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  1. I was just in the greater Cincinnati area, for the first time, the week between Christmas and New Years. We went to the Newport Aquarium, EnterTRAINment Junction and the Creation Museum. I didn't have time to go toy hunting, but I didn't know that's where Kenner's Headquarters were when they existed. If I had known, I would have found the time to do some hunting of my own. I hope to go back, soon. In the show, at the NYCC, was that actor Andrew Lee Potts (Connor Temple of BBC's PRIMEVAL) wearing a blonde moppy hairstyled wig with black rimmed glasses? The guy had an English accent, but it sounded like he was altering it, as not to be recognized. He totally looked like ALP in the face.
  2. I AM SCI-FI

    Still not willing to pay Hasbro's price

    I haven't bought any since they went over $10. I strictly buy the smaller Marvel Universe line, now. Which is fine, because, it's the more playable line, anyways.
  3. I AM SCI-FI

    Which X-Female will come first?

    I only picked three in the bottom, because two more obscure ones that I want aren't listed: Surge Trance For the top, I would like to take back my vote for Emma, because you know she's going to be made, and use it for Armor, whom you did not list in either poll. Armor really doesn't fit in with obscure, because she is being used quite a bit in Astonishing X-Men. So, that makes my choices: Characters you hope to come first Rogue Polaris Wolfsbane Boom Boom Armor And obscure female Characters Feral Magma Siryn Surge Trance In the end, I absolutely want them all.
  4. I AM SCI-FI

    What's in a name?

    I love Science Fiction. I live, eat, breath and sleep sci-fi. Sci-fi-ey things happen to me.
  5. I AM SCI-FI

    GEEK ZODIAC - It's the "Year of the Superhero"

    The years are under each zodiac, within the wheel. You're an Astronaut. (Dr. Dave Bowman, Fantastic Four, Nostromo Crew, Col. George Taylor) + Bold, Team-Oriented, Precise - Untethered, Distant, Controlling
  6. GEEK ZODIAC Going by the year you were born, are you a Robot, Wizard, Alien, Superhero, Undead, Pirate, Daikaiju, Time Traveler, Spy, Astronaut, Ninja/Samurai, or Treasure Hunter? I'm a Superhero.
  7. I AM SCI-FI

    MU Army Builders: What Do You Want to See

    U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. soldiers that were led by url=http://marvel.wikia.com/Karl_Morgenthau_(Earth-616)]Flag Smasher[/url]: (Underground Liberated Totally Integrated Mobile Army To Unite Mankind) I just always liked their look.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiGwmTeFE64 Catch it when it airs again: Mon,Aug 1 4:00am Pacific/3:00am Central
  9. I AM SCI-FI

    Captain America!!!

    It was great. My whole family thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm one of those that didn't like the idea of Evans as Cap. I didn't like them choosing him because he didn't audition for the role, and for the fact that he's already played a Marvel superhero (the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies). Get ready to mark this down, I have to admit I was wrong. Now, we just have to wait for Marvel to reboot the Fantastic Four so we can wipe Evans as the Human Torch from our memories. Tommy Lee Jones stole the scenes he was in. He had such great lines. "I'm not kissin' you!" I liked how he paused in his speech when he first saw Steve in line. Zola: "What's this?" Phillips: "Steak." Zola: "What's in it?" Phillips: "Cow." Hydra Soldier: When you cut off one head, two more head will sprout in its place." *Col. Phillips kills Hydra Soldier* Phillips: "Let's find some more heads." Stanley Tucci as Eskine was great. "People tend to forget the Nazis invaded their own country first." "We should drink after then... I'm not doing the procedure tomorrow" *Drinks both glasses* When Steve rescued Bucky: Rogers: "I thought you were dead." Bucky: "I thought you were shorter." Tied in well with Generalissimo Stan Lee's line: "I thought he'd be taller." The boy that was pushed into the water at the docks: "It's OK, I can swim. Go get that jerk!" Howard Stark was pretty cool. It was funny how Steve though Stark was fonduing Peggy: Howard Stark: "Fondue is just cheese and bread." Rogers: "Really?" A couple months back my younger son came up to me and asked, "In the movies and tv shows, why does everyone scream the same?" Immediately, I knew what he was talking about and explained the Wilhelm scream to him. Ever since, when we're watching a show, and he hears it, he giggles. When the Hydra motorcycle driver did the Wilhelm, he laughed out loud, looked at me and whispered, "Wilhelm). I'm just so proud that he was able to pick that up on his own. Couple of gripes: Red-headed SHIELD Agent at the end. I thought that was supposed to be the Black Widow, at first. Then, I realized that it was Amanda Righetti and not Scarlett Johansson. Then, I thought maybe they replaced Scarlett with Amanda, but I've since found out she's still listed as BW for the Avengers movie. Plus, Amanda will also be in it. Rumor is Righetti is playing Sharon Carter. If they're using Sharon Carter in the Avengers, then, they should have used Hayley Atwell to play her, as well, because Peggy and Sharon look alike except for their hair color. Sharon is supposed to be a blonde. Having to redheads might be a little confusing for the audience. Bucky's fate:
  10. I AM SCI-FI

    Female Characters

    Kelly Hu as Yuriko Oyama/Lady Deathstrike, from X2.
  11. I AM SCI-FI

    WTF Hulk is naked in the new Avengers Movie

    Yes, I remember this when it happened. Oh, the things that will stick in your head. :hulk: A willy 1/6th as long as you are tall isn't big. That's average. I mean, mines like that.
  12. I AM SCI-FI

    WTF Hulk is naked in the new Avengers Movie

    The Avengers promo poster looks like the cover for a video game based on the movie.
  13. I AM SCI-FI

    Wave 14 not until August?!?!?!?

    I'm glad it's in August. Too much product hit us at once, including the Thor and Captain America movie lines. Plus, we're in a bit of a financial crisis, at the moment. I need to a break, and need to get caught up on some figures I don't have, yet.
  14. I AM SCI-FI


    Crap. Forgot about that. Editing my previous post.
  15. I AM SCI-FI


    Xstatic. Four of my most desired were picked. Two in the heroes and two in the villains. Psylocke = Revanche, and various outfits for Psylocke. Beast = Blue and Grey versions. NO cat face. Surprised, but glad to see Selene made it into the top 20 villains. Surprised to see Lady Deathstrike so low. Not surprised, but disappointed Longshot made it into the top 10 heroes. He's overrated, and I never cared for him being an X-Men character because he's not even a mutant. Plus, I hate powers that are based on "luck". HEROES 10. Tigra 09. Elektra 08. Banshee 07. Bishop (though, technically, he's a bad guy, now.) 06. Scarlet Witch 05. Emma Frost 04. Rogue 03. Professor X 02. Beast 01. Psylocke VILLAINS 10. Madame Masque 09. Stryfe 08. Avalanche 07. Madame Hydra 06. Mister Sinister 05. Pyro 04. Vulcan 03. Lady Deathstrike 02. Omega Red 01. Selene

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