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  1. All of my Walmarts that previously did not have the 6" ML Avengers are now getting them. I went to my ghetto WM next to me and they had two complete sets of them...I already have my set so I'm good to go...
  2. I was just considering this same thing. I also thought that if I don't get a Nick Fury, it won't be the end of the world since I have the IM2 one.
  3. I was at Marshall's today and a kid literally knocked me over to get to a MU Sentinel. I have to admit, I was a little mad but figured he would have to put it back anyway because his mom was going to tell him no. So I listened to their conversation and after about 10 minutes of fervent pleading, the mom gives in and allows him to put the Sentinel in her cart. I was a little upset for missing picking it up, but was happy that this kid will take this monster toy out and play with him like it should be. Then I went across the street to TJ Maxx and they had 3...so I was able to pick one up anyway! Also stopped by Ross and they could give a crap about their toy section...at least TJ Maxx/Marshall's stocks year round. Ross is like, we'll put some stuff out Xmas time and be crap the rest of the year...
  4. What............... I have a Miles Morale variant up for trade, I did want a normal verson but not really anymore. I'll trade it though for some older figs, loose is fine, heres what i'm looking for so far..... 1.)Enchantress 2.)Maverick 3.)Ragnarok P.M. me if interested. Heres the short version. Guy was talking on his phone to his friend, happy as can be. Told his buddy he got the prof, jubs, and blas at kmart. Yes, he got him a set too. Then after he got off the phone, I said Kmart has Marvel U and well he informed me had. So do I know for sure if he was lying? Nope. And I saw no signs of a shelf space for MU. I've since added Kmart back to my hunt (uggh) and seen nothing. So honestly? Not a clue but with Hasbro, I wouldn't be shocked. You know, in thinking about that, do you know if he meant Kmart here in the states? For instance, they are selling that Anti-Venom figure in a 3-pack in Kmart in Australia. It could be that he got them overseas and it was shipped to him...a possibility...
  5. BTW, they also showed off the photon shield in Avengers:EMH...the one the Skrull Cap was using. I found a partial Wave 1 in Walmart (on "clearance") and a full set of Wave 1 in Target yesterday (picked up a blue Ghost Rider). I have seen TRU restock Wave 2 figures, and I have been seeing both Madame's as pegwarmers in a couple of places...almost picked them up, but I couldn't justify buying them...
  6. Hey Mikado, where in TN are you at? I just saw a whole case of Wave 1 figures in a Target in Nashville...
  7. Damn, I really enjoy reading these! Makes me appreciate all of the time and effort you go through each time one of these comes out! Great job!
  8. Yeah, I went to two TRU's in my area and they only had the Spidey/Doom and Spidey/Rhino sets...no luck with the SheHulk/Wolvie and Cap/Magneto sets. They may come later so I'll just have to keep a lookout. I hate that all of this merchandise is dropping on us at once. They really needed to space this stuff out...I have a kid now, I can't spend like I used to...
  9. Yeah, I had no interest in the Baghead Spidey either. Not sure why someone would want a full case of mail away Prototype Boba Fett. Trust me, someone is going to want that Baghead. I would get it for trading purposes. He'll be like the metal Absorbing Man or Astral Dr. Strange....a running change and most likely will not be back.
  10. I think the X-Factor pack looks so much better with the correct Iceman in it:
  11. I'm so behind...didn't even know these 2-packs were coming out. Manage to get these two, will have to find the She-Hulk/Wolverine and Cap/Mags later... Also thanks for whoever gave the heads up to Thor Series 4 at Marshalls. Was able to pick up King Loki and King Laufey.
  12. My walmarts idea of a markdown is putting a red tag on the item with the same price. They want people to think that If it is a red tag it is on clearance, I got a good deal. Or they will mark it down 5 cent. Yeah, that's my issue with Walmarts and Targets...please don't list it as "Clearance" when you have marked it down less than a dollar...oftentimes from $8.99 to $8.56 at Target and similar over at Walmart. I have learned that you get better clearance prices in Walmarts in the middle of nowhere, so if you are willing to push out a little bit, you'll find better deals.
  13. actually, when I called them because of my order BS, she told me that they will not be putting anything back up. I know it happened in the past that when things got canceled or whatever, they would put some back up later in the week. That didn't happen last year... and the woman I spoked to said there was like a waiting list of people that didn't get what they wanted, and they would be offered whatever gets canceled They did put the Super Helicarrier back up after it was Not available for a while. At least I got my X-Factor set today. I really wish I didn't have to deal with incompetent contractors yesterday when this stuff went up...I would have been able to snag them. Oh well, it wasn't meant to be. Maybe later I'll be able to get an extra set somewhere...
  14. Okay, now NECA is saying "shirts and figures", so I can only cross my fingers and wait another week if it will be some serious NECA styled figures or cheap looking NECA figurines... http://necaonline.com/35038/blog/news-and-.../#ixzz1zmB0Iiiu
  15. I'm sorry, I just have to be "that guy"... We must all look alike. :) Scored a masked Daken and BT Spidey at Walmart this morning....thanks for the heads up!
  16. According to this release on Marvel.com: http://marvel.com/news/story/18944/all_win...d#ixzz1zIp6PtkX It sounds like NECA is going to be producing some Marvel products. Seeing that NECA does some pretty nice 7" action figures, I wonder if we'll be seeing some of the not so popular characters in this line. Mentioned in the release is Doop and Squirrel Girl. Could we be getting a 6"-7" Squirrel Girl soon? This sounds intriguing...
  17. Speaking of clearanced, yeah, those MIB 3 figures went to clearance with the quickness! Most retail stores are holding onto Real Steel figures like they'll never go out of style, but those MIB figures went to half price at my local TRU!
  18. Hey, just saw your post. I picked up an Artemis and a Sportsmaster at Target for $6 a piece, then I went to this Walmart in BFE on the way out of town and they had all their 6" figures for $5, so I picked up Artemis (again), Aqualad, and Red Arrow. They also had the 4" two packs for $5 so picked up the three 2-packs that you get to put together Amazo. They also had a Batman/Catwoman Arkham City 2-pack for $10. I cleaned up that day and I will be visiting them again here soon. They were also the only Walmart in a 30 mile radius that had Avengers 6" figures left on the peg.
  19. I apparently picked up ToyBiz Series 1 Captain America, Iron Man, and Dr. Doom, but I never opened them because they weren't in scale with the ToyBiz 5" figures. Now I have them but have no need of opening them because I have like 10 Iron Mans, Commander Rogers, and a Dr. Doom on the way! Full circle baby!
  20. If they are, we have to keep a close eye out for them, because they go quick!
  21. I agree with most of that. BBTS is a toss up...sometimes they're first and sometimes they're last, but they are pretty dependable. The only thing that I wish is that they were closer...it takes them 5 days to ship my product and sometimes I go nuts with anticipation of getting my stuff here...
  22. That's the reason I picked up most of the Young Justice 6" line for $5 a piece. Now Hawkeye has arrows thanks to Artemis.
  23. Posted my review of the SHIELD Helicarrier: http://forums.marvelousnews.com/index.php?showtopic=2064594
  24. $69.99 + tax at ToysRUs.com http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12876751
  25. Very quick! How's the box condition? I always worry about that with TRU.com... The box condition is okay. It seems it may have been very slightly banged up during shipping as one edge is a little frayed. TRU only put balloon packing on two sides of the box while the one corner was likely to suffer any banging up the shipping box experienced. But everything on the inside is perfect. I'll post a picture later tonight when I put it all together! TM1
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