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  1. I'm kind of late to respond to this, but I'm a huge Nova fan from way back before New Warriors. If he hasn't already, I hope he makes his way back to the 616 Universe and pushes the other Nova to the side...
  2. Yeah, I think Hasbro needs some of that Playmates TMNT initiative. They put out a healthy number of figures, none are really that hard to find, and they continuously have a high sell-through rate. I don't follow them enough to know their case breakdowns, but I'm pretty sure it's not 4 Leonardos 3 Rafaels, 2 Donatellos and 1 Michelangelo. Hasbro used to be able to do this same thing with GI Joe and Transformers back in the day. I even got into Transformers Prime collecting a little bit thanks to the show. With a movie, you think these places would be loaded down with action figures but that doesn't seem to be the case. Any company should have enough stock to cover collectors who want "instant gratification" (like GD puts it), those who buy the figures because of the movie(s), and those who just walk into the toy aisle and think, "that's a pretty cool figure, I want that". As of now, they barely have enough of the choice figures for collectors and all of us are running around just trying to get a complete set. This is getting ridiculous... I made my point somewhere in there... ;)
  3. Black Cat disappeared while I was adding to my cart...I grabbed the last Carnage...
  4. Picked up AIM and Hydra soldiers at Kmart today. On that thought, why does Kmart have to be so damn sad-looking all of the time? And their business practices are just plain raunchy...I've been waiting on the Kmart "reset" for a couple of weeks now...well, this Kmart's reset consisted of throwing most of the new figures (Marvel Legends and Marvel Mashers) on the top shelf above everything. The ONLY reason I was able to catch it is because I'm 6'3" and slightly noticed something was laying flat next to the Mashers. Turned out to be a whole case of Captain America Legends. Love their attention to detail, but in all honesty, probably the only reason I was able to pick up what I wanted.
  5. We know that Hasbro understands the concept of troop building. Looking at their Star Wars and GI Joe franchises, they know that there is money in people wanting more than one figure. Yet, for some reason, they struggle getting more troop builders out there for Marvel Legends. They used to do well with MU. I have several AIM troops and Skrull soldiers. I have about 10 Hand ninjas. I was able to scoop up a couple of Soldiers and Henchmen 3-packs at a decent price. Now they just make it impossible. Even with their Star Wars Black 6". What makes more sense, two Stormtroopers, or one Stormtrooper and a Han Solo (that most people already have?)
  6. Yeah, my Kmart really didn't give a $%#& what I ordered. They just put 4 random Spider-Man figures in a bag to give to me. After all was said and done, I did end up getting Black Cat and Carnage, but that was after waiting a half an hour, then having the manager come out to pull the case from the back because they are sitting on it until they do a reset which is God knows when in a Kmart store (as pathetic as they are).
  7. Yep...the last time I can remember Hasbro packing two of any female in a case was Jubilee in a Marvel Universe case...I think that was done on accident.
  8. +1 I mean, why would Hasbro start making sense now? Like including two Stormtroopers in the next Star Wars 6" wave instead of one Stormtrooper and a Han Solo? Or maybe three Wolverines and one Emma Frost instead of just two of each...Why start making sense now?
  9. So my Kmart experience. I saw at their website that they had several figures available at the Kmart down the street. Me, being very suspicious of Kmart's track record, I decided to try it out. So I ordered a Black Cat, Carnage, and (skeptically) Spider-Girl and Toxin. An hour later, they sent me an email saying my order was ready to pick up. Got to Kmart, and it took them about 30 minutes to try and find my order. Apparently they sent me an email saying it was ready but had not actually pulled together the order. Long story short, they had received a box of Spider-Man Legends that they are pretty much sitting on until they reset next month. The dcpi codes on the website are incorrect and they pulled the wrong figures (and of course they did not have any of the second wave). So I did end up getting a Black Cat and a Carnage, but everything else I had. I was pretty patient the whole time. I was not mad at any of the employees because this was par for the course with them. So as bad as some of you say HTS is, trust me, Kmart is much worse. Good luck...
  10. They probably did it for those who were using the 15% coupon on the $120 set. This way, they can still use the coupon and still get the set for $120. It's a win/win...for TRU...but they just lost out on my money
  11. BBTS is starting to fulfill their Marvel Legends Infinite orders...just got one for my Captain America set...Time to ship it!
  12. Saw this on BBTS. I may pull the trigger on this one. Hyper-articulated. I'll open my Hasbro one tonight and see what I think before getting this.
  13. How did you get them for $14.99? They're listed for $19.99... Target is selling them for $14.99 even though MSRP is $19.99. I've been stalking my local Target for the last 3 days now ever since they started to do their reset. The first day, they took down all the old toys and placed the prices on the pegs. Me: "Can you pull the box from the back? I would like to purchase all of them." Target: "No sorry we can't do that" (nicely) Second day, they put some toys up, but no action figures yet. Me: " Can you pull the figures from the back? I'm ready to purchase them now" Target: "No can't do that" (complete #$##) End of second day, I go back and see one lone WW2 Captain America on the peg. Meaning, someone went in the back and got the case for them and they put the remains on the peg. So of course, now I'm a little pissed. Noon on third day. I finally walk in not expecting much, but was able to pick up a complete set of Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures. Still a little pissed about missing the Captain America figures, but these should be everywhere and some patience and persistence should get me a complete set.
  14. That sucks....I called mine and they had no problem pulling them out of the stockroom for me. Guess it depends on the Target. So get this...now they're doing the reset, so I really know they have it. I asked the lady can she just go ahead and pull it out for me, I will be buying a good deal of them. She says no, they are in a "pool" of toys getting ready for the reset and now I have to wait until after 5p when they should have them up. I know these things will be everywhere in a few weeks, but man, so close, yet so far.
  15. None of my Targets in my area have any Captain America or Amazing Spider-Man stuff, but i did run into some at my local Toys R Us. Picked up the two Captain America's and Winter Soldier, and then Electro and Amazing Spider-Man. I really wish they would have incorporated more Comic-Version Spider-Men or at least some more movie-related figures...the other ones are pretty much throwaway since they have little articulation. All Targets pretty much told me to wait until their reset for the figures, although I'm pretty sure the figures are somewhere in the back for some of them...but I'll get them all eventually. By summer they may be clogging the pegs and be clearanced out by the end of the year...
  16. There could be some people still looking for Nova, but case in point, if it's readily available on HTS, then most likely everyone has it who wants it or needs it.... http://www.hasbrotoyshop.com/marvel-universe-nova-figure?BR=820&SBR=726&ID=32282
  17. Not surprising, and it may be old news, but the 3.75" Spider-Man and Electro are on HTS... http://www.hasbrotoyshop.com/action-figures-marvel-amazing-spider-man-2-spider-strike-power-charged-electro-figure?CD=2&ST=NW&PG=1 (sorry if it's been said already). I may get that Electro...have to think on that Spider-Man. The lack of at least arm articulation really bothers me...
  18. I think pretty much everyone was annoyed by this and almost all of the case breakdowns for Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe. Case in point (no pun intended), the Captain America Legends Infinite has a total of 4 Captain Americas...out of a box of eight. Hasbro would have more likely made more money and purchases if they made each of their "Army Builders" two per case. I would have bought a complete case if I knew that it included two Hydra soldiers and two AIM soldiers. Marvel Universe is worse. Their last case included one of each of the newest figures. Out of twelve. Hasbro is purposely has made rare figures to keep a generated buzz even though it may upset most collectors.
  19. If Target is still charging $15 each, then BBTS is seriously price gouging. Not feeling warm and fuzzy about that... Where do you see price Gouging? If you buy a full case from BBTS the cost is $160 which is basically $20 a figure. BBTS has to pay more than a Target or Walmart because they can't afford to buy in the same bulk numbers those big box retailers can. The way it works if you are a retailer is the more you buy the less you pay. The system is set up to reward the big guys not the small. Your technically paying more a figure to buy from a BBTS but the upside is your not spending money on gas driving around town trying to find them which unless you happen to hit the store the moment they put the case out you likely won't find a Hydra or AIM figure, not to mention your saving wear and tear on your car not driving all over the place and the level of frustration of hitting store after store only to come up empty handed. I mean if you can easily find these figures at the big box stores then knock yourself out and buy the cheaper figures, but I don't think BBTS is ripping you off and in the long run may actually be saving you some money and sanity. I understand all of that and I have been a BBTS customer and supporter for a long time, and I'm willing to pay a 2-3 dollars over retail which should cover the costs of the price difference. But when all is said and done, I'll be paying over seven dollars a figure for each figure. I can name at least 3 significantly smaller online retailers who I can all but guarantee I'll be paying closer to retail ($15-$17) instead of $20+ (not including HTS). I like and support their Pile of Loot feature which keep shipping costs down, but they are more than making up for it in the cost of the set.
  20. If Target is still charging $15 each, then BBTS is seriously price gouging. Not feeling warm and fuzzy about that...
  21. I haven't seen any SW this year but wave 1. I'm not sure I've seen anyone finding wave 2 or 3 in the wild. I've seen remnants of Wave 2 at Target, but I ended up getting the ones I want from HTS anyway...
  22. woah, that's a great deal! I ordered them again for that price.. gonna try to cancel my TRU order Yeah, I bought another Luke and Darth Maul when they were 9.99 on Amazon a couple of weeks ago...Amazon don't play! TRU and other retailers need to take note on how to "clearance" an item instead of sitting on the same line for 4 years and then increasing the price on them (I still see some Iron Man 2 figures for $9.99...an increase from original cost of 7.99).
  23. I think these may be distributed like the Iron Man 3 Legends were distributed, so we may see this as a mass retail offering including HTS as well...
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