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  1. Funny story - when Cartoon Spider-Man first came available at Walmart online I didn’t get my order in before he sold out. I didn’t really love the look of the figure, but wanted to get him as another Spiderverse version to add to my collection. When I couldn’t purchase him, I thought “This isn’t really fun anymore” and I stopped buying every version of Spider-Man after that. It’s funny, I saw this article and thought “nope, don’t even care” even though it was still in stock at BBTS. Something similar happened with Boba Fett vintage collection figures and Target. After one too many sold-outs, I just said “not fun anymore” and stopped buying them. I am happy that there are ways to get a second chance at some exclusives. I still hold out hope that someday someway, Hasbro will rerelease the Transformers Siege Skywarp.
  2. I don’t really understand the new designers of costumes these days. Seems like for a character that is constantly in motion and contorting his body, you would want a way for the reader to orient what they are looking at to center. If the designer wanted the logo to be off-center for artistic reasons, then a vertical line of some type on the left side would have helped, or some negative space on the right side (like half of the right side could be blue so the spider logo’s legs would be the same length. I’m still shocked by that Mile Morals design. It’s like they designed it for cosplayers - wear a tight body suit (very Spider-Man), but then cover your arms, torso, half your head, your waist, and hips under a too big trash bag…uh I mean a too big hoody. Nothing about that design looks aerodynamic. Maybe I’m just getting old. Without a BAF, I only had to buy The Rose and Tarantula. Not a bad day. 🙂
  3. Was not expecting all of these items to be shown during the livestream. Whew! That’s a lot of product. I’m more of a Spider-Man and X-Men guy, so I’m picky on Avengers stuff. I’ll pick up the Rose and Tarantula. That new Ben Reiley has an interesting design as does Spiderwoman. I was collecting variants of Spider characters (my own Spiderverse) but with the increasing cost (and some lame variation choices in recent years) I’m being picky. (Watch the build a figure be something amazing - no pun intended) personal opinion - that Miles costume design is terrible. I don’t understand current comic book artists at all. Aunt May has been on my list for, well, 20 years now. This is not what I was wanting. So far I’ve not dropped $50+ to get an Aunt May that isn’t her comic iteration. 😞 I’m still using the Toybiz Hawkeye, so I might replace him with the new one, although I want to see that cloth goods first. I’ve been wanting the Super Adaptoid for a long time. As awesome as it is that we’re getting him, he looks kind of like a custom figure. There is a good chance I could make one that is cheaper than what he will probably cost. Is it me or did Doctor Doom fall short? I loved the old Secret Wars figure, but this one just seems kind of flat for some reason. I would have picked up the 90’s Avengers set but not at the current prices. I am thrilled to see Marvel Legends moving forward and showing off new stuff. I am fearful - as it’s been reported that 6 inch Star Wars figures are looking at another price increase. I’m not sure that Marvel Legends will be able to survive. A lame Spider-Man figure at 19.99 I could live with. But $27.99 or more for a lame Spider-Man suit - nope. It really needs to be a much wanted variation (where is Spider-Man India) or much requested characters (where is Titania, The Wizard, Ghost, Feral, etc.)
  4. Thanks for the correction. I’ll have to go back and read that issue again. My old memory is getting rusty.
  5. I was looking online and forgot that during Uncanny X-Men 254, I think Polaris had a larger and more muscular body frame (Something to do with a new power set she briefly had.). So I suppose a Storm or Psylocke body wouldn’t work, although normal-size Polaris did wear this uniform in the giant Jim Lee 3-part X-Men poster. She also wore a similar uniform that was sleeveless for a period during her time on X-Factor, but the yellow didn’t go all the way to the shoulders (still an arm and head swap would be close enough for Hasbro standards).
  6. Hasbro actually completed the team for this era/story. Additional characters from this story that could (should) be made (but are not in X-Men uniforms) include: Lilandra, Deathbird, Lila Cheney, Hepzibah, Raza, and Professor X/Skrull Prime. The only other people I remember wearing these uniforms was the team on Muir Island in Uncanny X-Men 254. Those included Moria, Polaris, Legion, and Strong Guy. The first three would be easy to make with head-swaps (although the hairstyles might not be a perfect match to the issue). Strong Guy would be the only one that would be difficult.
  7. I preordered Egghead and Crossfire. I’ve never been a huge fan of Crossfires comic design, but the figure looks nice and the rifle is awesome. Egghead is classic. If figures weren’t so expensive I’d get a second one to make a Shrunken Bones to start of the Headmen. I pass on MCU and I don’t collect new comic characters. I already have I think three Ultrons (terrible Toy Biz version, IronMan wave version, and the last one that was in either an Avenger wave or a Bad Guys wave, I can’t remember.)
  8. Walgreens had a great run! Many of these figures were super hard to find at times, but the varied character selection was impressive. Just the idea that they did a Fantastic Four wave one figure at a time, a cosmic wave, a villains wave, a bunch of X-Men. Just thinking about it, some of my favorite Marvel Legends came from Walgreens - Zemo, the Thing, Mystique, Jim Lee Punisher, Ironman 2020. my two local Walgreens both reduced their toy footprint before Christmas. No action figures left at one store and the other has them at the door for 50% off. I suspect the toy area will go away in both stores soon. A Pokémon card section is about all that will remain. A salute to Walgreens for their Marvel Legends subline! They were difficult as could be to find at times, but the figures were great!
  9. Whenever the creation of Deadpool comes up, I always like to mention the work done by writer Joe Kelly. The work he did in the first three years of Deadpool’s first ongoing series really cemented the character, I believe, and clearly defined his character traits and much of his supporting cast (at least at the time). It’s funny, I met Joe Kelly years ago and he spoke of how all he had ever dreamed of was writing Spider-Man, but Marvel wouldn’t give him a shot at it. Instead they gave him a chance on Deadpool. He decided to apply many of the things that worked story wise in classic Spider-Man comics to Deadpool (obviously with a weirder slant). Just think of how Blind Al to Deadpool is a slanted version of Aunt May to Peter Parker.
  10. Pricey but exciting day! I picked up one of everything. Uncanny X-Men 277 is one of my all-time favorite comics. While their appearance in that book is slightly different than the cover to 275 (Banshee doesn’t have the collar, Gambit has a jacket), it is close enough. I’m just thankful I can get the entire team in one swoop. I wish Hasbro would do more of that. Thrilled with the Blob. He looks like he just walked out of a Byrne era X-Men comic. I’ve never liked that Blob BAF, but when that’s all you have - that’s all you have. This is my favorite Rogue outfit of all time. The Marvel Legends body used is certainly not my favorite of all time. I think the headsculpt is nice, but would have preferred straighter hair. Seemed like Silvestri always drew her with larger straight hair. It wasn’t until she came out of the Siege Perilous that her hair had a lot of curl in it. It’s a great day to be a Marvel Legends X-Men fan/collector!
  11. I was looking up some reference and had completely forgot that in the early Generation X issues, Banshee wore his blue and yellow suit and sported muttonchops. So the 3 pack basically gives us Gen X Banshee. I'm guessing that everyone else already knew this
  12. Is Ryan still around? Seems like Dan and even Dwight has been getting a lot more facetime of late.
  13. This looks so good! I’ve always thought Gambit looked sharp in the school uniform. I really wish they had included a trenchcoat for him, though. I know he was wearing it in #277. Guess I’ll be digging out a Toybiz Gambit from their Xmen Boxed Set. I think it had a cloth trenchcoat. Anyone know of any better options?
  14. There was a mail away for Feral in the 5 inch Marvel Gold line I believe through Wizard Magazine. Only Feral ever released that I can remember.
  15. I was wondering as well. After some research apparently Epix streaming service is being rebranded as MGM+ in early 2023. Of course, I don’t know what Epix is. LOL. Apparently Amazon owns both Epix and MGM (If I knew that, I had forgot.).
  16. For those that may not know, Zero is an android that is a teleporter. He is a core member of the Mutant Liberation Front and Stryfe’s right-hand man (or is that Bot?). I’m pretty sure Zero showed up in New Mutants 86 - Cable’s first appearance. If I remember correctly, there are other versions of this android series. Cable had one named 11 in the future. I think that’s the only one that was ever seen.
  17. Thrilled to pick up the X-Men five pack! I have Stryfe already, but thrilled to get the other new characters. Random - helps fill out the 90’s X-Factor. Man, we need Wolfsbane. Pretty Boy - helps fill out the Reevers. Verdigo - finally, the start of the Marauders! Zero - Finally, the start of the Mutant Liberation Front!
  18. Well played, Hasbro - you included a BAF I want in a wave I wasn’t planning to buying all of. LOL was only looking to pick up the Orb, Molecule Man, and Von Strucker. Now to decided if I want to buy the entire wave or chance the BAF on eBay. EBay BAF prices have been pretty high lately.
  19. Missed it again. It’s not the end of the world, though. I mostly wanted the Life Foundation symbionts to complete the team since I have the other three from completing BAFs.
  20. Yikes! You’re absolutely right. I completely forgot about SDCC set. Thanks for the reminder.
  21. Beautiful piece of art. I’m also shocked to realize that all but two of these villains exist in comic form Marvel Legends (Mephisto and Hela). Technically, Mandarin and the Leader were done by Toybiz for their Marvel Legends line and that Mandarin isn’t the same costume shown here. Maybe this will be released as a poster at some point.
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