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  1. Jeez, hasn’t even begun filming and it’s already trash. Can’t we just get comic accurate instead of woke re-imagining? Ugh…
  2. It must be those greedy corporations & CEOs. It couldn’t possibly be the causes of inflation doing it. Nope, no way
  3. So has anyone said they will be picking these up for members?
  4. A website called robotkingdom has the new Iron Man Titanium Man and the other 3 in stock already! Go order NOW! They look really sweet!
  5. Just copy each lineup they have done for Marvel Universe so far and I think most people would be happy. If they wanted to relaunch most figures, those secret wars 2 packs could be a great way to do it! If they did copy MU selection do you realize in a short period of time we would get: Jean Grey (Jim Lee) Gladiator Sunfire Thanos Xforce versions of Wolvie & Archangel throw in a Deadpool repaint Dark Avengers Wolverine, Iron Patriot, Ms. Marvel, & Hawkeye Wrecking Crew Ultron (Perez Style) Klaw Enchantress Modern Iron Fist, Thor, Luke Cage, & Havok AIM Soldier Multiple Man Constrictor Firestar That seems like a damn nice line up of new Legends figures to me!
  6. Something else I noticed no one has mentioned you is Doll House products. Check this stuff out to see how you might incorporate it into your diorama: http://www.thelittledollhousecompany.com/d...Path=13_176_181 http://www.dollhousecollectables.com/ http://www.dollhousecity.com/ http://www.dollhouseheaven.com/ and model train stuff: http://www.modeltrainsoftware.com/brickyard.html This site is really cool also to get those "extras" needed in any city/house and it's free! All you need is a printer: http://www.printmini.com/printables/ Hope you find some fun uses for this stuff!
  7. Gladiator Polaris Sunfire AIM Soldier Constrictor Jean Grey Basically anyone they have released in that midget line, MU.
  8. What basis are you saying this for? I was at a local Southern California Toy s rus this morning and all they had were the last batch of 2 packs on clearance for $13 bucks.
  9. I predict that if we don't get confirmed figures for any of the HUGE Marvel movies coming up, Captain America, Thor, Spider man, Wolverine, Avengers then you can kiss 6" Marvel Legends good bye and count it among the dead at that point.
  10. The skrull is a great figure. However it was not done by Hasbro it was done by the original Toybiz. Hasbro reproduced it for the 2 pack and just painted it differently. He was originally made back in 2006 in the Fantastic Four Classics line. You can see him here: http://marvelousnews.com/database/index.php?itemid=891
  11. Wow come on who let the iron commie out? come on man if you owned hasbro you would want to make as much money as possible also, and as far as basshing one party you must have a lot to learn about our country. First off all elits are out for themselves. and if you didnt know 5% of are country is in the elit catagory. which leaves the rest of us, and the bank owners run the country the president is their puppet regardless what party he is. Partys are a show for the people, people like you. Maybe you should read my post again. It was meant to be facetious. Bank owners running the country? That is a new one to me. Let me guess you subscribe to the belief we should punish those guys for getting bonuses they worked for regardless of bail outs? Do you feel in your current job that any compensation you were to receive should be taken away from you just because the government saved your company from bankruptcy? Now who would be calling who an iron commie at that point? Parties are NOT a show for the people. Obviously you need to be educated on how the party system works because you don't have a clue about it or what they stand for. You sound like a student and a possible Socialist. You sound like you believe in the re-distribution of our wealth so we don't have a top 5% but rather have EVERYONE working side by side in the rice fields. Well that belief totally sucks and it isn't my AMERICA. Socialism is NOT not what this country was founded on. Do you REALLY want to have this discussion because I can go on for days about it. Feel free to message me and discuss it so we don't bog down this board with this tangent. I have to agree somewhat with Thedevilsdue. Hasbro is slowing screwing people and most of the people act like Hasbro is doing them a favor with these re-dos. My point of posting in this topic was to point out that if we as a community are only going to receive 6 Marvel Legends for a year, then why the hell are we wasting them on re-dos? That means only 3 truly new figures. It has nothing to do if the re-dos look better or if the old toy is deserving of a re-do. By pointing out alternatives like customizing yourself or hiring someone it gives us ALL a better chance of getting new figures for our collections instead of just replacing old figures with newer versions. Apparently some people on this board think that is a terrible idea and that we should vote for re-dos. I get blasted for suggesting it like I am some pariah. Not my fault if people can't grasp the understanding behind it. If you, as a community think we should get re-dos, then why stop at only 3, just let Hasbro re-do everything that Toybiz made. Obviously the lemmings will buy it all thinking or hoping it will be better. But we all know that Hasbro has a history of screwing up just about everything they put out for ML. Watch Deadpool will NOT be better then the Toybiz one but it will placate people with no money, lazy, to cheap, or whatever to buy the Toybiz one. SO yeah, I gotta agree with Thedevilsdue and this line just needs to somewhat go away or just become ALL re-dos so those of us who do look forward to NEW figures won't have to pay attention. In the meantime, however I will support this line with ANY & ALL new figures they put out in hopes that it will once again blossom into a thing of beauty. Maybe you should think about what this was country was founded on. Freedom of speech and freedom of CHOICE. Not to be persecuted for it. The people spoke in their voting and got their choices whether you agree with them or not. Just because they didn't vote for what you wanted doesn't mean they're lower than you or can't comprehend on such a high level as you. Like you just said if we all voted the same way and did the same in this country wouldn't that be kinda like socialism. There would be no need for two parties let alone an INDEPENDENT one would there? We the people are truly sorry if we misunderstood the voting process and have offended thee o'mighty one. I see so now I am the mighty one? Why, because I excersized my RIGHT of free speech to disagree with YOUR opinion and choice of a product? Because I voted differently and choose to express my belief as to why I feel we as a collector community are getting the shaft over these votes that makes me some big shot over you? Please point out anywhere, and be specific, where I say that I am better than you. You can't. Let's make it easy; Do you believe that if you were only going to get 6 Marvel Legends for one year, that getting 3 of them as re-dos is healthy for a successful Marvel Legends to continue? If the people choose to have all re-dos or 3 of 6 re-dos then so be it, that is what they choose. Doesn't mean I think it is a good choice to SAVE this wonderful toy line that I adore for many years. We are both fans of this line, I want to see more new product, you are happy with them doing re-dos AS LONG AS it is characters you voted for. Follow it up with this: What message does it say to Hasbro when "the people" vote for the top 3 of almost 20 toys, to be figures to be redone? How long before Hasbro thinks it will be ok to just make re-dos, as long as YOU VOTE FOR them of course. Hasbro can let you vote for 3 re-dos and then give you the 3 they want to give you. Sound wonderful doesn't it? Are you prepared to just keep buying the same figures over and over again, so long as you get to vote for their re-do? And you think that is good for the line? Vote for a new Scarlet Witch, a new X-23, a new Spiderwoman, instead of receiving Polaris, Enchantress, or a Jean Grey? You would rather be able to vote for re-dos instead of getting new product? Please help me to understand because I don't see that as a good plan for anyone REGARDLESS if you think I am some "mighty one" just because you don't like the fact that my opinion is different than yours. Whether you like it or not, I can express my opinion due to all those same reasons you already stated. Obviously you feel it is ok to persecute me with monikers like "might one" because my belief is different and I like you, have passion for this line and only want to see it be successful again. Please bring all the hate, name calling , what ever you can to keep this topic alive. One way or another, someone from Hasbro will read this and either have a big smile over this re-do topic or a good laugh at our expense.
  12. Yea as if Hasbro will make these in as big a quantity as the current army builder lines. These are gonna be difficult to find and made in a lot smaller numbers due to the fact most people won't be buying doubles of them. I will be pleasantly surprised if these will be an easy scoop up at the local Toysrus. Good luck with your hunt!
  13. Hell yea, I would be down for all/any of those characters. I appreciate all the remakes that Hasbro has done. Most of them have been better then the originals we saw from early Toybiz. With the product being produced for Marvel Legends at this time, remakes take up valuable spots for newer characters for us to get before Hasbro actually calls it quits on this line. While a few characters need remakes, it saddens me that the only new legends products we will receive this year will be 6 figures, 3 of which have already been made in one form or another instead of 6 all new characters to add to our collections. That is what people need to consider before the next time they cast a vote for a character to be remade.
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