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  1. This is fun. I went with: armored spiderman aunt may Bagman Grizzly Japanese spiderman madam web Molten man rocker racer spot tarantula Besides Hyponohustler, there should probably be J Jonna Jameson, 1977 television Spider-Man, Ghost Spider (Earth 11734), Hornet, Prodigy, Dusk, Ricochet. I guess a classic Ghost, Titania, and purple Trapster are more Ironman and Fantastic Four villains . All three of those are on the top of my want list.
  2. Super excited about a lot of this. For me, the Spider-Man Retro wave is awesome. Classic Peter Parker! Gwen Stacy! Mary Jane! I’m even digging the Green Goblin. Maybe there’s hope to get J Jonna Jameson and Aunt May in the future! AIM soldiers were what I wanted for army builders that have already been released. I’m super excited for that i think the “new” army builder will be a Hellfire Club soldier. Basic body with a new head and a reused gun! It’s like printing money! I’m saving up just in case. My Xmen needs LOTS of these guys to fight if my army builder guess is true, maybe the SDCC exclusive is a Hellfire Club set. Or more likely, a boxer Amazon set (the Hellfire Club is probably in the same category as Alpha Flight. Tooling is the only real issue.
  3. Classic Ghost is at the top of my list of villains at the moment. The other villain I want is The Trapster (this version https://www.writeups.org/wp-content/uploads/Trapster-Marvel-Comics-Fantastic-Four-Peter-Petruski-b.jpg) Red Ghost and Wizard are really needed. Classic Whiplash would be welcomed as would Titania, Black Racer, and Executioner.
  4. We could really use a First Appearance Domino. I suggest for the remaining three: Feral, FA Domino, Spacesuit Deadpool (there have been several versions in the comics over the years)
  5. I asked Jeff Parker (writer of X-Men First Class) years ago about First Class and if it was in 616 continuity. He said that he wrote it so that it didn’t contradict 616 continuity (other than references to modern technology) but that it was up to Marvel to say if was in 616 continuity. He said it was not a mandate given to him for it to be in continuity. He said he wrote it to not contradict because he felt that’s how it should be handled. I never saw (that I can remember) an official statement from Marvel on if it was in 616 canon or not. Around that time Marvel was kind of throwing stuff at the wall and if it stuck it was integrated into 616 and if it didn’t stick they didn’t. The Marvel Chronology Project considers X-Men: First Class to be non-canon. I’m not sure if that’s because Marvel explicitly said it or if the stories literally couldn’t fit into continuity. All this talk about past X-Men books reminds me of another book I loved - “X-Men: The Hidden Years”. That series was amazing. I’m still a little aggravated at Marvel for cancelling it
  6. I’d be interested in that just for the J. Jonah Jameson. If Aunt May took the place of Stick, I’d totally be on board.
  7. If this is successful, perhaps we can see the following groups of six: Agents of Atlas - Jimmy Woo - Gorilla-Man - M-11 - The Uranian - Namora - Venus The Starjammers - Corsair - Raza - Hepzibah - Ch’od - Lilandra - Binary X-Men (Uncanny X-men 277) - Storm - Wolverine - Banshee - Gambit - Jubilee - Psylocke
  8. Order placed. Super excited to have another X-Related team complete (well, mostly complete) I’d this sells well, perhaps we can get the Starjammers next year from Amazon!
  9. That’s the fear of going this route. Doing some armchair toymaking... Im kind of thinking if Hasbro makes a profit on a figure for $20 not knowing if it will sell or not, then doing a team of, let’s say, eight at $160 and knowing if it reaches its goal that there is a guaranteed number of sales, then it’s good for them. Obviously there is a large number of volume that has to occur for a single figure at retail at the $20 price point. Way more than the number HasLab is probably looking for. So to offset that, the per figure price would have to go up. Personally, I’d have no problem dropping $30+ a figure for any team mentioned above if I knew I was guaranteed to get the entire team at once. I like to think that there are other fans of marvel legends and these obscure teams too. Which kind of seems to be the business HasLab is going after. Of course, I could be wrong about the amount of interest. I can only assume that people today know who the Marauders are. LOL
  10. I’d like to see HasLab take on an entire team that would never get completed if released one or two figures a wave. Strong candidates are: The Mutant Liberation Front The Marauders The Wild Pack/Six Pack Acolytes Personally, I’d feel much better about paying a high price in one payment if I knew I was getting multiple figures.
  11. These are amazing! Such a blast from the past and a perfect interpretation. Delgado looks fantastic. I’m still trying to figure out all of the parts you used on these. Bravo!
  12. Truly fantastic! Your work is very good on these. I’ve been hoping that Hasbro would make these. I would easily purchase doubles (one for home and one for the office)
  13. This is the figure I’ve been waiting years for. I never actually thought we would get this version. I figured if we ever got anything other than the disco version, that it would be her blue outfit minus the jacket. The jacket look is pretty much Pryde of the X-men and X-men arcade. When ToyBiz first started making 5 inch figures, this version of Dazzler was the first custom I ever made.
  14. I would really like to see a classic white outfit version of her. She is the White Queen, after all. I always assumed her white outfit was to risqué for a figure, but it’s really not compared to this black outfit.
  15. I’m loving this figure. Forge has been one of my favorite X-Men for years. I echo the need for a new Banshee in both green and standard blue uniforms. My ultimate hope is for the entire X-men crew from the saga in Uncanny X-Men 275 - 277. These would require basic bodies and Hasbro at this point has the majority of the extra pieces (heads, Gambits jacket, etc.). For those that haven’t read it in a while, that would be Wolverine, Gambit, Forge, Banshee, Psylock, Jubilee, and short haired Storm.
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