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  1. So has anyone said they will be picking these up for members?
  2. A website called robotkingdom has the new Iron Man Titanium Man and the other 3 in stock already! Go order NOW! They look really sweet!
  3. Just copy each lineup they have done for Marvel Universe so far and I think most people would be happy. If they wanted to relaunch most figures, those secret wars 2 packs could be a great way to do it! If they did copy MU selection do you realize in a short period of time we would get: Jean Grey (Jim Lee) Gladiator Sunfire Thanos Xforce versions of Wolvie & Archangel throw in a Deadpool repaint Dark Avengers Wolverine, Iron Patriot, Ms. Marvel, & Hawkeye Wrecking Crew Ultron (Perez Style) Klaw Enchantress Modern Iron Fist, Thor, Luke Cage, & Havok A
  4. Something else I noticed no one has mentioned you is Doll House products. Check this stuff out to see how you might incorporate it into your diorama: http://www.thelittledollhousecompany.com/d...Path=13_176_181 http://www.dollhousecollectables.com/ http://www.dollhousecity.com/ http://www.dollhouseheaven.com/ and model train stuff: http://www.modeltrainsoftware.com/brickyard.html This site is really cool also to get those "extras" needed in any city/house and it's free! All you need is a printer: http://www.printmini.com/printables/ Ho
  5. Gladiator Polaris Sunfire AIM Soldier Constrictor Jean Grey Basically anyone they have released in that midget line, MU.
  6. What basis are you saying this for? I was at a local Southern California Toy s rus this morning and all they had were the last batch of 2 packs on clearance for $13 bucks.
  7. I predict that if we don't get confirmed figures for any of the HUGE Marvel movies coming up, Captain America, Thor, Spider man, Wolverine, Avengers then you can kiss 6" Marvel Legends good bye and count it among the dead at that point.
  8. The skrull is a great figure. However it was not done by Hasbro it was done by the original Toybiz. Hasbro reproduced it for the 2 pack and just painted it differently. He was originally made back in 2006 in the Fantastic Four Classics line. You can see him here: http://marvelousnews.com/database/index.php?itemid=891
  9. Wow come on who let the iron commie out? come on man if you owned hasbro you would want to make as much money as possible also, and as far as basshing one party you must have a lot to learn about our country. First off all elits are out for themselves. and if you didnt know 5% of are country is in the elit catagory. which leaves the rest of us, and the bank owners run the country the president is their puppet regardless what party he is. Partys are a show for the people, people like you. Maybe you should read my post again. It was meant to be facetious. Bank owners running the coun
  10. Yea as if Hasbro will make these in as big a quantity as the current army builder lines. These are gonna be difficult to find and made in a lot smaller numbers due to the fact most people won't be buying doubles of them. I will be pleasantly surprised if these will be an easy scoop up at the local Toysrus. Good luck with your hunt!
  11. Hell yea, I would be down for all/any of those characters. I appreciate all the remakes that Hasbro has done. Most of them have been better then the originals we saw from early Toybiz. With the product being produced for Marvel Legends at this time, remakes take up valuable spots for newer characters for us to get before Hasbro actually calls it quits on this line. While a few characters need remakes, it saddens me that the only new legends products we will receive this year will be 6 figures, 3 of which have already been made in one form or another instead of 6 all new characters to add to ou
  12. Cool! Love the concept Iron man adds more flavor to a growing Armory.
  13. I would be inclined to believe it was actually the Exiles version. At the time it came out, Exiles was fast becoming very popular. The roster at the time was: Blink White Sasquatch (Heather Hudson replaced Tbird after the losing fight with Galactus) issue #10 Nocturne (daughter of Nightcrawler & Scarlet Witch) Morph Thunder Bird (Put in a coma fighting Galactus) Sunfire (female) Mimic Spiderman 2099 soon after Sabretooth AOA version So when ML released AOA Sabretooth, then the White Sasquatch followed by 2099 Spiderman, I think they were in the process of duplicat
  14. Becareful with this guy, I had a deal ready to go with him and my wife delayed sending him our agreed upon item exchange while I was working in Philly. He then notified me, while the product was "suppossed" to be on arrival to him that he was changing the deal BEFORE it got to him. I was lucky my wife actually screwed up or I would have lost a very expensive MOC figure to his shenanigans. Buyer beware!
  15. 2 stories that I know of: 1) Sasquatch was found out to be some kind of demigod, Snowbird transformed into the White version and killed him. Alpha Flight then decided they wanted to save Walters soul (Sasquatch) so they placed him the character known as Box for awhile, then in the White snowbird body unitl he was reunited into his old body. 2) it was the version seen in the eXiles comic books, which was not Walter Langkowski, but rasther Heather Hudson.
  16. Jay doen't like links to other sites. So please PM me and I will let you know where to go to get this taken care of for you.
  17. Hellfire Club Goon/AIM Soldier Shiar Soldier/Badoon Soldier Gladiator/Vulcan Nighthawk/Hellcat Drax/Moondragon (w/classic variants of both) Terrax/Nova Frankie Raye Shaman/Snowbird Firelord/Air Walker Puck/Marrina Baron mordo/Dormamu Attuma/Namorita Hyperion/Blink Sunfire/Polaris Cloak/Dagger
  18. well, when MS started, ML was still going....so im pretty sure that people cherry picked through the selection. but if there was no ML, would MS be so "irrelevent"? and a correct statement would be..."lets be honest here, MS figs just rotts away on pegs in YOUR area. ofcourse MS is dragging because of ML.(no brainer) but MS is its own line. no different than any other. but its crazy to say that MS cant have a shot at producing a character just because "legends" has one. i keep telling everyone that this is one of the ONLY group of collectors(marvel) that has trouble accepting multiple compan
  19. Let's be honest here. Most of the Marvel Select stuff just rots away on pegs. I can walk into my local comic store and find every single one on the shelf,hell I can walk in and take a picture and load it up for proof even. I could also walk into a local place, called Suncoast Video (now FYE) and find them peg warming there until they decided to clearance them for half off. I find it hard to believe that many of you TOTALLY support MS in all of the toys that they do. My guess is that most of you bought the Thanos, Watcher, Cloak & Dagger, Brood/Skrull. Red Hulk, Thor, all the ones needed to
  20. You don't find these at normal mass market retailers for toys. Not at Target, Walmart, and rarely at Toysrus. You find these at places like Suncoast, or other smaller places, order direct from Diamond, or even your local comic shop, which also accounts for their higher pricing. Thus that makes these more of a specialty item and you don't have this product in front of the MAJORITY of children who may influence their parents to buy a big name product like Wolverine, Ironman, or Spiderman. If you connect those dots logically then that would make you realize that they need COLLECTORS to buy this p
  21. I also agree. MS making avergae sized characters is just a waste of time for me. I don't care who the sculpt is, I will just pass it by. Nothing wrong with them trying to cash in on the popularity of a character like Wolverine or Deadpool but please show some balance. Give us Terrax one month, Odin the next, then a Deadpool, followed by Gladiator, Blastaar, then a Wolverine, Armadillo, Warstar, Spiderman, Orka, Juggernaut, Daredevil, check it out, I just planned what last year should have been like for them. Give us some money maker every other month or so and stuff we wanna buy to fill in our
  22. Chalk this one up as worthless to me. I agree with Solid, make bigger scaled toys like Terrax, Orka, Armadillo, Rhino, Bi-Beast, etc to fit with current ML's and you have a winner. Why don't people just man up and buy ML Series 6 Deadpool anyways? If you say it is too expensive, then you obviously don't use ebay very well. I have bought 2 for my little bro's, in perfect shape for under $25 each in the last year alone. The new Hasbro one will be craptacular anyways, why think it is going to be some awesome thing to look forward to? Are you guys really that excited over this one and the hasbro o
  23. ML3 Thor. While the WM one looks great for sculpt/articulation, when he placed next to Ares & Hercules, the ML 3 version looks so much better. The 2 from MS can kiss my behind. Ultimate is just lame and the new version, meh, give me classic any day.
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