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  1. What are you looking for my friend? I'd like to trade, but I don't know that I'd have anything you'd want.
  2. I've not been very consistent with Marvel Legends...I'm more of a Marvel Select kind of guy these days, but I do own a handful of ML figures. I've got Commander Rogers, Bucky Cap, the black-and-green Spidey, and all of the Iron Man 3 ones. (Yes, that means I have built my very first BAF...Iron Monger baby!!) (lol) I guess I've just been a little sporadic with the line, only wanting or grabbing the ones I like the most. But I have to say, Wave 5 looks to be the wave I might want to complete for a change. I even like the variants! I'm especially drawn to Bulldozer and Hawkeye...I really want both the classic and modern versions of Mr. Barton. And I'd really like to assemble the Wrecking Crew...years ago I bought the entire Secret Wars mini-series; it was basically my introduction to reading Marvel comics, and I absolutely loved it. The Wrecking Crew was a highlight of the series for me. They just seemed to make great adversaries for any given superhero. And I've always been a sucker for anything designed by Jim Lee, so the Jean Grey is a given. I have yet to see any of these at retail, but I'll definitely be looking to complete probably the entire wave, although I'm not exactly crazy about building Rocket Raccoon. (lol)
  3. So on a whim I decided to crack open some Marvel-Legends-style Iron Man 3 figures that I had bought way back last early Spring. I opened-up my classic Iron Man, comic version Iron Patriot, and Modern Iron Man. I'm really bad to buy figures like that and just box them up in storage, and I guess I had just kind of forgotten about them. I also think I've been desensitized somewhat to them since they're quite common in stores these days, but I just got a wild hair this evening and decided to dig them out and open them up. I have to admit to being rather wary, because my only experience with ROML has been from having the Commander Steve Rogers and Bucky Cap figures. I was even just a little bit underwhelmed by them. I mean, I like them well-enough, but...the reason I've been wary of ML figures in general is because my Steve Rogers was rather loose right out of the package, and Bucky Cap had some wonky rubbery knee-joints that made him feel kind of flimsy. Well, I'm happy to say I was very pleasantly surprised by these figures. Initially I was just gonna open the Modern Iron Man, but I was so impressed with it, I decided to open the other two. I was pleased with how solid this figure felt in-hand. I halfway expected it to have loose or rubbery joints, but it had neither. It sports very solid plastic, and the joints are nice and tight. The knee and elbow joints might be a softer plastic than the torso and limbs, but it's not as noticeable as on the Bucky Cap. I just love how solid, poseable, and overall well-done this figure is. Next was the classic Iron Man. Now this is the version of the character that I grew up on. I didn't read the comics as a kid, but I would see him in those old Hostess ads comics used to have back in the day (you older guys know what I'm talking about), and I liked the character. I knew even then as a kid I could have been a big Iron Man fan. I just never got around to getting any books until the early '90s, and even then I didn't read them regularly. But I've always loved the classic yellow and red design. I even have one of those wooden signs out in my toy building with a classic Iron Man comic cover printed on it. It's made to look really worn and retro, and it's the comic cover where he's breaking some shackles and a chain, and along the bottom it says, "BIRTH OF THE POWER!" I suspect it may be the first issue where he sports that classic design, but I wouldn't know... But ANYWAY...I've always been partial to this design, and I absolutely love this figure. You can pose him in the classic hand-repulsor-blast pose, and he just strikes a great dynamic pose in general. I was equally pleased with the Iron Patriot. I realize it's simply a repaint of the ROML Extremis Iron Man, and I always felt that this mold looked rather short and somewhat flimsy-looking, but in-hand it's quite nice. His joints are just as nice-and-tight as the other two, and he can be posed so well. The only issue I have with these figures is the fact that the plastic on them has a swirly opacity to them; in a certain light they almost look translucent even. It should bother me, but it doesn't a whole lot. It actually looks kinda cool really. One other thing that excites me about these figures is that I've begun building my very first BAF. I now have an armless, headless Iron Monger figure. (lol) Actually this figure is gonna look awesome when I complete him. He has the same opaque-looking plastic as the Iron Man figures, but again it doesn't bother me all that much.
  4. Nifty Boy wrote: I made a mistake. I assumed CD was from Great Britain. I'm man enough to admit I was wrong. I was just so upset by his comments, I was reacting. My bad. America bow down to Germany? I don't think so. Isn't Germany roughly the size of one of America's mid-sized STATES? It didn't happen then, and it wouldn't happen now. And yeah, we were letting the WORLD deal with their own problems and minding our own business, like alot of people wish we would today. But y'know, it's like Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man: \"With great power comes great responsibility.\" Countries like the United States have a responsibility to lend a hand to other, less fortunate countries who need help. That truly applies today. First of all, it's e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y, not e-x-t-r-e-e-m-l-y; and it's e-d-u-c-a-t-i-o-n, not E-d-u-c-t-a-i-o-n, capitalized. And you say I sound "so Grade 1"? At least I can spell and use correct grammar! Second, if you're going to insult me, don't misquote me. I didn't say "You'd be speaking German now if it wasn't for us." I said "If it weren't for freedom-loving countries like the United States, you'd probably be speaking German right now instead of "The Queen's English"." But CD's from Canada, not Great Britain, making the argument null and void. So forget it. By the way Nifty Boy; I was talking to Crazy Drummer, not you. So kindly back off.
  5. Crazy Drummer, I'd like to respond to you comments if I may: I am an American, and damn proud of it. There's alot wrong with my country, but I love everything that's right about it. Alot of good and decent men and women have died making sure that the good, honest, decent things that make this country great would endure throughout the ages. My wife's grandfather was among those, and many others I've been proud to know in my life that have put their lives on the line and even died for this country and many others, including yours Crazy Drummer (a country that's been actively inbreeding for centuries amongst the "royals" by the way). Your bashing the very country that came to Great Britain's aid during World War 2; had it not been for freedom-loving countries like the United States getting involved in the war, you'd probably be speaking German right now instead of the "Queen's English", and you would most definitely not be enjoying the democracy you are at this moment. And you know what else? Those World Trade towers could've been full of axe-murderers and child-molesters. The men who flew those planes into the towers didn't know that. Moreover they couldv'e cared less. As far as they were concerned, the towers could've been full of pregnant women and children. And you find that FUNNY??!! I don't care what country you're from; what those men did was atrociuos, and for you to think it's funny Crazy Drummer is inhuman. I don't care where you're from. I will agree with one thing you said; I also wish at times we would pull back from world affairs and just leave other countries to fend for themselves. I'm sick of other countries being so judgemental of America in general. But you know what? There's too many innocent people in the world for us to do that. I'm not saying my country is perfect; far from it. But there's enough goodness and decency in it that's worth defending, and enough left in this God-forsaken world for us to do something about when we can. I'm just suprised that you had the nerve to come here Crazy Drummer with your comments, a website inspired by America itself of all places, and say the incomprehensibly insulting and purely evil things you did. Yeah I know there are some jerks around here; it's part of the reason I stay away sometimes, but I don't think anything warranted what you posted. As an American, and a human being in general, I was shocked and sorely insulted by your comments. If it were up to me, you would be banned from this site permanently. I used to think you were a fun-loving, decent person who deserved to win the ADC monthly contest. Now I just don't know what to think about you. Actually I don't care, because anyone that feels the way they do about Americans as you do is not worth my time anyway. Why don't you post your garbage on some British website and leave us "nascar-loving, inbreeding yolkers(?)" alone. I'm sorry you all; I usually don't get involved in spats like this, but Crazy Drummer made it personal by saying some of the things he did about America and Americans in general, and I have no respect for anyone that finds what happened on 9/11/01 "funny". Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.
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