it, and being very young, I don't think I was allowed to watch, understandibly enough. I opened the door two different times, just long enough to see the dog with the man's face on it (?), and *SPOILER WARNING* Donald Sutherland squealing/screetching at the woman in the end. Ugh... To this day I'm not a big fan of horror movies. I just don't enjoy that stuff. Now to read a great ghost story, to me that's getting scared for fun...I guess like horror fans like to do by watching the movies. I guess my imagination runs wild and is creepier than what any filmaker or actor can conjure up in a movie when I read a story. And...cavemen and dinosaurs scared me as a little kid. (lol) My big brother teases me to this day for hiding under a ride seat as a small child from the dinosaurs and cave people in an attraction we were at. (I have no idea where we were...)
  14. Count me in Riker! God bless you and your family. I always pray for the safety, happiness, and good health of others, so I'll just add you all to that list my friend. Get better, both you and your dad!
  15. Devil Bat

    Home surgery goes awry

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @loll@ Funniest thing I've seen all day. Hee hee...

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